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A Star Guide Message: Honor Your Path (Indigo Sunrise Excerpt)

On Faith

E Komo Mai - Welcome to
Engaged Yoga with
Paul Keoni Chun
St. Paul's Chapel, Lower Manhattan, March 30, 2017
March 31, 2017
Yoga Friends,

The need for cultivating and maintaining faith has been resonating a lot with me lately. St. Paul's Chapel, located in lower Manhattan across the street from the site of the former World Trade Center, has existed for over 250 years. Surely, it was an inherent and abiding faith that allowed it to remain standing in the midst of the attacks of 9/11. Surely George Washington had a deep faith in the possibilities for this new nation as he prayed at this chapel after his inauguration as the first president. Perhaps somewhere in President Washington's mind were thoughts similar to these later penned by the poet Rabindranath Tagore:

Faith is the bird that feels the light
when the dawn is still dark.

Rabindranath Tagore (1861 - 1941), Indian Polymath - Literature and Music, Nobel in Literature in 1913

As yoga and meditation practitioners, most of us come to our mats or cushions with a whole lot of faith. Though we haven't yet experienced the highest levels of enlightenment that we know yoga and meditation can lead us toward, we do come with our vision still somewhat hazy because we have a deep and abiding faith that our practice can lead to better outcomes and more happiness for ourselves and others. 

The Buddhist meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg wrote:

Buddhist tradition teaches that greed, hatred, and delusion are the roots of suffering. It also teaches that each of these destructive traits can be transformed into a corresponding wholesome quality. Through the practice of compassionate awareness, greed changes to faith, hatred to wisdom, and delusion to equanimity. 

The fact is, we all experience moments ... episodes ... of greed. But rather than beat ourselves up for being greedy, we can use these moments to pause and compassionately recognize what's going on inside of ourselves. And in that pausing, greed becomes the raw material we use -- we need -- to cultivate more faith.

During these unprecedented times in our country's political climate, it is incumbent on each of us as yoga practitioners to cultivate a deep and abiding faith in our highest possibilities as a nation. Many of us might be thinking that we are going backwards at this time, but as so many wise people have said before, progress is always one step backward and eventually two steps forward. We must be patient, vigilant, and. as tv talk-show host Tavis Smiley likes to say, "keep the faith." The American Theologian Reinhold Niebhur's words ring loud and true right now, and can provide some comfort. He wrote:

Nothing which is true, or beautiful, or good makes complete sense in any immediate context of history.
Therefore we must be saved by faith.

- Reinhold Neibhur, The Irony of American History 

Messy as it is, the world is beautiful in its own way. The strangeness of this world we find ourselves in at the moment will make more sense in another hundred years. Our faith in a deep underlying feeling that we are so much more than where we find ourselves -- both individually and collectively -- right now will help get us through the next 100 years.

Many of you are aware that I founded Keoni Movement Arts, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit program whose goal is to make yoga, dance and gymnastics accessible to all in NYC. As I've continued to build the program step by step over these last 8.5 years, I have to say that in many moments I've felt like that bird who is feeling the light though the dawn is still dark. I didn't quite know where my actions would lead me and sometimes didn't know what the right action was, but somehow I knew deep down that the work is important and the mission can help many. I've been riding on a faith in a feeling deep inside me that needs to be expressed in physical form in the outer world. This past month, I had an important grant proposal to write, and every time I got scared and wondered if I could really do this, I also got in touch with a deep feeling, a deep longing, to express my vision for the organization in the proposal. Faith in that feeling got me through each day of the process.

Similarly, the great American Actor, Michelle Williams, whose work I absolutely adore, said of her acting process:

[The trick ... is to allow myself] to live in so much mystery, to rely on a feeling, an instinct, on faith, really, that everything I need is already inside me, and best I just don't block the exit.
- Michelle Williams, Academy Award Nominated Actor 

Hopefully, yoga can help you to release some of the physical and psychic blockages that have kept inside of you whatever deep feelings and desires you have for making the world a better place. Hopefully both can help you to feel more comfortable dwelling in mystery. And hopefully in another 100 years, the world will inherit the fruits of your efforts ... and your faith.

