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Saint Germain & One Who Serves ~ Everything is Shifting & Evolving

By James McConnell
I AM St. Germain.
I have been coming more often to this group and will be coming more often now yet. For as you understand or are beginning to understand, the times are growing short for you to go about your mission. For Yeshua in his time told his parents, ‘it is time for me to go about my mission.’ And He did. He went on his journey. It is time for each and every one of you to go about your mission the one you came here for. Those moments you have been waiting for are now. They are not in the future, they are now. Be in the perfect now at all times because now is all you have. You no longer have the past. The past is gone. You have the future, yes, to look forward to but if you do not live in the present moment, in the now, what will your future be like? Be in the now. Be in the moment. Go with the flow as One Who Serves continues to say.
Know that as you continue this process, this continuing training process, you are being trained just as we were in our time.
We are all in this together my brothers and sisters. We are all in this together to move ahead, to march forth, everything now is in front of you.
Everything is there just, just a little beyond your reach. But yet if you reach far enough you will pull in the prize. As Sananda has been saying you will cross the finish line. You only need to be patient a little while longer for everything is in motion. Everything is shifting. Consciousness is shifting. Consciousness is evolving. You as consciousness are evolving. You are becoming all you came here to be. You are coming to take control of yourself and all of the situation that you find yourself in. You only need to continue to trust. Trust in yourself, trust in your neighbor and see the beauty in everything and everyone for everyone is beautiful, everyone, no exceptions. Everyone has the God spark within them – some maybe sparked a little bit more but they all have it. Even to the least of our children they all have the spark.
Trust, believe, and all things will be as they need to be. With you as the catalyst, as the light workers and light warriors bring this all forth, bring this new Golden Age into being.
I AM St. Germain. I leave you now in peace and love to continue to go out and share and claim your power. To reach out to more and more and more. The time is nigh. [Read more…]
One Who Serves
Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you! How are you all feeling here? Are you tired from the entire weekend here? Are you having a grand old time? [Awesome!] You’re awesome?! Yes! Yes! We love this! You are awesome. We are awesome.
But I am no more awesome than you are. St. Germain is no more awesome than you are. And you are no more awesome than we are. We are all in this together as one, working together, shining our lights together. And as we shine our lights together we reach out to more and more and it is time as everyone is telling you now it is time to awaken. Many of you have already awakened but it is time now to reach out and help many more awaken. This is that moment. This is what you came here for. Everyone! No exceptions here. Even the most passive one among you must now begin to step forth and feel his or her power come through them. Because if you don’t do it who will? [Well said.] We think so (laughter). That’s why we say it.
Do you have questions here now for One Who Serves?
Q & A
Q: I have been thinking about helping James expand the personal experience and help more people. I want to know if expanding this venue where we have personal contact and personal presence physical presence (find another larger venue) is something we should be doing? Or is that something that would benefit people?
OWS: As the need arises, as things continue on you will find that all of this is already in the works. It is already being orchestrated here. This group will grow even more, it is destined. And at this point you could not stop it if you wanted to … other than to be able to just say no more, I am not going to do this anymore. But we know that is not going to happen so everything has been set in motion because it is time, as we are saying, to reach out to many more. But how can you do that? You can do that by each one of you taking the power within you and beginning to spread the light your selves. It is not for this one James or a few others to do this for you. It is for you each one to do it for the group. That is the difference. We are asking you now to begin to spread your own lights. Speak to people: those who are ready to listen. But if you don’t open your mouth they won’t know anything here. This is what action is needing to be taken now. Passivity was fine, good for a time. Always be neutral, yes, but it is time now to begin to take action wherever you find yourself able to. Come out of your shells if you find yourself in them because you are the warriors. You are no longer the workers here. You have graduated you might say. You have been initiated as a group. Even to the newest ones coming into this who are part of this, you came here to be the warriors, the warriors of light, to be the sword and the shield of Archangel Michael and Sananda and Sanat Kumara and so on.
You came here to wield this sword not sit back and let others do it for you. That is up to each and every one of you to follow through on this to hear that Clarion Call that has been sounded now. It is the Clarion Call that is going out to all that are yet sleeping but that are the ones that came here to help awaken this new world, this new Golden Age. And you are those ones. You are the ones that are sounding this Clarion Call.
Think of your selves as having a bugle in your hand and blowing it, blowing it out into the winds to all who would listen, all who would hear. And when you do this the Angels will accompany you. They will come behind you and around you and they will sound it with you and together, many more will hear it.
Many more will hear now that alarm clock going off that you all heard at one time or another. They will now hear it as well. For the 144,000 and the many more who have been added to this need to come forth now. Those of the cabal are aware of the light workers and the light warriors. They are very much aware and they are frightened because they know you are the ones that are going to take them down. Not in the form of arrests and imprisonment, certainly not to take them out as you’re saying goes, but to assist in the process that they can be removed. “Those who will not turn to the light will be consumed by the light”. Know this. Reach out.
Q: Let’s say we do want to reach out to people. Is there any help that we can get from the other side on attracting those people that are ready to listen?
OWS: Yes. That is what we are saying here. Take the bugle in hand, the horn in hand and sound it out. And as you do this action, figuratively speaking of course, but as you do this action the Angels will come and accompany you. Together you will reach out to many more. Many more will hear the sound this music above the din of all that is happening in their lives. Their programming will begin to dissipate just as yours is.
Q: I’m somewhat of a literal person so the allegorical bugle is not tracking with me. What does that look like as far as behavior is concerned?
