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A Stream from the Higher Worlds - A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

In our last planetary message called the Aetherium, we shared a sound meditation to help you transit through intensifying levels of world chaos by decreasing stress and by increasing coherency in your body and mind.

In this message we are giving you another sound meditation called “A Stream from the Higher Worlds.” The purpose of this sonic ally is to assist you to purify deeply held psycho-spiritual as well as emotional negativity and toxicity.

As your world enters an ever-larger Chaotic Node there is a corresponding increase in hostility and antagonism. Indeed, this emotional toxicity is so pervasive it can affect even the most spiritually advanced among you.

Before we get to the instructions on how to use this meditation, we would like to address a very important but complex concept. For the sake of brevity, we will do so in as short a space as possible.

Dimensional Tendencies

Whenever you enter a strong emotional response and its corresponding thought forms you have entered a specific dimension of consciousness. This is a vibratory field of energy that exists independently of you and is co-created by all sentient beings who are experiencing the same emotions and thought forms—including yourself.

Let us take two emotions as an example: anger and hatred. From our perspective your collective is experiencing an extreme polarization. If you experience anger at something that has occurred (as you perceive it), the neurochemical reality of your body changes. If this anger response escalates into hatred then you have entered a very toxic dimensional reality, and due to the nature of the interconnectedness of dimensional realities you will be sharing the same energetic with all beings who are in the same energetic and emotion.

We want to be very precise in how we address this. There is nothing wrong with anger. Indeed, at times anger is the correct response to a situation. It sets a needed boundary. When, however, anger escalates into hatred it becomes a toxic poison to your psycho-spiritual nature.

By the term Dimensional Tendencies, we mean that all human beings (and many animals as well) have perceptual and emotional habits that are deeply ingrained—thus the term Tendency.

These tendencies can lead you into habitual emotional responses such as depression, hostility or hatred—just to name three “negative” emotional dimensions from the cornucopia of human experience.

The challenge with Dimensional Tendencies is that they can color your life with thought forms and emotional responses that are not of your conscious creation, but rather they are driven by forces (i.e., habits) in your unconscious mind.

Some Dimensional Tendencies—such as the tendency to loving kindness, compassion and self-love—are positive in their effects. We will have more to say about this in future messages, but we wish to focus, now, on the negative impact of Dimensional Tendencies so that you can be aware of these in yourself. 

Dimensional Tendencies are also meme-like and in that sense they can be contagious. If someone is caught up in hatred, for example, anyone with a Dimensional Tendency to hatred—whatever the reason might be—will be prone to be stirred by hatred as well.

From our perspective your world has become venomous and is overflowing with emotional and spiritual toxicity. The purpose of this sound meditation, A Stream from the Higher Worlds, is to assist you in a most vital task as we view it, which is to purify yourself of your own deeply held emotional and spiritual toxicity.

These impressions come to you from every negative experience of your life (as well as all other lifetimes). The culminated history of your life/lives is encoded into the cellular memory of your body and mind and/or your energy field. This sound meditation utilizes the sound of a stream as well as sound codes that we (the Hathors) generated from the realms of light and the voice of Mary Magdalen, who also brings forth sound codes she has created from the realms of light. This orchestration of these elements to gently and profoundly release deeply held psycho-spiritual and emotional toxicity was created to assist you.

This meditation has two aspects, the personal and the collective. We wish to address the personal use first.

How to Work with This Sound Meditation

There are two ways of working with this sound meditation: passively or actively.

The passive method is for when you are too exhausted to focus your attention. In this instance you simply listen to the sounds and the music, letting it take you wherever.

The active form of listening is the most powerful way to work with this meditation.

Imagine that there is a diamond at your crown, at the top of your head. You do not have to see this; just imagine it in whatever ways seem natural to you.

As you hear the sound of the stream, sense, feel and imagine a crystal clear stream of liquid white light entering your body from the diamond at the crown of your head. Allow this stream of light to flow downward from your head through your entire body, allowing the stream to exit from the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet.

Imagine that this stream of light is flowing through every organ of your body, every cell and tissue, even through the very atoms that comprise your body. You may find it helpful to relax into your exhales, letting each exhale be more relaxed than the one before it. The central idea is to relax into the stream and the sound codes. They will do the work. You just relax and give the stream and sounds permission to move through ever-deeper levels of your being.

The meditation itself is 8 minutes 44 seconds in length. If you have the space and time to do so, you could listen to it multiple times, back-to-back for deeper purification, release and healing. Working with this sound meditation on a regular basis will assist you, especially if you alternate it with the Aetherium that we gave earlier.

Using this Meditation to Benefit the Collective

For those of you who feel aligned with imparting to the collective a calming purifying energy field, we invite you to use this meditation not only for yourself but also for the elevation of all humanity and for the benefit of all sentient beings—since all sentient beings experience benefit or harm from human emotions and thought forms.

The use of this meditation for the collective is not a substitute for working with it for yourself. This is because you cannot give what you do not have. You must maintain some level of calmness and clarity without toxic elements if you are to serve the collective this way.

Having said that here are the instructions for the use of this meditation for the benefit of the collective consciousness.

Imagine the Earth in front of you in whatever ways feel natural. The perspective may be that you are close or at a great distance. It does not matter. Imagine that a large diamond sits at the North Pole. As the sound of the stream begins, allow a stream of clear white light to descend from the diamond through the central axis of the Earth, flowing through and out the South Pole. Allow the stream and the sound codes to move outward throughout the entire planet imparting a calming and purifying effect.

After you have completed the meditation, either for yourself or for the world, we suggest you rest for a few minutes, if possible, in order to let the subtle energetics settle into your body and mind. This will have very beneficial effects. So our suggestion is not to rush out of the meditation too quickly.

The World Sound Meditation

We are calling for a world sound meditation using A Stream from the Higher Worlds as a means to introduce into the collective a calming and purifying effect as a direct antidote to the venomous psycho-spiritual toxicity that is moving like a plague on your planet.

The nexus point of this mediation will be in New York on October 2 at an event called The Inner Streams: Worlds of Healing. The group that will have gathered for this one-day event will spend the last thirty minutes in the World Meditation we described above.

During this sound meditation an extended version of A Stream from the Higher Worlds will be played, and we (the Hathors) will alternate with Mary Magdalen to sing on top of these sound codes. This triad of sonic and psychic forces will strike the energetic of calm planetary purification and healing.

The reason Mary Magdalen has joined us in this is due to a simple and compelling fact. The domination and subservience of women must come to an end. The feminine must be raised in balance to the masculine. The alchemical iconographic symbolism of the full Moon must be in balance to the Sun. This refers to the internal symbolism of the psyche and not to astronomical objects.

The energetic of this first striking will last for twenty-four hours. This means you can fully participate in the first energetic anytime within the first twenty-four-hour period from wherever you are.

The second harmonic will last for forty days. If you feel the deep calling to serve the higher good in this way (and have the fortitude to do so) we would ask that you engage the world meditation, whenever possible within your schedule, in that forty-day period.

Do not forget, however, in this forty-day period to engage this meditation for yourself first. In other words, clear yourself before you engage this meditation for the world.

The third striking is for those of you who are Adepts and Initiates or for those of you who are on the threshold of becoming one. You will know and sense through the power of gnosis (direct knowing) when it would be advantageous for you to engage the World Meditation.

