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Sollite Integrated Medicine Practitioner Program with Rev. Dr. Anthousa Helena

I Finally Did It! And I Have to Share with You.

After 43 years of studying, practice and testing, I finally put the best of what I have learned into a Training Program that allows me to share my knowledge, skills and experience with fellow members of the Healthcare profession.
You see, I have come to realize that for many Health & Wellness Practitioners such as psychotherapists, bodyworkers, nurses & all other licensed healthcare professionals, it can be incredibly difficult to do their best work within the framework of the governing laws and policies  of their specified profession. They find themselves constantly treating symptoms as opposed to utilizing a Holistic Approach and getting to the root core causes of the underlying symptoms. Leaving them unable to make lasting differences in the lives of their clients. Not being able to help people in the way they truly know they can is very frustrating and upsetting.
These Practitioners have tried integrating different techniques however in some cases still feeling incomplete and unsuccessful. They know there is a way to facilitate deep healing on the mental, emotional, physical, energetic & spiritual levels within the paradigm of the healthcare system, but they haven’t yet found the solution.
Integrative Medicine combines the best of the worlds of Medicine and Spirituality to ensure the highest potential for the most desirable outcome for health, wellness, healing and conscious awakening. Specifically the Sollite Integrative Medicine Practitioner Program teaches professionals how to establish Integrative Medicine within their practice and gives them the tools and information to support patients on all levels - while abiding by the guidelines and framework of their licensed profession.
I would personally like to speak with as many healthcare professionals as possible to learn more about their challenges and desires and to share the details of this Program with them.
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If you are someone who may be experiencing something similar to the description above, I invite you to book a Complimentary Discovery Call with me at https://www.sollite.com/talk or learn more about my background and the Program here: https://www.sollite.com/program.
If you can think of anyone who may be struggling with these challenges or could possibly be aligned with my vision in some way, I would love for you to forward this email to them. Ideally I would like to work with people who:
  • Are a heart-centered healthcare professionals
  • Feel that their training and conventional theories are limiting their abilities
  • Not fully living their true purpose, not helping people as deeply as they know they can
  • Want to treat people on all levels of being – physical, mental/emotional, energetic and spiritual
  • Want to holistically apply medical techniques, metaphysical concepts and ancient wisdom to work on core issues causing their client's pain and suffering
  • May be overwhelmed looking through information that doesn’t feel complete and isn’t grounded in medical and scientific research
  • Want to create and manifest the lifestyle they desire

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this message.

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Keoni Movement Arts founded by Paul Keoni Chun

The Benefits of Chair Yoga

Summer Classes Added and Fall Early Bird Discount Increased!
Martin Treat demonstrating his chair yoga practice led by Teacher Paul at the annual KMA Performance
Meet Martin Treat
Martin Treat is a New York based actor and a regular student in KMA Chair Yoga. In 2010 Martin got the news that he is suffering from a rare motor neuron disease that makes it progressively harder to walk, and breathe. In Martin's words:
"I have taken your chair yoga class for almost a year now and I literally cannot live without it. As you know, my movement is restrictive as my disability is great. I cannot walk without assistance and am confined to a wheelchair. Your classes keep me going through movement, stretches, balance and holding poses that are at my level of disability. Chair yoga is the best solution for my dying nerve cells and progressively stiffening muscles."

In addition to Martin, we have students of all abilities, ages, and means who reap the benefits of a regular chair yoga practice. Click below to learn more!
Summer Classes Added
We are happy to announce that due to popular demand we are adding 2 children's classes and 5 special needs teen/adult classes to our summer session:
  • Saturday 8/8 10:30-11:30am Yo-Dan-Nastics Ages 3-10
  • Monday 8/20 4:45-5:45pm Yo-Dan-Nastics Ages 3-10
  • Fridays 8/17, 8/24, 9/7, 9/14 & 9/24 5:15-6:45pm Yo-Dan-Nastics Teens/Adults
Between 8/18 and 9/22, bring a friend to Yo-Dan-Nastics for free! Two students attend class for $20 total -- see details here. Chair Yoga (Thursdays 5-6pm) and Yoga Flow (Saturdays 11:45am-12:45pm) will continue uninterrupted weekly through August and September. Check our calendar for the latest schedule.

Fall Early Bird Discount Increased
Fall Session begins October 1 - register by 8/20 for a 20% discount! (previously 15%) The above dates and times are a great time to stop by and register for classes in person with the KMA staff.
Help Spread the Word About KMA!
We love our community and are looking to grow it so we can add even more programming and fun events! Help us spread the word by giving us a quick review on our Yelp or Google for Businesslistings. We'd really appreciate the help!
Volunteer Deadline Extended!
There's still time to apply to become a KMA volunteer for the 2018-19 season.  The application deadline is now Friday, 9/7See details hereEmail us if you would like to observe a class on 8/17, 8/24, or 9/7 from 5:15-6:45pm to see firsthand what the experience is like and meet current volunteers.
Keoni Movement Arts is a qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is supported by generous donors including core support grants from the Marta Heflin and Ford Foundations. No one turned away for lack of ability to pay. Conditions apply. Click here for a scholarship application. 
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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Lyran Lightship: Blessing and DNA Activation


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

A Message for August 2018
Releasing, Being and Allowing

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you move into various aspects of your life that are bringing you to crossroads or intersections. As you move into your month of August and move to these crossroads and intersections, many are being faced with decisions as to what the next step to take in life is. Many look at their old life or the life they are leading right now and aspects of it that may no longer resonate for them. They stand at this crossroad, this precipice, look out and wonder, what is next in their life?    

