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What is a lightworker?

what is a starseed?

What is a wayshower?

I Believe in the United States of America

Excerpt from I Believe in the United States of America by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.
Samuel, Columbus, Shakespeare, Bacon—enter Saint Germain, sponsor of the United States of America.
He is the “seventh angel” prophesied in Revelation who comes to finish the mysteries of God. It’s interesting that they’re called mysteries. He’s finishing those mysteries, he writes them in code, then he deciphers the code. He’s the supreme interpreter of the code of Christ.
He interprets the Piscean age, restores to us the understanding not only of the message of the indwelling Saviour, but also of the nation-state, the state of Israel, the community of the Holy Spirit.
Saint Germain is the figure, the key cipher in the alchemy of the twentieth century. He comes today as the master of the seventh ray and the Aquarian, or seventh, age.
In his many incarnations upon earth, we have seen Saint Germain working out the equation of his personal Christhood on the seventh ray, just as the Piscean master Jesus manifested the fullness of his Christhood on the sixth ray in the sixth dispensation.
The ascended masters Jesus and Saint Germain, as the Son and the Father, passing the torch of the Christ consciousness and the I AM THAT I AM for the Piscean and Aquarian dispensations, stand in the long history of the earth and her evolutions as the great deliverers of nations and peoples by the sacred fire of freedom and the salvation of the soul through the path of the ascension.
Because of Jesus Christ and Saint Germain, I believe in the United States of America.
How are you working out the equation of your Christhood, so well defined alchemically, geometrically by Jesus Christ and Saint Germain on the sixth and seventh rays?
How do you fit into the United States of America?
What is the descent of the light of Christ of your tribe?
What is its karma and dharma?
Why do you believe in the United States of America?
These are questions you must answer for yourself, your children, your friends, and for the future of our very nation itself.
We know that the majority of the people do not understand the history of our inheritance of the covenants of God. The people do not understand the American’s Creed incorporating these very covenants made with Abraham and his descendants.
But our Founding Fathers did understand themselves as the inheritors, not only of the covenant but of the science of the spoken Word. They knew the mystery of the Word as the Person indwelling in them and as the Principle by which the sacred fire of the I AM THAT I AM was released to give them their victory.
They recited psalms and praises unto the Lord hour after hour on Sunday mornings in church. They understood the prophecy of Joel, that it would come to pass that whosoever should call upon the name of the Lord should be delivered: “for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the LORD hath said, and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call.” This is the mount Zion and the Jerusalem. They believed the Word and they let the Word flow through them.
When you go to Williamsburg and you take a tour of the church that is there, the guide will tell you how they spent hours and hours in church every Sunday, reciting the psalms in unison. They were giving their decrees, dynamic decrees, and that’s how the thirteen states were founded—by that same sacred fire. And you can feel it crackling in that church; you can feel the purity in that community.
This nation “Israel, the I AM race as the United States of America,” cannot work unless the members of the community have at least the goal of Christhood and unless their leaders have the attainment of the Christ consciousness.
We have had very few real leaders in our history. At the outset, when the nation’s population was about 3 million, we had Washington, Franklin, Adams, Hamilton, and a handful of others.
Today there are 320+ million and a community of lightbearers. The attainment of the Christ consciousness is paramount. “Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.”
We believe in the United States of America because here is a community of individuals who made the decision to accept their patriotic creed, to accept the covenant of Almighty God, and make a go of it. It’s called the American’s Creed, not America’s Creed.
And that’s the sign of America: it foretells the coming of the age of individualism. It’s the creed of every individual, one by one by one, incarnating the Christ. Every individual unit of our society is the individual under the I AM Presence.
Elizabeth Clare Prophet: https://youtu.be/3xkRy8_ybaQ

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A Pleiadian Message 2016 The Seeds of Truth

SOUL CONTRACTS by Farley Malorrus

This topic covers the contracts we make before birth dealing with choices, people in our life, free will choice, pre-destined events and agreements. All of this takes place for our personal Soul’s growth and the evolution of our Soul.

By astrologically choosing the time and place of your birth, you determine the nature of the effects you will experience in your life. In our Spirit form and on the other side which means the fourth or fifth dimension, before we are born, we make decisions about the lifetime we will be entering into. The interaction with other souls, choice of parents, is determined by the Astrological configurations at birth. Hence, your character, personality, talents, abilities, restrictions and timing for strengths and weaknesses will be formed from birth.

Many of you believe in free will choice, but this topic slants towards what you may have heard about free-will choice. I am sure, and have personally proved, that a human being sets his or herself up for what I feel to be every major rendezvous and experience in life. It is that before you are born, you literally make reservations with thousands of personal souls, Soul mates, and beings who will act as catalyzers for you to experience a karmic evolution. Everybody has a multi-dimensional consciousness, which means just because your father is walking around at 18 or 19 years old, with a flicker of romance for your mother, and they are about to impregnate a cell and create a baby, it still means that you can be in contact with their higher selves. Because everyone has this source consciousness that is beyond the human consciousness. So before each child is born, that child makes a contract with itself and many other beings to meet with them at a pre-destined time.

Naturally you meet your mother and father at the birth event, and the major critical souls involved usually are your family. It is difficult to figure this in human terms, but imagine someone sitting down at a computer and fixing their parents, and fixing their brothers, sisters, friends and all the people they will be working for.

Every day of life is a cycle day in what we call the souls Akashic pattern.

Before you were born, the Soul is totally aware of all of its past lives, and all of its experiences. It is also aware of destined patterns for what every lifetime it is about to enter. That is why I believe that the people you meet, the places you go to school, work, live, visit, and vital areas where relationships occur, are areas where you are encouraged to partake, because of prearranged decisions and contracts you made prior to your birth. This has much to do with the time, date, place and time we choose to be born in order to create a certain pattern of vibration to fulfill the necessary vehicle which entail upon this quest.

When you meet up with people and you know that you are supposed to meet them:

For example, you are at a party and there are 150 people there, you might be destined to meet one or two. It is hard to imagine how powerful the human Soul really is. The human brain has 200,000 times the power of the greatest computer ever built. We are talking far beyond Cray or IBM here, understanding this God consciousness and the potential Soul growth, evolution, and overall awareness is phenomenal. Also recognizing that we do have tremendous consciousness before birth and are allowed to qualify into this dimension. Before birth you must go through a great qualification.

What about all the babies who will be and are aborted?

In case you don’t know, they are entering this dimension knowing they will experience Karma in the form of abortion, so that vehicle for birth definitely would not be stable. It could also be a Karma for the parents. On the other hand, other entities, or beings, would come into this life knowing not only that they will be welcomed, but they would be nurtured, sometimes they would be attacked, or be born into hostile childhood’s, or even traumatic to kind of shock them into awareness-consciousness. I tend to believe that whatever you run into in your lifetime, you have to believe, if you believe in New Age Metaphysical thought, that you have created it all, and you have prepared it all in many ways. You have made contracts with many beings.

Lets take a person out there who has had sex with many people, say about 40 people in their lives. If you take a look at how complicated it is to get intimate with even one person, it is not easy for a person to go out there and score a relationship, but for one person who is maybe 40 or 50 years old or a female who has slept with maybe 40 or 50 people. Take a look at the lottery for you to get close to those many people it is hard. I figure if you are meant to get intimate with someone, I sense that it is really meant to be. It is like having a mini-marriage situation. Let’s look at work situations, someone files a job application in 40 different places, and nobody wants them. Then one day all of a sudden, there’s the Karma, a corporation with whom a contract was formed with the president, and all the other people who work in that office. It is then that all the higher minds, the intuitive minds sense the vibration, and you end up working where you are supposed to be.