For some of you this action will continue for many months or years. More details about the timing of the World Meditation are given below, including a link to the sound meditation itself.

We hold within the highest realms of our being, which includes the Aethos—the non-dual realms of our collective realization—and within the realms of our deepest hearts that this action will benefit you and all living beings upon your planet.

We bow to you, the co-creators of your destiny.

May the light of your own higher realizations illuminate your way.         

- The Hathors, August 15, 2016

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

I think the Hathors’ instructions on how to work with this unusual sound meditation are clear and straightforward. Having listened to it multiple times now, I think it is more effective if you make it the sole focus of your attention. Avoid the temptation to multitask on this one!

I have also found that listening to this sonic piece multiple times, in one listening session, takes it to much deeper levels of cleansing and purification. One of the paradoxes of this sound mediation is that although its purification can be quite deep, it does so in a deeply relaxing and nurturing manner.

When I was first approached by the Hathors to bring forward this sound meditation so close to their release of The Aetherium, I balked a bit. But then they informed me that it would be a synergetic co-creation between them and Mary Magdalen. Intrigued, I asked for more details and was told that the purpose of A Stream from the Higher Worlds was to gently cleanse and purify the body/mind from deeply held toxicity and emotional negativity by imparting unique energetics from the “higher realms of light.” They also told me that Magdalen would direct the recording process.

As far as the recording itself is concerned…the stream in the background was recorded at a remote location on Orcas Island where I often experience nature spirits. The main voice you hear is that of Magdalen, while the surrounding voices are those of the Hathors. The core of this evolutionary catalyst is actually from a short sound meditation that was recorded during The Spiral of Ascension workshop in 2015. For me this fascinating weaving of sound creates openings in my energy field for higher dimensional energies that are both purifying and healing. 

While I found the meditation to be truly profound, I was stupefied by the Hathors’ and Magdalen’s request to call for a World Sound Meditation during the one-day event on October 2nd at Symphony Space in New York City titled Inner Streams: Worlds of Healing.

When I chose to create this event—many months ago—I felt there would be some very potent and healing energies released for the benefit of those who attended the New York workshop. But I never ever imagined that the Hathors would ask to add their energy to this event, much less M (as I refer to Magdalen), or for their combined energetic to be extended to the world.

Upon further dialogue, it became clear that both the Hathors and M are of the opinion that our world is so wracked with negativity and hostility, we are on the verge of self-destruction. They are thus joining forces—so to speak—to introduce a purifying and healing energetic into the human collective. This is being done for the benefit of all sentient beings on Earth, not just human. It is not an energy that is to be imposed upon humanity, rather it is an energetic of purification, release and healing that all persons can draw upon. I consider this to be a very important aspect of the World Sound Meditation. As in past global meditations directed by the Hathors, nothing is being imposed on the collective or on any individual. Rather a field of purifying and healing energy is being emanated throughout the world. All beings are free to draw this beneficial energetic into themselves or not. 

In their message the Hathors addressed M’s participation in this highly unusual sound meditation, but I would like to add a few things to the mix. Many of the problems our world is facing are a direct result of the patriarchy and its domination of the feminine in all levels of existence—from the economic and social treatment of women to their perceived inferiority in many (if not most) of the world’s major religions and spiritual traditions.

At a symbolic level the Earth is our Mother, and as a collective, humanity is raping her.

Our oceans are increasingly toxic and the very fabric of our ecosystem is on the verge of collapse as reported by a growing number of the world’s ecological scientists. While many of the physical challenges to the continuation of life upon our planet are driven by physical processes created by mankind, there is a subtler force at work here. I would call it the philosophical/religious and symbolic devaluing of the feminine principle in all its many forms.

It is not, however, just the biological expression of the feminine that is so devalued and in some cases outwardly attacked. The internal and psychological expressions of the feminine are also suspect in our current patriarchal worldview. By this I am referring to the feminine part of our human psychology, which Carl Jung referred to as the anima. The anima (internal feminine) dwells in both women and men, just as the internal male, or animus, also lives in every man and woman. These are dynamic forces that affect our choice-making as humans in very real ways.

In my opinion, until the internal anima and animus are brought into balance within our human psychology we will continue to make unbalanced choices that disregard or denigrate the feminine aspect. This antagonism against both the outer and inner feminine affects us as well as other life forms in perilous ways. 

Both women and the planet are suffering from our cultural over-emphasis of the animus (male principle), which is firmly rooted in our dominant philosophies, religions and socio-economic systems. But it is not just women who suffer from this imbalance. Men also suffer because we are denied a whole range of human potentials such as depth of feelings and intuitive knowledge.

For those readers unfamiliar with “the” Mary Magdalen that will be adding her spiritual weight to the upcoming World Sound Meditation, I suggest you take a look at the Mary Magdalen Section of our website to get a feel for who this powerful feminine presence is. This Magdalen is not the prostitute of the New Testament that many Christians believe her to be.

If you are interested in more details about the ecological crisis facing our planet as well as some fascinating information about the ascension process in relation to what are called “operations of increasing order” go to the Articles section and click on The Spiral of Ascension—Class Handouts.

Returning to the sound meditation, A Stream from the Higher Worlds is a subtle weaving of potent energetics for personal purification and healing, but it is also for the human collective when engaged with that purpose in mind.

Instructions for The World Sound Meditation on October 2nd 2016

The World Sound Mediation will begin on October 2nd 2016 at 8:00PM EDST or at Midnight between October 2nd and 3rd GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). (Check the World Time Clock to determine the exact time in your area.) The group in New York will be in meditation for 30 minutes. During this period, an extended version of A Stream from the Higher Worlds will be played as I channel sounds from the Hathors and Magdalen. The energetic from New York will move quickly throughout the planet, and it will last for twenty-four hours, which means you do not have to meditate with the gathering in New York when we engage the global mediation. You can do it anytime within this twenty-four-hour period and still fully participate in its intended outcome, which is to introduce a gentle, purifying and healing energetic into the human collective.

If you choose to join the World Sound Meditation during this twenty-four-hour window, I suggest you listen to it twice for yourself according to the instructions given by the Hathors under the section sub-titled How to Work with this Meditation. Then listen to it two times for the collective—as directed by the Hathors above, in the section titled Using this Meditation to Benefit the Collective. After you have gone through the meditation four times—two for yourself and two for the world—rest for a few minutes (or longer if you have the time) to let the subtle energetics settle into your body/mind. Please do not listen to the meditation from our website but download it onto your computer.

At the level of consciousness where the World Sound Meditation unfolds, there is no separation between us in time or space, so you can fully participate wherever you live or whatever your individual circumstances may be. As you engage the sound mediation, you will enter a sphere of being that transcends the limitations of our embodied existence. For those of you who will be joining us in this World Sound Meditation from afar, I extend to you my deepest appreciation and acknowledgement.

Finally, I think I should mention an important aspect of this rare occurrence.  As some of you who have worked with me know, I often get a sense of the energetic before an event takes place. Based upon my psychic perceptions of this gathering in New York on October 2, I feel that when the Hathors and Magdalen conjoin their energies, both during the event and the World Sound Meditation, they will release a potent energy-field that will be a profound and life-changing experience for those who are physically in the room.