OWS: Allow for the process of sharing. You are already doing it, my friends. You are already sounding that horn wherever you come in contact with ones who are ready. And we are also saying now, allegorically speaking, pick up that horn and begin to blow it. Begin to sound out with your intention, powerful intention: people wake up! Sleepers arise. Listen to your alarm going off. Say it in your affirmations, say it in your meditation and more and more will begin to hear it.
Q: Thank you I get it now. So I can use it with affirmations. So perhaps an affirmation like: It is my intention today to magnetically draw to me those who are ready to listen to this.
OWS: Yes. Yes. Now you got it. Whatever works for any individual. Whatever works. Do it. Do not passively sit back any longer. And each one of you that are here at this advance and each one of you that are on the phone listening, participating, all of you are no longer taking a passive seat. You are moving forth. For as dear sister Marilou is saying you have gotten your “marching orders”. Time to begin marching. Yes, carry the flag as Moses has said.
Q: But what is the Beingness that’s needed right now because you know Jesus had a certain Beingness as to how he related to his audience. Like we were talking about the difference between “you,” saying ‘you … this’ and ‘you …that’, like a teaching and an ‘I this’ and ‘I that’ and I’m guilty as charged of that so I apologize if I come off as teach-y guys but I am a teacher. So what’s the beingness we need to bring forward now for this audience here that will provide?
OWS: Beingness is you. You taking on the God power, the Source power within you and reaching out with that. Just as you heard in the simple reading that was given earlier here from Unveiled Mysteries. This is the Beingness. Let your higher self take control. “I of myself can do nothing but it is the Father within me that doith the works.”
Q: Getting back to the trumpet. There has been stuff coming over the internet and videos where people are hearing this sound. And it does sound like a trumpet to them and it kind of sounded like that to me. I know that at the end a trumpet will be sounded and I think it’s Archangel Michael that sounds his trumpet, but I really think that we are at that place now.
OWS: It is Archangel Gabrielle that is sounding this Clarion Call. It is coming from the ships, many of the ships. It is the call that is going out now. It is the call that is resounding, the sound that is resounding across the entire planet. And more and more are beginning to hear it if not with their physical ears they are hearing it within their consciousness. It is in a sense a wake up. Just as a bugle is sounded at the beginning, in the morning, for the armies, for them to begin their training that day or given their marching orders at that time. It is the same thing. It is real sound. It is the Clarion Call that has been spoken of long ago in your Bible, in your many teachings that you have received. It is those times. It is the end time. You have arrived. We have all arrived.
Q: This is Moses. Greetings One Who Serves. I wanted to ask a clarification on the tools that we should use in this process. In the past we would’ve used technology and internet technologies and that’s been going for years but what other tools can we apply this time because in this particular dimension without funds the reach and the broadcast is going to be limited.
OWS: The tools that you have available are many but we would say the one biggest tool that you have is your voice. Speak out. That is not to say go door-to-door, we’re not saying that. That is not for you to do. But wherever you find the situation, whenever anyone opens a door then it is time for you to open the windows next to the door. Allow more and more light to come through for them.
Q: Would that be in the sense of actually speaking about the ascension and/or will that be in the sense of like say for instance my brother-in-law was always criticizing my sister and it’s been in my mind that I need to say something about this but say it powerfully that really works. Is that the kind of door you’re talking about like not shutting up for that kind of thing?
OWS: Whenever anyone opens a door, in other words they give you an opening, they have a question they are wondering about something. Even the simplest questions that you asked a long time ago: why am I here? What is this all about? When those questions begin to ask the answers begin to come. Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. These were not words that were spoken haphazardly. These were words that were given that are universal principles that will always bring the results that are needed. Open your mouth, open your ears, open your eyes. Begin more and more to see the beauty out there, to see the beauty of this beautiful planet. For some that look at the planet and they do not see the beauty that you see. They look at an animal and they do not see the beauty in that animal that you see. Look at a child and they do not see the beauty in that child, the wonder in that child or that animal. They do not feel the gratitude that you feel.
Q: I would like clarification when you say use our voice. Our voice, in my experience, is magnified by technology so when we write an e-mail or we put something on a website or we broadcast on the radio, that’s all our voice.
OWS: Yes! Yes. There is mouth to mouth where you speak to someone directly but there is the technology that you have available. It is the internet that has made all of this possible now, all of the truth to come forward. Without this – and this was a gift from on high – without this you would not be where you are today. The truth would not be coming out. And incidentally the truth is going to come out in a deluge very shortly. You are going to be seeing more and more, you are going to be hearing more and more, and you’re going to be reading more and more. Of all of the things that have been kept in the shadows for so long will now see the light of the day.
For those that have kept within those shadows are going to be revealed for who and what they are and what they have done. It is not up to you to judge them. It is up to them to judge themselves.
Q: Last night we went outside and we saw a fly-by, like a flash. Can you tell us who or what that was?
OWS: You already know the answer to that. It has already been said. Say it out loud. What was it? [UFO!] More specifically. [The New Jerusalem.] Yes. [It was like a quick hello or a quick wink.] Yes.
Yes. They flashed to you. They said “Look! We are here and we know you are there.” And it was such a bright flash what else could it have been?! A flashlight in the distance … a weather balloon up there. [Laughter] It could not have been anything else but. And it was just for you.
OWS: We are needing to release channel now. We are going to be back certainly again this evening to, what is you’re saying, come close to wrapping this up. Although there is still tomorrow where we will make ourselves known once more one more last time here… Not last time … you know what we mean. For the weekend here. We are not leaving forever. You cannot get rid of us that easy! But we will be back here this evening and we have a wonderful experience planned.
We are going to take you into the future. We are going to take you ahead to get a glimpse of what is coming – not too far into the distant future but shortly and you are going to begin to get an indication of what you can expect and how it will transpire. But we’re going to leave it up to you to say all of these things. We are going to guide it, yes, but we are not going to take it over. We are not going to control it, we are not going to tell you what you’re seeing. We are going to let you tell us.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.
Channel: James McConnell –

