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August 2016 Message

Greetings Beloved Ones,
This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Holy Lady Amethyst, and a Host of the Angelic Realm of Light. Today, we wish to discuss your internal center of guidance.
As a sovereign Being of Light, you have an internal center of guidance. You are endowed with the same attributes as those of other Beings of Light who are in the non-physical realm.
Many times it is easy for you to forget this with the many energy shifts and global events that are occurring. You may find yourself becoming enmeshed in daily events and lose sight of the bigger picture. It is similar to the saying that you can’t see the forest for the trees.
If you have found yourself in this situation at any point, do not despair. You are able to move out of this state of focus with just a change of perspective. As soon as you realize that you have been focusing only on the earthly details and ignoring the larger picture, your perspective has shifted. You are then ready to remember your sovereignty.
Your internal center of guidance is an important aspect of this sovereignty. Having this internal center of guidance allows you to rise above the fray of earthly events. You are able to be aware of them without becoming enmeshed in them. You can view them with compassion as an observer, just as you would view something that you are looking at from a different level. This does not mean that you do not care about what is happening on the earth plane. Rather, it means that you have made a conscious decision not to let your own energy field become entangled in these situations and paralyze your ability to move forward with highest good. When you remain in the position of a compassionate observer, you are able to send Love to all who are involved as well as sending Love to the entire planet and to all of humanity. You are serving an important role of sharing Love and Light when you do this. You bring a beacon of hope and calmness to those around you.
In addition to providing Light to others, a focus on your internal center of guidance can be of great assistance to your own personal progress on your ascension path.
Very often, it is easy to be swayed by the opinions of others, especially by those persons who are important to you. You may have a desire not to offend them, or you may have a desire to be accepted by them. You may fear that if you express your own true divinity, that your personal circumstances will be affected in a way that you do not want. This can result in not being able to discern what is really important to you.
When you turn to your internal center of guidance, you can become clearer about what is really important to you and how to express this tactfully.
Your internal center of guidance requires ongoing maintenance to keep it clear. It is easy for it to become clouded by the opinions of others, by past programming, or by current events. You may have felt, in the past, that you were supposed to be or to act a certain way. Each time you have felt this way or someone has told you to feel or act a certain way, a cloud was placed around your internal center of guidance. Over the span of years, many clouds may have collected around this internal center. The Light in your internal center may have grown dim due to these clouds.
If you have found yourself in this situation, know that you do not have to remain there. You are able to remove these clouds as you become aware of what has happened.
With each decision you need to make, you can turn to your heart center to discern whether this is your true feeling or whether this is a feeling that has been placed there by others. In some cases, you may find that your feelings are true for you even when they have been placed there by others. However, many times, you may discover that your true feelings are different than the clouds that surround your internal center. You can then decide whether you would like to remove that cloud and replace it with a beam of Light from your internal center. The more you practice this process of discernment, the clearer and brighter your internal center of guidance will become.
You will begin to discern what is really important to you and your ascension path. It will take the form of knowing what makes your heart sing and what you want to do. There will not be a judgment of the paths of others. Rather, it will be acknowledging what is important to you. Then, you can honor your own path while allowing others to honor theirs. It will become easier for you to express what is really important to you in a tactful way.
Your internal center of guidance will then guide you in many situations. It will allow you to remain calm when others are not because you are clear about what is important to you. It will allow you to make decisions for highest good.
In order to fully access your internal center of guidance, it is important to clear it regularly. You may wish to call upon the Violet Flame of Transmutation and Transformation to blaze forth with its cleansing rays to help remove the clouds that surround this center.
You may wish to devote some time to focusing on what is really important to you. As you focus on each item to determine its importance, see how you feel in your heart when you focus on it. Ask yourself if it makes your heart sing. When this process is done periodically, you are able to remain in the present moment. Sometimes, what you want changes over time. When you review your priorities and make adjustments as needed, your internal center of guidance remains clear and can provide you with more accurate direction in the present moment.
Then, your sovereignty as a Being of Light shines forth. You are able to make decisions that are for your highest good and the highest good of all.
Beloveds, we honor you as you focus on your internal center of guidance and make decisions for highest good.
Know that you are greatly loved.
WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Lady Amethyst, along with a Host of the Angelic Realm of Light, …and we surround you with Love. And so it is.
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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Getting Connected - A message from Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. What I would like to present this evening could be misunderstood. It is advanced information and it is information that may create confusion, so I'll ask my partner to go slow and use examples that I give him.