In other words, if you have the space and resources to get to this event in New York, I would seriously consider it.

For more information about the event, click here or go to the Calendar at

Click here to listen to and/or download A Stream from the Higher Worlds. You will then be taken to the Listening Agreement page. After agreeing to the terms of usage, you will have complete access to all of the audio files in the Listening section for your personal use only.

©2016 Tom Kenyon All Rights Reserved 

You may make copies of this message and share it in any media you wish so long as you do not alter its content in any manner, do not charge for it, credit the author and include this entire copyright notice. Do note that the sound meditation, A Stream from the Higher Worlds, as well as all audio files in the Listening section may not be replicated or posted on any Internet website as it is copyrighted intellectual property.

Monday, August 22, 2016

A COURSE IN MIRACLES: Salvation of the world depends on me

Here is the statement that will one day take all arrogance away from every mind. Here is the thought of true humility, which holds no function as your own but that which has been given you. It offers your acceptance of a part assigned to you, without insisting on another role. It does not judge your proper role. It but acknowledges the Will of God is done on earth as well as Heaven. It unites all wills on earth in Heaven's plan to save the world, restoring it to Heaven's peace.

Let us not fight our function. We did not establish it. It is not our idea. The means are given us by which it will be perfectly accomplished. All that we are asked to do is to accept our part in genuine humility, and not deny with self-deceiving arrogance that we are worthy. What is given us to do, we have the strength to do. Our minds are suited perfectly to take the part assigned to us by One Who knows us well.

Today's idea may seem quite sobering, until you see its meaning. All it says is that your Father still remembers you, and offers you the perfect trust He holds in you who are His Son. It does not ask that you be different in any way from what you are. What could humility request but this? And what could arrogance deny but this? Today we will not shrink from our assignment on the specious grounds that modesty is outraged. It is pride that would deny the Call for God Himself.

All false humility we lay aside today, that we may listen to God's Voice reveal to us what He would have us do. We do not doubt our adequacy for the function He will offer us. We will be certain only that He knows our strengths, our wisdom and our holiness. And if He deems us worthy, so we are. It is but arrogance that judges otherwise.

There is one way, and only one, to be released from the imprisonment your plan to prove the false is true has brought to you. Accept the plan you did not make instead. Judge not your value to it. If God's Voice assures you that salvation needs your part, and that the whole depends on you, be sure that it is so. The arrogant must cling to words, afraid to go beyond them to experience which might affront their stance. Yet are the humble free to hear the Voice which tells them what they are, and what to do.

Arrogance makes an image of yourself that is not real. It is this image which quails and retreats in terror, as the Voice for God assures you that you have the strength, the wisdom and the holiness to go beyond all images. You are not weak, as is the image of yourself. You are not ignorant and helpless. Sin can not tarnish the truth in you, and misery can come not near the holy home of God.

All this the Voice for God relates to you. And as He speaks, the image trembles and seeks to attack the threat it does not know, sensing its basis crumble. Let it go. Salvation of the world depends on you, and not upon this little pile of dust. What can it tell the holy Son of God? Why need he be concerned with it at all?

And so we find our peace. We will accept the function God has given us, for all illusions rest upon the weird belief that we can make another for ourselves. Our self-made roles are shifting, and they seem to change from mourner to ecstatic bliss of love and loving. We can laugh or weep, and greet the day with welcome or with tears. Our very being seems to change as we experience a thousand shifts in mood, and our emotions raise us high indeed, or dash us to the ground in hopelessness.

Is this the Son of God? Could He create such instability and call it Son? He Who is changeless shares His attributes with His creation. All the images His Son appears to make have no effect on what he is. They blow across his mind like wind-swept leaves that form a patterning an instant, break apart to group again, and scamper off. Or like mirages seen above a desert, rising from the dust.

These unsubstantial images will go, and leave your mind unclouded and serene, when you accept the function given you. The images you make give rise to but conflicting goals, impermanent and vague, uncertain and ambiguous. Who could be constant in his efforts, or direct his energies and concentrated drive toward goals like these? The functions which the world esteems are so uncertain that they change ten times an hour at their most secure. What hope of gain can rest on goals like this?

In lovely contrast, certain as the sun's return each morning to dispel the night, your truly given function stands out clear and wholly unambiguous. There is no doubt of its validity. It comes from One Who knows no error, and His Voice is certain of Its messages. They will not change, nor be in conflict. All of them point to one goal, and one you can attain. Your plan may be impossible, but God's can never fail because He is its Source.

Do as God's Voice directs. And if It asks a thing of you which seems impossible, remember Who it is that asks, and who would make denial. Then consider this; which is more likely to be right? The Voice that speaks for the Creator of all things, Who knows all things exactly as they are, or a distorted image of yourself, confused, bewildered, inconsistent and unsure of everything? Let not its voice direct you. Hear instead a certain Voice, which tells you of a function given you by your Creator Who remembers you, and urges that you now remember Him.

His gentle Voice is calling from the known to the unknowing. He would comfort you, although He knows no sorrow. He would make a restitution, though He is complete; a gift to you, although He knows that you have everything already. He has Thoughts which answer every need His Son perceives, although He sees them not. For Love must give, and what is given in His Name takes on the form most useful in a world of form.

These are the forms which never can deceive, because they come from Formlessness Itself. Forgiveness is an earthly form of love, which as it is in Heaven has no form. Yet what is needed here is given here as it is needed. In this form you can fulfill your function even here, although what love will mean to you when formlessness has been restored to you is greater still. Salvation of the world depends on you who can forgive. Such is your function here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Seven Sacred Flames Introduction

This explains the sacredness of the Seven Sacred Flames. Enjoy!

60 Questions on The Seven Sacred Flames

1. What are the seven sacred flames?

The Seven Sacred Flames are the ‘Seven Seals’ to be broken to reach enlightenment and ascension. It is a fundamental step to becoming a conscious human being. They are; the Blue Flame of God, the Pink Love of God, the Green Flame of Healing and Abundance, the Golden and Purple Flame of Resurrection, the White Ascension Flame of Purity and Immortality and the Violet Flame of Freedom and Transmutation.

2. Why are there seven?

There are seven, because just seven had been fixed after the dramatic sinking and destruction of Atlantis.

3. Are there more than seven flames ?

There are hundreds and thousands of flames with their relative temples. We have for example the Temple of Illumination, the temple of Happiness, the temple of Union, etc. There are also the five secret flames.

4. What represents the First Flame? What is the color and the day of this flame?

The Will of God. The Color is the Blue and the day is Moon-day. Also on Sun-day and also on Jupiter-day, Thor-day there is Blue, as well on any other day, but on Moon-day there are more.

5. What is the Archangel of the Blue First Flame of the Will of God?

Archangel Michael.

6. Who is the Chohan or master who holds the first Seal to be opened?

El Morya, who was also Saint Peter the founder of the Catholic Church. This is the reason why he holds the keys of Heaven. Honestly, he holds the key to the First Heaven. And you now also know why some people say, ‘I go to the seventh sky’.

7. How we may practice the Will God?

Surrendering our Will in the name of the Will of God. Just saying that. Praying and affirming a surrender of our Will, to the God Will. Our Word is sacred.