May you be that bird that feels the Light,
May you transform your greed into Faith,
May you be saved by Faith,
May you trust that deep feeling inside,
... for the benefit of all beings everywhere.

Aloha with Metta,
Paul Keoni
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Abraham Hicks ~z~ Getting out of a rut

Things We Do That Lower or Raise Our Vibration

by Kimberly Palm 
You and everything on the earth, including the earth itself are made of energy. The earth vibrates at 528 MHz, the vibration of peace and love. John Lennon recorded his song, “Imagine” in 528 MHz for this reason. Humans who vibrate at 500 and over are vibrating at Love and above. When we vibrate below 500 it is because of negative thoughts, fear and negative behavior. You can also vibrate below 500 when you are exposing yourself to the things I mention below.  Low energy vibration causes sickness in the body, mind and spirit. In fact, illness shows up in the energy body first before it shows up in the physical body. There are many types of bio-energy scans and energy testing modalities that can detect energy changes or hot spots that represent illness or where illness is going to show up soon, if changes are not made. In order to be healthy and happy you need to take steps to eliminate and protect yourself from things, people and events that lower your vibration. You also have to do things that raise you vibration.
Today I am going to give you some examples of the many things that can lower your vibration and the things that can raise your vibration and some tips to go along with this, so you can be healthier and happier.
The things that lower your vibration and what you can do about it:
  • Negative energy vampire people; these are people who are friends, relatives, co-workers, bosses and etc., who are always grumpy, negative, complaining and bring you down. Try to eliminate all of these people out of your life. Learn energy protection tools to protect against the negative people who you cannot get out of your life.
  • Watching violent sports like boxing or MMA – We know you love this stuff, but every time you watch it, you are lowering your vibration. So you need to choose what is more important, a healthy body/mind/spirit or watching violent sports. I know which one I would choose and it doesn’t involve guys beating on each other.
  • Watching violent crime based T.V. shows and movies or horror with blood and gore and violent scenes.
  • Electro Magnetic Frequencies EMF’s from cell phones, computers, electronic devices, T.V.’s and other sources. (a.k.a. Electro-smog). Minimize your exposure to these.
  • Radiation from cell phones, computers, Fukushima Power plant disaster and other things. Buy protection devices or take an iodine supplement. Check with your physician first before starting an iodine supplement so they can tell you how much to take and what brand.
  • Stress and negative thoughts and beliefs – There are thousands of different types of stress, which is why I created the P.E.A.C.E. Stress Management System®, however the worse type of stress is negative thoughts and beliefs. All negative thoughts and beliefs vibrate at a low energy frequency which cause illness in the body and are also stored in your cellular memory. Negative thinking also releases cortisol stress hormone into your body. You must learn to manage stress and reprogram your thoughts from negative to positive.
  • Negative speech - Whenever you judge, criticize or say anything negative to or about anyone, you are lowering your vibration.
  • Arguing, fighting and negative speech – Every time you argue or fight with someone, your vibration is lowered. Watching others argue and fight also lowers vibration. Get relationship counseling if this is a problem.
  • Holding onto grudges or unforgiveness – Not only does this lower your vibration but it negatively impacts your heart, breast, lungs and circulatory system.
  • Eating a bad diet. Some of the many foods that lower your vibration and  make you sick include: Highly processed foods, fast foods, deep fried foods, hydrogenated fats, foods containing processed white sugars (cookies, candy, ice cream), GMOs, eating gluten when you are gluten intolerant or have Celiac disease, soy that is GMO and has not been fermented, foods that contain chemicals and preservatives like MSG and others.
  • Exposure to chemicals and toxins in our food, soda, water, the environment, house cleaning chemicals, pesticides, and much more. Limit your exposure to chemicals and toxins and do a regular de-tox on your body to get rid of them.
  • Smoking or taking drugs. My own mother died from pancreatic cancer caused 100% by smoking.
  • Drinking too much alcohol. We all know a glass of red wine is good for you, but drinking too much alcohol make you sick and suck out your energy.