There's something beautiful happening right now in this chair and it's called connection. The reason that channelling is so controversial on this planet is because there are so many who roll their eyes and say it is not possible, or occult, or just too odd. More than that, many say that it is not proper. So you may say that humanity is spiritually biased against it.

The fact is that my partner is, indeed, connected with the creative source. It's OK to be connected through prayer and meditation, but quite often channelling crosses the line. Nevertheless, this is real, and my partner steps aside for this message. He literally takes that which is his consciousness and melds it with mine, allowing me to use all that's within him for this message. But he's not entirely here.

Long ago, he said he would not allow a takeover when channelling, and I told him that there is no takeover in the new energy. It's a partnership, a meld. Is there a takeover when you have wonderful, intuitive thought? Do you fly into an odd trance when you get good spiritual direction? No. Things have changed in the past decades regarding a Human's ability to sense the direction of Spirit.

Thirty and 40 years ago, trans-channels actually aged when they were in channel because they were taken over. Some of them would burn out because what they were doing was not a meld; it was work, holding a state of walking between two worlds. That was a takeover and now it is not.

Lightworkers, healers and readers know this. When they go into a place where they are getting an intuitive stream that tells them where to touch a person to heal them best or what to say to a person when they are giving them a reading; they don't jerk around or go into a strange, out-of-body posturing. They stay centered, become peaceful, andconnect. A medical intuitive knows what to say when he/she feels the patterning of the Merkabah, and then there's a moment of silence and perhaps a nice cleansing breath to receive the connection.

I want to talk about this connection because it may be different than you think. Things are getting more sophisticated regarding your connection to Spirit. Esoteric things are getting to the point where discernment is going to be needed at every juncture to know that your connection is pure. Inside of you, dear ones, in every piece and part of your cellular structure, there is this tiny DNA molecule that we speak about all the time. When we wrote the book The Twelve Layers of DNA, we spoke of this. Inside you, at some level that cannot be chemically measured, there is a part of the very creative source of everything. It is "God in you", which is bigger than you think. The evidence of this is in past civilizations, for as far back as you go the ancients believed there was something bigger than themselves somehow within each of them. Many attributed it to Gaia, and they were partially correct.

They felt there was some kind of a creator somewhere, and there was all manner of belief and all manner of worship of this source. However, the thing they all had in common was that they intuitively knew they were part of something larger.

So what I am establishing again is that inside of you within your DNA there is what we would call the spiritual component that creates intuition that there is, indeed, a creative source. This intuitive understanding is responsible for the creation of all the belief systems on the planet. Think about it: Humanity doesn't have any trouble with believing in God. Those who don't believe in God are a tiny minority. Most of the planet knows about the one God. So this is something intrinsic and intuitive to humanity in general, and it happens inside each of you. Dear ones, this intuition is starting to grow and change.

The "God within" idea is starting to become more elegant in certain ways, and more misunderstood in others. What I mean by this is that this earth of yours and this humanity of yours is starting to shift, and it's affecting not just Lightworkers, not just old souls, but all of humanity. With the changing of the magnetic grid of this planet, and with the fact that your solar system is literally moving into a new place around the galaxy, a new area, it is filled with energies you never saw before. It changes everything. It changes the heliosphere of your sun and, therefore, it affects your magnetic grid. Some are looking at this and see some new radiations that they are actually afraid of. Seen any differences in the behavior of your sun recently? It may not be holding to the exact radiance patterns that it has in the past. All of these things represent a confluence of energy that is going to change humanity. It's going to influence the way you think and the way you feel. It's going to expand ideas and perceptions, and also affect the spiritual biases that humanity has carried for eons.

Now, the old souls, the ones who have been there and done that for lifetimes (the experienced ones), are the ones who understand why this is happening. You are the ones who will be the future teachers as those around you come to you at work and play, or in a family, and ask you about how you are able to remain peaceful or joyful. You are the ones! It's why you're listening to this channel. It's a task that won't be difficult if you are out of fear, but I want you to understand the connection because there's going to be what we will call some puzzles.

Dear ones, part of your DNA is multidimensional. This isn't really that controversial. My partner has reported facts regarding some quantum biologists who know about this and who continue to study it. Indeed, part of DNA is more than you think. It's been shown and proven in experiments that DNA is not just chemistry. There is positive evidence that shows the very presence of DNA in a controlled experiment will change the spin of an atomic particle within a quantum field. That tells the scientists that there is a cause and effect action that's quantum, and that DNA must, therefore, be a small quantum source.