8. How we can be protected against mental manipulation? Can the Will of God Protect us?

To be protected we need to ground our Soul. This means we need to attune with the Core of the Earth. Each flame protects us.

9. Who is the Lord or Chohan of the Yellow Flame? What represents that Flame?

Lord Lanto is the representer of this Flame. It is the Flame of Illumination and Wisdom.

10. Who are Helios and Vesta?

Helios and Vesta are the God and Goddess that create this Solar System with the Logos and the Elohim.

11. Who is the Archangel of the Green Flame of Healing?

Archangel Raphael.

12. Who is the Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Healing?

Master Hilarion who was Saint Paul.

13. What is the Fourth Flame or the Flame of the Fourth Ray?

The Fourth Flame is the flame of Purity and Immortality.

14. Who is the Chohan of the Fourth Ray?

Serapis Bey.

15. What warrior was Serapis Bey in Greece?

He was Leonidas King of Sparta great warrior who led the Spartans in the battle of Thermopylae, Greece.

16. Was Ascended Master Serapis Bey connected with Egypt?

Of course, he was pharaoh Amenhotep III (1417-1379) BC who was called the Magnificent. He also was priest at Luxor.

17. What is the relation between Ascended Masters Serapis Bey and Lanello (Mark L. Prophet)?

Serapis Bey was Amenhotep III and Mark L. Prophet (Ascended Master Lanello) was Amenhotep IV who challenged Moses (El Morya) and Nefertiti.

18. What was the relation between Nefertiti and Amenhotep IV (Akhenaton)?

They were Twin Flames.

19. In what other life streams did Nefertiti and Amenhotep IV meet? Was El Morya always there?

The other time when these three personages meet was in Camelot. Lancelot was Mark Prophet (Amenhotep IV), Guinevere was Elizabeth Clare and El Morya was King Arthur.

20. Who was the Pharaoh who challenge Moses?

Amenhotep IV also called Akhenaton or Ikhanaton.

21. Why was Akhenaton famous?

Because he implant the cult to the One. He is especially noted for abandoning traditional Egyptian polytheism and introducing worship centered on the Aton, which is sometimes described as monotheistic or henotheistic. Honestly, The Prime Creator and the Family of Light, choose that Humankind must have ‘A worship to the Prime Creator, the Lord, God’, before to any other God. This happens in all the World, and then Moses introduces the Ten Commandments, which the first is ‘I am the Lord your God’ and the second is, ‘You shall have no other gods before me’.

22. Was Akhenaton the only one to establish Monotheist?

Also Moses (El Morya) does, between the Hebrew (Nibiruans).

23. Who is Joshua between the Ascended Masters … and when did he Ascend?

He was Lord Jesus and ascend after resurrection.

24. Who are the Chohans of the Sixth Ray of Resurrection?

Lord Jesus (Sananda) and Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada).

25. When Lord Jesus and Mary Magdalene get married?

At Cana, where Jesus did him first miracle multiplying the fishes and loaves. 

26. What is the difference between the Ray of Healing (Fifth) and the Ray of Resurrection (Sixth)?

The Ray of Healing enables and corrects what is wrong. It heals. The Ray of Resurrection is completely different, it simply gives Life and resurrection transforming Death in Life and Winter to Spring.

27. What is the real story of Moses?

Moses was El Morya and honestly the cosmic or Multidimensional explanation is really amazing. The real result is the establishing of Monotheist in the world. In Egypt through Akhenaton and in Israel after the Exodus by El Morya. 

28. Who is the Chohan of the Seventh Flame?

The Seven Flame is the Violet Flame of Transformation and Freedom. The Chohan is Ascended Master Saint Germain who was Osiris, Merlin, King Salomon and Joseph the father of Jesus.

29. Why is so important this flame? Why is so popular?

It is important because it changes and re-polarizes situations of fight to calm. It Transforms Red exaltation with the Power of Blue to get a Stable or Violet Situation.

30. How did Lord Jesus appear to Mary Magdalene, in physical form, after crucifixion?

Lord Jesus appears in Ka body. The Ka is the Light inside the Body moving through the nerves. The Ka, or Ki, is a High frequency flow of energy. It is the Life, or the I AM presence flow. It is God. It is the Life.

31. Who was the Magi Melchior and Apostle Peter? Explain your answer.

He was Ascended Master El Morya. This is possible because We are One … and because the Soul split in several parts at both sides of the veil.

32. If we live several lives at the same time. Would be possible that a piece of the Elvis Presley soul is still on Earth?

Yes, it is.

33. What is the White Flame? What quality does it represent and what is the associated Chakra?

The White Flame of Purity and Immortality is the flame associated with the Fourth Chohan and is the Fourth Flame. The Chakra associated is the Base Chakra at the end of the column. It connect the soul directly with the Core of Mother Earth.

34. Who holds the Pink Flame of Love associated with the Hearth?

The Maya Chohan, who hold the office of the Holy Spirit, actually supported by Ascended Master Paul the Venetian.

35. Why does the Green Flame of Healing represent Health … but also Wealth?

Because an economy or company that is healed then it has Wealth and abundance.

36. Who holds the Office of the Green Flame? What apostle was it?

Apostle Paul, who is called Saint Hilarion.

37. Is true that most Pharaohs become Apostle of Jesus, the Christ?

Yes, but not all Pharaohs were Apostles. Mark Prophet was Akhnaton, the Pharaoh of the Less Exodus. Ahmose was Matthew.

John was not a Pharaoh. Judas Iscariot was the one who gave the poison to Akhnaton, and neither was a Pharaoh. Tutankhamun was Mark too! Amunhotep III was Phillip.

38. Who holds the Blue Flame of the Will of God?

El Morya.

39. Who hold the Flame of Resurrection?

Lord Jesus and Lady Magdalene.

40. What are the "internal" name for Lord Jesus and Lady Magdalene?

Lord Sananda (Jesus), Lady Nada (Magdalene)

41. What are the Colors for the Flame of Resurrection?

Golden and Purple.

42. What is the Chakra assigned to the Violet Flame ?

Seat of the Soul Chakra.

43. What is the Chakra assigned to the Flame of Resurrection?

Solar Plexus.

44. Why has been said that the Violet Flame is the antenna for healing?

Because the Violet Flame offer the Highest Vibration (Violet) and this lead to healing.

45. What is the Chakra connected with Illumination?

Solar Plexus.

46. What color does the Crown Chakra have and how may petals and who is the Chohan?

It is Yellow and has 1,000 petals and the Chohan is Lord Lanto with the assistance of Confucius, Kuthumi, Lord Jesus and Lord Maitreya as well Lord Gautama.

47. Are there a connection between Planets and the Seven Sacred Flames?

Of course, each planet has a color assigned to the day of the week, Sun-day (2nd Flame), Moon-day (First), Mars-day, Tuesday (3rd Flame), Friday (Fourth Flame), Wednesday (Fifth Flame), Thor-day, Jupiter-day, Thursday (Sixth Flame), Saturn-day (Seventh flame).

48. Are there a connection between the Seven Sacred Flames, the Chakras, the Planets, the Seven Notes and the Seven Colors? Are they connected with the Seven days of the Week?