What you can do to raise your vibration:
  • Practice giving and receiving love, kindness, compassion and forgiveness daily. Make sure to give these things to yourself as well.
  • Eat a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet that consists of mostly vegetables and fruits, healthy grains and proteins.
  • Practice Meditation daily – I have been meditating for 13 years and it helped me so much that 6 years ago I went back to college and became certified to teach meditation.
  • Do some type of yoga, Qi-gong or tai chi as much as possible
  • Spirituality and prayer – Prayer will always raise your vibration and also being spiritual, which has nothing to do with religion. They are two separate things.
  • Exercise daily
  • Get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. This is your battery recharger. Lack of sleep = lack of energy
  • Watch uplifting or educational TV. shows, videos and movies
  • Watch or listen to comedy. Remember the saying “Laughter is the best medicine”?
  • Only hang out with like-minded, positive, uplifting, supportive and loving people.
  • Use energy protection exercises every day and if you don’t know how to do these, you can google “energy protection” or hire someone like me who is an expert and can teach you.
  • Use energy protection devices every day that you can place on or near your computer and on your cell phone and other places to protect your energy field. These devices make you stronger when you use them. You can energy test them to prove they work for you.
  • Do regular Reiki or Chakra Balancing sessions
  • Practice Earthing – this is when you walk outside and stand or walk with your bare feet on the grass or sand or put your back up against a tree.
  • Spend time in nature – In Japan they practice a thing called “Forest bathing” where you walk through the forest and take in all the smells, sights and sounds.
  • Take classes and seminars in metaphysics, spirituality or any type of education that expands your mind and spirit.
  • Spend time around pets or animals because they vibrate at the frequency of 100% unconditional love.
  • Use essential oils – Some of the ones that I like are Valor by Young Living Essential Oils and Frankincense oil which vibrate at a very high frequency. If you Google “Essential Oils for raising your vibration”, you will find many of them to try out.
  • Helping mankind or doing service – Every time we help someone or serve the greater good, we are raising our vibration.
  • Positive thinking, positive beliefs and positive feelings along with reciting positive mantras.
  • Last but not least, make sure that you regularly clear your energy at least once a week. You can learn how to do it yourself, or hire someone like me to do it for you. All it takes is a few minutes to clear your energy and open you up for receiving the good.

There are more things I could cover but they would probably fill a book instead of a blog article. If you have found this article helpful, I encourage you to pass it along to anyone you known who could benefit. If you need help implanting anything in this article or have any questions about what you read, please feel free to contact me through my website

Kimberly Palm, is a Certified Energy Healer, Stress Management Coach, Medical intuitive, Health & Life Coach and Certified Meditation Instructor. She works with people all over the world via private & group coaching, seminars, workshops & more. You can connect with Kimberly through her website, twitter page and facebook page