The last time we were together, I gave you information in a channel that said, "You cannot see quantum action without having a quantum source." So if you are going to have a beautiful, new quantum invention, it must be developed from a quantum source. You cannot have a 3D source create a quantum effect. Now, what that boils down to in summary today is that your DNA has a quantum attribute, so it qualifies as a "source" for quantum changes. Your consciousness is part of your DNA. Human consciousness is starting to grow up and you're going to start doing things with your consciousness that will startle others. The first is the ability to youth and to cure disease, mostly within your own bodies.

So the increase in wisdom starts with you first and then it extrapolates to others as time goes by. But, dear ones, it starts with you. Now, I just told you something earlier. I said, "This shift is for everyone." I'm also going to mention that these changes are slow and may not be immediately obvious. But when you start having better intuition and start using better solutions to everyday issues, people will come up to you and ask how you figured it out, and you'll have no answer. It's new intuition, and it starts mostly within old souls.

I want to use an example, and it's a metaphor. This example is going to be about one of your favorite mammals – a whale. Whales navigate to their breeding spots and their feeding grounds with magnetics. In the whale's system, there's something called magnetite.* It interfaces with their consciousness and their brains to become an intuitive direction finder. They've got an internal compass, but whales don't know that. They just go with their intuition.

To prove this to you, I take you back 20 years. You might remember that many whales were beaching themselves on a regular basis, even some of them on this very coast [East Coast of USA], and it was a concern to many. The odd thing about it was that they would resist being saved. A whale would beach itself and then be pulled by the tail back into the open ocean. The release would create cheers all around from those in boats, only to have the whale re-beach itself! What was going on, dear ones? We told you. The magnetic grid had shifted, as we predicted back then, so "north" was now slightly different than before. The automatic "compass heading" that the whales had used for generations was now taking them directly into certain beaches instead of providing an open sea journey. They were simply following the same magnetic lines of influence that they had always followed for generations. This also shows you just how much the magnetics moved in those years. It took a full generation or more for whales to understand that a new path was needed and go around. Today, they're not beaching themselves like they did then. Now why am I telling you this?

Let's pretend for a moment that the whale had a little more intellect than you think, and that you might be able to interview it to find out what the whale thinks about and what might be going on in its mind. So let's interview Mr. Whale:

"What is it, Mr. Whale, that allows you to navigate to these feeding and breeding grounds all over the planet? You seem to know where you're going?"

And the whale might answer, "I have no idea, little one; I just do it."

Dear ones, if somebody asked how you know there is a God, what do you say? "I just know," you might say. It's the same. It is intrinsic and instinctual. It's in your consciousness that the creator is inside you. In order for you to understand this more, I have to tell you that there is literally a part of the creator in you. It's not a remembrance or just a metaphoric silver cord that connects you. No, it's physical and quantumly in your DNA.

That's why you feel so much like home when you connect. When you come to a place, dear ones, where you feel connected and the balance of the triad is working (heart, pineal and brain), you are awakening to this part of your DNA and you suspend everything. You don't even age! You know the connection is real, and that's the time when you might sit and weep with joy that you have such a connection with everything. It's everything that you are. You are a part of creation and you know it. You know it and you discern it, and there are many who can go to this sacred place and feel this joy, especially in this new energy.

But here's what I want to tell you: Because of this new energy, others are feeling part of this connection and are starting to use it, but it has nothing to do with the spiritual creative source. Confused? I'm going to ask you a question, a rhetorical question, and you can answer it in your mind: "Is a person who bends spoons spiritual?" Now think for a moment. They have had to go and get the multidimensional part of quantum DNA and pull it up into their consciousness in order to use it and change physics. Listen: They do it and it's real. So their consciousness is working at a very high level in order to affect the metal in the spoon. Over and over they can do this and people will look at them, and some will actually worship them because they have "something special".

Here is what I want to tell you: You can do all of that and not be spiritual. You can do all of that and not even be spiritually connected. Let's get a little more personal. Let's say there is a master healer on the planet who can start manifesting things [create objects] and who can heal many people. This is a metaphor. I'm not talking about a real person. I'm giving you a metaphor and I want you to stop and ask yourself, "Is the person connected?" And you would say, "YES! They must be connected! Look what they're doing! This must come from God." Dear ones, let me tell you where it comes from. It comes from a new Human consciousness, which is starting to become more elegant and have a higher efficiency. It's a consciousness that is starting to use that multidimensional quantum part within, which can change physics and can see patterns and help people, yet they may not be connected.

This is more about discernment than it ever has been before. Back to the whale story – suddenly there may be a shift, let's say, and our whale starts to become more intellectual. The whale says, "Look, I've got something inside that is almost like a compass, but instead of it being automatic and hidden, now it's controllable. I can go east or west or northwest or northeast for a while, just to see what's there. My internal compass allows me to go anywhere to explore, then I can return to the breeding course."

