Wednesday, July 12, 2017

“Commit to a Personal Process”

You are now stridently moving forward as you have moved into the depth of your heart to know who you are. Some of you are beginning to look at the talents and gifts you have discovered, and beginning to stridently move forward into the unknown. You are now being met with and entertaining new energies. And as you stridently move forward leaving much of the old behind you are beginning to shift and change in the physical and your physical body is doing the same.

You are now leaving behind the conditioning, what you have learned and your beliefs that reside in your mental body, your mind. And as you have moved through the two processes we have given you, “Who are you?” and “Why you are Here” you have just begun to understand them in your mind. When this happens and you understand it there, you will then shift from your mind and into your heart so you can understand it and embody it there. Knowing who you are in your mind is the first part of the process, after that you then move to the knowingness of it in your heart to embed it there and is the second part. As you move into the knowingness, understanding it in your heart, it will then shift into the physical body. When this happens you will move into areas of the physical body where memories are stored that relate to aspects of your wounding and held old paradigms, habits, patterns and rituals in place.As you have set the intention to shift from old habits, patterns and rituals and into the new, you are now beginning to do so. Some of you in various areas of your life are seeing these old habits, patterns and rituals for what they are and beginning to shift them. You then begin to form a new way of being. We now focus on “Who You Are” at this time because you are just beginning to know who you are and in that process.

Here is an explanation of how the information comes to you and what happens when it does. When it comes to you it first moves into the mental body. As you understand it in your mind it then moves to your heart. You then, move into your heart to understand who you are there, and do so by taking ownership of you. You can see this now in your life by looking at that one person whom you have affected in your life and why We gave you that exercise.

See how you have affected others and stand in that power to know who you are. As you embody this you then own it. And now that you know it in the depth of your heart the next step is shifting and releasing the old memories from your physical body. This is where you are now.You are now beginning to tap into old memories in your physical body so they can be released and essentially be gone and no longer exist. You then can move into your heart and simply be who you are. As you understand who you are in your mind and then know it in your heart you move from there to being it. But before you can fully “be it” you must release the old memories in your physical body and many of you are now moving through this. Encountering the old and being challenged by it relating to who you are. This is where stating your needs and setting your boundaries come into play.

As you move through this process flu-like symptoms will surface and you will feel in parts of your body resistance and pain. You will be releasing an inordinate amount of energy from parts of your body and feel as if you are having “hot flashes” or “cold sweats”.This is all because you are moving into the old memories and releasing them. With this you just might move into “blind spots” and forget where you are in the moment and quite possibly react outside of you. This is where many of you are at this time so it is most important that you utilize your tools and in every moment and ask, where am I? Where am I in this moment now that it feels as if my physical body is “discombobulated” or for some of you disintegrating? This in many ways is what is happening.

You are moving into old memories in areas of the physical body and specific memories and downloads in the DNA are coming to the fore. In congruence with this, feelings that you have for so long resisted and avoided are also coming to the fore. These feelings are far more deeper than you have ever known and now not so sure what is happening because as you have moved to the core of your heart. Some of you are moving through old aspects of your defense pattern where for example you will indulge the feelings and or will sink into them. Many of you see yourself doing this and are now conscious of it. This is the difference and the growth and where you are.

You know what you are doing and in some cases you are reaching out asking for guidance and support. You know full well that where you are is where you should be. You are at a release point.

We have asked you this. Is your intention to move to higher levels of resonance and vibration within you? And move on the pathway in the unknown to reach “the intersection”? The intersection is where you will reach when you have moved through the process and will connect with the soul fragment’s divine plan. Is this your intention? If it is, be ready to move into the depth of the core wound so you can fully release the memory in the physical body then take next step. That step is where the nervous system will entrain to “the new”. And this is where the depth of fear of the unknown will surface. After you release the memories from the physical body all there will be is unknown because you have released what is known or what you knew which this is the memory. Once the memories are released you are in the unknown. The nervous system then will begin to entrain to the new and this is where the depth of fear of that unknown will surface. Many of you will describe it as feeling out of control however you will be out of control because you are never in control of anything.

This is the process and where you are at this time. You can now begin to utilize your tools through the exercises We have given you in the “Who Are You?” series.

- Archangel Michael via Trance Channel Jeff Fasano

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