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Feng Shui Tips for Love, Money, Respect and Happiness

What Drives Us to Be Soulpreneurs - A Multidimensional Perspective


Since starting my Soul Streaming Alchemy Coaching business last year and taking the plunge to say a big YES to channeling and grounding my gifts in the world, I became massively intrigued in understanding the big WHY that lead me to want to create programs so passionately through my work as a coach.

Being an intuitive & spiritual business coach means that I am interested to look at my ambitions from a multi-dimensional perspective.

So I took a deeper look and I want to share what I found with you:


Even after having spent the majority of my 20s as a practicing Buddhist, I can honestly say that the journey of entrepreneurship has been by far the deepest spiritual practice I have ever undertaken. This is due to the fact that my need to stay true to my spiritual values as well as my continuous desire to grow in all ways, is now merged with my ambition to be grounded in the world through a successful business that offers tons of value to my clients and the world. Personally my work is taking my growth to a much deeper level.

It is all good and great to say we want to grow spiritually through a meditation and yoga practice. But things get far more interesting when start grappling with our human raw material in a very pragmatic way through for instance, creating a business.

I found that the obstacles and shifts we get to experience as part of the process of upleveling is truly the best self development journey one can ever undertake as it will ask us to BOTH transcend our limitations (feeling like we’re not good enough, putting a limit to our earning potential etc.) whilst becoming more grounded every day.

Illusion, spiritual or otherwise will not be tolerated when you choose to move through all obstacles to fully own your gifts and create a successful legacy that is profitable and engaging in the world. So that in itself is a great exercise to self mastery and actualization.

So you want a spiritual practice?

Become an entrepreneur!


As human beings we tend to have some basic human needs that we want to be able to satisfy. In my case when it comes to fulfillment I also want satisfy my human needs and create a level of success that will make my human self happy.

Even though there is a strong spiritual calling to the work that I do, I'm very clear that I want to feel I do work that will provide for my family and the lives of my clients in a significant and life changing way.

That I want to be able to go on good holidays, to buy the things I want and have a lifestyle of ease, grace and abundance. So many spiritual folk struggle with the fact we also have an ego and a part of us that loves to be find success and earn good money, but its sooo important to not shut that part of us out or it will become a shadow with difficult consequences in our lives!

It’s bullshit the amount of baggage we attach to money and material success! It’s time it ends here. It’s totally DANDY to want to make good money and enjoy a good life through our work or whatever way really.

Do not suppress the human part of you that wants to be successful in what you do.


When looking at it from an energetic perspective, the journey of coming into our own through our work and creating success and fulfillment is a very interesting process in how it asks us to let go of our shit and generally up the vibrations. More specifically, as we create high end legacies through our soul gifts we will absolutely have to:

Clear any of the energetic blocks that hold us back from understanding ourselves and owning who we are in the world through our work. 

Offering High end services means we have to find the guts to cut the bull and own our worth like no shit! 

Keep letting go of all the lower vibrations that have held us back and rise to the challenge of upleveling and showing up and showing what we got. 

In order to become visible and allowing ourselves to be seen, we will have to stop playing small and just OWN IT BABY! 

The energy change that goes with becoming a baddass Goddess in life & work is one of my FAVES that I personally enjoy witnessing within myself and others!

Do you work on your energy & vibration or do you choose to play it small?


Our soul plays a KEY role in our evolution.

It wants us to grow and fulfill ourselves through overcoming the obstacles we will be greeted by and of course enjoy the adventure ahead of us in this lifetime.

The soul goes beyond our need for security, ego and personality and simply wants us to be who we really are. It wants us to say yet to our deepest calling and follow our “signature” path in life, a direction that leads us to our fulfillment.

