Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Gabriel Message by Shanta Gabriel

Learning to Trust Your Intuition

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

This message from Archangel Gabriel is reminding us what is helpful in order to begin to trust our intuition.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week

Strengthen your conscious awareness of other states beyond the physical, communicate deeply within yourself and learn to trust in your own answers.
Shanta GabrielEverywhere I turn now, it seems I am being confronted with the need to be aware of other states beyond the physical. In fact, much of my life at this point seems to be about working beyond 3D and more about learning to live in the higher frequencies and greater expansiveness of the 5D world we have moved into.

I find it to be a really interesting time to be alive right now. I am so curious about the shifting frequencies and the magical beauty inherent in the way the Divine Flow of Love is working through all that we are experiencing. It feels like being Home in a way that life in the world has never been.

I love that my Higher Self is available to me in a new way. Many people are agreeing with this assessment. The Light Fields are pliable and malleable enough for us to be able to co-create a life that brings us fulfillment of our greatest dreams. I am able to have deeper communication with my heart without taking as much time to raise my frequency. I find I am already living in the higher frequencies that give me access to my guidance system.

It is living in the world with these new frequencies that seems to be the trickiest part for my physical body, especially my nervous system. Life responds differently in 5D. When my actions do not create the same results they used to before 2012, that tells me I have to pay attention and make some new action choices. It turns out that when I do this, everything is much easier, and Love is a greater component in all activity than ever before.

It is a bit wild when I realize that it's taken all these years to finally have the world that I thought I was being born into. When I did not have a body, it seemed like a great idea to "be ahead of my time." However, the reality of life when nobody understood anything I said and even thought I was more than a bit crazy, was grueling to say the least. The freedom of the time we are living in now is remarkable. Let's play!

Divine Presence:

Thank you for guiding me through this time with so much Clarity, Grace and Ease. Thank you for helping me to see what steps I need to take to be in harmony with my Soul's wisdom and learn to work with the Angelic Dimensions to create new life on every level.

As I learn to navigate the new frequencies, please care for my physical body and my nervous system. Help me to be more conscious of the times when I am over-stimulated and need to slow down, be quieter and take deeper breaths. Thank you for guiding my decisions and all of my actions so they are in alignment with my Soul's journey. I ask to be in Harmony with the power of my intentions for this new time. Thank you for helping me learn to be more receptive to my guidance.

For all these blessings and for the beautiful life I have been given, I say thank you. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
July 30, 2017

The Gabriel Messages #25

Strengthen your conscious awareness of other states beyond the physical, communicate deeply within yourself and learn to trust in your own answers.

Dear One,

You are here on this planet to develop yourself fully. When the ancient philosophers stated "Know Thyself," they were talking about the power of Self-awareness. This means not just one's consciousness of the physical, or even of the mental and emotional selves. To truly know oneself means a real discernment of your self as a multi-dimensional being.  

You have the power within you to know planes of reality beyond the three-dimensional world in which you live. In fact, developing an awareness of these other states creates a link to the joy and love so many are seeking. These qualities you truly desire in life are beyond the physical plane. They exist in the expanded state of consciousness that is your bond with God, the Source of your very being. To commune within your self is to find these qualities. It requires a willingness to see beyond your outer self, and to take the time necessary to create a conscious awareness of the love and light within you.


As you sit quietly and breathe balanced breaths deeply and slowly, there are immediate results in mind, body and spirit. Imagine that you are sitting in a pillar of golden light joining Heaven to Earth through you. This allows you to enlarge your consciousness. When you add prayer asking for what you want in your life, you allow the grace of the Angels to work for you.  

On this free-will plane of existence, you need to ask for their assistance or they will not interfere. This does not necessarily mean a formal prayer. Asking can be as simple as saying the words for the qualities you want in your life, such as Love, Peace and Harmony. Meditating on these qualities can literally change your life and create a more abundant, joy-filled existence. It allows you to tap into your Higher Self and your guardian Angels, so you are communicating with the deepest levels of your being.  

From this place, the answers you receive will be from a level of Divine Order, and all that follows will be for the highest good of all concerned. You will receive intuition and know the actions and words that will best assist you with the challenges you face. Once you begin to act on your intuitive guidance, you will start to trust yourself. Life will feel easier. You won't need to continue looking to others for the answers. With every fiber of your being you will know what is truth in your life.