Of course, the Seven Planets, which includes the Sun are connected with the days, see previous answer. These Flames are connected with the Colors as follows, Sun-day (Yellow), Moon-day (Blue), Mars-day (Pink), Mercury-day (Green), Thor-day (Golden-purple), Saturn (Violet).

· Monday (Moon-C or Do),

· Tuesday (Mars-G or Sol),

· Wednesday (Mercury-D or Re),

· Thursday (Jupiter-A or La)

· Friday (Venus-E or Mi)

· Saturday (Saturn-B or Si)

· Sunday (Sun-F or Fa)

1. “A,α” (alpha a),

2. “E,ε” (epsilon, short e),

3. “H,η” (eta, long ê),

4. “I,ι” (iota, i),

5. “O,ο” (omicron, short o),

6. “ϒ,ν” (upsilon, u)

7. “Ω,ω” (omega long ô)

The connection with the Seven Chakras (and of course there are more than seven), are: Crown (Yellow), Base (White), Third Eye (Green), Throat (Blue), Heart (Pink), Seat of the Soul (Violet), Solar Plexus (Golden and Purple).

There are also an assignation to the Seven Mayor Religions and these are:

1. Crown – Buddhism.

2. Third Eye – Confucianism.

3. Throat – Judaism.

4. Heart – Christianity.

5. Solar Plexus – Islam.

6. Seat of the Soul – Taoism.

7. Base of the Spine – Hinduism.

There are also an assignation to seven musical instruments: Base of the Spine (Drum), Seat of the Soul (woodwinds), Solar Plexus (Organ), Heart (Harp), Throat (Brass) like trombone, Third Eye (Piano), Crown (Strings).

49. It is possible to heal a person with the Green Flame?

Yes. Of course is necessary to be a Master in the Seven Flames to do that. Of Course Lord Jesus show us several examples.

50. What Star is connected with the Wisdom or Illumination?

The Sun, Our Beloved Sun, Ra.

51. Are there Temples for each Flame … in the Heavens?

Yes, of course. And We can visit each one when we sleep. We can request an archangel to take us to there. We can also visit planets and star ships, when we are asleep.

52. Is there a Temple of Union? What is used for?

Yes, it is the temple where we can meet our Twin Flame, when we are asleep.

53. Why does Saint Peter hold the Keys of Heaven?

It is said that Saint Peter (El Morya), holds the keys of Heaven, because we need to break the first seal, that is to surrender to the Will of God, to start walking in our Mastery.

54. What is necessary to ascend to Heaven?

There are several steps. One is to Master the Seven Sacred Flames. The other is to activate the Ka.

55. What is the Other names for the Seven Flames?

The Seven Seals. They we known at the times of Jesus, and commented in the Book of Apocalypse also called the Book of Revelation.

56. What are the Seven Spheres?

57. The Seven Spheres are the Seven Heavens, when we belong. Breaking each Seal … we can access that Sphere. Of course we can call the archangel of a specific sphere, all the time.

58. Who is the Archangel of Resurrection that works with Serapis Bey?

This is a so-called tricky question. In fact, Serapis Bey is not the Chohan of the Ray of Resurrection, but the Ray of Purity. Now, the archangel that works with the Ray of Resurrection are Lord Jesus and Lady Magdalene is Uriel with Archeia Aurora. Now, the Archangel that works with Serapis Bey on Ascension is Archangel Gabriel with Archeia Hope.

You will see the Archangels very soon.

59. What are the Archons?

In the tradition of Gnostic Religion, is used the term, “archon” to identify a Ruler or someone that ‘entrap’ us in a sphere. It is logical to suppose that each one of these Archons, are the Archangels ... and so Archons are the Archangels, one for each Ray. Archangel Micheal (Blue), Archangel Raphael (Green), Archangel Uriel (Golden and Purple), Archangel Zadkiel (Violet), Archangel Gabriel (White), Archangel Chamuel (Pink) and Archangel Jophiel (Yellow) with the relative Female Aspects ... Faith, Mother Mary, Aurora, Amathist, Hope and Charity respectively.

60. Who is the Archangel of the Consecration and Concentration?

Gabriel is the Archangel of Concentration and the One that helps the Writers.

61. Who is the Twin Ray of Mother Mary?

Archangel Raphael.

More to follow... 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Sacred Stories ~ Be Fearless with Aunt Be of Aunt Be Botanicals

"I AM" Discourses - Saint Germain on Healing

Let us be conscious of the Healing Radiance filling this home. The great need today is the healing of the nations and of individuals. As the individual is given Assistance through the outpouring of the Electronic Energy through the mind and body and filling every cell, so in an expanded degree is the nation treated likewise. The nation is a great body of individuals and of Nature's creations. We have the same power, being the individualized Presence of God. Then we know: " 'I AM' everywhere present, and when my consciousness takes on this expansion, I know Its energy leaps into action everywhere, in the cells of the body of the world as well as in the body of the individual." We must come to know that the Active Presence of God, All-Powerful, is everywhere present; that there is not a single nook nor corner anywhere that the Active Presence of God is not; that this Active Presence seizes and binds all human creation and consumes instantly everything of an inharmonious and undesirable nature. 

With the use of the Electronic Belt surrounding the individual, he must understand that he can make this an absolutely Invincible Protection; through Its Protection, Divine Wisdom acts, repelling everything through our conscious action that shall not be taken into the system, and that this Omnipresent Wisdom and Intelligence is always prompting us to refuse acceptance of anything into the system, either through feeling, thought, or food that would in anywise disturb its harmonious activity. 

The Natural Activity of the Currents of Life play everywhere like the play of a searchlight. The outer activity should at all times be an invitation to the receptivity of the Currents of Life, which are Pure Cosmic Energy and which are ever flowing through the atmosphere of the earth. 

It is true that where there are conditions too dense for It to penetrate, It goes over or under them, so to speak, and finds Its way onward just the same. Every individual, since the beginning of this year, should come to understand that he is walking and moving constantly within the reach of Mighty Healing Currents. Through the Power of Cyclopea, the Secret Love Star, and the Rays from the Golden City, currents of Healing Force of tremendous Power are consciously directed City, currents of Healing Force of tremendous Power are consciously directed through the atmosphere of the earth. These, you will understand, by their very nature, being the Energy of God in Action, are therefore Self-sustained.

The consciousness in the individual of their presence will enable him to contact these Rays at any time.

Students who have a feeling of patriotism and who wish to help the nation should take the stand that these Healing Currents reach not only individuals, but carry into conditions, environment and official places like an Intelligent Flame, and are doing a work for the protection and uplift of the children of earth not heretofore set into such powerful action since the creation of this planet. 

The more individuals become truly and sincerely conscious of this operation, the more can they become mighty Messengers of assistance in this most unusual Work. 

Through the conscious manifestation of the mental forces back of the communists is the sinister influence with which We are dealing in the outer world's activity. Those who wish to be true Messengers will meditate upon this idea until they have grasped the full import of it. They will use their conscious effort, knowing that these Currents of Consuming Electronic Energy consciously directed through the atmosphere of the earth cannot be interfered with; and that in every sincere, conscious effort of the individual—in his desire to give his assistance—there will flow a consciousness of this Energy that he has not hitherto possessed. 