Of course there are tons of ways to do that! But through a business that is soul aligned is one of the best ways to do so.

The moment we choose to say yes to putting our gifts in the world and start our entrepreneurial journey, we are essentially accepting our soul’s invitation (or challenge, depends how you want to see it ;-) to go into the deepest possible journey our human self could ever take us on! Whatever the challenges that come our way, having said yes to the call will bring so much more joy and happiness we ever dreamt of.

Can you think of a more exciting adventure than that?

Personally no.


Do you view your life + work as a journey where you are brought opportunities to grow and expand? Or does it feel like a difficult challenge mainly? 

And how does your journey impact on your energy body? Do you feel your vocational path to leave you drained and depleted, or do you commit to raising your vibration no matter what? 

Perhaps you see yourself as someone that manages to grow despite all obstacles brought your way, as you re in touch with the depth of your soul and what it is capable of. 

Now that you know these perspectives, ALLOW them to bring a level of insight and understanding to your business and entrepreneurial journey that is useful.

How can the above best support your growth and journey of service to the world that much more?

Please share your reflections below!

As a soul streaming alchemy coach, I work with you in integrating ALL these perspectives to help you create a deeply soulful business that is anchored in your multi aspected/ multi talented Goddess self in a way that is powerful and authentically you!

I honestly feel that it is when we are grounded and operating multi-dimensionally that we can truly be impactful in our work and that is when our gifts are capable of catapulting us to the highest form of service and contribution possible!

Pm me if you’re interested to find out more as I offer FREE clarity sessions to those who wish to ground their life into2

Love x


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“Reactive Abuse” / “They call you abusive for reacting to their abuse”

A very common aspect of psychological abuse and manipulation is for the abuser to claim that the victim is being abusive towards them. I’ve written about the abusers “victim complex,” and “gaslighting” in this manner before.

But right now I want to address the specific scenario in which the victim snaps at the abuser. They endure and endure, they have been told that there is nothing to react to, they have been told they overreact to everything, so they are afraid to mention their hurt, and confusion, and cannot acknowledge they are being abused.

They endure so much for so long, they snap. They scream at the abuser. Insult them. Maybe even throw in a low-blow or unfair insult. They may even physically attack, although this is very very uncommon in victims of abuse.

The abuser jumps on this reactionary outburst. They claim it is “proof” that the victim is unstable. They claim it is “proof” that the victim is the abuser after all. They can hold it up, and hold it against the victim for as long as they can, and as hard as they can.

They are not interested in talking things out. They are not interested in listening to why this outburst has happened. They have their “proof,” and that’s all they ever needed from the victim. They get to say things like, “YOU’RE the one who frightened ME,” and “you are an emotional time bomb” and “I have to walk on eggshells around you,” and have the victim believe it.

While the abuser is the actual time-bomb, and the victim is frightened and walking on egg shells, but dare not admit it or bring attention to it, or has been so deeply abused they don’t even see it themselves.

The abuser turns the roles, and paints themselves as the victim.

This leads the victim to believe they are in fact the abusive one in the relationship. They now believe they are violent and emotionally unstable, and may start describing themselves as such and seeking help for these problems.

If they break away from the abuser, they stand no chance at all against the Smear Campaign the abuser then launches. Partially because they believe "they-were-wrong."

This does not mean that the reaction was okay. It is never okay to treat another person with violence. However, it is understandable. And it is very important to differentiate this kind of reaction with the kind of ongoing abuse that causes it.

I don’t think it’s fair to call Reactive Abuse “abuse,” because the word implies a severe violence that causes detriment to the mental and physical well being of the victim. “Reactive Abuse” almost never actually harms the true abuser it was aimed at - in fact it is often exactly what they wanted, and only bolsters their sense of self-righteousness and fuels their power over the victim.

A good way to tell a victim who reacted to abuse, and a psychologically abusive person creating a smear campaign against a victim is their attitudes toward their own actions.

Victims will almost always be able to admit their own faults. They will know they reacted badly and did wrong. This quality is actually what the abuser uses against them in the first place to make them believe they are the ones in the wrong. Part of healing from abuse is learning to point out which of the abusers behaviors are, in fact abuse, while still acknowledging what you handled badly. (And everyone reacts badly to things when under the extreme pressure of abuse!).

Abusers will almost never admit they have ever done anything wrong at all. Their victims will be blamed for everything. They will hold every tiny thing against the victim, even things they could not possibly control, or they have never tried to talk to them about. They use social bigotries against the victim, and in their own defense. (Especially mental illness is used in this way - they believe their own illness excuses them from every wrongdoing, and their victims illness is proof they are in the wrong).

The most dangerous, most intelligent psychologically abusive people will even try to fake being able to admit their own mistakes. But they almost always get tripped up in the details, by claiming “oh I handled that badly -” but following it up with “ - but only because of (something that is the victims fault after all)”.