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Lightworker Pitfalls

Another fear I have besides a fear of self-importance and entitlement is a fear of ridicule.
I fear that I’ll be deemed out of touch with reality because I tell a business associate that I work for the Divine Mother. (Ooops!) Or blurt out to another what Archangel Michael said. (Uhhhhh…..)
I’ve always wanted to be on the frontiers of knowledge so being rebuked for having left the fold has always been an occupational hazard for me. 
Many of us older lightworkers chose to avoid being ridiculed and hurt by taking to the cave and becoming introverts. Or by living in foreign countries. Not a few of my friends are satisfied singles, not seeking relationship but preferring their missions instead.
I sometimes think we’re a community of solitaries – I won’t say “hermits.” We all love our own space and our own company.
But it carries a cost. I worry that I’ll become out of touch if I so wall myself off that I’ve turned my place into an ivory tower, isolated from reality. That fear comes right next after the fear of self-importance and entitlement.
I’m now deemed to be talking to angels and imaginary deities and am therefore out of touch with reality, in a Third-Dimensional world that works on fear, the herd instinct, and ridicule.
I have a few friends in Vancouver and more at the Bellingham meet-up and they keep me sane and open-hearted. Many lightworkers have no one to share with. That must be tough.
Hold that in your mind and consider what Archangel Michael and others have been encouraging us to do. We solitaries are to lead the way in leaving behind the old paradigms and creating a new template; primarily for the moment, in the humanitarian/philanthropic field, irrigating humanity.
The first fear that comes up in me is of being out of touch with what’s possible, realistic, or practical. I haven’t read a newspaper in years and just this last reading AAM confirmed that he didn’t want me to.
And even if he wanted me to, I wouldn’t have the time to. There’s such an information explosion on the Internet that I have to pick my sources wisely and those sources are and will be channeled. That’s another of those settled questions.
Nevertheless, it feels like being on a teeter-totter. On one side is solitary me protecting myself from ridicule and on the other side is mock-extrovert me creating a new template and mixing and mingling like the sociable type I’m not. Up and down we go.
Again the answer to this seeming quandary is to relax. The solitary me needs to learn to relax on the fear of ridicule.  I’m not a young dissertation student any more whose work is too new to be accepted or a government official who has to wear the empirical-materialist mask to be considered credible. I have discernment and experience. I can do this.
The mock-extrovert needs to get that I’m not an extrovert. I’m an introvert who stewards significant sums, directed to projects.  I don’t party and I don’t hanker to own a jet.
Leaving that aside and reserving my focus for building Nova Earth, I ask: How big can we dream? A gender-free and gender-equal world? A world without hunger? Homelessness? Disease? A world that works for everyone?
Holding the vision of where I’m headed … we’re headed … is my only contribution. It’s actually my passion too.  When I imagine the future, it raises bliss in me. Feeling inspired, I feel blissful. You could say I’m in it for the bliss and you’d be spot on.
I’m one of the dreamers. I am nothing without the creators.
See “Self-Importance and Entitlement” at
I can’t avoid broaching the topic to employees. The new paradigm includes working for the Divine Mother in partnership with the celestials.
My first dissertation was judged to be outside my discipline; my second outside the university’s mandate (i.e., empirical materialism).  All my life I’ve wanted to be on the frontiers of knowledge. I chose that rather than staying within the university’s confining paradigms.
Because I’ve seen the vision of the entire journey of a soul from God to God; I’ve seen the entire picture. After that, all one feels like doing is talking about it and working for it.

Affirmations For the 5D New Earth Shift


Listen to this affirmations track to help you embrace the Global Shift in consciousness. This is a shift on the planet from 3D to 5D, from fear to love, from separation to unity consciousness.

What an incredible time to be alive. We are here participating in this great global shift. This may seem an uncertain time with much volatility in the world where the only thing that is certain is ongoing change and transition. Many old systems and ways of doing things on the earth are about to be shift. Within the next few years many will feel an impulse to change the way they are living on the earth. This is because we are collectively stepping onto a higher frequency of light and possibility. On the new 5D Timeline-Matrix love prevails, light prevails, consciousness prevails. In 5D the Universal Law of One is the only real law we need live by.

Affirmations For the 5D New Earth Shift


Listen to this affirmations track to help you embrace the Global Shift in consciousness. This is a shift on the planet from 3D to 5D, from fear to love, from separation to unity consciousness.

What an incredible time to be alive. We are here participating in this great global shift. This may seem an uncertain time with much volatility in the world where the only thing that is certain is ongoing change and transition. Many old systems and ways of doing things on the earth are about to be shift. Within the next few years many will feel an impulse to change the way they are living on the earth. This is because we are collectively stepping onto a higher frequency of light and possibility. On the new 5D Timeline-Matrix love prevails, light prevails, consciousness prevails. In 5D the Universal Law of One is the only real law we need live by.

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A Vision For The Future

A message from Archangel Michael 
channeled by Ronna Herman
Sunday, January 1st, 2017 (Posted March 23rd, 2017)

Beloved masters, through our many past messages, we have endeavored to help you remember your wondrous past, and to accept the truth that you have within you all that is needed to create a grand new world. We were not just talking about your past lives on Earth, but we have tried to give you some insight as to how truly magnificent you all are. Please accept the fact that you left the vaster part of your Beingness in the higher realms, and now it is time to begin the process of reclaiming those many Facets of God-expression that make up the totality of the real YOU. We have told you that this is a Universe of great diversity, and as part of your training, you have experienced many wondrous adventures in very specific and complex places. You now understand why the Earth is so important, because your planet is where all the diversity of this Universe was brought together. You have had a grand time playing the game of duality and polarity, as you created great wealth, and then painful scarcity. In other lifetimes you brought forth wondrous talents and accomplished great deeds of valor, just as you have also experienced many simple-minded lives in a narrowly focused way. You have all experienced every situation imaginable, from the lowest to the highest, within each Realm of self-expression.