Free Will:

Now free will choice does play a big role in my mind as far as life is concerned. But Astrologically, we vibrate to the vehicle that we have earned, depending on the Karma, as well as the positive and negative actions and reaction we have set forth in past lives. This is an automatic process, its like water running down the drain, it is an automatic magnetic flow, when you throw a rock in the ocean and the ripples just balance right out. You just adhere to that certain birth point that you are most qualified to embrace. You make thousands of major contracts with other beings to meet with them at a pre-destined time. Life is really fascinating the way it works, when people come into your life. I believe that much of this stuff is predestined, set up and pre-arranged before life, because consciousness before life is so powerful that it sets up certain situations. It is like creating a major play, or a soap opera that will take place in your life, that you will be granted certain choices, so perhaps you could reach your highest possible evolution and Karmic growth.

If you look at this Soul-contract philosophy, then you think wow! I meant to get married to her, now I’m at these cross roads and now I have to make the choice. I’m also meant to have all these other contracts with all these other people, so I’d better not dwell on this contract, I’d better process and absolve it and let it go and see it as another peg in the ladder of life. Then prepare for the next experience or contract. Sometimes, people just wait around for these things to happen, and people just seem to pop in and happen at the right time. Often, I wish I had the consciousness that I had before birth, so I could see all of this stuff before it hits. But no, that is not the way it works. The higher mind of each of us hypnotizes us, and removes this pre-consciousness every morning when we wake up, and at birth we have lost most of it. We are not granted those easy hints, we have to do with intuition and emotion and experiences and try to make these decisions, and wade through this Karmic whirlpool we were born into. It would be too easy if we all knew what we were meant to do, and who to meet, and what the situations were, But each situation still gives us the potential for maximum Karmic growth experience.

Let’s take an example of a small child that enters into a poor inner-city family. No food, no shoes, no socks. Drugs and alcohol used in the family, and right off the bat, there are early decisions of whether to take drugs and drink, because it is just lying around the house. As they grow older, they experience rejection by the kids in school, feel lonely and insecure like outcasts, and also they are given a choice to join a gang. Beyond that, when older, they are given a choice to rob a liquor store, to steal a car, to commit grand larceny, rape, murder, dealing in drugs, and even beyond that, their choices are taken away because they are taken to prison. In prison they have a whole new set of contracts to deal with, because we are talking about hard core Karma, if your choices are bad enough to send you into that kind of hell-hole, called prison.
Karmic debt and the choices we make

So what we do is we set ourselves up to make certain choices. This is extreme, but these people who end up in trouble create their own nightmares, by making the wrong choices, you have to be strong, and hopefully have a strong astrological vehicle, some light in your life, some positive counseling and conditioning, something to give you at least the choice. Sometimes we can look at any one of your individual lives to figure out why we are in a particular gutter, because we made the wrong choice when confronted with this pre-destined Soul contract that we are dealing with. Like career choices, whether you might take a job that might not be ethical. A sales job where some of the stuff you talk about isn’t really true, or maybe you take a job as a courier for illegal money, illegal income. Maybe you are involved with underworld activities, prostitution or something you could be arrested and jailed for. For some of your choices you just end up being hurt and having to understand and absolve from a Karmic debt, or other instant Karma you can be incarcerated for or institutionalized. So we are talking really hard core payment for that.

In order to summarize this topic; if you are aware of the possibility that we personally set up ourselves to meet, certain specific major individuals for our own Soul growth, this doesn’t mean that you marry every person you meet just because you fall in love with them (like Mickey Rooney, Elizabeth Taylor or the Gabor sisters). They have married several times and each time they divorced, and were devastated by it. So look and the love and lost column and be glad you didn’t marry them, but some people just jump into this stuff, of marriage, families, children, and business feet first. So you are offered the Soul contract and enter it, but then end up paying the price for making the wrong choice and that is what Karmic growth is all about. So being ethical, moral, selfless, humble and not being too greedy or selfish, are major keys in confronting any Soul-person or Soul contract you might have made before birth, and you know that.

Soul Mates:

Often, if you meet a person and you feel that they are a Soul mate, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a Soul mate. I feel that anybody that you have made a previous Soul contract with before birth, you can call a Soul mate because this was something you were destined to meet with. Not necessarily physically but in a relationship sense.

By plugging into this sacred Astrology knowledge that lies in the intuitive mind, and basically the topic is psychic and spiritual awareness. If you are a Pisces Sun sign (actually Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer) you will seem to be automatically more intuitive or plugged into what we call the intuitive mind, which plugs into the Akashic stream of consciousness, and basically plugs into the contracts that we make before birth. When someone seems to be psychic or intuitive, then what we believe to be true is that you literally plug into that part of your mind (the higher part of your consciousness) that has a script of many events that are about to happen in your life.

What are the various ways that you can lift your psychic, intuitive mind, and spiritual consciousness in order to plug into the intuitive mind and some of those contracts made before birth. This is why people with Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer planets in their chart especially the Sun-signs seem to be more intuitive, more plugged into that intuitive mind, the part of the mind that makes the contracts. Also, in case you have a Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer Moon or these as rising signs. Venus, Mars or Jupiter in any one of those signs and the more water the merrier (we call it) then the more intuitive you will be. The more you might be in touch with these Soul contracts that you are about to meet, or are about to happen in your life.

Psychic and Intuitive people:

Those who are more intuitive or psychic when they see a Soul contract coming up they just go for it. These people sometimes meet people that they know they are going to meet, they know they are going to marry, they know they are going to have kids with, and they just don’t resist it. They may even have vivid dreams of these forthcoming events. Some of us aren’t nearly as psychic or intuitive, and some times no matter how New Age you are, you lack the water in your chart and you have no planets in the Piscean house energy which is the 12th house, or the Scorpion house energy which is the 8th house, or the Cancerian energy which is the 4th house, then these people no matter what they do (chant, pray, meditate, fast, diet, vegetarians) they still can’t be a psychic or as spiritually aware as those of us with water. There are exceptions of course, which has to do with how the chart is generally formed.

Your Mission:

The basic mission of life for the individual is a mission of love and light and spiritual understanding. However, many of us get misled. Some people walk around like acorns, having no idea of what is going on and they could care less, They get thrown through this emotional Vietnam of misery, suffering and tragedy in their lives. Sometimes people get to a point where they have had it with rejection, or they’ve had it with surgery, or feeling bad about themselves, their aches, pains and heart problems, back problems and depression and anxiety, and they will start searching for the answers. People into fundamental religion find that this is not the answer, that it’s not the key.

So what is happening now in the New Age, since the Harmonic Convergence we are firmly planted in the Age of Aquarius and frankly peoples minds are opening, there is more clarity of consciousness. I would say there is definitely a shift of brain capacity going on with people on our planet. The more aware we become, the higher percentage of brain capacity and awareness that comes upon us, the more aware of the times that we thought to be true or everything that we believed to be so, the things we think we do know, many times aren’t bottom line answers. So I have dedicated my life for a search of open-mindedness and further truth. Because whenever I settle on the truth there seems to be something beyond that. The interesting thing about Astrology is that I feel that every one is an Astrologer. I think that pre-birth on this cycle everyone is an expert Astrologer.

During my deepest meditations I discovered a level of vast information that just blew me away, it also taught me, trained me, and delivered to me, the vast information that you hear on this radio show about Astrology and Metaphysics, that part of the mind is called the intuitive mind. I discovered in Meditation starting around 1975 that there is a vast part of the mind that is like Genius, and everyone has it. It is a major part of ourselves that you can identify as the God-part of yourself, where the more aware you become the more knowledge and wisdom you discover that you already have.

The intuitive mind is what I call the store house of the sacred Astrology knowledge, or the Astrology computer that literally sets up the vehicle that we absorb at birth and gives us that uniqueness, that illusion of separation in this dimension, and also a vehicle that will be triggered many times during the lifetime through certain transitory cycles that set us up to meet people, break up with people, make friends and leave friends, to make residence, to make careers, to end careers, money surges or money depressions, and all kinds of up and down cycles that we put ourselves through, that is literally set up by the Soul.