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Upcoming Radio Shows

Janet Hickox of Living Astrology Radio and Jason Livanis of Titillating Tarot with Jason Livanis share their upcoming radio shows for April 19 & 20, 2017.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


“You have never before been at this juncture, at this particular point where you are truly in readiness, preparedness and waiting for the waving flag to signal a go in terms of creating, physically creating, tangibly bringing forth Nova Earth.”
Heavenly Blessings ~ 4 April, 2017
Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love
Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal
[Meditation from 6:35 to 18:03]
St. Germaine: Greetings, I am St. Germaine.
Suzi: Welcome.
StG: And welcome to you, my beloved friend, and welcome to all of you, all of my beloved friends all over the entire planet!
For yes, I address you as my brothers and sisters, dear hearts, allies, but I also send this message out across the entire planet and far beyond, because why would we ever exclude any being, any Star friend, any angel or stray [chuckles] being of sheer energy? No, we are not talking evil forces, although they could use a good dose of this too! Let’s send them our love.
Now Michael has said to “stay the course” and never… well, perhaps I am exaggerating slightly, [laughter] but never were wiser words spoken! And Gabrielle has asked you to learn a new level of cooperation, and she is absolutely correct too.
“Staying the course” is filled with excitement. As soon as Mi-ka-el has said these words, I have placed myself back on my exciting voyages across oceans defined previously… [chuckles] what they thought of as ‘undiscovered’ which is ridiculous; they were well-inhabited lands. Many mistakes were made, many missteps. I do not come to talk of those because that has been resolved in various ways. No, it does not mean over and done with. I simply mean that is not where I wish to bring our focus today.
What I wish to share with you is that excitement of literally finding new lands, new adventures, new ways of thinking and being. That is what fascinated me! It was not gold and jewels, which I could create out of thin air. It was the adventure of discovery – and, my beloved friends, the excitement of any journey, when it is truly honourable and based in the excitement of discovery, is wondrous.
Now previously, you have heard me say that I had no intention of returning to Earth, to this glorious Gaia planet. And I have clarified and said that, of course, what I meant is that I have no intention of returning to “old Earth” with all the difficulties, with the darkness, with the heaviness, with the old paradigms of greed and aggression, hatred and war, rage. These do not create anything but mayhem.
But you and we in service and joy to the Mother are on this new journey. It is not a journey that is about to start next week or next month; it is a journey that has already begun! We have already set sail. We are already underway. And it is exciting, it is exhilarating, at times it is terrifying and frightening because you do not know the oceans, you do not know the creatures that live in the oceans, and you do not know everything that lies ahead. But that is also part and parcel, key to the excitement.
What you do know is that you are done with the old and that you are building and participating and anchoring brilliant Cities of Light, city states, that you are anchoring and building and creating new institutions, new societies, new structures. Why? Because they are based on new ways of being – which is really original Plan, original self, your true self.
How are you doing? Magnificently!
Now, when you have been out to sea for a long time, what happens? Sometimes provisions run low, you get sick of the same old scenery, you are seeking new land, you are hoping for good wind, you are praying [laughter] that your crew does not mutiny. All of these things are exactly where you are.
So mixed in, folded in to your excitement and anticipation and your hope, your trust, your vigilance is also this level, not of fear… most of you, beloveds, have been very good at letting go of the fear… but there is this hint now and then of trepidation, the ‘what if’s’ creep in. That is alright. It is alright if it does not become the pattern that you live by, because then what you are occupied with is the ‘what if’s, the when’s, the how’s’ rather than paying attention to the sea, and might I say, the sea change and the shift in winds and currents.
And that is what “staying the course” is about. It is about paying attention to the shift in seas and currents and wind patterns, because everything is changing. As you move from ocean to ocean, equator to equator, continent to continent, universe to universe, things change. You don’t know exactly how or why because it is too complex. And I am not Einstein – you may invite him another day! But even then, we would not explain it all, because what you think of as science is very limited.
This channel has asked recently about black holes, white holes, how the Star beings travel from universe to universe or planetary to planetary system, and it was explained to her that there are also many portals of this nature upon the planet. This is new information for each and every one of you. And what do you do with it? You’re not sure, but the time will come. And you, in fact, are using many of these portals – white holes in particular – to pull in the Cities of Light, to anchor the Nova Reality which you are occupying, the interdimensional reality.
But do you need to know all the science? No. What you need to know is that you are the captain of your ship, of your vessel, and you are setting the course. And you are not simply, beloveds, setting the course for yourself. You are setting the course for those who are following behind you. There is a whole armada! And you are setting the course for those who are travelling with you. And yes, you are in a state of enormous change.
Now, let me be clear. I am going to differentiate between “flux” and “change” because “change” is an unfoldment of a plan and a process; “flux” is more of a blip on the screen. You are in the change, what you have called “the shift”. You say, “Oh, we’ve been there since 2000; we’ve been there since 2007, 2008, 2012.” Well, in fact, you have not been at this juncture ever before, and humanity, the collective armada that you are leading, has never been at this juncture before.
Is it cause for excitement and celebration? Yes. And is it cause for prudence? Yes. It is not a coincidence that both of you have begun this very show by speaking about breathing. When you are in a state of enormous excitement, of jubilation, of celebration, you say, “Oh, my goodness, it takes my breath away,” and it is a literal occurrence. You feel that for a moment you can’t breathe, that you are overwhelmed, overcome with joy. And that is one of the reasons that we continue to say to thee, “Breathe! Stand back!” Not ignoring the chaos but almost!
Think of it again. When I have left Europe, I have left that chaos behind. It could not accompany me because it would be far too distracting. Now, the chaos continued on and unfolded in the journeys of those involved and the choices of free will that they were making, but I did not allow it to interfere with my voyage. And even if I wanted it to interfere, it was too far, too far removed for me to have to impact other than sending my love, my energy, my blessings, my Violet Flame – yes, even then!
