Saturday, April 23, 2016

3 Tips for Moving On by Kathryn Keating-Kay

In my practice of energy healing women have been finding me who are dreary, stressed out, at their nerves end, the joy is gone, the spark is gone, sagging shoulders, dull eyes and tired. And that's not what brought them to me! That's what I see when they walk through my door. They have no idea! They find me…

usually through the Jin Shin Jyutsu find a practitioner in your area. They usually have a "physical ache or pain" and are looking for something/someone to take it away. 

This is where it all begins. We all have our "stories" but we seldom stop to be calm. This is the place we can listen to the innate intelligence within us and start to become aware of the emotions - thoughts -physical connections. In this calm state we begin to be curious. We want to heal, feel better, be happy but how do we do that? Then we either move on in the same direction and get the same and more severe physical aches and pains. Or we move on in a different direction and find new things that may help. (And that may cause as much stress or more so go back to be calm and start over!)

Let me say I've been in the healing arts field since I was in my late teens. Ever since my first yoga move and vegetarian meal I knowingly, or not, pursued this field of body, emotion, thought, nature and soul. It wasn't until I looked like the women coming to see me that I found a mentor who made me look into myself, my heart and answer who am I and why am I here. Believe me it's not an instantaneous red or blue pill fix! It is a journey that travels forward slowly and then whacks you back a few miles. As the saying goes (and just put up with my sayings) fall 1,000 times get up 1,001. 

In a nutshell no one can do it for you. Yes there is help and guidance but really you need to start resonating with what it is you need and what you will do to get there. I can give you a whole lot of options because I've been through a whole lot of options. Somethings work and others are distractions along the way. So here I am and I am going to share with you in this blog and future blogs some of those pearls I've learned to help you along the your way and hopefully make the journey FUN, eye opening and you get your spark back!

First one is to love yourself. It's not easy sometimes but I've learned to be compassionate with myself and give myself a break. Going through The Twelve Tenets of Self-Love I was able to be guided to answer specific questions about myself. For example, Tenet One is Self- Acceptance. Release self-imposed judgements, which are a taught belief system and list your assets and liabilities - mental, physical and emotional. How would you answer that? Feel free to comment. I am open to lending an ear if you want to be heard. 

To the women who walk through my door I offer you that sacred place to lie down, surrender and allow me to assist in moving your energy so you can find your way, your path and what you want to do. The physical aches and pains are our bodies finally screaming out "listen to me! You need to slow down. You need to recharge your batteries of life and not just for a day but a change in your lifestyle. Then we can work more efficiently together, get more things done and still have fun."

To be continued next week with gentle movement to get your blood, your life moving.

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Kathryn Keating-Kay. LMT
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Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner and Self Help Instructor
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