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Harmonic Convergence of Souls: Age of Aquarius

Age of Aquarius
This two-thousand-year age of spiritual development is governed by the Aquarian star system: a conversation from The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age between Archangel Gabriel via trance channel Robert Baker and spiritual journalist, Joel D. Anastasi.
GABRIEL: You are now entering the time of the revelation of the Christ Consciousness. You are entering the time of the resurrection. You are entering the time of the Second Coming.
JOEL: Whoa! Let’s stop a minute because now you’re announcing a momentous spiritual idea. Would you clearly state what Jesus’ coming represented and what these times now represent in relation to that as directly and clearly as possible?
GABRIEL: Jesus simply represents the awakening of soul in matter, the awakening of the divine in the physical experience. In order to experience that, you must take responsibility for it. As long as mankind remains as children in their ability to take responsibility for their own evolution and their own consciousness and their own choices, as long as they give that power away to something outside of themselves, they will always be separate from the God within. They will always be separate from the Christ within them.
JOEL: The Christian churches tend to teach that Jesus is the only begotten son of the Father, and he was sent to us to save us from our sins. They also say we have to go through Jesus in order to get to the Father.
GABRIEL: Well, that’s true. They’re absolutely right. But what they don’t understand is that they’re focused on Jesus, the man, and making him a separate divine being who is above them. If you read the Bible, you will find Jesus himself said, “Do not worship me, but worship the Father who is in heaven.” He also says he leaves a promise for mankind in the new millennium. He gives a prediction of prophecy for this time. He says, “The works that I do ye shall do and greater than I have done.” He also said, “Go into the city and find the man with the water pitcher, the water bearer, and follow him to the upper room and there make ready the feast.”
The man with the water pitcher is the ancient symbol of Aquarius, representative of this new age. The city represents the masses. The upper rooms represent the connection to the higher chakras, the awakening of the soul, and the gateways of the heart. The bread and the wine represent the physical and the spiritual coming together, the soul awakening. Wine is representative of the flow of the blood force, the life force through the body that is nonphysical that is representative of the soul awakening. The soul can only awaken when the emotional body of mankind has transcended from its separation of individual negative and positive feelings (duality) into the stillness of the direct line of communication to the soul, which is the intuition and the knowing.
JOEL: You said we were entering into a new two-thousand-year cycle that involved the development of a new spiritual root race of humankind. What did you mean by a root race?
GABRIEL: A root race basically governs a cycle of evolution, bringing in a new level of consciousness within that evolution. They are major evolutions of humankind and soul development. There have been several root races of humankind—the Lemurian root race, the Atlantean root race, the Ayrean root race, which was the most recent one in the last two-thousand-year cycle. And now you move from that into the Spiritual root race. The last root race, the Ayrean, was a combination of all the previous root races being brought together or integrated.
In the development of the current root race, you integrate the last traces of the entire previous root races to form a new level or new evolution for humankind. The last root race was the celebration in the Age of Pisces of the two fish moving in opposite directions, which is representative of the higher and lower self, or the spiritual and physical in opposition to one another. In that last two-thousand-year cycle, Jesus the Christ came in to set an imprint on this age as a prophesy or as an imprinting into the consciousness of that root race to begin to bring together the marriage of duality, the opposites, the higher and the lower, the spiritual and the physical. He brought in the idea of the birth of a soul, which is the transforming or the integrative force that brings the higher and the lower together, that brings the spiritual and the physical into oneness in the physical plane.
This new age, this Age of Aquarius, with its symbol of the man holding the water pitcher, is the age of the unity or the balancing of all things. So it’s the bringing together of duality. In this age, the awakening of the soul takes place in the consciousness of humanity as a whole. In the awakening of the soul, what also takes place is the dispelling of the belief of the illusion of death and the realization of man as spiritual and immortal. Now, it’s interesting that already in the beginning of this cycle, scientists have finally broken the code of DNA. In breaking the code, they are discovering how to recreate human life on a cellular level. They will discover, eventually, what the remainder of the forty-four on sites on the DNA are for, which they don’t know at this point.
There have been civilizations that have come and gone millions of years ago of which you only have inklings. For instance, the Lemurian civilization, the Atlantean civilization. These different civilizations were different attempts to come to a certain stage of advancement where all the star systems were concerned, but they failed. But they carried on and evolved beyond that into the next level, developing an evolutionary advance of the root race based upon the previous root race they had formed. There has been a Lemurian root race, an Atlantean root race, an Ayrian root race, the most recent two-thousand-year cycle. And now you are entering the Spiritual root race, which brings about the evolutionary cycle of ascension.
JOEL: One of the great speculations about Atlantis was its location. Where was Atlantis?
GABRIEL: At one point the continents of Africa, North America, and South America were interconnected. And that was Atlantis. You can see the remains of that in the south (Atlantic) seas. In an area they call North Carolina there are remains, as well as in the area called the Bermuda triangle.