So everything has need to be in the balance of perspective and a true adherence. And that is a word you don’t use very often, do you? It is “adherence” to your mission, purpose and soul pattern/design/talents/capacities/abilities, and in that adherence is the balance, is the alignment with divine heart/mind/will, and in that is the supreme joy, bliss of love.
And when you are anchored, when you sail that ship of love, then you are in the clarity and the purity of the Mother and the Father – and you are in the determination and the will of the Mother and Father.
So how are you doing? You are doing magnificently!
And yes, some of you are exhausted. You say, “I have run the marathon and I can see the finish line. Oh, but I’m not sure if I can make it.” You’re going to get your second wind! And how do you do that? By doing what brings you joy, by focusing on what gives you joy. And yes, by not taking the distraction or the chaos or any of these little minor setbacks personally.
There have been many hiccups, many “flux” situations along the way. But it does not change the direction, that forward thrust; it does not alter. If you are tired, let the wind and the current carry you. You are entitled to rest, you have need to rest. It is where we inspire you when you are empty… and yes, sometimes when you are flat-out busy, individually and collectively. You can feel it. It is not your imagination – and it is your imagination! Your job is to anchor and be who you are.
The trends right now are accepting the bliss. You are being flooded! And yes, you can ask for more. You can ask for more love, you can ask for more of the Mother, you can ask for more of the Father, and you most certainly can ask for more Porlana C. I would if I were you! And by the way, I am you and you are me!
The trend is cooperation in a way that is kind and loving and gentle, and clear but not aggressive, hopeful and trusting, based in a firm understanding and knowledge of what you are capable of, and what you together are capable of.
The trend right now – and I have spoken to you about this – is pay attention and nourish, love, luxuriate, surrender to your beloved body!
The Mother has dreamed – not commanded, not required, not ordered – She has dreamed of this beautiful planet of such magnificent diversity and beauty, a place where angels can play in form, be it a tree, a mountain, a brook, a stream or a human being. That is what you are and that is what you are doing. So do not always be thinking, because it is a thinking process “Oh, I have to work at this.” No. You have to also – yes, pay attention – but also allow.
Do not try and shift the currents of change. Flow with them in integrity, in truth and allegiance to who you are. No two pathways are exactly the same, identical; not even identical twins have identical pathways. Be true to yourself. But also know yourself so that you have that wellspring of you to draw upon, so that all of you in physical form can be present to proceed in this wondrous unfoldment.
It’s good enough to tempt me to come back! What else can I say!
Dearest Suzi, where do you wish to begin?
Suzi: [Laughter] I will begin with thanking you for joining us right now. There’s a number of things that come to mind after how you’ve spoken. So it’s how we respond to the events in our lives that is what actually matters. Are we not being observed to see where we’re at and how ready we are for what’s coming and the roles we’ll be playing?
StG: Well, of course you’re being observed. You are being observed [laughter] and we have been observed for billions of years. But you are really asking about the readiness factor and yes, you are being observed.
Now I want you to note what I am saying. You are being observed. Now, some of you have the feeling that you are being tested – and you know to whom I speak – and you will say, “St. Germaine is speaking directly to me!” And you are correct. I am, in that what you feel as challenges, as situations that are being presented to you of a wide variety, because the situations that are being presented to you are uniquely designed for you.
So for some of you, it will be emotional memory, abuse, betrayal, wealth, abandonment, illness, despair… You are being presented with these situations that can be confusing, not because we are testing you – we are observing how you as the divine implementers of the Mother’s Plan are doing. Are you ready for the next step?
So, in some ways it feels like “Oh, my God, I thought we were almost there and now this is like the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced!” And you are absolutely correct. So the biggest wave comes right at the end!
Suzi: Yeah! Well, for me it’s been “What am I going to do with disappointment?” and it’s happened over and over again in a very big way. Every time it happens, I want to explore and really see “What is in here for me?” and it’s been a very interesting journey in the last month or so.
StG: And in that, you choose whether you will be in the trough of disappointment and allow it to swamp you into despair, or whether you will simply observe it and use your brilliance to climb out, redirect and fall upon your enormous resources to change course.
Suzi: Yes, and it’s what we put out. Our thoughts are what we put out into the matrix of creation, so we need to make them really good ones. So even in disappointment, to really hold onto the dream and keep putting that out there because trust is like total surrender. It’s like when it gets really tough, what choice do you have but to just get over it and say, “You know, it’s going to be fine!”
StG: And to let go, as I have said, of the ‘how’ because you do not have access; because of the construct of your planet and your universe, you do not always have access to all the various factors of the ‘how’.
Now many of you have been fabulous in developing your intuition, your channelling, your precognition, your telepathic information. You have been doing stupendously. But still, because when you are particularly in disappointment or hurt, you don’t always have the clarity of the ‘how’. What you do have is always the ability to trust.
I do not know – and still, on this side – I do not know how one proceeds without trust, without hope, without faith.
Suzi: You said something before that triggers a need for me to ask, “Do we need a second wind?” [Laughter]
StG: Yes! Now you need to be very clear and you are trying to be subtle about this. [Chuckles] And you might notice that I am not particularly well known as being the subtle master!
Suzi: I feel like the kid in the back seat of the car “Are we there yet?”
StG: But that is not the question you have asked, so let me be clear.
You’re pulling into the campground, you’re pulling into the movie theatre, you’re pulling into the bowling alley, you’re pulling into grandma’s house… So yes, you’re almost there. But when you get there and as you get there, my dear hearts, you need a second wind! Because you have been in this state – and it is a fine state to be in – of readiness. You have been in preparation, you have been in clearing, backing up, backing up… Now you are in a state of readiness.