If you want to understand this stuff in a more logical sense, imagine going to a college for 10 years, and setting up your course, for all the things you are going to study in that college. Registration is pure hell as you know if you’ve ever done it. All the best classes and teacher’s are grabbed up first, and if you are late or get closed out, you end up with difficult courses, and the teachers aren’t as good. These are the unwanted classes, but when we are looking at this example I like to identify the birth chart as a map of the curriculum that you have signed up to participate in this life cycle, as far as Karmic experience, Soul growth and potentials, if any. These things can be discovered by looking at your birth chart. What you are trying to do is plug into the Cosmic knowledge and metaphysical truth, that lies in the intuitive mind, plug into this vast ocean of consciousness (like they say we only have 5 to 10% of our brain capacity. If we had 100% we’d all be much better Astrologers than Farley Malorrus).

So whatever I’m doing doodling around with this science my higher mind dwarfs whatever knowledge I might think I know, just as all of ours does. It seems to be a natural metamorphosis that guides us to a certain date of birth, to a certain family of Karma, to a certain city of Karma, and the cycles in our lives that help us figure out exactly what we are meant to do, and what our purpose and mission is all about. That is why people that study, respect and really understand Astrology as a science, in fact have a major degree, because they are able to follow some of this curriculum.

Once you know what you are set up for in your birth cycle then you can set up and follow what we call the transits, which means that we follow the moving planets in the sky (the clock of the Zodiac) and we check and see how they set off the planets in our chart, since we are dealing with a cosmic magnetic system here when we talk about this solar system we live in, and this let’s us know almost exactly what is coming up in your future. This is how Astrology works and it is wonderful, it’s all about intuitive awareness or psychic or spiritual awareness.

Psychic or spiritual awareness is really a natural occurrence of evolution for people that study Astrology and Metaphysics. I also advise that people take up meditation, some form of chanting, anything that can relax and center your mind. Once I got into Astrology I plugged into my intuitive mind in about 4 days in meditation, I had so many miracles that happened to me that I thought wow! it is the same with all of you, there is much more to you than meets the eye, what your conscious mind thinks is true is only the tip of a major iceberg of awareness consciousness, of genius that we all have naturally implanted in our intuitive mind.

Those of you with the Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer factors (4th, 8th and 12th house planets), are maybe more prone or urged to get into Astrology, Metaphysics, and psychic awareness. People with specific factors will be encouraged, if they don’t go into the Spirit, to be more self-destructive and get into more artificial means of consciousness. This is why people with water in their Charts and are not spiritual have more addiction problems with drugs and alcohol, it’s an artificial means of altering consciousness, it is like pretend awareness, when you think that being stoned on a joint or acid is really pretty aware, but look what Charles Manson did, but that’s an extreme example. I think that this topic is very important, because some psychic’s out there that put Astrology down, and they claim to be psychic. To me there is something wrong with this, because I have found the people who are the most intuitive (and all of you whether you have water are not are intuitive psychic spiritual beings, you are capable of improving your psychic abilities, and more plugged into your souls destiny), by getting into the study of Astrology, and figuring out all the thousands of Soul-contracts that you made before birth to live out in this life cycle.

We can evolve so much more by embracing the more stressful periods of our life by understanding Astrology. I’m having a Neptune oppose Venus this month, which means my expenses are up, sometimes strange experiences with women, shattered dreams or shattered expectations. I could feel like a Slave or anchored to my life at times, because I know what a Neptune oppose Venus is. There are hundreds of different planetary configurations that we call transits, that we lay out for you in a transit forecast. We provide this service for beginners so they know what is about to happen.

The more you work with this stuff the more it begins to sink in and you become more psychic, not only will you begin to see in your birth chart what seems to be coming up for you, but you will develop a sixth sense that when you are around people whom you have Soul contracts with, you know it. When you are around a person who will become a future lover, it is hard to deny it. When you are looking for a job and are impelled to go to a certain company, when you stumble onto a radio station that will change your thinking through spiritual light. When you are looking for a new place to live, and you drive right to it, it’s like letting your life happen automatically. It is important to go with the flow, many times, and not to resist. Don’t take everything so personal, it is all a major hallucination or illusion created for your experience and

Karmic benefit:

So becoming more intuitive, more psychic, and more spiritual and by learning and respecting Astrology, and by meditation and chanting and getting the concepts of authentic universal love, not romantic love, but a selfless love are all keys for you to become more spiritual, more psychic and more intuitive. And if we were approaching a bottom line what we are talking about here basically is plugging into that intuitive mind, in your higher mind area, plugging into that Akashic stream where all the knowledge is of all your past lives and future lives, and also plugging into those Soul contracts that you’ve made from yesterdays show and today’s. This way when you go on through your life it will be much easier because you don’t have to worry about things as much, or be confused as much and you can have more fun, more enjoyment, more enlightenment, and more awareness.

Free will choice does play an important role, because when you do sign up for the curriculum and all these events that you will go through in your life, by the family in the beginning, and by absorbing the Astrological energy at birth, you are setting yourself up to take certain courses. It doesn’t mean you will pass or fail them all, it depends on what your free will choice is. When you are confronted with the pre-arranged courses you decided on prior to your birth, those are the deals made by your higher mind, that super computer that we talked about.

The questions I’m asked everyday about are: what’s happening in my relationships, or How does my career look Farley. Or, what does my future look like Farley? These people want to know these things and they are impatient and they want my knowledge or expertise on the subject. What they are asking for is less pain and more comfort. Well, the best way I know is to sign up for becoming a member of the Astrology Hour is by ordering your chart, then roll up your sleeves and begin to learn the subject for yourself. Listen to the program and get involved, then we can begin to understand the urges that impel us to go out and meet people, break up with people, or have an emotional problem, or have emotional stability, or re-birth or the choice of being spiritual or addicted. We are definitely set up, and by following these transits you can organize your life and figure out what is heading your way as it approaches.

Until you yourself understand the transits this is the best way we can teach them to you.

Healing the Wounds of Shame, Abandonment and Betrayal

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Stones of India by Om Rael

The stones of India trembled

As the trance of the great tree ended

And all became open and ready 

Once again for the world to see

The mists whispered, "There are no mysteries left..."

The rule of envious seers is over 

Their belief was not knowing 

For all truth is at your fingertips

Reach down into the soul root of earth

You don't need to hear

You don't have to speak

Only listen to the wisdom of your own heartbeat

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Maintaining Your Balance in a Spiritual Epidemic by Caroline Myss

September 2001

Many people have written beautiful e-mail messages sharing their ideas of how to move forward in finding a purpose in the destruction of the WTC. Many of their thoughts are heart-warming, and they encourage people to respond with compassion. I believe that compassion is what we should aim for, but realistically it might take some of us a bit longer than others to get there. I had a personal experience of that while I was teaching at Omega just three days after the attacks. During that weekend I found myself acting more emotional in a classroom than I have ever been in my entire career. At times I had to stop and collect myself, because I was on the verge of weeping. I was, and, in truth, I remain, devastated. I have not fully recovered, although I am working on it. In my soul I have not yet come to peace with the fact that our nation will never be the same again. I cannot yet adjust to the fact that every day might bring a new horror and, perhaps literally, to my front door. I am not yet okay with the possibility that my water supply or air could become poisoned, that an outbreak of smallpox or plague could be next. Oh, I'll get to compassion, but I ain't there yet.

Because the Omega workshop followed so hard on the attacks, the emotions in the air were raw, fragile - in a word, human. And, so, I was more than a bit taken aback when a woman approached me at the end of the weekend and suggested that I get some help, because I should have processed this catastrophe "by now." Our reaction to our own healing needs to be realistic. It's okay to be angry, it's okay to be frightened, it's okay to feel vulnerable - and then it's essential to fix your sights on your resurrection. I am inundated with people who are confiding in me that they are embarrassed to share their darkest responses lest they be seen as spiritually negative. I do not consider myself to be a spiritually negative person. I am a human being coping with the fact that life on the planet will never be the same. That takes more than a few days to get used to.