Sometimes there are individuals of such a nature, that while wonderfully kind and willing, the sudden consciousness that they need to let go of certain kinds of food or other activity is a sort of shock to them. I would say to these individuals that the Divine Intelligence within each one will cause them to naturally let go of the things not in accordance with this Great Presence at every step of the way when it is necessary. In order for an individual to consciously let go of a thing, he must have something that he feels is stronger to which he can anchor. As students become conscious of this, the confidence and strength will come to them to take the step. 

As I suggested once before, I would consciously, at least once or more a day, stand on the floor and charge the home with this Pure Electronic Energy—and keep it charged—so that God's very Presence will keep out of the home, food, thought, any kind of presence, and everything that is not in accordance with the desires here. 

I would suggest that whenever you find someone is coming you take the consciousness: " 'I AM' the Pure Radiance of Divine Love enfolding these individuals, and this Garment enfolds them when they come and when they leave." When you are conscious of this, you clothe them and they will wear this Garment into the home and out of it; and for them it will be a sustaining power. 

Those who come into your home are deserving of assistance, and this will enable them to receive the full assistance they desire and you will love to give. 

No matter how great the knowledge attained, we at no time ever have the right to force either the knowledge or the discipline upon anyone. Only as students apply what they hear and receive can they ever know the Reality. 

When you say "I AM," you acknowledge the Power that breaks down all barriers and conditions of opposition. This human self is just like a starving lion in the jungle. It will tear anything to get what it wants to eat. In this state, the human consciousness will tear its best friend to pieces to get its own way. 

In any astral element there is that human desire element through which, unless one shuts his mind entirely to the astral world, will constantly find himself interrupted in a good decision—because he has left that door open to a force far more subtle than is ever found in the outer world. Many think there are good forces in the astral world. I tell you, no good force ever comes from the astral world. Any good force that seems to come from there must come through it; but it makes its own Tunnel of Light through which it comes.

In the first place, what makes the astral world? There is only one place where the undesirable creation can find a home, and that is the next step to the human activity, which is the astral realm. This realm of astral activity has within it all undesirable creation accumulated through the centuries. Therefore, it is easy to see at once that no good comes from any contact with the astral realm. IT HAS NOTHING IN IT WHATSOEVER OF THE CHRIST. 

There is as wide a difference between the astral realm of activity and what some call the Star Astral as there is between Light and darkness. However, the so-called Star Astral is again misunderstood. It is really called "Star Astrea." It is really an Activity, not a realm, and it is from the fourth sphere. The "Star Astrea" is a Cosmic Being whose Work it is to consume all possible within the astral realm, and to reach individuals whose attention seems to be drawn there. This Great Being will sooner or later clear the understanding of such individuals and consume their desire for any contact with that unhappy realm. No little children remain in the astral realm. The home of children who leave the earth is in the etheric realm. People who are in the body are in the same sphere when they sleep as the disembodied. There is a Sustaining Consciousness of the "I AM Presence" which, if one goes forth with It on going to sleep, through that sustaining Power one can reach unbelievable Heights. If you have the Consciousness through the outer expression of this "I AM Presence," and you take this Consciousness with you as you go into the other realms, It is a Sustaining Presence that is unbelievable. 

There is an activity in the experience Life that demands the conscious recognition and use of the "I AM Presence," of God in Action. When you take that Consciousness with you through the veil of sleep, the soul is able to function out of the body with almost limitless Power. 

Suppose there is a seeming need in the physical activity. Before going to sleep we can say this: "Through the Mighty Power and Intelligence which 'I AM,' I go forth while my body sleeps, make conscious contact with, and abundantly fulfill this requirement, no matter what it is." 

Knowing that this activity is Self-sustained, it cannot fail in any way. It is a mighty way of setting into motion the "I AM Presence." Whatever the "I AM" commands while the body sleeps must be obeyed. 

I knew of one instance of this kind when there was need of protection. The one using it had a certain consciousness of this Presence. The individual was falling over a cliff, and this "I AM Presence" instantly built up a form, caught the individual, and took him back to safety. 

When one enters the conscious path and goes into any environment where there might be danger, one should always do some quick, definite work on his protection; for until one raises the body, he is always functioning more or less where he is contacting the outer thought of humanity. If the student be climbing the mountains, he must do conscious protective work. He must do the protective work, and do it consciously. 

If the student will always keep up his conscious protection, he will be able to avoid the destruction of other individuals. 

Steamship Protection: "God is the Almighty Power protecting and directing this steamship; therefore, it moves in a zone of absolute safety." On the conscious path, you must be up and in action all the time. There are some who might think this is a suggestion of fear, but it is not. It is a recognition of the Omnipresent Protective Power. 

Autos: "God is All-seeing and All-knowing, sees ahead, and will naturally avoid undesirable contact." When you say: "God is driving this car," the Vision of God goes ahead, sees blocks and miles ahead, and the prompting will come to go to the street which is clear. "Because God is driving this car, our path is unobstructed in every way." 

There are two reasons why students have accidents. First, because they have become angry and opened the door. Second, because the student has lain down on become angry and opened the door. Second, because the student has lain down on the job.

Whenever we do a thing with a positive, dynamic attitude, it gives confidence to the outer, and it cannot fail. To project an Electronic Belt around another, say: " 'I AM' the Protective Electronic Belt around."

When you say," 'I AM' the Protective Ring or Belt," it means that the Electronic Belt is instantly formed— invincible. Realize that when you say "I AM," whatever is commanded is All-Powerfully, instantly done. You cannot use the "I AM Presence" without having instantaneous Activity.

Often say: " 'I AM' the Omnipresent, All-Powerful, Protecting Intelligence governing this mind and body." It is instantly omnipresent there in action when you say "I AM." The "I AM" which is everywhere present is at that point doing the work that moment. This is the way you set into action by the most direct means the All-Powerful Action of the "I AM," which is All in All. 

Constantly remind the outer consciousness that when you say "I AM," you have set into action all the attributes of the Godhead. 

You are now at a point when you should have instantaneous activity. When you say, "I AM" in any condition, it means that instant action is taking place there by the Greatest Power in the Universe. The moment you become conscious that "I AM" is the Full Activity of God—containing all the attributes of the Godhead—you do that moment have the full use of this Mighty Power. 

Use often: " 'I AM' the Presence producing this Master Home." Get the consciousness of the Mighty Presence you are calling forth when you are using the "I AM." I have always loved to specify what I wanted to do. If I want health in my body I say: " 'I AM' the Presence charging this body with Pure, Electronic Energy."

When you say: " 'I AM' the Ascension of this physical body right now," then you have accepted and entered into that action right now. When you are striving for the Light in unlimited action, you are striving for the Greatest Thing in the world. Fill your world with the Presence which "I AM," and when you do this, feel you are doing it consciously. 

If one will take the consciousness: " 'I AM' the Perfect Activity of every organ and cell of my body," then it must manifest. You have but to be conscious of this, and it must be. 

Use often: " 'I AM' Perfect Health now manifest in every organ of my body." Put your confidence in your "I AM" instead of some thing. Suppose you want great intelligent activity, say: " 'I AM' the Perfect Intelligent Activity in this body." You cannot do this looking to something outside. 

To clear the mind, eyes, and ears:

" 'I AM' the Perfect Intelligence active in this brain." 

" 'I AM' the Perfect Sight looking through these eyes." 