Whales never do that. They go on a track that has to do with their survival. That's what they do, and that's why you can always find them in the same places. They have a compass that's automatic, but let's say some of them decided that they could do something else. Does it make the whale really any different? Does exploring the new gift that is inbred in them make them enlightened?

Dear ones, what is inside you is a multidimensional piece of DNA that's meant to be connected to the central source. To be truly connected means to have a balance of the triad. We bring you this information yet again: The complete Human Being, the one who is totally connected, can do all of the things that I've mentioned above, but "the greatest of these is love". This love and compassion is the meld between the logical brain, the Human heart and the pineal. In a balanced way, the pineal is that which sends and receives the sacred energy and has assistance from the quantum DNA to connect to the creative source. Listen, if you wipe out the pineal and never use it and you suppress the heart, you're all cerebral. But you can still use that which is the multidimensional DNA! In this new energy, there will be many who are going to come forward and appear to do things that are beyond what others can do. They will do it within the guise of spirituality, yet they are NOT connected. These are part of the problems and puzzles that we told you would start to occur in the new energy of humanity. It isn't misuse, dear ones, for it may not even be on purpose. It's simply ignorance that they don't know they're not connected.

Let me tell you something, old soul: Almost everyone in this room is connected in some way. Through lifetime after lifetime, like the whale, you have the compass, and now you have learned to go any direction you want to. You learn to use the connection to enhance your life. You can talk to your cells and manifest different reality. But if you are not connected to love, you are just doing things better for yourself.

The healer who is really connected will have an exponential increase in the healing power they had before, not just something more efficient. Someone just doing games and bending metal is just doing games and bending metal. They may also be connected, but how would you know? "But the greatest of these is love." Dear ones, any connected person will show their benevolence, their joy, and their love and compassion for others. Beware of the frustrated, angry healer. Beware of the frustrated, angry spoon bender. If they are angry, unbalanced, ego-driven and upset, they're not connected. It's not that hard to tell, dear ones, but you're going to see more of this.

Those who say they're channelling, yet there's drama around them, may not be channelling anything but themselves. Those who say they are channelling, yet they're frustrated and angry, may only be channelling themselves. You can feel it in their voice or what they tell you: Are they demanding when they channel or do they demean you? Do they tell you to do things you don't want to do or use the "fear tool" to frighten you? If that's the case, they are not connected to the beautiful, compassionate, creative source.

It is not that difficult to discern who is balanced or not, and this is the key. Do they listen to you? Do they show love in their lives? There's going to be more of those you must discern. Look for the real benevolence, the "behind the scenes" benevolence, not what they show you publicly. Look for them living a life based in love and kindness. It's not that hard to see, and that's what the triad produces.

Old souls listening to this and in this room, listen. There has never been a better time for you to connect. If you are featuring fear and frustration at this moment, I wonder if you've really figured it out? You're thinking too much, you're brain-heavy in this process, and we've said this before. Indeed, the brain must be involved in the triad. Your brain is a survival instrument and is needed. You also must involve the heart and pineal equally to the brain. Survival is running from the Bengal tiger. Survival is reacting to fear. But this new energy is reacting to love.

That, as you walk this planet, is the new survival. It is presenting your mastery for all to see. Everywhere you walk, Gaia knows a master is walking there. You may say, "I'm not a master, not really." Where are you getting this information? Who told you that? Are you echoing something you learned from someone else? Perhaps your parents or teachers told you that you were "less than"? Perhaps you think it's boastful or egotistical for you to carry the love of God? It isn't! I want you to stand taller knowing that you deserve to be connected. You can leave this place and understand that your consciousness can change all things in your life, even the healing that you want. You are in control of more than you ever were before.

Don't let situations define you anymore. Let the love of God define you. Let the part that is multidimensional and connected to the triad define you. When old energy presents itself, as it often will, don't let it define you. You can shatter the old energy with a look of love, do you hear me? You can shatter old energy with benevolence and a pure heart. Old energy will run from you, and it doesn't want to have you around.

Old energy cannot spin in drama with you there, did you know that? It can't. Friends or others that you know who spin in old energy will walk the other way when you come near because they know you will not be part of their spin. They know it! There's a clash, more than ever, between the old energy and the new energy Humans. That's what's happening on the planet right now. You cannot have a barbaric energy when the light is starting to be turned on. We have told you before that the old energy on this planet is in trouble. It's going to run the other the way and yell and scream. The old energy does not want to die, yet its death is eminent with the passing of the precession of the equinoxes. All the new calendars and the ancient prophecies are describing this shift.