At the same time, I've received a wide range of perspectives about why this attack happened to us. Some people have said that the U.S. deserved what happened because it has been such a greedy, materialistic nation. That the U.S. has long been interfering in the affairs of other countries - always, seemingly, on the wrong side - and therefore this is a natural consequence. They have even said that what the terrorists most feared and hated about us was not just our military presence in the Gulf, but even more our extraordinary social freedom verging on license - the liberation of women, our legal tolerance of homosexuality, our uncensored media, our open and free educational system (some of the same things, I might add, that our own Christian fundamentalists find so threatening). And yet, this nation has an extraordinary Sacred Contract, and I am not saying that because I am an American. It is simply true. Our nation gave birth to a Declaration of Independence, a Constitution, and a Bill of Rights that emphasize the spiritual freedom of the human being as having priority over any merely material rights. These spiritual rights, as well as the right of self-expression, the right to challenge our own government, and the right to happiness (what other nation declares that its citizens have a right to happiness?) are what make the Contract of this country so monumentally important.

The freedom that is now being challenged in our nation has a deeply spiritual component that is far more significant than the obvious social and political freedoms. Freedom of religion is the reason we have been able for the past fifty years to enjoy such a wide expression and exploration of new spiritual paths. Our psyches and souls have flourished here because we have virtually no restrictions on what we can experience in the pursuit of spiritual happiness. Unencumbered by the heavy energy of past that hangs over the nations of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, we have been able to construct piece by piece a new paradigm of life. We have been free to approach a New Age of human consciousness and to proceed on our merry way down the yellow brick road to enlightenment with our only potential obstacle being our own egos and our fear of the Dark Night of the Soul through which each of us must pass. But no one has the right to stop us on our inner journey. We are free to stretch the human spirit as far as we want to go.

To the charge that we have been an interfering nation or that we have an overindulged and protected culture, and that it's about time we experience what the rest of the world has been through, I say that we are also the most generous nation on earth. We have come to the aid of so many that I think the rest of the world takes it for granted by now. They find it ironic that our soldiers are killed and humiliated by local warlords in Somalia for the sin of trying to feed the hungry. We are forever being called to take up the side of human rights, and with a few notable exceptions, we have answered the call. I can't seem to think of a whole lot of other nations that the world looks to for this kind of intervention and leadership and flat out generosity. The world not only thrives on the American economy (and if these attacks succeed in pushing our economy into the abyss, it will, sadly, drag the rest of the world with it, including those nations from which the terror sprang), it also thrives off the American spirit. And that brings me to what I want to say to you at the most personal level.


Spiritual epidemics are not imaginary. We can collectively become strong or we can collectively become frightened. Just as the collective mindset of previous generations manifested outbreaks of polio and AIDS, our collective mindset and spirit can produce something every bit as constructive and empowering as those epidemics were disempowering. Right now we are collectively feeling support and love from each other. We are collectively feeling pride in our nation, our heritage, our flag. We are backing a president as none other has been supported. At the same time that the emotional and psychological climate of this nation is the most fragile it has ever been, it is also more unified than at any time since World War II. Our collective psyche and heart are wide open. We are hearing reports on the news, and no doubt will continue to hear reports, about the possibility of other terrorist attacks on our nation. This type of information can strike terror into this collective open heart of ours . . . of yours. But we have a Sacred Contract running through our veins and spirits that is a force greater than the moment we are living in. It is true that we have been anticipating changes in this New Age, and many have been ushered in during this month. We are now being forced to change our way of life in ways we had not anticipated. The spiritual wiring that we have worked years to put into place in ourselves now needs to be animated and relied on more than ever before. To that end, I have these thoughts and directives to offer:

I always encourage you to work with a journal or at least to ponder certain thoughts that are related to the theme of each monthly Salon. For the next month, articulate, preferably in your journal, the ways this time in history is affecting your life.
  • How is this time reshaping you? What spiritual, psychological, and social changes are occurring within you?
  • What are your fears? Evaluate your own vulnerability.
  • What is the status of your grief? Many people have commented to me that they do not feel "the same." Something, some energy, has penetrated their being. If you can relate to this, note those feelings and pay attention to them. My sense is that these feelings are a part of the collective bonding that is occurring in our nation, a collective emergence of a new national psyche.
  • What are the paradoxes in your own nature? Spend time with this self-examination because it produces rich, revealing insights.
  • A Spiritual Epidemic can arise when fear of tomorrow takes hold. Write about the positive changes that this time in history can also bring. In every crisis lies a hidden opportunity.
Finally, let me encourage all of you to say a prayer at 9 P.M., each evening, wherever you are, for a safe passage through this shadow. We may well be on a fast track to global unity, and we should direct our thoughts and imagery toward that goal.
And give yourself permission to recognize that you can have negative responses while also having a compassionate heart. Both can be alive simultaneously in you, and you should accept both because they are what you are feeling. To deny them is to dissipate your energy and lose contact with the divine presence that dwells within you. I have found that by looking into my own shadow emotions, I realize that my fears are rooted in not wanting to see our way of life change. The thought of compromising our freedoms fills me with grief, yet that might be the reality of the day. Ultimately I believe that we - all of us - have been inspired by forces greater than ourselves to learn the power of positive responses to life. We have accepted a path that holds the truth that to handle all things in life with a conscious mind and heart is the core of a spiritual life.

Love to all of you

Sunday, September 4, 2016

What Can We Do To Help The World? by Om Rael

Dear Friends, 

I am not a channel, although we are all channels. I am a man who is trying to do good and figure out his place in the world. I am trying to be of world service, whether through creativity or the simple act of sharing information. I have been exposed to channels and feel there is something valuable in the messages, as long as it's universal and not ego driven or used to further some one's agenda for validation and manipulation. 

What can we do to help the world? How can we help our fellow being to thrive as opposed to beat them down to the ground with judgment and criticism? I have witnessed some very well intentioned souls doing just this while then proselytizing about the goodness and knowing they have which makes it hard and sad for them to accept another's misgivings. Sure we have all been guilty of that, however if you choose to be a public figure - watch out! 

So, what can we do to help make the world be a better place? Well, for starters, accepting everyone exactly where they are and making one's self available - if needed. We do not have the right to tell another what to do because we "deem" it right. Because we feel someone is not doing or living up to their potential. Because, yes they may be giving us an opportunity to express our gifts and talents, but how dare they not be perfect, because we of course are. 

The world doesn't need fixing, it needs listening. Can we listen without adding our two cents? Can we hold another's a space where there is no need to fix or change or update or upgrade or get involved in a way where we are making our selves useful to satisfy our "savior" complexes? 

A while ago, I had to completely separate myself from someone who was well-intended, well-informed, who channeled every entity from the Ascended Masters to Elizabeth Taylor, as they claimed. I felt there was an incessant need to show off these "parlor tricks", albeit with the best of intentions to seek love and approval. Can you just speak to me as a person, I thought? Can't you just tell me what you feel, instead of hiding behind a mask of supreme spiritual supremacy? The answer was always a resounding no. They had to be right. They had to be superior... I had to get the hell out! 

There are so many talented, frustrated people in the world with so many gifts and talents wanting to express themselves, wanting to make a difference. Some do. Some have. Some will. Some might. Some don't know how. What difference does it make, if you stand in front of a podium, making promises, making predictions, when your own house isn't in order. When you are still very much embodying a 3D existence, saying one thing, then doing another. 

Be what we can do to help the world! Be transparent and authentic. Stop hiding behind the veneer of greatness. Do you think no one can see or hear the truth besides you? When you try to take over every event? When you try to praise others, only to bring attention to yourself? When you tell others how great you are and that they'd be a fool not to follow you? You, the great and powerful and all knowing you? Say, wasn't there a movie with such a character who was then revealed to be quite human behind an emerald curtain? 

What can we do to help the world? Be human! Be authentic! Be transparent! Be inclusive and not exclusive! Be humble! Be aware that your truth is only your truth... Be you and be happy! 

Ann Albers MIni Meditation Calming Anxiety

Ann Albers MIni Meditation Calming Anxiety

Friday, September 2, 2016



Meeting the Master

MOUNT SHASTA stood out boldly against the western sky, surrounded at its base by a growth of pine and fir trees that made it look like a jewel of diamond shining whiteness held in a filigree setting of green. Its snow covered peaks glistened and changed color from moment to moment, as the shadows lengthened in the sun's descent toward the horizon.