Trusting in yourself does not mean you are alone, for you are never alone. At all times, you have with you Angels to assist you. Some have been with you for eons of time. Working in harmony with the Light of God, they know you at the deepest level of your soul. It is comforting to know that you are always wrapped in their wings of pure love and cared for beyond your capacity to understand.  

It is this link within the self that most people are seeking. They hunger for knowledge of the love that is within them. It is readily available through prayer and taking time to sit and breathe in light and love in a conscious manner. So give yourself the gift of sitting in light and love every day for five minutes. It is a simple thing that will provide you with wondrous joy.  

The Angels are ready now to lead you into the light of your true Self. Create a conscious relationship with your Higher Power and find the joy you so desire to have. Ask for assistance from the Angels. Begin to do this every day and miracles will surely occur, for miracles are your birthright and the natural state of your being. Know that you deserve to have your life filled with Love, Joy and Miracles. Learn to communicate within and trust in your own truth. This is the way you will live to your fullest potential and fulfill your highest destiny on Earth.

The Angels love you and bless you with all that is good. Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

Strengthen your conscious awareness of other states beyond the physical, communicate deeply within yourself and learn to trust in your own answers.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
July 30, 2017

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Healing the Water Within by Barbara Becker

Healing the Water WithinJuly 2017 Star Energy Healing Teleconference:
Healing the water within
Facilitated by Barbara Becker & her Higher Self
In 2003, my healing gift was opened during a shamanic opening ceremony. Shortly afterwards, I began speaking a mathematical star language that comes from God/Creator Source. It’s playing in my mind 24/7. I have the ability to push it back to where it doesn’t interfere with my conversations and everyday activities. I can also bring it forward into my vocal chords to transmit the healing energies and information for others, contained in the language. It bypasses the ego, because the ego cannot understand the language. I did this privately for clients and for a short series of shamanic meditation groups led by Shaman Lance Heard[1]. He was the shaman who facilitated the opening of my gift.
Since 2013, I’ve been channeling the mathematical star language for groups of people in the Greater Phoenix Area. During the first year, I channeled for live audiences, including a special event in magical Sedona, Arizona. At the beginning of 2014, my connection and communication with my Higher Self improved and deepened through the Flower of Life: The Original 17-Breath MerKaBa meditation under the facilitation of Maureen St. Germaine[2].
Shortly after permanently activating my Merkaba[3], also known as the light body, (the divine light vehicle used by ascended masters to connect with and reach the higher realm of beings) I was guided to switch the group gatherings to a teleconference platform. This was done in order to reach more people around the world, reduce petroleum emissions from motor vehicles used to come to the venues, and allow the participants to receive healing and answers to their questions in the comfort of their home. It sure made sense to me. The Star Energy Healing Teleconference[4] was formed with the help of my amazing virtual assistant. Today, the teleconference is accessible via free phone calls for people in eighteen countries around the world.
In each monthly session, I channel the star language, followed by a message from my Higher Self, known as The White One. The White One is comprised of a large collective of beings from the Great Central Sun of 10,000 suns. This collective is considered a council whereby information is collected, healing is transmitted, energy is manipulated, and guidance is disseminated to those who are ready and willing to accept for further growth and understanding.
During the July 2017 Star Energy Healing Teleconference, the focus for the group was healing the water within each of us, all life forms on the planet and the water of Mother Earth. At the beginning, the White One asked the participants to close their eyes and imagine they are sitting inside a sphere of water, a bubble, if you will. They were able to breathe and were comfortable in it. Then, the White One said that each would be traveling in a different direction. Some would go into the aquifers of the planet, others would go into the rivers, the oceans and the streams. Others would go into the waterfalls, into a drop of dew on a leaf, and so on and so forth. Transmission of the language began.
It’s not unusual for participants to have amnesia after their experience in this high-energy work. It could be just like we have experience in our every day life and something else is happening behind the scenes that we are unaware of. The energy healing that the White One transmits is always gentle, loving and at the perfect amount and intensity for the individual’s energy bodies and their physical body. After the “water work” was done, the White One asked for questions and comments. A couple of the participants asked about their health concerns. Adjustments were given, information from past lives were shared, in a brief manner. The White One shared many different ways to clear energy after client healing sessions, for personal spiritual hygiene.
It’s also not unusual for participants to not be able to talk after the star language transmission. Even phones don’t function afterwards due to the energies or a greater plan is at play. One of the participants located in Hawaii, could not get her phone to un-mute. After three tries she stopped, and just listened to the remainder of the conversations. I returned from trance level and concluded the teleconference. When I’m in trance, I’m not privy to all the information and experiences occurring. I just rely on the Higher Self knows what they’re doing. The next day I received a phone call from the participant whose phone malfunctioned. She told me her personal experience during the water meditation went far beyond the confines of the Earth. She agreed to let me share her experience for this article:

“ Barbara, I’d like to preface this conversation with you that two days prior to your Star teleconference I received two maps from David Hatcher Childress’ book, Anti-Gravity and the World Grid[5], from a friend in Massachusetts. Neither one of us had spoken to one another for a couple of weeks. I noticed there are ley lines that intersect in Arizona and in the Bahamas.
When we first started the meditation with The White One, we were asked to see ourselves entering a water bubble. For me, this bubble was an aquatic space ship. I found myself visiting all the grid lines on both of these maps - both the world and USA itself - as soon as I "took off".
As I visited these energetic lines, there were two rays that appeared side-by-side that filled these lines. One ray was the most beautiful emerald green (a shade that I've never seen before in my life) and next to the emerald ray was the most beautiful iridescent white ray.
These rays went out into the Universal lights. I then found myself journeying to the core of Mother Earth and once I reached the center, the two rays appeared side-by-side working their way once again topside. The rays themselves appeared to get wider and wider from the core and then changed into a more streamlined fashion, as they got closer to the planet's surface. When I reached topside, I stepped out of my water bubble and returned to full alertness. Everyone [my fellow participants and everyone on Earth] received a beautiful gift of energetic nourishment and an upgrade of consciousness.”
The night of the Star Energy Healing Teleconference, those of us in Phoenix, experienced a huge rainstorm with lightning, thunder, and high velocity winds. On the metaphysical level, a significant surge of energy blasted through the Valley of the Sun, clearing and purging the old programs and outmoded beliefs, with the catalyst of water. The storm felt like the grand finale confirmation of the water healing work the teleconference group had done earlier that day.
Barbara is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner, angel communicator, trance channeler, and a retired Critical Care and Emergency Room nurse. She is the author of: Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography. She is an active member of the Quantum Healing Practitioners Forum[6]. Barbara lives in Phoenix, Arizona.
To find a practitioner near you, please visit the Quantum Healing Practitioners website at:
Barbara’s profile in the directory is located here: Barbara Becker
If you have physical, mental or emotional illness, or need to clear your chakras and energy fields to attain optimum health, a channeled healing can be given over the phone with Barbara.
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique private sessions provide the opportunity for you to heal yourself, find out where you are from and your life purpose. Find out the missions you agreed to perform here on Earth and elsewhere. Receive guidance and a solid connection with your Higher Self. Find out more here:
An Angel Reading can help you focus what direction your life purpose is taking you. The messages are uplifting and empowering. This can be done over the phone and it's privately recorded on an mp3 download, so you can review it again. Find out more here: Angel Readings
Barbara is available for group transmissions of the Mathematical Star Language she channels from Source. For more information click here: Star Energy Healing
For more stories of Barbara’s healing gift, please consider reading her book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography. If you are guided, please contact her here.

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A Message of Love by Tony Gray 'Owl

Art by Tony Gray`Owl. Drawn by hand on the face of a piece of black granite with a raw diamond. Which then inspired the following message into my mind. And thus I say...

A Message of Love

Just knowing that you have a guardian angel in your life ~ a spirit guide who has been with you from the very moment of your birth into this life can be a powerful medicine for the sorrow of feeling powerless and all alone…

Our focused intention and dedicated prayers to call upon our Guardian Angel into your consciousness are all that is required along with an open mind and heart.

Our spirit guides Love us unconditionally and are here to help us on our pathways into the journey of our life as an incarnate living soul here upon mother earth.