Now it is time to step through the veil of illusion and reclaim your Divinity. As you move more deeply into God-consciousness, and tap into the higher dimensions of Creation, you are beginning to flex your spiritual muscles, and you are amazed at how quickly you are able to manifest what you envision. The small miracles are turning into great and complex miracles as you become more proficient, and we tell you, it is nothing compared to what is in store for you in the near future.

As the multidimensional expressions of change swirl around you, and time compresses and expands at an ever-accelerating rate, you must learn to go with the flow in order to exist in a state of ease and grace. As all of you have experienced to one degree or another, life on Earth has changed drastically in the last fifty years. What was the norm in a Third-/Fourth-Dimensional environment no longer applies as you move into the more refined levels of Creator Light. We will address some of the major issues of the times to give you a greater understanding as to how the newly emerging collective consciousness of humanity compares with the old mass consciousness beliefs that have prevailed for thousands of past years.

It is your Divine Birthright to live in abundance: The process of redistribution of the wealth of the Earth is now fully in progress. Be aware that more corporations and organizations will fall into disgrace and oblivion. All that is based on a foundation of fear, greed, and control of others is crumbling. In the past, it often took several lifetimes for a wrong to be rectified, and you had no way of knowing when or how justice was served. Now, for those stuck in the illusion of the game of cause and effect, ill deeds are returning almost instantaneously in a boomerang effect. No longer will those who are self-serving, and who abuse the trust and power allotted to them, be able to hide their misdeeds. Whether it be religious organizations, corporations and businesses, or governments, the time of reckoning is at hand.

The Light is penetrating into the deepest shadows as the Earth incorporates more and more of the higher vibrational frequencies of Spirit. Mind and Spirit are the builders, and you are the co-creators of the new paradise on Earth. All that you will ever need will be supplied, but you must hold fast to your vision, for the greatest good of all, and then dare to tap into the Cosmic Pyramid storehouses of pure Adamantine Particles of Creator Light and mold them into anything you can envision. Beloveds, seek an abundance of love, joyful loving relationships, good health, youthful vitality, and creativity as you learn that it is not just things that bring you happiness and contentment, but a “State of Being and a quality of life.”

Earth changes and shifting weather patterns: The Earth is undergoing a cleansing process, a catharsis whereby lands that have been abused by over-cultivation, infused with deep-seated painful memories of wars and acts of violence and where humanity has suffered centuries of atrocities are, in a seemingly haphazard way, being ravished by floods, fires, earth movement, and destructive winds. All is not as it appears, dear hearts, for the process is necessary in order to clear the air, cleanse the land, and purify the waters that humanity has so heedlessly polluted.

During these radically changing times, many sweet Souls who are struggling for existence around the world are leaving the Earth, and we ask you to see the transition process in a new Light. Can you not see that they are leaving a suffering and hopeless existence by choice, as they step through the doorway into a world of love, peace, joy, and abundance − where they will be prepared to return to a more refined earthly existence? There will be no broad spectrum of imbalanced Third-Dimensional Density to return to, for when they choose to return, it will be a world where they will be given an opportunity to learn, expand in consciousness, and move quickly through their earthly lessons. That is what you, as Wayshowers, are preparing for them. Soon will come the time when no Soul will be born into the quagmire of pain and illusion that now exists in many discordant frequency areas around the world.

Many of you are being led to move to different parts of the world—you are not sure why, but there is a deep-seated yearning to journey forth into uncharted territory. You are being called to that place on Earth where you can be of greatest service − where those with like vibrations and missions will be led to join you. It is a time of “Teaming Up” or reuniting with your Soul families and task companions. You are becoming more intuitive as you tap into increasingly inspired thought from the realm of all possibilities. Your instinctual nature of the past is being refined as it joins your multi-faceted Self of the future.