But what about when your mother turns around from the front seat and says, “Jump out of the car.” Well, in the meantime, many of you may have been dozing, quietly reading, falling asleep, arguing with your brothers and sisters about if you’re really going on a surprise trip. So when your mother says to you, when our Mother says to you, “Jump out of the car, jump out of the ship,” yes, you need that second wind [chuckles] because you are going to be very busy!
Suzi: I love that, and I’m glad I asked the question because that’s a very good answer, thank you! [Laughter]
StG: You are welcome! [Laughter] There are times that everybody needs what you call “a second wind” and there are times… and I speak to those of you who have wavered and have been disheartened. Do not think I [don’t] know what that feels like; of course I do! So everybody also needs a second chance, a third chance, a fourth chance. Do not write anybody off!
And individually, never – please – write yourself off, because that is what you do when you say, “I give up.” It is not ever that you are giving up on the Mother or the Father or your path or us, the ascended masters, the archangels. What you are doing is giving up on yourself. You are denying the love of self and you are denying your capacity to actually make that journey that you determined before you came into form. Never give up on yourself.
Suzi: You said that we have never before been at this juncture. Would you be more specific about what juncture exactly?
StG: You have never before, individually and collectively, been at this point. I think that you have collectively called it the “flipping of the switch.” You have never before been in this point of your ascension process. You have never before been at this juncture, at this particular point where you are truly in readiness, preparedness and waiting for the waving flag to signal a go in terms of creating, physically creating, tangibly bringing forth Nova Earth.
Now I am not one – yes, even though I am well known for manifesting gold and jewels and what have you – I am not one that simply focuses on abundance. Yes, I am infamous and famous for it, but the key is the emotional, mental, spiritual readiness to use wealth.
One of the reasons that I decried returning to the planet, to “old Earth,” was that I had witnessed far too much abuse of power, abuse of wealth, abuse of resources, because the primary driving factor in the correct use of that wealth was the correct use of will, which was based on temperance and prudence and fortitude and joy and bliss and truth. So that preparedness had need to be there.
The quotient… if you wanted to look at it as a mathematical formula, you had to be at a percentage of your individual self and the collective self to be in a position to maturely, spiritually and emotionally and physically, manage the creation process of building new societies. And these are societies and friendships and families and sacred unions and political arrangements that are based on cooperation as a fundamental, but on kindness, on gentleness.
So, you have never been at this place where you are saying, “Okay, we’re all lined up and we’re ready to break ground.” So put on your party dress and get ready for breaking ground!
Suzi: Well, that sounds really wonderful! [Laughter] You mentioned the old Earth and I’m just thinking “Is the old Earth even still around?” which then brings me to the thought that our perception of what’s around us and what we pay attention to is what creates our world. So, would this tipping point be around enough people coming to that realisation that what we pay attention to… like we understand what’s going on but we don’t go into camp chaos, as was mentioned last time?
StG: That is correct. Now the Earth is eternal – beautiful archangel – so when I say “old Earth” I am referring to the old human paradigms that have desecrated this gorgeous planet. And so, more and more, even with camp chaos, there are more and more of you who are saying, “I do not want to live in camp chaos and that is not what I choose to think about, that is not where I choose to bring my attention, that is not my daily life. I do not want, choose or live in these distracting vibratory aberrations.”
It is not just where you put your attention. That is the starting point and the finishing point, but in between is also what you do with it. So, in many ways, “old Earth” does not exist anymore.
Now think of it in this way. Upon your planet, you have many people who love to live in the past. Even when I was on planet, I had friends and allies and acquaintances who would love to live in the past. So there are those among you who are still choosing to live in the past. For some it is the near past, for some it is the distant past – but it is not real. It is but a vague, amorphous memory. It is not what is currently the reality. And I am not talking about the spectrum of time. I am talking about the spectrum of belief systems.
So there are those who are still in the belief system… for example, you will hear people say, “Oh, we must return to family values.” What I would say is, “Why do we not co-create and anchor true family values?” Many of the family values that they are talking about were authoritarian, were based in uneven distribution not only of wealth but of power, of stewardship, the denigration of women, children as chattels…
Suzi: Absolutely!
StG: I would never suggest returning to that. And yet, there are those who dream of this falsehood.
Suzi: Well, I have to say at this particular time that I am shockingly uninterested in very many of the things that life has to offer right now, and I just am looking forward to it becoming more interesting and I’m really holding space for that. And I’m just wondering if my job is going to be off-planet because “Are things going to get so much nicer here?” I don’t know. It’s hard to say.
StG: You see, many of you are thinking “Is my job off-planet or on-planet?” and what I would suggest to you is that is limited thinking. Why would it not be both and all of the above? You would not say, “My job is in North America” or “in Europe.” You are a Gaian community, and as new modes of transportation are introduced and available to you, as you learn to more clearly bilocate, you can be in Beijing in the morning for breakfast and in Seattle for lunch and Cape Town for supper!
Suzi: Well, that’s fabulous!
StG: Yes. And you can do it all by visiting your friends on board ship in between.
Suzi: Oh yes, I love that. I’ve been thinking so much that I’m not really excited about flying because of the whole TSA and security unpleasantness, and it would just be so much nicer to hitch a ride on a ship!
StG: It is first class all the way! [Laughter]
Suzi: [Laughter] Oh, of course we get to the question of “when?” now and I’ve been assured by Galea that this year’s looking very good for that!
StG: And I would suggest that you take Galea at her word!
Suzi: Alright, I can do that.
StG: Go with my love, dearest heart, and go with my love, all of you. You are doing famously! Look for the rise and fall of the old, and know that it is in completion but you are not part of it. You are sailing to new worlds and you are right there. Shore is in sight. You are almost there, dearest Suzanne.
Suzi: Beautiful, thank you.
StG/Suzi: Farewell.