We may decide to ask for a sign to show us that they are here with us and then become aware of all around you pay close attention as these signs may be as simple as a dream or a vision.

This sign may not show up in the way you imagine because angels have a delightful sense of humor and are always looking for a creative solution to our daily troubles. Thoughts having to do with protection of your person are never in vain as we must understand that we do unfortunately live in a highly violent destructive society

When you seek shelter from the storms and hardships of life you are showing respect for the life you have been given. The energy created by fear can replace the carefulness with which one regards life and causes a chain reaction that can actually bring harm to yourselves in many forms such as, fear > apprehension > dread > separation > physical and mental illness’s

With that in mind i would like to provide suggestions for the protection of self during the upheaval of these ever changing modern times. First and foremost ” one needs to have Faith that you are never alone ” and create a personal relationship with the One Infinite Creator along with your spirit guides ( Angels ) who guide and guard you no matter what you call them they are here to help us.

Just knowing that you have this spirit guide/guardian angel that has been with you from your very birth is a wonderfully soothing comforting thought and is an incredibly powerful solution to the sorrows of our daily lives.

In the psalms; it is said that angels were given charge to watch over us; these guardian beings are waiting for our call. With a small amount of effort you can gain access to the angels/guides to create a closer personal relationship with them. When you, with great focused intent call upon your Guardian Angels compassion for you it is all that is required for them to answer this calling to help us. Believing with an open mind and heart that they will indeed do so.

Another guardian being worth remembering is the brilliant Archangel Michael. If you can imagine being surrounded in massive wings of Light at all times you could consider this idea as truth at the core of your being.

Archangel Michael is caring diligently for those who are working for the Light of Truth and Oneness during the changes occurring on Earth. He has been given charge of this eon of time as the planet and her people evolve into a new world of Peace and Harmony.

Archangel Michael acts as an Archai who oversees the frequencies of change in order to manifest a more balanced world. He knows that large groups of people empowered to hold Divine Love can create Grandeur and each person must participate individually in their own way.

Michael has the energy of Protection and Divine Light available to call into your being with a special connection to your Solar Plexus chakra. This energy center is highly vulnerable to your thoughts of fear and powerlessness and will affect your ability to feel strong and confident. This chakra is also highly charged when you bring Golden Light like the warm sun into this center in order to create a strong core of protection within you

Michael is available to assist in this process in a very powerful way that has never been possible before in the history of humanity. Even a simple prayer request can call the Light of Archangel Michael forth

Here is one example of a prayer that may be useful; I call on the Light of Archangel Michael to empower the center of my being with Golden Light. Bring to me your Shield of Strength, Courage and Protection so I may stand as my most empowered self during this time of change.

Surround me in the rings of Golden Light, aligned from Heaven to Earth and centered in Peace, Harmony and Divine Love.

I AM grateful for your Grace and Protection in my life. I thank you for the Light you bring to all beings and to the Earth itself at this time and so it is.


It is time to call forth the legions of Angels to act in the world right now. This will activate a long held promise for this incredibly beautiful planet. The Earth is meant to provide the soil and the grounded impetus for the Era of Peace and Harmony that is a new beginning.

This need within each being is what drives everyone to continue in the face of the greatest darkness and challenge many may have ever known. You are never left alone to face the magnitude of change which is upon us.

You can trust and believe this wonderful promise and let it empower your inner knowing so that you can gain more faith in yourself and those who guide you along your way.

Regard yourself as a holy vessel and fill your being with Light allow it to saturate every cell of your being and then radiate it out into all other beings saturating them then see them radiating this light out into all others as well.

Know you are worthy of care and protection.

Keep your prayers at the highest levels of realization as you do what you need to do in your physical world to feel safe

You are Loved Infinitely/unconditionally by our Creator. And so it is.