Rumor said there was a group of men, Divine men in Fact, called the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta, who formed a branch of the Great White Lodge, and that this Focus from very ancient times had continued unbroken down to the present day.

I had been sent on government business to a little town situated at the foot of the mountain, and while thus engaged occupied my leisure time trying to unravel this rumor concerning The Brotherhood. I knew, through travels in the Far East, that most rumors, myths, and legends have, somewhere as their origin, a deep underlying Truth that usually remains unrecognized by all but those who are Real students of life.

I fell in love with Shasta and each morning, almost involuntarily, saluted the Spirit of the Mountain and the Members of the Order. I sensed something very unusual about the entire locality and, in the light of the experiences that followed, I do not wonder that some of them cast their shadows before.

Long hikes on the trail had become my habit, whenever I wanted to think things out alone or make decisions of serious import. Here, on this great giant of nature, I found recreation, inspiration, and peace that soothed my soul and invigorated mind and body.

I had planned such a hike for pleasure as I thought, to spend some time deep in the heart of the mountain, when the following experience entered my life to change if so completely that I could almost believe I was on another planet—but for my return to the usual routine in which I had been engaged for months.

The morning in question, I started out at daybreak deciding to follow where fancy led, and in a vague sort of way, asked God to direct my path. By noon, I had climbed high up on the side of the mountain where the view to the south was beautiful as a dream.

As the day advanced, it grew very warm and I stopped frequently to rest and enjoy to the full the remarkable stretch of country around the McCloud River, Valley, and town. It came time for lunch, and I sought a mountain spring for clear, cold water. Cup in hand, I bent down to fill it as an electrical current passed through my body from head to foot.

I looked around, and directly behind me stood a young man who, at first glance, seemed to be someone on a hike like myself. I looked more closely, and realized immediately that he was no ordinary person. As this thought passed through my mind, he smiled and addressed me saying,

"My Brother, if you will hand me your cup, I will give you a much more refreshing drink than spring water." I obeyed, and instantly the cup was filled with a creamy liquid. Handing it back to me, he said, "Drink it."

I did so and must have looked my astonishment for, while the taste was delicious, the electrical vivifying effect in my mind and body made me gasp with surprise. I did not see him put anything into the cup, and I wondered what was happening.

"That which you drank," he explained, "comes directly from the Universal Supply, pure and vivifying as Life Itself, in fact it is Life—Omnipresent Life—for it exists everywhere about us. It is subject to our conscious control and direction, willingly obedient, when we Love enough, because all the Universe obeys the behest of Love. Whatsoever I desire manifests itself, when I command in Love. I held out the cup, and that which I desired for you appeared.

"See! I have but to hold out my hand and, if I wish to use gold—gold is here." Instantly, there lay in his palm a disc about the size of a ten dollar gold piece. Again he continued:

"I see within you a certain Inner understanding of the Great Law but you are not outwardly aware of It enough to produce that which you desire direct from the Omnipresent Universal Supply. You have desired to see something of this kind so intensely, so honestly, and so determinedly, it could no longer be withheld from you.

"However, precipitation is one of the least important activities of the Great Truth of Being. If your desire had not been free from selfishness and the fascination of phenomena, such an experience could not have come to you. When leaving home this morning, you thought you were coming on a hike, that is, so far as the outer activity of your mind was concerned. In the deeper—larger sense—you were really following the urge of your Inner God Self that led to the person, place, and condition wherein your most intense desire could be fulfilled.

"The Truth of Life is you cannot desire that which is not possible of manifestation somewhere in the universe. The more intense the feeling within the desire, the more quickly it will be attained. However, if one is foolish enough to desire something that will injure another of God's children or any other part of His Creation, then that person will pay the penalty in discord and failure somewhere in his own Life's experience.

"It is very important to realize fully that God's intent for every one of His children is abundance of every good and perfect thing. He created Perfection and endowed His children with exactly the same power. They can create and maintain Perfection also and express God—dominion over the earth and all that is therein. Mankind was originally created in the Image and Likeness of God. The only reason all do not manifest This dominion is because they do not use their Divine Authority—that with which each individual is endowed and by which he is intended to govern his world. Thus, they are not obeying the Law of Love by pouring out peace and blessing to all creation.

"This comes about through their failure to accept and acknowledge themselves—Temples of the Most High Living God—and to hold this acknowledgment with eternal recognition. Humanity—in its present seeming limitation of time, space, and activity—is in the same condition a person in need would be to whom some one held out a handful of money. If the needing one did not step forward and accept the money held out to him—how in the world could he ever have the benefit—which it could bring.

"The mass of mankind is in exactly this state of consciousness today—and will continue in it—until they accept the God within their hearts as—the Owner—Giver—and Doer—of all the Good—that has ever come into their lives and world.

"The personal self of every individual must acknowledge completely and unconditionally that the human or outer activity of consciousness—has absolutely—nothing—of its own. Even the energy—by which one recognizes the Great God Within—is radiated into the personal self—by the Great God Self.

"Love and praise—of That Great Self Within—and the attention maintained focused upon Truth—health—freedom—peace—supply—or any other thing that you may desire for a right use—persistently held in your conscious thought and feeling—will bring them into your use and world—as surely as there is a Great Law of Magnetic Attraction in the Universe.

"The Eternal Law of Life is that—'Whatever you think and feel you bring into form; where your thought is there you are—for you are your consciousness; and whatever you meditate upon—you become.

"When one allows his mind to dwell upon thoughts of hate—condemnation—lust—envy—jealousy—criticism—fear—doubt or suspicion—and allows these feelings of irritation to generate within him—he will certainly have discord, failure and disaster in his mind, body and world. As long as he persists in allowing his attention to be held by such thoughts—whether they be about nations—persons—places—conditions—or things—he is absorbing those activities into the substance of his mind, his body, and his affairs—in fact he is compelling—forcing—them into his experience.

"All these discordant activities reach the individual and his world—through his thought and feeling. Feeling often flashes before one is aware of the thought—in the outer consciousness—which he might use to control it, and this kind of experience should teach him—how great is the energy within his many creations—which has accumulated through habit.

"The feeling activity of Life is the most unguarded point—of human consciousness. It is the accumulative energy by which thoughts are propelled into the atomic substance, and thus—do thoughts become things. I tell you—the need of guarding the feeling cannot be emphasized too strongly for control of the emotions plays the most important part of anything in Life, in maintaining—balance in the mind—health in the body-success and accomplishment in the affairs and world of the personal self of every individual.

Thoughts can never become things—until they are clothed with feeling.

"The Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit is the feeling side of Life—God—the Activity of Divine Love—or the Mother Expression of Deity. This is why the sin against the Holy Ghost is referred to—as that which brings such great distress—because any discord in the feeling breaks the Law of Love—which is the Law of Balance—Harmony—and Perfection.

"The greatest crime in the Universe against the Law of Love is humanity's almost ceaseless sending forth—of every kind of irritable and destructive feeling.

"One day the race will come to realize and recognize—that the sinister destructive forces manifesting on this earth and in its atmosphere—generated mark you by human thought and feeling—have only entered the affairs of individuals or nations—through the lack of control in the emotions—of everyone's—daily personal experience. Even destructive thoughts—cannot express themselves as action, events, or become physical things—except by passing through the world of feeling; for it is in this phase of manifestation—that the activity of coalescing the physical atom upon thought forms takes place.

"As the noise from a sudden explosion shocks the nervous system of one who hears it—setting up a trembling sensation in the cellular structure of the body—in exactly the same way—do the flares of irritated feeling shock—disturb—and disarrange the finer substance in the atomic structure of the mind, body, and world of the person who sends them out—consciously or unconsciously—intentionally or unintentionally.

"Discordant feeling is the producer of conditions we call disintegration—old age—lack of memory—and every other failure—in the world of human experience. The effect upon the body structure is the same as that produced upon a building—if the mortar holding the bricks together were to receive repeated shocks, and each day those were to be increased. This continued shock would shake apart the particles composing the mortar—the building would collapse into a chaotic mass—and the form be no more.