Systems, which have no integrity, are eventually going to fall on their faces because of this. These old systems will create issues of change, until there will come a time where it has settled out and the old soul will be there for all of it. Dear ones, you're the front line for all of it and all you have to do is remember, "The greatest of these is love."

There is no frustration when you accept the love of God. There is no sacrifice when you accept the love of God. It took four years to convince my partner when he started sitting in the chair that it was OK to channel. Everything that he offered up as an objection was the bias that he had learned in the few years that he had lived on the planet. It was "what others told him" and not his own discernment. When he finally dropped those objections and let God in, everything changed. He will tell you, everything changed.

I invite all of you within the sound of this voice or reading this to let everything change. Recognize the biases for what they are. What others told you this may be real or not? Is that going to be your reality? Are you really going to take someone else's word and let it shut the door on God in your life? That isn't even logical. Things are shifting and changing. Just ask the whales! That wasn't a metaphor.

And so it is.


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Your Sacred Point of View by Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you so very much,
There is a very loving energy in the world right now that is encouraging all of you to bring your hearts to the surface. For some this is easy. You have worked hard to be authentic, to be honest with yourself, and to communicate with honesty to others.
For a large number of souls however, this is not so easy. If a person has not yet learned to look inside of their own heart and find what is truly there, the feelings may erupt, as a volcano does, in bursts, and spurts, and even come out in ways that don't directly reflect the deeper truth within.
For example, say a person asks their partner to help out and the partner explodes in anger. In reality he or she is simply frustrated, overwhelmed, and wants to help but feels exhausted. If they could communicate this with love – "I'd love to help you but I'm exhausted now. Can I do this later?" – then greater intimacy could be achieved.
Or take another example. You share your heart or point of view with someone and they immediately attack you or make you wrong. In reality they are trying to voice their opinion but are afraid of simply sharing it. Perhaps they were not heard as a child. Perhaps they were made to feel 'stupid.' Perhaps they desperately need someone to agree with them to feel valuable on this earth. If they could voice their true feelings rather than simply their thoughts, then even if you disagree, you'd have adeeper understanding of one another.
Dear ones, agreement is never necessary for love. However, if you want to grow closer to those who fit your life and gently move away from those who don't you will have to dig deeper, get to know your own hearts more, and then voice those beautiful hearts with love and compassion. Everyone has a right to their point of view. Everyone is exactly where they need to be to grow into the next level of understanding and love... including you!
So rather than making others wrong, or making yourself wrong, allow everyone, including yourself, a unique and sacred point of view.
God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels
Message From Ann 
Last week, when the angels channeled the newsletter on challenging people, I was feeling great about how I handled some extremely nasty individuals with love and kindness, and without getting upset. As always there is more to learn...

A very kind woman insisted on giving me a healing treatment a few weeks ago. I didn't really feel a reason to accept, but she was so sweet and insistent that I caved in and got one. It was gentle, loving, and I got a few good reminders from it, but in truth, I can heal myself and I have other healers I resonate with far more. I thanked her and thought that was it. 

When I ran into her again the following week, I was surprised when she started to insist that she was going to give me another treatment. It was a generous offer, but I had no desire or guidance to do this, so I politely declined.

She became even more insistent, kindly, but nonetheless completely disregarding my wishes. She told me that she was going to do this, that I needed to look at a lot more to heal my back, that I shouldn't be gazing, and that the way I perceived her energy was not the way I should be.

That was enough for me! I resisted the temptation to get into a match of egos. I didn't justifying my choice, tell her about my ability to heal myself, explain that people that were receiving miraculous healing through my gazing, or share my desire to work with other people with whom I resonate far more deeply. (My dear chiropractor fixed my back in one session later that week!). Instead I took a breath, shut my eyes, dropped into my heart, and found my truth once again. Again, I politely and respectfully declined her offer.

I couldn't believe it! She persisted in sweetly pushing her services on me and making me wrong! I took another breath, dropped into my heart, and very lovingly, but firmly said, "Please forgive me, but I'm going to listen to my own guidance and I am not going to be doing another treatment with you." She replied, "Oh there's not need for forgiveness, but..." and she went on. I stopped the conversation. 

It was clear she could not accept my choice. "No," I said. "I am going to listen to my own guidance."I became the rock that wouldn't roll. She left. I did some deep breathing, drained my frustrations into the earth who uses that kind of energy to hold herself together and went on with my day.