Tony R. March AKA; Gray`Owl

How To Use Anger And Pain Harmoniously

How To Use Anger And Pain Harmoniously

Zahir Khan ~ The 24/7 culture and seeking

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

7 Easy Steps to DNA Activation

So, you’re interested in DNA Activation? Try these 7 Easy Steps to DNA Activation brought to us by the folks at Maya:
Step One: Find a comfortable position. Keep your spine straight, legs uncrossed, and relax any tense muscles in your body. (I have the music playing at this time)
Step Two: Head-and-neck exercises. Do each of the following three times: head forward, head backward, head to the right shoulder, head to the left shoulder, rotate head in a complete circle clockwise, rotate head in a complete circle counterclockwise. Do not strain or force.
Step Three: Deep breathing exercises. Fill lungs from bottom to top, exhale from top to bottom. Breathe in through your right nostril and out through your mouth; repeat three times. Breathe in through your left nostril and out through your right; repeat three times. (while doing this, feel the white light that eminated inside of all of us. This light will continue to grow and will become contagious when others are in our presence)
Step Four: Special meditation aids as desired. Music, incense, chants, personal rituals, inspirational reading, prayers, and the prayer of protection. (I use a meditation song, “Heart of Reiki”.)
Step Five: Focus on the affirmation. This is where you can create your own affirmation: “Dear Family Spirit of the Universe. I want to drop my old vows and wish to take the vow of masterhood to the benefit of all humanity. I give permission for the energies to change within me to activate the ascension layer of my DNA.” Move through the three stages of focusing on the affirmation: thinking about it, feeling it, experiencing it. Return to the thinking stage whenever the mind wanders. Allow ten to fifteen minutes for Step Five.
Step Six: Decision making. Test any tentative decisions you have made according to the decision-making exercise. (yes or no question(s))
Step Seven: Healing prayer. Send out light and constructive energies to the people on your personal prayer list. (pray for those you love and for those who need help) 

Channeled Messages Healing Lack of Trust by Archangel Amethyst 21st July...

Friday, July 21, 2017


Beloved Family of Light, you have now reached a time in your year of 2017 when great change is at hand.  We would call this the Great Shift of 2017.  Indeed, as we have said earlier, 2017 is the year of Sacred Planet Earth, and the year of New Beginnings.  The incoming Light Codes of the first half of 2017 have laid the seeds for the rising New Earth Consciousness to manifest on Earth.