"That is what mankind is—constantly—doing to the atomic structure of the human body.

"To give expression to the discordant thoughts and feelings in one's self is the course of least resistance, and the habitual activity of the undeveloped—undisciplined—and willful individual—who refuses to understand the 'Law of his own Being' and bring the personal self—which is but his instrument of expression—into obedience to 'That Law.'

"He—who cannot or will not control his thoughts and feelings—is in a bad way—for every door of his consciousness is wide open to the disintegrating activities—thrown off by other minds and the emotions of other personalities. It takes neither strength, wisdom nor training to give way to unkind, destructive impulses, and the full-grown human beings who do this are but children—in their development of self-control.

"It is a blight upon the Life of mankind that so little control of the emotions is taught humanity from the cradle to the grave. Attention to this particular point is the greatest need—in the Western world today. It is easy to give way to discordant thoughts, feelings, and activities to be sure—because the mass of mankind are submerged as it were—by environment and association entirely created by themselves.

"The individual—through his control of the outer consciousness—must make the effort to rise out of this condition by his own free will—in order to transcend these limitations—permanently—and no one can hope to rid his life and world of misery, discord, and destruction—until he leashes his own thought and feeling. In this way—he refuses to let the Life—flowing through his mind and body—become qualified by the discord—resulting from every little disturbing occurrence in the world about him.

"At first—such discipline does require determined, continuous effort—for the thoughts and feelings—of ninety-five per cent of humanity—run as uncontrolled and free—as a little tramp dog.

"However—no matter how much effort it takes to bring these two activities under control—it is worth any amount of time and energy expended—and no Real—Permanent—Dominion—of one's Life and world can take place without it. It will be my pleasure and privilege to teach you the use of these Higher Laws, and their application will enable you to release True Wisdom and bring about All Perfection.

"The first step to the control of yourself—is the stilling of all outer activity—of both mind and body. Fifteen to thirty minutes—at night before retiring and in the morning before beginning the day's work—using the following exercise—will do wonders for anyone—who will make the necessary effort.

"For the second step:—make certain of being undisturbed, and after becoming very still—picture and feel your body enveloped in a Dazzling White Light. The first five minutes—while holding this picture—recognize—and feel intensely—the connection between the outer self and Your Mighty God Within—focusing your attention upon the heart center—and visualizing it—as a Golden Sun.

"The next step is the acknowledgment:—'I now joyously accept—the Fulness of the Mighty God Presence—the Pure Christ.' Feel—the Great Brilliancy of the 'Light' and intensify It—in every cell of your body for at least ten minutes longer.

"Then close the meditation by the command:—I am a Child of the 'Light'—I Love the 'Light'—I Serve the 'Light'—I Live in the 'Light'—I am Protected, Illumined, Supplied, Sustained by the 'Light,' and I Bless the 'Light'.

"Remember always—'One becomes—that—upon which he meditates'—and since all things have come forth from the 'Light'—'Light'—is the Supreme Perfection—and Control—of all things.

"Contemplation and adoration of the 'Light' compels Illumination to take place in the mind—health, strength, and order to come into the body—and peace, harmony, and success to manifest in the affairs of every individual—who will really do it, and seeks to maintain it.

"All the way down the centuries—in every age, under every condition—we are told by all who have expressed the greater accomplishments of Life that—the 'Light' is Supreme—the 'Light' is everywhere—and in the 'Light'—exist all things.

"That Truth is just as true today as it was a million years ago. As far back as there is any record of humanity, the Wise and Great Ones of all ages are portrayed with a radiation of 'Light' about them—emanating from the head and body itself.

"This 'Light' is Real—just as Real as the electric lights in your homes. The day is not far distant—when machines will be constructed to reveal the emanation of—'Light' about every individual—to the physical sight of any one—who cares to observe it. Such a machine—will also show the contamination—or discoloration—that becomes a cloud around the—'Light' of God—which the personal self generates—through discordant thought and feeling. This—and this only—is the way by which the energy—of the Great Life Stream—becomes polluted.

"If you will practice this exercise faithfully and—feel it in every atom of your mind and body—with deep, deep intensity—you will receive abundant proof—of the Tremendous Activity, Power, and Perfection—that abides and is forever active—within the 'Light.' When you have experienced this—for even a short time—you will need no further proof. You become your own proof. The 'Light' is—The Kingdom. Enter into It and BE—at peace. Return to the Father's house. After the first ten days of using—this exercise—it is well to do it three times a day—morning, noon, and night.

"We often hear the complaint, 'Oh! I cannot give all that time.' To any who are of that opinion, I wish to say simply this:

"The time the average person spends in criticizing, condemning, and blaming—people, conditions, and things—for not being something other than they are—if occupied with this recognition and use of the 'Light'—will make heaven manifest on earth—for the individual who dares to try and has determination enough to maintain it. Nothing is impossible. The 'Light' never fails.

"The 'Light' is God's Way of creating and maintaining Order, Peace, and Perfection throughout His Creation. Every human being on this earth can have all the time he wants in which to do this—when his desire to do it is intense enough. The intensity—in the desire itself—will re-order the world of people, conditions, and things so as to provide that time—if he earnestly wishes to use it for his upward climb. No person in the world is an exception to—That Law—for the intense desire to do anything constructive—when it becomes intense enough—is the God-Power that releases the energy necessary to create and express the thing desired.

"Everyone has the same supreme privilege of contact—with the All-Powerful Presence of God—and it is the Only Power that—ever did—does now—or ever will—raise the personal self and its world—above earthly discord and limitation.

"My Beloved Son, try this with great determination and know—God in You is Your Certain Victory."

As his discourse ended, I began to realize—that he must be one of the Ascended Masters—for he had not only given me proof of his Dominion over the elements by precipitation—but had instructed and explained—as he did it. I sat wondering how it was—that he knew me.

"My Son," he said, answering my thought at once, "I have known you for aeons. In raising your thought—by your own conscious effort—it made my coming to you possible at this time. While I have always been in touch with you, when we were both in our finer bodies—your conscious effort of reaching out to some one of the Ascended Masters—opened the way for me to come to you in a much more tangible way—that is—tangible to your physical senses.

"I see you do not quite recognize me—in your outer consciousness. I was present during your birth, at your mother's passing, and was instrumental in bringing you and Lotus together—at the right time—that your attainment might not be delayed. Again—I assisted—in bringing you and your son into association—in this embodiment. However, be patient:

"Sit still a few moments—watch me closely—and I will reveal my identity to you." I did as he requested and—in perhaps a full minute, I saw his face—body—and clothing—become the living—breathing—tangible—"Presence"—of the Master, Saint Germain, smiling at my astonishment and enjoying my surprise.

He stood there before me—a Magnificent Godlike figure—in a white jeweled robe—a Light and Love sparkling in his eyes—that revealed and proved—the Dominion and Majesty that is his.

"This," he explained, "is the body in which I work a great deal of the time—when occupied with the welfare of mankind—unless the work I am doing at the moment—requires closer contact with the outer world of affairs, and in that case—I make my body take on the characteristics and dress—of the nation with which I am working at the moment.

"Oh!" I exclaimed, "now, I know you—for I have seen you many times like—that—at the Inner levels of consciousness."

"My Son," he explained, "do you not see—what Real Mastery—actually is? We—in the Ascended State—can control the atomic structure of our world—as a potter controls his clay. Every electron and atom in the universe—is obedient—to our desire and command because of the God Power by which we control it and of which—we have earned the right—to be the Directors.

"Mankind in the unascended state marvel at these things—but I tell you—it is no more effort—for us to change the appearance and activity of our bodies—than it is for the ordinary human being—to change his clothes. The unfortunate condition in human consciousness—that keeps individuals in their self-created limitations—is their attitude of mind—which either fears or ridicules—what it does not understand—or what is still worse—in its ignorance says—'That is impossible.' A thing may not be probable—under certain human conditions—but the God-Self—which is the Great 'Light'—can change all human conditions—so nothing is—impossible.