Fine-tuning your physical vessel: Your needs and desires will change as you integrate more Light into your physical vessels. Life-threatening diseases and viruses will have a difficult time finding a home in your evolving, more resilient bodies of Light. You will not see a great change in the physical bodily structure for awhile, but the internal and etheric changes are happening very rapidly. As the membranes of Light around your DNA gradually dissolve, and you access more and more of the wisdom stored within your brain structure, your physical vessel will become stronger and healthier.

There will be wondrous new breakthroughs and techniques in healing, and natural products and medicinals will replace most of your synthetic drugs, which have so many toxic side effects. Many of you are already learning that your body will not tolerate many of the popular prescribed substances touted by the pharmaceutical companies, which are only interested in their profit margins. The focus will be more in preventative maintenance, whole life care, fitness, and wellness, as well as natural cures and how important your positive, loving thoughts are in staying healthy. No longer will you ignore the signals your Body Elemental sends to you as it tries to get your attention. Pain is a way in which your body lets you know that something is amiss. In the past, you took pain killers to mask the symptoms until it was too late, and radical measures had to be taken to correct the imbalances.

As you attune to the multiple levels of awareness within your body as well as without, you learn to pay heed to the signals you receive. You then make the necessary adjustments as quickly as possible so that the least amount of discomfort is experienced, and therefore, you will quickly return to harmony and a sense of well-being.

Finally, you will also come to terms with your uniqueness in bodily structure, attributes, talents, and ways of expressing and creating. You chose your parents and the genetic structure of your ancestral lineage for a reason. Your uniqueness is what makes you so special — there is no one else on Earth exactly like you — not even those Souls born as so called “identical twins.”

One of the major hurdles you are facing during these next few years is to accept yourself the way you are, and to realize that you are beautiful and precious, no matter what outer garment of flesh you chose to wear in order to experience this most important of all lifetimes. It is your shining Souls and great warm hearts that we see radiating forth, beloveds; we pay no heed to the fleshly disguise you wear.

Your Sacred relationship with your OverSoul/Higher Self: In the past, your ego-desire body was primarily in control of your daily existence, and your Soul Self was the small voice of consciousness that most often you ignored. Tradition, religious beliefs, obligations, and duty were instilled at an early age, and you were taught to believe what other people thought of you was of greater importance than what you thought of yourself. You were always looking outside of yourself for validation as to your worthiness. You were constantly seeking someone, something, or some event to bring you happiness, but it was usually fleeting, often disappointing, and left you searching for something beyond yourself to bring you some measure of self-content.

Now you have learned to turn inward for validation, inspiration, and guidance, because you have had what has been termed a Soul-Merge, and you are connecting to the multi-facets of your Higher Self. In the process, you are integrating greater amounts of pure Cosmic Light Consciousness, which assists you to release all outmoded concepts without guilt as you integrate the new higher truths that are coming to you at an astounding rate.

You now realize that God is not in some lofty, distant Celestial Kingdom pulling strings and meting out rewards and punishment. You are accepting the fact that you have ALL that is needed within you, as a part of your Divine Birthright, to manifest a loving, joyous, peaceful, and abundant existence. Old traditions and habits are losing their hold on you as you seek freedom of expression: you create new ways to celebrate holy days and special events; and to honor our Father/Mother God, and the Supreme Creator.

Worship is not reserved for one day, for you live your spirituality each and every moment of every day. You live each day as a master by monitoring your thoughts and actions. You know that your intentions must be pure, for you are responsible for each and every minuscule Atom of energy that you send forth. You practice discernment, and are constantly monitoring the beliefs that you allow to take up residency within your Being, for you know that within the truths you claim as your own are the rules you must live by. You know you must always make the highest choices so that as you walk the middle path in peace and harmony, you will gradually move beyond the laws of Karma and into a state of grace.