Overcome Guilt

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Abraham Hicks - Trust your choice

Angels of Atlantis Oracle. Teachings

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Our Special Divinity As God-Man In The Heavenly Realms

What the Bible says about God, it says about you and me. God includes us all. As individuals we make up the Godhead. So how can we have any need if God already owns all that exists? As soon as you acknowledge and accept your status in the Godhead, your worries are over. You can be happy and carefree again as you were when you were a child, confident in the care and provision of your parents and family. "Unless you become as little children, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God." Matthew 18:3

Some will say, Those days are gone. My realities now are harsh and bleak. To those I say: That's how you have chosen to be out of lack of knowledge. You didn't know you are the child and heir of all existence. These Teachings of The Godhead will remind you and acquaint you of your former glory before you wholeheartedly, in love, agreed to forget your Divinity completely in order to fulfill God's desire to experience Himself as You in physical form, fully human without one shred of Divine Wisdom.

What love you and all your fellow humans had that volunteered to fulfill their common desire to please selflessly the Love of their lives, God, in all his Divine diversity as individualized souls. To take off your crowns and glories, to leave all your possessions and Divine understandings...all for love. A long and arduous cross lay before you. Tears and suffering in the absence of God's glory. An arduous journey that you undertook, not counting the cost, "for the glory set before him, he endured the cross." Hebrews 12:2 God's desire would be fulfilled through you. He would be You through the darkness of it all....and then the glory. He would experience the utter joys and delight of finding Himself again as You, of discovering as You your way back Home and rejoicing at each baby-step revealing your true Divine and Royal Nature.

You are one of the heroic volunteers, whose love knew no bounds to give up the glory of God and Heaven to manifest in lowly flesh as the new God-Man of the Godhead. Not all of the members of the Godhead came to earth to fulfill the Divine Plan to experience becoming a God-Man. The entire infinite creation needed looking after, so they did service to the Godhead by tending to not only their own estates but the estates of those who would be returning to a ticker-tape parade of glory unprecedented in the annals of Eternal Bliss, one that would be celebrated in Eternity, as each one brings remembrance by the robes they wear and the mark on their thigh that says, "King of kings and Lord of lords." Revelation 19:16 We are the Body of Christ. His life is our life, His marks are our marks. "I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me." Galatians 2:20 "Or don't you know that all of us in the consciousness of Christ joined our sufferings and death to His? And His Resurrection and Ascension into Heaven is also our own?" Romans 6:3-8 This is what it means to be one with Christ, with God. We will each in turn come to the realization of our part in the Godhead. "There is rejoicing in Heaven over one sinner (soul in ignorance) who repents (turns into God)." Luke 15:10

Meditation Affirmation: "I AM fully God and fully Man, at will." This is a truth that will see its fulfillment as when Jesus, after his Resurrection, appeared in full physical form to his disciples, ate and communed with them and would disappear, only to appear and disappear again at different times before his Ascension into Heaven.