We call this New Earth consciousness the “Unified Field” of Higher Consciousness.  It is the new and emerging field of Higher and Multi-dimensional consciousness that is coming into existence around the Planet to create the Multi-dimensional grids for the New Earth.  It is held in the Heart, Soul and Light Body of each person who has made the commitment to Higher Consciousness and Multi-dimensional living.  As these shining beings awaken, and come together, their radiant energy signatures and group energy signatures create the structural grids for the New Earth manifestation.
This is why it is so necessary for you to maintain your personal energy signature at a high frequency, and to come together with others who are at a similar frequency of Light and Consciousness, and to contribute to the emerging Unified Field of Higher Consciousness.
This emerging field has now reached the point where it is powerful enough to be the motivation for major shifts on the Earth.  The energies of July will build up to a climactic point in August at the Lion’s Gate and the Lunar and Solar Eclipses in Leo, especially the Total Solar Eclipse on the 21st of August.
This will be a fairly lengthy period of sustained intensity, and Beloved Ones, you will need to focus your intention into maintaining your inner Peace and Power as you pass through this period of challenge and testing as you bridge between the New and the Old in your lives.  Do not despair, do not fall into victim consciousness or anger, but allow yourselves to remain in that place of Trust and Flow.  It is not a time to be active and to try to make the changes.  It is rather a time to go within and surrender to a greater power, while allowing your self to flow into the changes with confidence and trust.
The Full Moon in Capricorn
The first major point of energy acceleration will be the Full Moon on July 9th.  This Full Moon falls in Capricorn, which is being strongly influenced by Pluto, also in Capricorn.  Pluto powers Transformation and, together with the powerful magnetic energies of the Full Moon, will be an agent for bringing up very deep feelings and emotions for transformation and clearing.  Allow these to come to the surface to be released and move away.  Do not hold onto them or feel despair or guilt.  Just simply release them and let them go, very gently.  In the old energy you would work very hard to process such feelings and put much energy into finding out the reasons for such feelings. In this new multi-dimensional energy, it is enough to simply recognize what arises, and let it go with love, knowing that you no longer need to wrestle with such feelings and emotions.  It is enough to let them flow away as you focus on where you are in the present moment and what you desire to create.
Indeed, the Full Moon will be a time when many old patterns will finally be released to make place for the New Earth templates of perception and expression on the Planet.  It will be a time when you will need to fully grasp the concept of Multi-dimensional living, and be able to recognize frequency and vibration, and make the choice to anchor your own personal vibrational frequency or Energy Signature, in the New Earth energies.
You may need to spend time in the lower frequencies of the old energies because of your work or family, but you can see these times as “temporary visits” before you return to the higher frequencies where you are most comfortable.  Many of you may still be in the role of “bridging” between the levels of frequency, in order to assist those who are yet to awaken and cross over to the New Earth frequencies.
Beloved Ones, even if you have to experience the chaos and fear/anger around you at times, remember that you are Warriors of the Heart and Embodied Masters of Light, and that the Love and Radiance in your Heart and Soul will protect you and open pathways of Abundance, Harmony and Joy in your lives as you express the Unified Field of Higher Consciousness.
The Sirius Effect : When Two Suns Rise
 The next major energy acceleration will be the Planetary New Year on the 26th of July.  This date was known, to the Ancient Mayans and the Ancient Egyptians, as the moment when Planet Earth begins a new cycle in her ongoing evolution.
This is preceded by the “Day out of Time” which falls on the 25th of July.  The 25th is a Magical and Sacred “womb space” where transformation from one time cycle to another is birthed.  It is a time to be joyful and creative as you lay the foundations for your New Year cycle at the highest level possible. This creative and festive energy will carry you into the 26th when the Planet and all living beings will begin a new personal cycle of creation and being.
For the Ancient Egyptians, this time was marked by an annual event called the “heliacal rising of Sirius”.  This is the time when Sirius rises in the morning sky right next to the Sun.  It was also the time in the Egyptian calendar when the Nile would rise and flood the lands bringing fertility and abundance to the people.  In addition, Sirius was also known as the Sacred Teacher Star, and when its powerful Light Codes aligned with the Sun they were transmitted to the Earth through the annual Lion’s Gate portal.  The Lion’s Gate portal begins to open on the 26th of July and reaches its climax on the 8th of August as the 8/8.  This is the powerful time of the “Two Suns”, one Golden White (the Sun of Earth) and one Electric Blue (Sirius).  The Diamond Light Codes that carry the patterns and templates for the next spiral of time are transmitted from the Galactic Center and amplified by Sirius as they are integrated into the Earth Planetary Time Cycles.
 The Lion’s Gate  : 8  August 2017
 So, Beloved Ones, you can see that the climactic points of this series of energy alignments and accelerations will be the Lion’s Gate on the 8th of August and the two Eclipses in Leo of August of 2017.
The Lion’s Gate is a powerful portal in Leo that is under the guardianship of the Royal Spirit Lions of Sirius.  These Magnificent Beings of Light, known as the Lions of Yesterday and Tomorrow, hold the Sacred Space for the New Light Codes and Evolutionary Templates to descend to Earth and to activate the grids and Light Bodies of all who are receptive to lifting their evolution to a higher spiral of Consciousness.
It is very necessary to keep your personal consciousness and energy signature at a high level at this time. And to take full advantage of the flow of Divine Light and Blessings in the incoming new Diamond Light Codes.  Do bot allow any events to pull you down into lower levels of consciousness such as anger, fear and anxiety.
This is indeed the time of the Great Shift of 2017, and you need to remember that you are a Light Warrior and an embodied Master of Light.  It is your work to hold these energies in your Energy Signature, so that the new Light Codes may enter and be grounded, through you, for the benefit of Humanity and the Planet.
 The Eclipses of 7th and 21st August
The Lion’s Gate portal closes on the 12th of August.  However, the energy will continue to be intense through the month of August, and will be amplified and augmented by the two Eclipses in Leo.
 On the New Moon in Leo on the 7th of August, the day before the Lion’s Gate, there will be a partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius (Sun in Leo).  This will create the space for further empowerment of the Goddess energy on the Planet. In February of 2017, there was an annular lunar eclipse in Leo (Sun in Aquarius), that initiated this powerful flow of Diamond Energy to the Earth as part of the Rising of the Goddess/Divine Feminine energy on the Earth.
In this year of 2017, you will become more aware of the rising power of the Divine Feminine, as the Right Brain energies of Creativity and Compassion become more clearly active.  There will be increased opportunity for the emerging Unified Field of Higher Consciousness to be expressed through the Divine Feminine energies.
The Total Solar Eclipse on the 21st of August completes the cycle of eclipses for 2017. The Total Solar Eclipse in Leo ensures that the New Planetary Codes, initiated by the Royal Sirian Star Lions, are integrated into the Planetary Grids.
At this time, the cumulative energies of shift and change will have provided the major impetus for significant change on Earth.  As a Fire Energy, the Leonine energy will burn away and transform everything that is not in alignment with the Diamond Light Codes of the New Reality.
From this point forward, the emphasis will be on new ways of living and perception.  The old ways will continue to be challenged by the rising energies of the New Earth. The power of the emerging field of Unified Consciousness will transform and change, making space for the New Reality on Earth.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