Your relationship with others: You are learning that as you gain a sense of Self-love and worthiness within, you draw more and more Love/Light from the Creator—it is a never-ending source of spiritual sustenance. As you fill yourself to overflowing, this wondrous elixir radiates forth from you in an ever-expanding circle of Light. You are beginning to seek relationships that bring satisfaction at all levels — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. There will be no sense of self-sacrifice in the relationships of the future; there will be a fundamental trust, and you will seek and support full expression of individual interests, talents, and spiritual truth. Committed partners will complement the strengths of each other, and with non-judgment and patience, they will assist each other to work through their weaknesses and fears. It is important that you share a common vision with those whom you are closely associated with, and that there is no tolerance for power and control games. You are beginning to intuitively recognize a member of your Soul family, and those that you have a deep spiritual bond with. Therefore, you will find more comfort and joy in your relationships than you ever thought possible. No longer will you seek relationships based on “need,” but through a desire to mutually share your journey and your knowledge as you go forward into a new and exciting Age.

How do you envision the future? It is your choice as to how you experience the coming years of great change. You can move higher in consciousness to the vantage point of a master, and know that all is unfolding as planned. You recognize that no matter how bleak the world looks, there is Creator Light shining down upon and penetrating the darkest shadows − the hidden places on the Earth − and into the hearts of humanity. The majority of human beings on Earth want only to live in peace, comfort, and plenty, to express their godliness in their own unique way, and they are willing to allow others the same right. Even though it may not seem so, those who wish to dominate, conquer, and control are in the minority, and their power stranglehold on the Earth and humanity is growing weaker every day. As more of you step into your mastery, and claim your Divine Birthright, the weaker and more ineffectual they will become.

There will be skirmishes and rumors of wars in many places on the Earth for some time to come. But those who are battling the darkness of ignorance within will fail − they cannot destroy that which is right and of the Light. Armageddon has already visited the Earth, beloveds, and the worst has come to pass. Henceforth, every act of violence and destruction will be met head on by the forces of Heaven, for you, as Warriors of Peace, are winning the battle with your weapons of Light, compassion, and forgiveness.

You are molding the future each and every moment, with every thought and action, and so it behooves you to focus on what is right in your world instead of what is wrong. Make it a practice to see the good in those around you, and be sure to offer words of encouragement and loving support in any way possible. You are the ones who will lead humanity into the shining new world of tomorrow. You have weathered the wildest storms and walked through many dark nights of the Soul, and you have emerged triumphant. Do not become discouraged or faint of heart at this late date, my brave friends. By stating “Thy will be done for the greatest good of all,” you give us permission to intercede in your behalf, and to assist you through these tumultuous times of great change.

We relay to you the love of our Father/Mother God and a rarified infusion of Light from the heart of the Supreme Creator. You are loved and cherished beyond measure.

I AM Archangel Michael.

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Attention: Damsels in Distress - Save Yourself! Narrated by Nanice Ellis

The Forgiveness Solution - Compassion is Liquid Love

Compassion is liquid love.

Reverend Misty Tyme interviews Edward Mannix, author of The Compassion Key. Edward has touched thousands of lives around the world with his simple yet powerful compassion program. Edward draws upon unique insight to help us harness the power of our own compassion to help each other and ourselves. Throughout this interview, Rev. Misty and Edward dive deep into the connection of compassion and forgiveness. As a bonus, Edward offers the Forgiveness Solutions listeners a free 3-day compassion cleanse.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

JOEL'S JOURNAL: A New Birth of Freedom

Spiritual Journalist Joel D. Anastasi Interviews Saint Germaine

Although the new United States administration led by Donald Trump continues to have many supporters, a growing number of people in the this country and in democracies around the world are increasingly worried that democracy itself is under assault and at risk.

Democracies ideally seek to bring people together by forming governing bodies that represent all citizens and attempt to serve the needs and desires of as many people as possible.

Our democracy was formed in the late 1700’s when a powerful king ruled virtually all the nations of the world, prince or leader surrounded by a small elite that basically served their own interests rather than the will of the people.

Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a small group of young men challenged the strongest nation in the world, Great Britain, won a war of independence and formed a government based on a constitution that has become a model for free people everywhere. It created the first government “of the people, by the people and for the people,” and changed the world forever. Most nations of the world are now democracies, and the United States is looked to as the inspiration and protector of the democratic form of government.

It is easy to take this enormous achievement for granted. How did those young, relatively inexperienced colonists achieve this world changing accomplishment?