I didn't hear from her for weeks. I thought we were done, but one day when I was feeling joyous, I got another phone message, "checking in" on me. I deleted it before I listened to the rest, asked my assistant to call, thank her and tell her I wouldn't be in contact. I don't have time in my life for people that can't accept me as I am, and she had clearly demonstrated a lack of respect for that.

What shocked me was how powerfully her call triggered an upset in me. I couldn't get the unpleasant discussion from several weeks ago out of my mind! Clearly I had something to look at here. There was a gift waiting to be found in all of this.

It isn't pleasant when people trigger us, but it can be a blessing in disguise. The more we see our "buttons" the quicker we can disable them, learn what is authentically going on inside of ourselves, and stand in our loving, authentic power. 

I dove within. I realized I've learned to be calm, kind, and firm when people are mean and nasty. I have no problem setting clear boundaries with those who unkindly cross them. But with someone who is otherwise kind and likable, yet disrespectful of my choices, it is still hard for me to walk away. 

Sometimes, the angels remind me, we have to walk away from someone else in order to honor ourselves. I realized that was the case here and I was uncomfortable doing it. I liked this woman. I respected her energy. Yet, I have no room in my life for people who don't honor my right to be.

I was simply uncomfortable having to choose between honoring myself and saying "no" to her, or saying "yes" to her and doing something that I clearly knew wasn't right for me. I choose to honor myself. She will have to deal with any disappointment that results and learn from it.

As I made peace with that, the hot button disappeared. I felt only love and gratitude for an educational dance that is over, at least on my end. Should I see this beautiful soul again I'll have no problem being lovingly honest once again. I know now that in the future, even if it is not comfortable, I'll have no problem walking away from those who can't respect my soul, my guidance for myself, and my choices. What a relief!

As the angels often remind me, you would not catch a rose and a tulip arguing that one should be more like the other! We all have our place in creation, some close, some far, but all valuable. Our job is to find out own place and stand in it clearly and lovingly :)

So here are a few tips to help you more authentically discover and live within your truth, even when it's not easy...
1. If you feel upset or triggered, rather than blaming others, go within.
People trigger us. The news triggers us. Our own thoughts trigger us. I have a simple rule in my life. When I'm not happy, I know I'm not being 100% honest with myself somewhere. I journal all my feelings, stream of consciousness, until the truth bubbles up.
Sometimes what I journal looks like highly evolved, conscious introspection. At other times I have an unholy rant, in my journal, in private, venting out what I don't truly mean and would never say to another person. I put a bubble of light around me, ask the angels to "compost and recycle" any negative energy, and let any hurt feelings fly into written words.
Something magical happens when you stop censoring yourself and let your pain have a voice –  in private, in a way that hurts no one. Think of it as a highly evolved form of self love to admit you have negative feelings... and to have compassion for yourself as you allow them to naturally work themselves out. By all means if you can authentically shift to something more positive, do so! There are times, nonetheless, when we are not honestly there yet. This is when loving yourself through the upset has value. After ranting and venting in a private journal, truth emerges.
If you turn a crying or angry child away, they get even more upset, but if you pick them up, listen to them, and hold them, in that embrace of love, they start to settle down and move into a more peaceful loving reality. So too for the upset child within us.
2. Once you know your truth, right action becomes apparent
Once you know how you feel, you will know how you want to be treated, what you want to do, etc. Clarity comes from being intimate with yourself. Do what you know to do. Have the tough conversations without an agenda to get anyone to agree, with only an intent to say what is true for you in the kindest way possible. Or, just walk away. It is never our job to "educate" another who hasn't asked for the lesson. It is ok to just leave.
I once watched two innocent children interacting. One hit the other. The second one cried a bit then went to the first. "I don't like you. You were mean to me. I'm not going to play with you anymore." Therein lies truth, innocence, and love, because love does not lie. I can speak a tough truth lovingly now, if I'm put in that position again, without making anyone wrong... as factually and innocently as that little child.
3. If you share your heart with someone and they don't respect it, you know where you belong and where you don't
Years ago I was terribly frustrated with another woman who was trying to push healing treatments on me. I was trying to explain that she actually injured me in a prior treatment, but she wasn't listening at all. I was younger and didn't know what to do. I clammed up and got angry! I didn't know what to say! I went to the angels... "She wouldn't listen to me! What should I have said?" In true angel fashion they replied, "You should have told her, 'I don't feel you're listeningto a thing I'm saying' and walked away! Simple, honest, and innocent.
More recently a man I do not know on Facebook sent me a picture of something that should not have been sent. I politely, bur firmly told him it was inappropriate and spam blocked him. "Was there a nicer way I could have handled that?" I asked the angels? "Nicer, no. But more honest yes! You could have been more authentic!" they lovingly chastised me. "How," I pleaded. "What should I have said?" Their reply sent me into fits of laughter. "You should have said, EW! That's disgusting!" Innocent as a child...
So this week do your best – and I will too – to return to that innocent state of childhood where we can say what we mean, deeply, authentically, without an agenda to get anyone to agree, but only a need to express the truth within!
I'm diving even little deeper on this one, challenging myself to find any places where I still worry about what I say, and attempting to return to that state of holy innocence where we can all "be as little children and enter the kingdom of heaven!"
Love you all :)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 2016 Energy Report Through Jennifer Hoffman