7 Julia Cameron Quotes to awaken your Inner Artist

“I’d love to do that, but I’m not creative.”

I hear this all the time, and it makes me sad. The idea that each of us is either artistic or not artistic is outdated, inaccurate, and unhealthy.
The capacity to create exists within each of us. We only need to accept it, open ourselves to it, and create.
I recently met an accountant who was writing a novel. A friend of mine, who is studying medicine, writes poetry. I have several friends who are brilliant at math, and also play the guitar, write songs, and paint. A friend of my sisters, an engineer, is also an incredible actor.
My hero, Julia Cameron, also believes that everyone is an artist. In her book The Artist’s Way she guides the reader in accessing and nurturing their inner artist.

These are some of my favorite quotes from The Artist’s Way.

1. “We are far more colorful, far more creative, and far more charismatic than we know.”
We often underestimate or depreciate ourselves. Many of us never begin creating because we believe that we don’t have anything to say, or that we won’t say it well.
Our inner critic tells us that we are boring, untalented, awkward, and not good enough.

But we can counter this by consistently affirming the opposite. Declaring or writing personal, specific, and positive affirmations or mantras such as “I am creative,” “I am interesting,” or “I am good enough” affirm these truths within us. This moves us through self-doubt into confidence.
Through affirmations, I found the self-assurance to speak at open mic events and submit my writings to publications.
2. “Creating does move us on.”
You cannot create and remain stagnant. A day at a time, a creation at a time, you enter art and enter the flow of life. You are able to ride out the rapids of your life, and the quieter waters as well.
Art gives you both a place to rest and a vehicle in which to move forward.
Creating has a magical way of carrying us through struggles and tribulations that we might otherwise have gotten hung-up on or even stuck in.
Whenever I feel stuck or frustrated, I journal, write a poem, or tinker around on my ukulele. Before I know it, inspiration or insight has come quietly to mind. Making art has helped me fight depression, forgive people I thought I’d hate forever, break bad habits, and make big decisions.
3. “With art, we surrender to being more truly ourselves, and those selves are colorful and beautiful.”
When we create, our inner creative force gently clears away that which is not us to reveal our true selves.
Through creating art, we discover our buried desires, forgotten hobbies, repressed dreams, and neglected interests.
When I began writing more often, I noticed my dress style changing, my goals for the future becoming more defined, and my relationships deepening.
4. “By seeking the creator within and embracing our own gift of creativity, we learn to be spiritual in this world, to trust that the universe is good and so are we and so is all of creation.” 
Creativity cultivates this positivity and love within us.
When we actively and consistently engage with creativity, our eyes open to the good in this world—from the simple delight of wildflowers and random acts of kindness, to our own inner goodness.
5. “The artist’s language is a sensual one, a language of felt experience. When we work at our art, we dip into the well of our experience and scoop out images.”
Life is experience, and art is expression of experience.
Each of us, no matter who we are, reads, sees, hears, thinks, feels, and participates in things. This is why every single one of us can express ourselves by drawing from our own inner well.
It does not need to be Picasso or Hemingway or Lennon. It needs only be true to our own unique experience.
6. “When we meet our creativity, we meet ourselves, and that encounter happens in the moment.”
We cannot hear creativity’s ideas or suggestions when our thoughts are in a hundred different places.
To engage with it, we need to engage with the moment—whether we’re cooking, driving, daydreaming, hiking, or doing absolutely nothing at all. As long as we are doing it with the whole of our awareness, we are open to creativity.
7. “Remember that in order to recover as an artist, you must be willing to be a bad artist. Give yourself permission to be a beginner. By being willing to be a bad artist, you have a chance to be an artist, and perhaps, over time, a very good one.”
We often expect ourselves to be perfect at everything we try. I gave up on calligraphy before even giving myself a chance because, after a few failed attempts, I declared myself “bad at it.”
We need to remind ourselves that beginners are, by nature, bad. I was once bad at my job, bad at cooking, and bad at socializing.
But I allowed myself to be bad at these things while continuing to work at improving. In this way, I got good at them. Creativity is no different.
I hope that these quotes have inspired your inner artists, and that you go on to create wonderful things.
Author: Aimee-Claire Smith
Image: Author’s own
Editor: Callie Rushton
Copy Editor: 