JOEL: What kinds of remains?
GABRIEL: Under the sea is part of the civilization of Atlantis—parts of the stones of the buildings remain.
JOEL: Edgar Cayce prophesied there would be evidence of Atlantis as the sea floor rose off of the Bahamian island of Bimini. Many years ago, Life magazine published photos of what looked like a stone road under the shallow sea.
JOEL: I’ve always wondered— if these civilizations were so advanced, why did they build using big, heavy stones? I should think advanced civilizations would have had lighter and more sophisticated metals and building materials.
GABRIEL: No. You’re talking about physical technology. They weren’t concerned about physical technology. If you look at the great pyramids of Egypt, the physical technology of the great pyramids can’t be duplicated by your technological advancements today. The way in which the stones have been refined and fitted together, and the sacred geometrics and the alignments they create in the heavens, are something present scientists are only able to detect with their most sophisticated equipment. And they are connected along major lei lines of the earth. So they had advancements to which you have not advanced.
For instance, the pyramids were created through the power of levitation. They were created because the Atlanteans who remained on the earth after Atlantis sank, those who didn’t go back to their original planet, migrated to the area now called Egypt. They were the ones who taught the Egyptian priests about the ways of Atlantis and the powers of building and of moving matter through the power of the mind.
JOEL: You said Atlantis had sunk. I thought you said Atlantis used to be the combined landmass of the continents, which later separated.
GABRIEL: No. There was a landmass that connected North America, Africa, and South America. That landmass was an interconnector. It was its own individual landmass. And that was destroyed, which is what created the disconnection of the continents. Since then, over thousands of years the continents have drifted further apart as well. So the size of Atlantis was not the distance you now have between the continents, and the landmass wasn’t that great.
JOEL: What caused Atlantis to be destroyed?
GABRIEL: The misuse of energy.
JOEL: Edgar Cayce referred to large lasers that were misused and caused the destruction.
GABRIEL: Yes. That was the mastery of atomic energy, which is what you have come to now once again. Atlantis is rising. The consciousness of Atlantis is rising, not the landmass. The consciousness of Atlantis is the consciousness of duality.
And now you are in the throes of balancing that consciousness of Atlantis. You are also balancing the remains of the Ayrian, the last two thousand years of development, which was the development of the mind to its highest level of being, and the remains of the Lemurian race, the healing and the development of the emotional body. All of those synthesized will bring about the development of the next root race, the spiritual man, which will synthesize the physical, the mental, and the emotional into the higher perspective of the soul’s awakening.
JOEL: Is the help we’re getting from all the new energy influences a new phenomenon on earth?
GABRIEL: They are not a new phenomenon, no. But they are specific phenomena to this time. In other words, the energies that are coming in at this time are specific to the purpose of evolution of this root race.
JOEL: Could we mess this up and have the same fate as Atlantis?
GABRIEL: Yes, because you have freedom of will. You see, freedom of will causes you to learn to guard the sacredness and the power of divinity because you learn through choice the importance, the value, and the integrity of the divine plan. By misusing it, you use it as a destructive force. By using it in alignment with the divine plan, you learn to use it as a creative force. You have been developing over the last two thousand years through the sixth ray of consciousness, which is the worship of the pairs of opposites. And so you have been learning through duality. Now you come into a time during the Age of Aquarius where those pairs of opposites come together. But they don’t come together without a fight. First, you see them in the light of their opposition in order to bring them together. You have to see both sides clearly to be able to see which choices, in your freedom, will serve you best.
JOEL: Was the wisdom from the Atlantean civilization?

GABRIEL: Some of it was Atlantean. Some of it was Lemurian. For instance, archeologists recently discovered the city of Lemuria at the bottom of Lake Titicaca in Peru, the highest and deepest lake at that altitude in the world. It’s part of the ancient civilization of Lemuria. Lake Titicaca was a Lemurian gateway. So they are discovering things all of the time as they are needed. These are parts of the mysteries that are being revealed.
JOEL: So the mysteries are being revealed with some purpose and intent. 

GABRIEL: That is right. Because man can only discover based upon his ability to comprehend.

JOEL: When I asked you to explain what was to be gained by combining the archetypes of the twelve star systems, you answered, “It allows you to experience twelve aspects of the divinity of the force of love and to learn through those twelve aspects to bring a communal experience.”
I interrupted you, and I didn’t feel you had completed your thought about what was to be gained by bringing together the twelve star systems as an experiment.
[Gabriel’s answer outlines the entire ascension process, which is quite complex. I suggest you read it several times and don’t worry if you still don’t understand it.]