When I think about July’s energy I am reminded of what happens when a developer tries to build a parking lot and accidentally uncovers an ancient city. All of the parking lot work stops while archeologists come in and carefully remove the artifacts of a long forgotten culture. The process of excavation we will encounter this month will uncover many different facets of our emotional history as we enter a month whose theme of emotional clearing may take us to depths we have never experienced before so we can rise to heights we have never imagined were possible. It’s going to be a very busy month energetically and we’ll see this in the amount of emotional energy we process. It’s all good though, because we’re now in the second half of 2016 and preparing for new beginnings in 2017. We cannot enter higher dimensions with the baggage of our past and our biggest baggage is grounded in our emotions. Let the clearing begin!
On July’s first day the moon (our emotional barometer) was void of course, which means it made no aspects to any planets. This was the space of no-thing, which is not nothing, it is the space of unlimited potential, pure creative energy waiting to take form. It is a significant commentary on July’s overall energy, how use the creative power of our emotions to process energy. Then on the 4th we have a new moon that includes a grand trine in water signs, indicating that this is going to be a month that is all about emotions and emotional energy. And that is definitely the case as the focus will be all about emotional awareness, clearing, and forward movement into new paradigms, dimensions, frequencies, and vibrations.
We will have a lot of opportunity this month to discover how we use emotion to create our reality, by first examining the vehicle through which we usually express our emotions, our wounds. There are three core wounds that will be emphasized this month, our karmic history, the ‘mother wounding’, and the pain we experience in our current lifetime, which is generally a manifestation of the other two wounds. July’s energy is an invitation to move beyond healing and into wholeness and congruence, where we use our emotional history to gain closure so we can take action into new, more fulfilling, positive, and expanded directions.
Our wounds keep us in cycles of healing as we seek answers to our most desperate question – why would anyone be so mean, unkind, critical, cruel, or inconsiderate? There is no answer to that question unless we understand healing cycles and the give and take of our karmic history. Closure is our greatest gift but it is a gift that we give to ourselves when we believe that we deserve to have joy, love, peace, and abundance and we create those things out of the ashes of our wounds, once we no longer use their energy to create our reality. This is July’s gift if we are able to move clear of our past and create a bright and bold wound-free future.
Numerologically, July is a double 7 month – it is the 7th month of the year and 7 + 2016 = 7. Aside from being a mystical number, 7 is the bridge between the material world of the 6 and infinity, represented by the 8. When we’re in the 7 vibration we are between worlds, able to access both the material and the spiritual realms. But while we have the awareness of both, the one in which we actually stand depends on our emotions because they are the portal through which we receive and process universal energy. In the Tarot deck, 7 is the Chariot, which is quite descriptive of this month’s energy as it invites us to go within and see whether we’re the chariot’s driver, moving forward with intentional focus, or the chariot, being driven by emotional forces we are not in control of.
The New Moon of July 4 includes a trine (a helpful aspect) between the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Chiron, the Wounded Healer. All of the personal planets, those which govern our ‘person-ality’, are involved, each one of them representing an area where we are incomplete because of some kind of wounding that prevents us from feeling whole, clear, fear-free, and confident. This is where we feel unworthy of love and acceptance and where we seek wholeness through others. But the Chiron emphasis demands self healing and going within to find it. In July we have to decide whether we’re going to take another turn on the healing merry-go-round, or jump off.
This energetic signature opens a new portal for us in July, which can also bring forward many old wounds, going back into lifetimes of karma and soul cycles. This time though, they are coming up in a way that is aligned with the foundation of closure and completion that we have been creating since January and going back to the Saturn cycle of 1985 that we’re closing now, with the end of this Mars retrograde cycle. Any time we have a strong aspect with Chiron a lot of old wounds can re-surface. And combined with the strong Mars in Scorpio retrograde, in effect since April 19, those wounds can be painful reminders of situations that we have never been able to resolve. Closure is our solution but that is something we have to give to ourselves – we have to arrive at the place of serenity and peace, we have to be done and not wait for others to give us what we need to feel better about our pain.
This new moon also connects with the energy of the Uranus/Pluto square cycle, which began in 2012 and ended in 2015, bringing up the transformation revolution that this cycle initiated. But this isn’t about creating change because we’re tired of the status quo, with Pluto it involves excavating our pain to its core, and removing all of the energy that supports it. This will reveal our most painful emotions but that’s only because we need a fresh start now, a clean emotional slate, so we can start driving the chariot instead of being driven around by forces we cannot identify.