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Is There a Difference Between the Spirit and the Soul?

Fear not those who can kill your body,
Fear those who can destroy your very soul!

Thomas Moore had some great things to say about the difference between the human soul and the human spirit in his interview with Oprah. He spoke about the movement of the spirit and the attachment of the soul. This is a great way of distinguishing the difference between our experience of soul and spirit. Why would we want to do that you might ask? My reason for wanting to do it is so that I have more control of my responses to life.
Attachment, while giving me security, can also be painful. Movement gives me the experience of freedom. When I am aware of my inner attachment and movement then I can work out how to move from being attached to feeling free. Although, the feeling of attachment, as Thomas says, gives us a sense of where we belong, of our family, friends, and colleagues, but at the same time, we must admit that strong attachment can bring pain.
Not that pain is a bad thing, it certainly has its place in making us stronger, but being aware of the patterns of attachment and freedom mean that we are more self-aware. I know that if I become too attached to an idea that doesn’t work, or a person I have outgrown, then I have to go through a stressful separation. I have experienced relief from this stress through the movement of my spirit. This usually arises when I see the possibility of a new idea, a new friend, or a new opportunity.
In many of my blogs and books I talk about the ancient Greek language used to write the New Testament. I have discovered the importance of identifying the specific words for spirit — pneuma, soul — psuche, and body — soma or bios, which can be translated wrongly. We are so aware of our body and the way it is in touch with the outside world that there is a tendency to think that we are only physical beings. The translation of sacred texts comes into question when the word body is used instead of soul or spirit. The translators may not have been aware of the difference it makes to speak of the soul or the spirit.
This takes on more meaning if we consider that our spirit and soul use our body, bios, our biology, as a means of expression. Compare this to a motor vehicle: The driver is the spirit, the engine equates to the soul, all working through the body of the vehicle. We know that a vehicle isn’t of much use without an engine and a driver.
This leaves us asking how we can be more aware of our soul and spirit. The best place to start is to think about how we connect to the outside world. The outside world enters into us through our senses. All that we see, hear, and feel enters into our soul and there we make sense of what is outside us. If the impulse is familiar, we quickly work out what it is, but if we see or hear something for the first time, it can take some time to figure out what it is.
A good illustration of this is a story about Charles Darwin’s voyage to South America. They anchored the ship, the Beagle, and went ashore. It was a large ship, larger than the natives had ever experienced before. A sailor asked a native what he thought about his ship and the native replied through the interpreter, “What ship? All I see is a large bird out on the water.”
I often think about this story to help me become aware of the activity of my soul; I see something, then I think about it, giving it personal meaning, and then I can act on what I saw, or decide to not to do anything. This is what happens in my soul. As Thomas Moore says, we do this with attachment. We all have certain feelings and thoughts about things, and we have particular patterns of behavior. This comes up in relationships with our friends and family. “Oh, dad won’t like that.” Or, “What will mum think of that?” “My husband/wife/friend won’t be happy when I tell them about that.”
If we can overcome our initial reaction to situations, detaching from our habitual responses, then the movement of our spirit assists us to be more accepting of another person’s behaviour. The movement of our spirit opens us to the future. The spirit moves in our soul, making it more mobile and pliable. Through our spirit, we can change, releasing ourselves from past patterns that hold us back. Those who allow this movement of the spirit within their soul are usually more content with life, more inspiring, accepting change and changing themselves to meet the future.
Kristina Kaine