GABRIEL: The twelve aspects are related to the twelve power centers of the body. The twelve power centers of the body are each connected to one of the endocrine glands. Each of those power centers has an individual aspect of the order of the universe. Each of those aspects of the order of the universe represents one of those archetypes of the twelve star systems. Those twelve archetypes are related to how you integrate the seven levels of initiation that awaken soul consciousness, that awaken you to the force of love. Those seven initiations are related to the seven main chakras of the physical body, which are seven levels of consciousness that bring about in physical reality the awakening of the soul light or the soul consciousness—the ego and the soul coming together.
Those seven archetypes of physical consciousness in the seven chakras, representing seven levels of consciousness, are related to the twelve levels of the light body. The twelve levels of the light body relate to the twelve levels of spiritual development beyond the physical, but they relate directly to the star systems, and they relate directly to the seven chakras. The seven chakras take care of the physical aspect.
Then you have seven spiritual or soul chakras that we call the seven gateways of the heart. Those seven gateways are seven levels of consciousness of the soul that bring about the integration into the seven levels of physical consciousness in the seven chakras. When those are awakened and the etheric bridge is built between those seven chakras and those seven gateways, that begins to awaken the endocrine system to reveal the archetypes or the encodements that allow the use of the information of the archetypes of the twelve star systems to bring the planet into ascension in this age.
All of those systems interrelating and awakening simultaneously at various degrees and levels brings about the infusion of the star systems into consciousness physically in the physical world and awakens each person to his or her individual path and contribution to that ascension process and how that all comes together through twelve systems.
JOEL: I can see why we need two thousand years for this.
GABRIEL: Yes. There’s a great deal to be done. For instance, the Book of Revelations in the Christian mythology. When it speaks about the seven seals, what it is speaking about in the breaking of the seven seals is the breaking of the seven etheric seals on the seven chakras, the seven levels of physical consciousness. When it speaks of the seven angels of the seven seals with the seven trumpets, it is speaking of the seven gateways of the heart that connect to the seven physical chakras. The experience of Revelations is a pathway, or it is a step-by-step design to reveal to man the revelation of his awakening to soul consciousness in this age, the Age of Aquarius. It is the personal account of one man’s awakening, the man who wrote it down, and he gives the levels step by step. They are encoded in symbols, and when the time is right, those symbols will be revealed.
The Piscean Age is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. These represent the lower and the higher self that are in opposition to one another that are evolving through duality. So the higher and the lower selves in the last two-thousand-year cycle have been evolving in duality. Now you have evolved to a state where in this age the two can join together in the Age of Aquarius, which is represented by the water bearer, balancing the emotional body to bring about unity. The Aquarian Age is the age of unity, with the water bearer carrying the two buckets of water in balance. The balance of the emotional body will bring about the awakening of the soul, which is the experiential aspect of spirit or God that now awakens in the Aquarian Age.
Aquarius is the dominant symbol of the age. It is related to the star system of the ascendant mastery that is more or less in charge of what you might refer to as the council, the council that is instituting the plan. Therefore in this age, the star system related to Aquarius is the one that is predominantly guiding the work with all the other star systems where the ascendant mastery is concerned to bring this ascension process into a successful awakening, fruition, and integration.
JOEL: You said the birth of this new Age of Aquarius was January 23, 1997. And you said it was heralded by the appearance of the configuration of the Star of David, a six-planet configuration, which was the same configuration that appeared when Jesus was born.
GABRIEL: Yes. It was a particular planetary alignment that creates a Star of David in the heavens and initiated the birth initiation on the planet. And the same configuration also occurred at the time of the birth of the man Jesus Christ.
JOEL: Now, governing all of this is the seventh spiritual ray of consciousness?
GABRIEL: It governs this age. The sixth ray governed the last two-thousand-year cycle. The sixth ray is the worship of the pairs of opposites, of duality. The seventh ray is the ray of spirit, and has the responsibility to reform all physical structure through spiritual consciousness or through the balance of the divine plan, what this two-thousand-year cycle is about overall.
The seventh ray is also joined with the second ray of love wisdom. The second ray governs the awakening of the planetary soul. It’s the ray that governs soul consciousness and enables you to experience and utilize more consciously the wisdom of the divine plan and put it into operation in the physical. Therefore, you have the soul ray and you have the spirit ray governing the overall awakening of the divine plan for the earth.
During his lifetime, Jesus the Christ developed the energetic grid of the seven levels of initiation that awaken soul consciousness in matter. He wove the imprint of that energetic grid into the consciousness of his own body through demonstrating and going through the stages of evolution of the initiations: the birth, the baptism, the transfiguration, the renunciation, the crucifixion, the resurrection, and the ascension. Those are different stages of self-mastery that all masters must go through in the school of self-mastery, the school of learning.