"Every individual has the Divine Flame of Life Within him, and—That God-part of him—has Dominion—wherever he moves in the universe. If he—because of his own mental inertia—will not exert the necessary effort—to reorder his age old habits—of mind and body—he goes on bound by the chains of his own forging—but if he chooses to know the God Within himself—and dares—to give that God-Self—all control of his outer activities—he will receive the knowledge once more of his Dominion over all substance—which has been his from the beginning.

"The time has arrived, when many of humanity are rapidly awakening, and they must—in some way be made to understand—that they have lived again—and again—in hundreds—sometimes thousands of lives—each time in a new physical body.

"The Law of re-embodiment—is the activity in human growth—that gives the individual an opportunity to re-establish a balance—in conditions that he has—consciously—caused to be thrown out of balance. It is but—one activity—of the law of compensation—cause and effect—or what might be called—an Automatic Balancing process—governing all forces—everywhere in the universe. The right understanding of—this Law—gives one the explanation of many conditions—in human experience—which otherwise seem wholly unjust. It is the—only—logical—explanation for the infinite complexities and experiences of human creation, and reveals—the operation and the Law—upon which all manifestation rests. It makes one—know that there is no such thing as—chance—or accident. All is under direct, exact, and Perfect Law. Every experience of consciousness—has a former cause, and everything at the same instant is the cause—of a future effect.

"If a man has injured a woman in one life, he is certain to be reincarnated in a feminine form and pass through a similar experience—until he realizes and experiences—that—which he has caused another to endure. The same thing is true—if a woman be unjust or injures a man. This is the only way by which one is compelled—or rather compels himself—to experience both the cause and effect of everything—which he generates in his world. The individual can create and experience—whatsoever he will in his own world—but if he chooses to do that which causes others to experience discord, then he—compels himself—to go through a similar condition—until he understands—what the effect of his own creation is—upon the rest of the Life of the universe.

"Come with me, and we will review the physical life in which you used a feminine form in France—wherein you were a singer of splendid accomplishment with a voice of rare beauty and power."

Immediately—without the least effort on my part—I stood outside my physical body—seeing it clearly—as it reposed upon the ground. I wondered, if it would be safe there on the mountainside, and in answer to my thought, Saint Germain replied:

"Do not be disturbed. Not a thing in the world can harm your body—while we are away. Observe!"

Instantly, I saw it surrounded by a White Flame—forming a circle about fifty feet in diameter.

He placed his right arm around me, and I saw—we were rising rapidly from the ground—but I soon became adjusted to his vibratory action. There was no definite feeling of motion through space, but presently—we looked down upon a village in the south of France, and he continued:

"Here, you were born as an only child—the daughter of a beautiful woman, whose life was an example of Idealism far in advance of the majority in that period. Your father was a most devoted husband and companion, highly cultured, and inspired by the early Christian Spirit.

"The atmospheric ether of every environment records all that has ever transpired—in that locality. I will revivify—these Etheric Records—and you shall see—living pictures—giving every detail of your life.

"You sang at the church of this village and studied with a teacher, who persuaded your parents to let her give you training. You made rapid progress, and then received still greater advantages, when they moved to Paris. After a year of intensive study, an opportunity came to sing before the Queen of France, and through her patronage you had appearances at many of her salons. This assured you a successful musical career. France and success lavished their gifts upon you for the next five years, and you accumulated much wealth.

"Suddenly, both parents passed through the change called death, and the shock to you, was very great, followed by many weeks of serious illness. When you recovered and returned again to concert work, a new sympathetic quality had come into your voice, through the recent experience of grief.

"A man, who had guided much of your musical study, became director of your public work, and you came to depend upon him as one who seemed worthy of trust. Then followed fourteen years of brilliant success, at the end of which you became suddenly ill and passed on within a week. Your jewels and wealth were left in care of the director to be used to help others, and to fulfill certain plans for which you had worked all your life. The last rites were no sooner over, than a complete change took place within him. Greed took possession entirely. Now, I shall show you that man whom you met some years ago here in America in your present life. The incident in business, I am quite sure you remember clearly."

Here, he showed me a business association in which I had tried to help several people while in the West some ten years previously, in connection with a representative from the Belgian government.

"That man," he continued, "was given a chance here to right the wrong he did you in France. He was shown the condition, and knew full well the situation for we showed it to him, but he was not yet strong enough to permit the working out of the Great Cosmic Law of Justice and balance that debt. If he had done so of his own volition, it would have given him freedom in many ways and enabled him to have progressed much more rapidly in this embodiment."

Thus, does the outer life keep the individual bound to the wheel of necessity, rebirth, continued struggle, and pain until we—let—the "Light of the Christ Within"—illumine and purify us that we may respond only to the Plan of God—Love, Peace, and Perfection for His Creation. This is the kind of lesson—one never forgets—because objective teaching records the experience in the—vision—as well as in the mind. The record in the sight is deeper and—necessarily receives more attention—from the outer activity of the intellect.

The essence of that long forgotten experience certainly fixed itself in my memory—permanently—for I can recall every detail of it to this day, as clearly as when I observed it with him.

"Now," he went on, "we will recall another of your embodiments—one that you had in Egypt."

We rose from the earth, and moved rapidly forward. I was very conscious of the Mediterranean, as we passed over its beautiful waters. We went on to Karnak and Luxor—then again came into contact with the earth.

"Watch closely," he said. "This record is of a very ancient temple in Luxor—not among those whose ruins the archaeologists are exploring today but one antedating any that have been discovered so far. If they knew where to look—they would find magnificent temples in a state of almost perfect preservation."

Indicating a certain spot filled with ruins—which is all that travelers can see today—the scene became replaced by the activity in the ether, as it had originally been—in all its beauty and splendor—far more magnificent than anything of which the present generation has any concept.

The gardens and pools were surrounded by great pillars of white marble and rose granite. The entire locality became Living—Real—Vibrant—and just as tangible as any physical city on earth today. 

It was so perfectly natural and normal that I asked—how he made these experiences so vivid?

"Man and his creations," he replied, "as well as Nature, have an etheric counterpart—a pattern—which makes its eternal impression upon the atmosphere about him—wherever he goes. The pattern of the individual's activity and life experience is—within his own aura all the time. A similar record exists in the aura of every locality. An Ascended Master may—if he chooses revivify or reclothe the individual's record of former activities—wherever that person happens to be—for the pattern upon which the Master coalesces the atomic structure—is always in the aura of that individual. When the Master reclothes—the record of a locality—he must do it in the same specific place—for such a record, when reclothed—becomes the same living form and structure—that it was—when first built in physical substance.

"In this way—it is possible to coalesce again the physical structure of entire buildings—and their surroundings—when the Ascended Master so desires—for the accomplishment of some good purpose. When one has attained this God-Given Dominion—he can and does—reclothe and reanimate—any Etheric Record he desires to make visible—for the instruction and benefit of students and others.

"When he does this—it is as Real as Reality Itself—and the reclothed objects can be photographed, handled and made physically tangible—to the physical senses of the one observing them.

"Notice!" he reminded me, "you are experiencing these activities in your finer body—but they are none the less—Real—because of that—for your physical body is only a garment which you—the Self-Conscious—thinking—and experiencing individual, wear.

"It is the same as though you wore a heavy overcoat in the cold winter atmosphere and only a light suit of clothes on a very warm summer day. Experiences in your light suit of clothes—would surely be no less—Real—than those you lived through in your heavy overcoat. I call this to your attention, that you may understand—the fuller—and less limited—activities of Life." We examined the grounds, the surrounding country, and architecture.

"Come, let us enter," he said, and as he spoke, stepped forward and passed through the main entrance into the temple itself. We then became living actors and—at the same time observers—of the following experience. We passed into the main part of the temple, and proceeded toward the Inner Sanctuary. The High Priest came directly up to us, and seemed to know me.