St. Germaine (St. Germaine is the ascended master guide for this new 2000 year age as Jesus was for the last 2000 year age) tells us that, although they drew somewhat on historical documents (which were divinely inspired), our forefathers were also divinely inspired, and St. Germaine served as their chief guide. Why did the divine realms intervene in human affairs to help create the first modern democracy called the United States of America?  Here is a brief summary of St. Germaine’s fascinating explanation.

The story begins with the creation of planet Earth. St. Germaine tells us that most planets are seeded by one star system. Earth was seeded by twelve. Why? This planet was designed to be the ultimate challenge (training ground) in which human beings would learn to create unity (oneness) out of the complex diversity (many) represented by twelve star systems.

The goal was to work through the enormous diversity represented by twelve star systems to create a world of equality, harmony and balance. We would accomplish this by learning to love despite our differences (of race, religions, etc.). After we humans accomplished unity, we were to go out into the universe and teach love and oneness to the universe and the multi-verses.

The problem was that the goal of equality, harmony and balance never germinated in any civilization on Earth. That is why the ascended masters led by St. Germaine made it “our responsibility to assist in the creation of this nation, which became a reflection of the original intention for the creation of the planet,” says St. Germaine.

The United States throughout its history has gradually been evolving into its destiny, which is to create oneness through love and then bring that divine idea to the rest of the planet. Our mission on planet Earth is to learn to love. That is why all great spiritual teachers have preached love one another.

However, for the first time in the history of the United States, because of Donald Trump’s tyrannical intentions (St. Germaine’s words), democracy in the United States and around the world is at risk. Instead of unity, we are being drawn into conflict with nations, races, religions and each other. Though the new administration is only two months old, chaos and confusion are rampant (the opposite of equality, harmony and balance). To many, our constitution and fundamental freedoms seem to be threatened.

(Though we must preserve our democracy, it is important to remember that Donald Trump is a divine soul who on a soul level volunteered to assume this role to wake up us up to fulfill the mission of the United States and planet Earth.)

This threat to our freedom and democracy, St Germaine says, is serving as a wake up call to citizens, especially the over ninety million eligible voters (more than half) in this country who do not bother to vote. “Democracy is not a spectator sport,” St. Germaine reminds us.

But, St Germaine tells us; once again we are getting divine help:

“In this wakeup you are connecting with the originating energy that not only created the planet but also created the United States of America. That energy is stimulating and inspiring and assisting those who have chosen through their soul plans to support the evolution of these United States becoming a beacon of light, not only within this nation but in the world itself. That energy is infiltrating and integrating all who have chosen through their soul plans, which is their purpose in being here, to support this concept of democracy, of love, equality, harmony and balance.

"That is the inspiration of the awakening of the feminine energy. (Feminine energy resides in all of us.) Many of you are waking up and saying, I am choosing to express that energy myself by getting involved. I see my participation is important.

"You are in the process of clearing and cleansing your democracy so the destiny of the United States can take place.  You are creating right now what you need to experience in order to create a permanent healing. 

"This is taking place now because of the ascension process of the planet (connecting with our divinity). A majority of souls who ever lived on the planet are here to experience the ascension process. That’s why there are billions of souls on the planet now. It is a great opportunity.

“Earth’s ascension will affect the whole universe. You will become the ascended Master/Teachers. You will go into the universe and teach what you have learned here about creating oneness through love. You were and are a divine, immortal eternal spirit. You will assist other worlds in their ascension process no matter what level they are on. All your incarnations have been preparation to master this wisdom to take it elsewhere.

“Can you begin to see who you are and why you are here? Stay fixed on your mission to be here.

“The Constitution of the United States contains all the energetic downloads and uploads of the creation of the planet as well as your Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Gettysburg Address. Master these documents. Feel the energy within them.

“You are becoming the RE-FOUNDING FATHERS. Create a movement. Know you matter. Support the feminine energy. It is all coming up to be cleared and cleansed now.

“You chose to be here. Are you getting ready to graduate? Ask yourself, where am I within this?”

As I write this it occurs to me that St. Germaine is seeking to inspire us today as he inspired Abraham Lincoln long ago in his Gettysburg address:


That is our mission. That is our wake up call. Feel the energy.

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