He illustrated in his life the movement through the Hall of Learning into the Hall of Wisdom as a demonstrated force, a blueprint into the consciousness of humanity set for this time. He set the energy grids in place to be awakened in the Age of Aquarius. Now that awakening is taking place because the grid has been set in place. He and the other ascendant masters are interweaving the grids in the etheric to bring about the evolution of its process in the physical where the mass of humanity, of collective consciousness, is concerned in this two-thousand-year cycle.
JOEL: The Gnostic Gospels bear the names of some of the apostles such as Philip and also include the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. What can you tell us about the gospel of Mary Magdalene? Is it true?
GABRIEL: Is it true? It is as true as your need to believe it. Understand that the Bible, as you call it, is a symbolic representation. Within it is an encodement of the revelation of your history and your time. For instance, the Book of Revelations is a prophecy for and a blueprint for this time, this age, the Age of Aquarius. It gives the steps and stages of the opening and the development of the physical instrument (the body), the tabernacle of the church, of the soul. And it instructs in the revelation of that soul and the awakening of the Christ Consciousness within it. It speaks of Armageddon. It speaks of the end of time, as you know it, that is, the end of time from the point of view of cause and effect, from the point of view of duality. A whole new epoch begins based upon resonant causation, the force of the soul, and the radiatory force of resonance.
So, is it true? Yes—and no. It is symbolic and it is an encodement. You tend to read things literally as events and say this happened and that happened and she did this and he did that and this occurred and that happened. In reality, what is on the surface is not necessarily what is being said. Just as we have related to you in the past, the symbolism of the Last Supper, for example. Did Christ have a last supper with his twelve apostles? Yes, he did. Is that what is important? No, it is not. What is important is that it is an encodement, it is a symbol, it is a signal, and it is a prophecy.
It is a prophecy for your time. As he said, go into the city and find the man with the water pitcher and follow him to the upper rooms and there make ready to feast of bread and wine. The gathering together of the twelve apostles was the gathering together of the twelve archetypes of the twelve star systems, and when that would happen was when they went into the city. Among the masses into the city is moving into the mass of consciousness (of mankind). And as you move into the mass of consciousness and find the water bearer in the Age of Aquarius and follow the water bearer to the upper room. The time of the Age of Aquarius will be the time of the resurrection into the upper rooms, the time when the awakening of the twelve archetypes of God through the twelve star systems will come together and be revealed through the physical matter. So it is all symbolic. Do you see?
JOEL: Yes, I see it more clearly than ever.
GABRIEL: It is all a series of symbols. The story of the Christ is a set of symbols. You can take the symbols of the Christ story and you can put them in the sky.
And you can see all of the symbols of the evolution of the Christ story in the various stars in the sky that reveal themselves at various times and create various awakenings and various archetypes of experience. It’s all mirrored in the heavens. As above, so below. As below, so above. For instance, the star system that mirrors the Virgin Mary is a series of stars in the sky that comes into alignment at certain times in relationship to the birth, in relationship to the rising of the sun.
JOEL: Your references to root races seem to be tied into two-thousand-year cycles. But when you refer to root races, you only talk about the Lemurian, the Atlantean, the Ayrean, and now the Spiritual. That is only four. We have had many more than four 2000-year cycles.
GABRIEL: But you see they are not singular in nature. In other words you have carryovers of integration processes. In a two-thousand-year cycle you will have the influence of the previous root race working through the influences of a new root race. There is a whole complexity of influences. A particular star seed of astrological influence teaches and trains its archetype of consciousness in two-thousand-year cycles depending upon the dominance of the particular star seed such as the Age of Aquarius and the Age of Pisces. But root races operate and manifest over thousands of years.
But time and reality have been accelerating in the quantum physics process. That is why there was more progress in the last one hundred years than in the previous five thousand. Now progress is doubling every decade. That is quantum shift. The same thing happens with the influence of cycles and the progressive learning process the cycles contain. They are able to handle more. They are able to move more quickly. Now does that mean that in this two- thousand-year cycle the entire root race of spiritual man will form and develop? This two- thousand-year cycle will introduce the birth and the inception of this new root race into the physical. Will it go into light during this two-thousand-year period? It could, but not likely. At the present rate of progression, we do not see that. We do not see the manifestation being that rapid where the quantum aspect of it is concerned.
Now look at the earth and the shift of the poles. The shift of the poles is largely influenced by electrical friction, so it’s the realm of creation through opposition. The more opposition there has been, the more rapid the polar shift took place. As you progressed, there has been less opposition and less friction. As change takes place through less resistance, the earth becomes less susceptible to instantaneous movements and shifts. That is an indication you are moving out of cause and effect and into resonant causation.
In resonant causation, shifts are instantaneous and almost imperceptible even though the shift itself may be extreme. All of a sudden all human beings everywhere on the planet one day will drop their guns. There is no more desire for violence. You may say, well, that’s dramatic. No, it’s not dramatic because the dream we’re referring to is the dream of dysfunction created by resistance. On the other hand, the quantum shift happens out of love.

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