And we have to consider the Saturn/Neptune square, now exact, which asks us to look at the reality we are creating for ourselves. All of the world is an illusion, but that’s either an intentional manifestation of our creative power, or wishful thinking using deception and self manipulation. Neptune holds the power of our dreams, while Saturn requires the discipline, focus, and alignment to ground those dreams into our reality. This is a time when too much spirituality will cause us to spin our wheels while too much materialism will create frustration and fear. We need to find the balance point for ourselves, so we can use our creative power, as channels and portals of universal energy, to create the dreams and make sure they are grounded, real, and relevant.
Mars has finally gone direct, after months of retrograde and in Scorpio, Mars’ traditional sign of rulership, it is especially strong. The planet of action has been taking a dive in the bottomless pit of healing and it has not been fun. Saturn was here during the final months of 2015 in its long retro in Scorpio. It was also here in 1985, when it stationed at the same point. Is there anything from 1985 that is now coming up for final review for you? Are events from 2015 arising now too, reminding you of things that are not quite complete and where you need to choose your path? Are you ready to transform your 1985 thinking in 2016 action? July is the month for that.
I also have to mention the Uranus/Eris conjunction, which is still very active, and its effect on the world at large. Britain decided to leave the EU in June, while this aspect was exact, and others may follow in the coming months. While some may argue that this is a bad move, it is a sign of the collapse of the 3D paradigms of domination and control. EU membership requires the sacrifice of national sovereignty, an excellent example of the 3D power structures which demand adherence to the status quo while relinquishing individual power and control. Those power structures have no room for self awareness, self determination, or self sovereignty.
We can be self sovereign and connected and live in a world that is not run by corporate greed, political ambition, and self serving interests. That is the 5D world that we are now giving birth to and our first step isn’t to demand change in the world, it is to start living our lives from the point of energetic and emotional sovereignty. We cannot demand a level of transformation in the world that we cannot create in our own lives.
The fun continues throughout the month with a full moon on the 19th at 27 Capricorn which pokes a stick at the Uranus/Eris conjunction again. This energy will remain in effect until 2020 and it will be highly active throughout this year. It will bring up uncomfortable reminders of the change we wish to see in ourselves, not to annoy and frustrate us, but to show us where we have been going with the uncomfortable flow, and finding the inner strength and desire to allow transformation. We make changes when the pain of staying where we are becomes greater than our fear of change. Sometimes we are willing to put up with a lot of pain to avoid change. July make bring us to the point of ‘enough’, where we decide that we no longer want to be in pain and we’re ready to move beyond our fears to allow change to happen.
We have a lot of activity in the sign of Cancer this month, which is the moon’s rulership and also the ‘mother’ energy. This brings up the ‘mother wounding’, that place where we were not mothered enough, or to the level we think we should have been. This is one of our core wounds and it is often the source of our doubt, insecurity, fear, loneliness, and lack of self love. The connection between our karmic history and our mother wounding is a strong one and it is one of our energetic anchors that we must lift if we are to explore the vast seas of our potential.
There will be many opportunities for greater self awareness this month, and sometimes that journey may be scary and very painful. But it is by excavating our past and seeing what is not aligned with our intention for the present and the future that will allow us to see where new beginnings are possible. Some very challenging memories, beliefs, and situations may arise this month and we have to carefully navigate them so we don’t get stuck at the emotion and forget that its purpose is emotional closure and not a reminder of something we would prefer to forget. How we want to ‘feel’ in our new realities will guide us to the emotional energy that we need to create now. And as channels and portals for energy (which we will also discuss in this month’s Energy Mastery class), we are containers for energy. When we’re clear about the kind of energy we want to be a container for, we have more control over the energy we receive, and therefore the reality we create.
We’re in the second half of 2016 now and all of our focus for the rest of the year will be on creating the energetic foundation for new beginnings in 2017. The core of that foundation is our emotions, so let the clearing begin and we’ll arrive at the end of the month with higher energetic frequencies and vibrations so we can become energy containers and portals for the highest possible frequencies. Have a wonderful month.