" 'I AM' the Perfect Hearing through these ears."

Go at these treatments with determination and they cannot fail. You have the reins, now use them! Avoid all use of words that seem to be a reminder of limited conditions. 

When you are conscious of the "I AM," you don't care what anyone in this world does. You must not be concerned about anything but your world. For squaring the circle, use the "I AM" Activity. Pay no attention to what anyone says. Just say specifically what you want to produce. 

Say again and again: " 'I AM' the only Presence acting in this." 

Say: " 'I AM' the only Presence acting in my world." 

For finding things: " 'I AM' the Intelligence and All-Seeing Eye which finds this." You will be amazed at the feeling that grows within when you do not have to look to anything but the "I AM."

Wipe out of your mind everything but the conscious operation of the "I AM," for It is the most Potent Power possible. 

It is the most Potent Power possible. 

Get the sense of ease about producing these seeming miracles.

Suppose you want to illumine a room. Say: " 'I AM' the illumination of this room." Then you act upon the electrons in the room. The illumining of the atmosphere of a room is as easy as raising your hand. Your ability to illumine a room is just as easy as physically illumining it through the electric lamp. You can just as easily plug into the Universal current of electricity as through the wires. 

To make visible the illumination within your own body say: " 'I AM' the visible illumination through this body now." Right within yourself is a focal point. 

The "I AM" in you created everything in the Universe. 

When you enter into the Confidence of the "I AM," It will soon do away with all obstruction. Use often: " 'I AM' the Consuming Power and Presence of every bit of fear, doubt, and questioning in my outer activity concerning this Invincible Activity of the 'I AM.' " Keep this up, and you will always know instantly what to do. You can take this and use it, and thus remove every obstruction to the "I AM" Activity. When you operate consciously, you know positively it is done. 

The consciousness of an individual clothes the form with that individual's own concepts of it. When these are drawn about an individual who has generated a certain energy, they impose upon him nothing but the things in his own world. 

Whenever you feel a sudden joy impulse, grasp it, use it, and decree. 

BENEDICTION: Thou Mighty, Infinite Intelligence! We give praise and thanks for Thy Mighty Comprehension and Mighty Manifestation in the consciousness of those present. We give praise and thanks that "I AM" the Perfect Understanding in operation, and that "I AM" everywhere present, performing all required to be done. "I AM" the Illumination of everyone who looks to me. "I AM" the Radiant Intelligent Activity in the minds of all mankind. "I AM" the Master acting in the brain of everyone of humanity, causing Divine Love, Justice, Peace, Harmony and Perfection to manifest to our Beloved America. 

- From The “I AM” Discourses by Godfre Ray King

Painting by Cher Odum:

Monday, August 1, 2016

2016 - Year of Magnetism - Message from Gabriel Channeled Through Ron Baker

"Dearly beloved, Children of Light, as you know we are called Gabriel. And as always, we are most joyous to be in your divine presence.

We come at this time to talk about 2016, a year that that we are calling a Year of Magnetism into the New Soul Reality.

What do we mean by magnetism? This is another name for what we have called "resonance."

This is a year when you are getting to know your personal resonance unlike ever before. "What do I resonate? What is my truest commitment?"

This involves an awareness of your conscious commitments and a growing need to become aware of your sub-conscious commitments - those commitments that have been held in the survival system of your life. Those are commitments that have typically been compensating for your missing needs, the wounded emotions--compensating and committed to moving away from pain, shame and conflict that you have associated with the first years of your life.

You resonate with powerful survival choices in the subconscious, and this is vital for you to understand as you move into this year of magnetism.

You will magnetize to you whatever you resonate with more fully and deeply. If you remain unconscious of what fear, shame and judgment is held in the subconscious, you will attract more powerfully than ever opportunities to become aware/conscious, to see the essence of that which you fear and are committed to avoiding.

It is vital that you learn how to approach the wounding of the subconscious as an empowered, nurturing adult presence. You must learn to become the teachers of your wounded subconscious. This is a year of deepening the encouragement of this healing approach.

Let us give you an example of what we mean:

if you habitually fight some feeling experience you fear such as "deprivation," you will find yourself fighting and avoiding experiences of deprivation unlike ever before.

Why would you fight the experience of "deprivation," you may ask? If your physical, emotional and mental needs were not identified, nurtured and championed as a child, you will have experienced a perceived threat--deprived of your needs.

Without an education about the deeper truths of your needs and how life actually works, you will have perhaps made a decision to try to avoid this feeling of "deprived" at all costs. "I don't want to be deprived of my needs any longer." And so you have tried to avoid the feeling, controlling your experience in any ways that you could.

What you have not understood is that the challenges of your developing years were how your "soul curriculum" of this lifetime was put into place. That, as an example, may have included the need to negotiate missing needs through the experience of deprived.

This means that you were created with a sacred ability to FEEL deprived, so that you would recognize the impact of the missing needs. This, then, would have given you a particular focus on the specific things that were missing... giving you a chance to not only discover how IMPORTANT this need is in your life, but giving you a chance in later years, once you moved beyond the foundational years as a child, to spend time focusing on HOW you might learn to fulfill that very need.

The experience of deprived is actually then not threatening. It is encouraging. Encouraging you to seek and respond to what has been missing.

However, all too often, without a clear life education, you have misunderstood the feeling of "deprived" as the threat and you have sought to avoid it at all costs.

This means that you will have committed to fighting "deprived" and will have begun to attract or magnetize a reflection of this commitment. Life will have responded in love to your choice and given you constant ways to fulfill the commitment to fight.

Here is a way to fight deprivation, IF that is what you choose. And the more you will have fought it, the more you may have decided it was a threat, rather than an opportunity to look more deeply, to discover what it was trying to reveal - the NEED below the deprivation.

This revelation would be empowering, but when you are so busy fighting a feeling, you do not tend to land and seek within, going deeper than the feeling you fight. This has kept you in survival consciousness for your whole lives.

The deeper truth is that you are given a soul curriculum in your life to point you in particular directions, giving you clues about what will allow you to claim important pieces of yourself.

In order to prepare for the soul, which is attempting to rise at this time on your planet, you must learn to slow down and look to what is held in the soul curriculum for this lifetime setup. You must become aware of what you have learned to fight, that which is held in the subconscious programming as a survival commitment.

You may have been feeling things are getting more intense in recent years, feeling a constant barrage of challenge. This is only the pressure of the soul emerging. It has brought that which is held in fear, shame and judgment to the surface - so that it can be faced as the adult that you are.

In learning to face what life is revealing as a part of your habitual fight, you prepare for the soul.

Learning to show up as the willing, compassionate adult who is learning to reclaim the wounded emotional body is a particularly important clue for you to be able to resolve the challenges of your soul curriculum and to create a sense of wholeness in your experience of self in the physical.

2016 will be a year of Magnetism.

It will reveal the truth of your deepest commitments, both conscious and subconscious. Simply pay attention to what you are manifesting and attracting and you will get every clue that you need.

We have spent many years training the channel and subsequently his community of healers, how to face, nurture and resolve these emotional challenges held in the lower body mind system, in the lower chakras.

We have taught them HOW to face and resolve such wounds as the fight of the feeling of "deprivation." We have taught them how to seek deeper truths about these vital pieces of self.