"This priest of ancient days," Saint Germain explained, "is now your son." A lesser priest appeared whom I immediately felt I knew, and he remarked:

"The assisting priest was yourself." We entered the Inner Sanctuary and saw the vestal virgin guarding the—Sacred Fire. She—whom I now beheld was Lotus—my beloved Twin Ray—whom I met and married some years ago and—who is the mother of our son.

The scene changed—and we saw a visiting prince from a distant province—plan to seize the vestal virgin for his bride. All seemed to go well, until the High Priest was shown a vision—of what was about to take place. It disturbed him—but he kept his own counsel.

Standing guard—as the slaves of the prince entered—he watched them approach the Sanctuary. As they came nearer—he stepped forward and spoke but one word, that meant "Stop!"

One slave—bolder than the rest—came on. The High Priest warned him back—but still he came nearer. When he reached a certain Sacred Circle of force—which emanated from the Altar—the priest no longer hesitated. He stepped to the outer-edge of that Protecting Radiance—raised his right hand—and pointed directly at the slave.

A flash of Flame shot forth like lightning—and the slave fell lifeless to the floor. The prince, who was watching, came forward—in an insane rage.

"Stop!" commanded the priest again—in a voice like a clap of thunder. The prince hesitated for a moment—stunned by the very power of the word—and the priest continued:

"Listen to me! You shall—not—desecrate the highest of God's Gifts—to the Temple of Life. Begone! before you follow the example—of your too brazen and misdirected slave."

The High Priest was fully conscious—of the power he could wield and—as he stood watching the prince—he was the very embodiment of self-control—of Illimitable force—consciously held in obedience to his will. He was Majesty—crowned with Eternal Power.

The will of the prince was powerful also—but he had no control over himself and—as another wave of blind rage swept over him—when he found himself again opposed—and giving full vent to lust—he rushed forward.

The priest—quick as a flash—raised his hand. The Flame flashed out a second time—and the prince followed the fate of his former slave.

Saint Germain turned to me, and explained the experience still farther.

"You see," he began, "that is the way the quality within every force—reacts—upon the one who sends it out. The prince and his slave came with the qualities of hate, selfishness, and depravity within their feelings and—when the priest directed the force—of which he was the master—toward them—it took on their qualities—the moment it touched their auras. He merely turned their own feelings and selfishness—back upon themselves. The priest—in his unselfish effort to protect another—was himself also protected."

That incident closed, the scene of splendor vanished, and again we stood amidst the temple ruins. Saint Germain revealed still more to me, which may not be recorded here.

"There is only one way," he went on, "to avoid the cosmic wheel of cause and effect—the necessity for re-embodiment—and that is through the conscious effort to comprehend—the Law of Life. One must earnestly seek the God Within—make permanent, conscious contact with that 'Inner Self'—and hold firmly to it—in the face of every condition in the outer life. It will be my pleasure and privilege to show you more—but only for the instruction it will bring—to yourself and others. Come! We must now return." As we came near my body, he instructed again:

"Watch the circle of White Flame disappear!" I looked—it vanished—and a moment later I was back in my body. The sun was sinking, and I knew it would be nearly midnight by the time we arrived home.

"Place your arm about my shoulder," said Saint Germain, continues Germain, "and close your eyes." I felt my body lifted from the ground, but I was not particularly conscious of moving forward. Presently, my feet touched the floor and opening my eyes—I stood in the lodge. Saint Germain was greatly amused, when I asked—how it was that we could come back in this manner without attracting the attention of the people about us—and he answered;"We many times draw about our bodies the cloak of invisibility, when moving among those in physical form," and the next second he was gone.I had heard of the Great Ascended Masters who could take their bodies with them wherever they go, and manifest—or bring into visibility anything they desire to use—direct from the Universal. However, to actually experience contact with one of them was a very different thing, and I tried to realize in full the marvel of the experience. To Saint Germain, it was evidently a most ordinary occurrence.

I sat in quiet contemplation for a long time in deep, deep gratitude—trying to comprehend—and fully realize his explanation of—"The Law"—concerning desire. He emphasized its importance and activity as a motive power in the universe, to propel forward new ideas—compelling an expansion of consciousness to take place within the Life of every individual. He had explained it by saying:

"Constructive Desire is the expanding activity within Life—for it is only in this way—that greater and greater ideas, activity, and accomplishment are pushed through—into expression in the outer world of substance and form. Within every—Right Desire—is the power of its fulfillment. Man is the Son of God. He is commanded—by the Father—to choose how he shall direct the—Life energy—and what quality he wishes his fulfilled desire to express. This he—must—do for free will is his birthright.

"It is the function—of the outer activity of the intellect—to guide—all—expansion into constructive channels. This is the purpose and duty—of the outer self. To allow the Great Life, or God Energy, to be used only for the gratification of the sense desires—the habit of the mass of mankind—is its destructive use and is always—without any exception—followed by inharmony, weakness, failure, and destruction.

"The constructive use of desire is—the conscious direction—of this limitless God Energy—by Wisdom. All desire directed—by Wisdom—carries some kind of blessing to the rest of creation. All desire—directed by the God Within—goes forth with the feeling of Love and blesses always." The next few days, I spent writing this record of my experiences. Then one morning on awakening I found a golden card lying on the table near my couch. It looked like a piece of metallic gold and on it in beautiful shaded script of a lovely violet color—was just one short sentence:

"Be at our trysting place on the mountain at seven in the morning," signed, "Saint Germain." 

I put this card away carefully, and could scarcely wait the intervening time—so great was my expectancy. Early the next morning, while preparing a lunch, there came a distinct impulse—not to take anything with me. I obeyed, and decided—to trust—that my needs would be supplied directly from the Universal.

Light of heart, I was soon on my way, determined not to miss any opportunity to ask questions—if permitted. As I approached the appointed place—my body became lighter and lighter—until by the time I was within a quarter of a mile—my feet scarcely touched the ground. There was no one in sight, so I sat down on a log to wait for Saint Germain—feeling no fatigue whatsoever—although my hike had been about ten miles.

As I contemplated the wonderful privilege and blessing that had come to me, I heard a twig crack and looked around expecting to see him. Imagine my surprise, when not fifty feet away, I saw a panther—slowly approaching. My hair must have stood on end. I wanted to run—to scream—anything—so frantic was the feeling of fear within me. It would have been useless to move for one spring from the panther would have been fatal to me.

My brain whirled so great was my fear—but one idea came through clearly—and held my attention steady. I realized—that I had the Mighty "Presence of God" right within me and—that this "Presence" was all Love. This beautiful animal was a part of God's Life also, and I made myself—look at it—directly in the eyes. Then came the thought that—one part of God could not harm another part—and I was conscious of this fact only.

A feeling of Love swept over me, and went out—like a Ray of Light—directly to the panther—and with it went my fear. The stealthy tread ceased—and I moved slowly toward it—feeling that God's Love filled us both. The vicious glare in the eyes softened—the animal straightened up—and came slowly to me, rubbing its shoulder against my leg. I reached down and stroked the soft head. It looked up into my eyes for a moment and then, laid down and rolled over like a playful kitten. The fur was a beautiful, dark, reddish brown, the body long, supple and of great strength. I continued to play with it and when I suddenly looked up, Saint Germain stood beside me.

"My Son," he said, "I saw the great strength within you or—I would not have permitted so great a test. You have conquered—fear. My congratulations! Had you not conquered the outer self, I would not have allowed the panther to harm you—but our association would have ceased—for a time.

"I did not have anything to do with the panther being there. It was part—of the Inner operation—of the Great Law—as you will see before the association with your new found friend ceases. Now, that you have passed the test of courage, it is possible for me to give—much greater—assistance. Each day you will become stronger, happier, and express much, greater freedom."

He held out his hand, and in a moment there appeared four little cakes of a beautiful golden brown—each about two inches square. He offered these and I ate them at his direction. They were most delicious. Immediately—I felt a quickening, tingling sensation through my entire body—a new sense of health and clearness of mind. Saint Germain seated himself beside me and my instruction began.

Picture by Chris Scott