As you move to the precipice of these crossroads it important to relax, move into your heart space and ask for guidance and support. Your month of August is about surrendering and releasing to higher dimensional energies or the will of God.  

It is now about surrendering and releasing trying to control everything in your life and what is transpiring in the world outside of you in your life. Your month of August is about allowing yourself to simply be and be who you are.  

You have moved very rapidly to these crossroads and the precipice. And you have diligently moved within in your personal process and come to this point in your life. Many of you are realizing the fruitless ways of your doing, and spending an inordinate amount of energy doing. Doing this, keeping busy, doing that, keeping busy. As you may wonder what to do and try to find the answers as to what to do, it is time to move within and open up with prayer or affirmation. This will allow yourself to release and let go and allow multi-dimensional guidance to come in as you simply just be. This guidance and support will come through you, to you and for you.  

It is not about sinking into or indulging in beingness, it is about continuing to live your life. Yet, many now are seeing their incessant doing in their life. Much of this doing may not be getting you anywhere. You are doing because you have been conditioned, trained and taught to do. 

“If I am not in motion nothing will get accomplished.”  
“If I am not in motion, I will not move to an inordinate amount of abundance.” 
“If I am not in motion, nothing will shift and change in my life.” 

There are parts of this that is true because it is always about staying in motion to move forward and toward. But now, it is about seeing the excess motion, the excess and inordinate amount of doing that you have been perpetrating in your life.

Many are feeling tired and quite possibly run down mentally, emotional and physically. You have come to a precipice to open your heart space and simply be where you are and who you are. Open your heart and your consciousness to multi-dimensional energies that will bring you guidance, support and much love during this period of time. 

For many, this is a great disruption of your nervous system. This is a crossroads for many where they are shifting and changing the patterns and the configuration of their nervous system. 

“If I stay in motion, I will be alive.”
“If I stop and just be, quite possibly I will die and will no longer be in control of everything outside of me.”  

If you allow yourself to be, you will see the illusion of the conditioning.

You are now at a precipice and crossroads to be where you are and allow. Allow yourself to be where you are. Nurture yourself as you are being where you are.  

Your month of August is about releasing and energetically letting go of anything you are trying to control outside of you. Simply, be and release and surrender to the moment of now. Be in the depth and breadth of your heart space.  

Many at the precipice know that there are great changes ahead in your life. Many are conditioned to push forward, constantly prodding at what is outside of you.  Many are searching for what to do outside of you. This is an aspect of the conditioned nervous system. As many to continue to push and prod, and do, they look out and see nothing is transpiring the more the earnestly they push and prod and do. If you are in this place, observe what is transpiring if you give yourself the freedom to be. 

In the next three-week period, We ask you to simply Be. This is a major shift and change for many. As you begin to be, deep-rooted feelings will surface. Your defense will come into play. Simply allowing yourself to be is a vast unknown for many. “If I allow myself to be, what will transpire in my life?” 

Many will feel the shift in their physical body. Many will begin to tremble because they are unsure and addicted to doing. If you choose to simply be, perhaps you will see your addiction to always needing to be in motion and doing. As you see your addiction, your physical body will respond and react to it. It is important to be conscious and aware of what transpires in your physical body as you allow yourself to be if you choose to do so. 

Simply Be, nothing is lost, nothing is gained. What you will see, if you choose to be, is your world will become more clear to you. You will begin to “smell the roses.”  If you will allow yourself to be, quite possibly you will see all those who love you. You will then see what is in your life.  

Many incessantly do, because they are chasing after what they think isn’t in their life that they need to get. 

If you allow yourself to be, it will open up your senses to the wonderfulness around you, what is in your life and to those who you may have pushed aside in your incessant doing. 

Your month of August is about releasing, being and allowing. If you allow yourself to be, you will then see the gloriousness of your life and open to receive love. This is what each and every one of you say you want. Yet, it is through your incessant doing and the need to do, to prove to others that you are worthwhile and you are on a mission in your life.    

Your year of 2018 is a year of moving from doing to being to doing. If you allow yourself to be where you are and be who you are, you will then see your life shift and change. Your purpose may become more clear to you. If you allow yourself to be who you are and where you are, perhaps who you are and where you are will become more clear to you. If you allow yourself to be, you will see with greater clarity what is transpiring in your life. You will gain greater clarity as to what is changing, what has changed and how you have changed. 