Let's look to some deeper truths about "deprivation" at this time, to give you an idea.

Once you are an adult and have choices, no matter what you choose in a moment, you will experience deprivation as a part of the moment. If you choose to play tennis, you will not be riding a horse. You will be deprived of the experience of riding a horse when you choose to play tennis.

When you spend time in one location, you are deprived of being in a different location. This is a natural sense of balance. You cannot experience all things at one time in your present levels of consciousness.

Therefore, you needed to be taught that the feeling of deprivation is there to serve you in balance with the abundance you create from committing to the things that are important to you. So if you prefer to play tennis in this moment, commit to that experience and create an intimacy with that abundant experience and you will not be habitually fighting what is missing, the deprivation of horseback riding while you are on the tennis court.

We use this as a simple example to simply share that "deprivation" is not a bad feeling. It is not threatening to your well-being or sense of self. You have choices.

Deprivation and abundance in balance is quite fulfilling as an experience. You are given free will to choose anything you decide is important to you. You are then supported into a deeper connection and intimacy with whatever you choose to invest in.

However, this has not been the typical experience of life on your planet, as you have habitually been stuck in the survival level of consciousness, always fighting the feelings (like deprivation) that you have learned are threatening to you in some way.

You need a much deeper education about yourself and about how Life works if you are to create a more fulfilling relationship to Life. All of the experiences are there to serve you.

Allowing the freedom of that which you are not choosing in a moment to remain neutral is a healthy relationship to the experience of abundance and deprivation. However, in survival, most people put the focus so fully on that which they want to avoid, that they don't spend much time learning to become intimate with that which they are choosing.

The nervous system is habitually scanning for where I might be deprived.

This does not leave a great deal of focus for intimacy and connection with what you are choosing. This is one example of an endless array of experiences, which all serve you, if you allow yourself to choose consciously that which is most important to you.

You would be amazed to know the percentage of choices that are made out of the agendas of avoiding fear, shame and judgment.

One example would be making choices from the agenda to try and be seen a certain way by those around you. Looking outside yourselves, learned in the early years of your life when you looked to please mommy and daddy, you have learned to choose out of fear.

Rather than trying to give yourself an experience that truly pleases you, when you have missing needs and never learned to trust the support of your parents and subsequently the support of Life itself, you remain in a search for the "validation" of your worth and value from outside yourself.

If you are seeking validation of your worth from outside yourself, your choices likely remain colored by what "should" I choose in order to be seen a certain way, to be liked, to be validated or to please someone else.

This has kept you from a deeper peace and fulfillment of getting to know your most authentic self. This is the only way to truly fulfill yourself.

And so we point out two examples of ways that you magnetize from fearful commitments and agendas.

If, on the other hand, you are in touch with your deepest truth today and commit to the things that are important to you as an individual, you stand a far greater chance of magnetizing to you the experience that is truly important to you.

When you do this, you are fulfilling something authentic and meaningful.

And so this year will be very focused on accelerating the magnetism of your choices.

We suggest that you become conscious of what you have held in the programming of the subconscious of the first years of your life--which was a perfect set up for your lifetime.

Find out where you are in the fulfillment of needs, with an awareness of your needs, committed to the fulfillment of your needs as an adult. And where you have been held in the wounding of fighting unmet needs with choices that continue to fight and avoid what is missing.

When you are learning to claim and fulfill each of your energy centers-- and there are seven levels of consciousness held in these seven energy centers--you find that each chakra holds inherent needs.

The first chakra at the base of the spine is focused on your connection to the physical reality. It needs to experience connected, nurtured and safe as the three main needs. This is what will create fulfillment in the first energy center of your bodies.

When these needs were missing, from parents who did not receive these needs in the prior generation, you experienced fear and contraction instead of fulfillment and safety. This perfect set up of your soul curriculum in this lifetime is ultimately to bring an awareness of how important these particular needs are for your fulfillment.

When they are missing, it can provide an eventual focus and awareness of how important these needs are--encouraging you to learn how to identify them and then how to fulfill them for yourself.

But you have typically protected yourself from these missing needs. And so we suggest that in order for you to fulfill yourself in each of these seven levels of your being, that you seek clear education.

We have given tremendous amounts of information about these very topics over the last decades with the channel. He has dedicated his life to teaching others from this body of information.

We suggest that there are ways for you to gain clear education about what will set you up for the most fulfilling individual experience that is true and authentic for your particular level of soul consciousness as you continue on your soul journey.

This way you can make informed choices. This is a powerful way to make sure you are magnetizing into your life exactly what you need, enhanced by what is truly important to you as an individual.

In the last few years you have been bridging the higher self down into the lower self. In 2013, universal energies began to bridge the 7th energy center and the grids of the Divine Plan down to the 1st at the base of the spine. In 2014, you began to awaken your individual soul plan down into the 2nd experiential center in the naval region of the body. 

And in 2015, you began to awaken the first gateways of the heart chakra into the 3rd center of the solar plexus.

The higher is bridging with the lower. And in 2016 you will now awaken the 5th energy center, for a commitment to all you have learned through informed lower self. The 5th chakra is the center of self-expression, choices and commitments.

Many of you have felt lost, unsure and confused as the familiar lower energies of the personality have been penetrated by the impact of higher energies.

Unsure who you are any longer is a very disconcerting experience that has come from the penetration of these higher energies. These energies are quite benign, supportive of the higher potentials of your experience.

The bridge that will allow you to take the soul energy into your lives in the physical. This configuration is now ready to include the 5th chakra, revealing to you your most powerful choices and commitments--both conscious and subconscious.

If you will start from the simplicity of what you DO know, based on what has been revealed in recent years, plenty will be there for you to create clear commitments. And now you can include how it will not serve you to commit to what experiences you habitually want to avoid, such as "deprivation."

Attachments to agendas like validation will not serve you either. These are just two of the revelations you may have discovered in recent years, from the soul curriculum of this lifetime.

So we encourage that letting go of the choices that no longer serve you is just as important as knowing what clear choices you are moving toward. Trust your conscious heart and the simple truths that you know are important to you.

For instance, you may know that you are committed to specific experiences, like connection and intimacy. Focus on the people who matter to you, the career focus and interests that matter to you, the experience of life that you truly want to create that matters to you.

It may be the experience of adventure, expansion, settling into the intimacy of your primary relationship and home base. Only you can know what is most important to you at this stage of your life.

We suggest that you let go of that which have attempted to avoid, nurturing the wounding that has held your fear, shame and judgment in place. And shift the focus of your commitments to that which serves your deepest, authentic truth.

This is what will be revealed in 2016. You will be powerful manifestors of whatever you are most committed to, magnetizing clues so that you can respond and prepare for the soul that is rising.

So we encourage you to get clear and commit to your present truth, for truth is ever unfolding if you allow it to be. Life is attempting to move you into soul level consciousness--your most sacred and authentic individual essence.

It can only come into a neutral heart space. And so get the education you need to get clear and prepare for the unprecedented gifts that are to come. Manifesting through meaning, value and purpose rather than fear, shame and judgment. This is your opportunity.

These are the things we would like to say about 2016, a Year of Magnetism, revealing your truest commitments in preparation for the Soul.

And now, as we take your most joyous leave, we ask as always that you remember to love one another."
- Gabriel

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