As we say this to you, many are feeling their nervous system twitch and twitter. You may be feeling the feelings of fear. You may be feeling feelings moving through your physical body and surfacing.

“If I allow myself to be, will I be alive?”


Friday, August 10, 2018

How to Spot a Narcissist Disguised As An Empath

There seems to be a rising trend in people claiming that they are “energetically sensitive”. I get emails all the time from concerned readers stating that they have been manipulated by someone that claims to be aligned with them spiritually, only to discover they had a hidden agenda. Many times, it’s sneaky dudes (and ladies of course) that learn the lingo and feed it back to someone hoping to get approval. It’s a sad band-aid solution to feeling worthy. People may pose as “twin flames” or “soul mates” stating that they know each other from a previous lifetime. In fact, I know a guy that used to be addicted to online dating and would let many different women know that they were “the one” as soon as he felt the trust had been built up enough to exploit it.
When I was 19, I fell in love with a guy that ran a local meditation centre. He told me I was “special” and he could discern that I was a good match for him vibrationally. In fact, my level of “spirituality” would grow as the result of being in a relationship with him, or so he assured me. I fell into a dangerous trap of ignoring my intuition that lasted for 10 years.
To be fair, we both displayed narcissistic traits because we felt so disconnected from one another, even though we shared two beautiful children.
Being an empath and an intuitive is a blessing, but it can also be a curse. For the “real deals” out there, we have been given extremely accurate bullshit detectors so we can usually smell the energy of a faker a million miles away. This level of knowing is usually the result of having direct experience in a relationship that turned sour.
But what if you miss the signs? What if you start a relationship with someone that keeps you an emotional hostage?
We know the traits to watch out for when we encounter a shape-shifting, egomaniacal sponge pretending to be something that they’re not. They usually leave little clues that they’re more interested in themselves than being an active participant in the expansive consciousness of humanity.

Lack of compassion and empathy in emotional situations is usually the big red flag that signals a warning.

You might receive upsetting news and your narcissistic soulmate might make it all about them.
There are infinite definitions of what a true narcissist embodies. The base-line definition is that they pretend to be more important than they are. All of their needs required to be met first, and they are unable to be part of a mutual emotional support system. This stems from an overpowering feeling of insecurity and lack of worthiness, that usually harks back to childhood issues of parents believing they had limited capabilities or perhaps they could never achieve the “perfection” their parents would have wanted.
The narcissist is always on a mission to prove themselves, but in a “spiritual” context this can be become alarmingly dangerous.
Energy discernment and management is a skill that takes years to cultivate and years to practice. The person that believes that they have “awakened” or “unfolded” EVERYTHING in their lives is missing the mark. It’s not possible. This whole “life” business is a journey, and no one has it all figured out. Only a very select few know and experience true “enlightenment”.
The best way to handle someone that is pretending to be “spiritual” or an intuitive empath is to get out of their orbit as fast as you can. As soon as you feel that little intuitive nudge that someone is trying to drain your soul-battery, you MUST detach yourself because it’s a game you just can’t win. As a human being, there will be times in your life where you need love and support, but the “faker” that gets preoccupied with the illusionary nature of life will never give you what you need. You’ll never feel safe, you’ll never feel heard and you’ll always feel like you can’t trust them with anything because you can’t believe they’ll ever be able to be fully present with you without thinking of themselves first.
My belief is that true spirituality is cultivating a deep connection with the Universe first, being present in each moment, talking care of yourself emotionally and releasing all expectations of others.

Yes, you can totally grow through being in a dysfunctional relationship – but the time arises when you realize it’s time for you to release the burden and flourish in your life.

Love is supposed to be kind, compassionate, supportive and connected, and self-love and rising up with bravery is even sweeter. It has now been over 9 years since I left my first marriage  with 2 suitcases, 2 beautiful children and over $30,000 of debt. In that time I have healed, found love, given birth twice, moved countries, mentored over 70,000 people through my manifesting courses and programs, manifested an international book deal, created a following with more than half a million fans, honored my voice and built a multi-million dollar business model with the love of my life.
Something really magical happens when you take responsibility for the things that aren’t working and you consciously choose to rise above fear and do something about it.

Your Secret Ritual for Manifesting Abundance, Love and Freedom: 

One of the most powerful tools I used to lift myself up and out of the dark times was something I called the Magic 55×5 ritual. It’s an Ancient Manifesting Ritual that has been used for centuries to imprint the subconscious mind and manifest profound change – especially if your intention is to only surround yourself with honest, truthful, giving human beings.

The Life-Changing Miracle of Decluttering:

Are you ready to declutter your life and create your own miracles?
Fortunately, I’ve recently released a brand new manifesting lesson called The Life-Changing Miracle of Declutteringand it’s incredibly affordable.
Here you will discover the proven decluttering secret that will guide you to spark joy in the present, let go of the past, and start manifesting your desires faster than you ever imagined possible…