Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Harmonic Convergence of Souls

The Harmonic Convergence is a five-year period beginning in 1987 in which the consciousness of the earth was blocked from the development of the consciousness of humanity. Humanity was able to develop and raise its consciousness without influencing the movement of the earth, thus preventing humanity from destroying the planet. It entailed a great awakening in human consciousness, the beginning of what is sometimes referred to as a New Age. 

All of a sudden there were books everywhere about all these New Age concepts. That was the preparation for this new cycle. At the same time, each cycle is governed by a ray of consciousness—that’s the dominant ray that produces a particular level of vibration. The last two-thousand-year cycle, the age of duality, was governed by the sixth ray of consciousness, which is the ray that rules the celebration of the pairs of opposites. And so man evolved through the pairs of opposites and through the karmic wheel. 

This new cycle’s predominant ray is the seventh ray of consciousness, which is the ray of spirit that transforms all physical structure that is in duality. So it destroys all forms that are in duality to reform them to a unified consciousness or a unified field. The seventh ray creates an entrainment process so that all consciousness in this cycle can raise its vibration to that higher level. Therefore, this new cycle creates an upheaval with everything that is in duality. And so you see duality everywhere around you in the world. 

The Harmonic Convergence with its new alignment also brought about a phenomenon called the Harmonic Concordance, which is the initiation of ascension into the physical. It brings about the time of the alignment and the awakening between the unconscious and the conscious. It brings the time of the opening of the doorway of the soul in the heart into the lower self. Therefore, the unconscious can be tapped into in that particular energetic alignment. 

So humanity was developing and raising its consciousness independent of the earth so that it [humanity’s consciousness] couldn’t influence the movements of the earth. This gave humanity a chance to achieve a quantum catch-up in consciousness, because at that point in their choices, humanity was at a stage where they were in the process of destroying the planet. 

The energies of the planet have been raising their vibration over the last fifty years, but particularly since 1987 when the Harmonic Convergence occurred. It created a massive stepping up of that vibration. Then the 1994 Jupiter occurrence and other occurrences and alignments have taken place. Each one of those has created an infusion of higher vibration of consciousness and energy into the earth plane and into the bank of DNA around the earth. So it is creating a mutation of the planetary DNA, and it’s also creating a mutation of the human DNA as a direct reflection of that in the microcosm. Because of that and because the forms (our bodies) are so polluted or so blocked, when the vibration is raised that immediately starts an entrainment process that brings up everything that is diseased in the body, everything that is out of balance, everything that is in resistance, everything that is in conflict. And the body simply becomes a mirror of the conflict. 

So if you are working consciously to clear the vehicle, then you are in charge of the process. Then you can take greatest advantage of the process, of these energies as they come. Then you’re not a victim of them because you learn how to clear yourself consciously. You can then embody the higher vibration with more ease rather than disease. 

When you start the process, all of the stuff that is immediately there on the surface starts to come up and all the toxins start to surface, so you go through kind of a healing crisis because you are disturbing energetic blocks within your body that have been there for years. 

And you’ve learned to live with them, with a certain degree of stress and shutdown, and you have accepted that as normal. The experience of humanity is not an experience of becoming more open and available to life. The process of living, aging, and getting older has become a process of gradually shutting down to life. And that has become the normal process, quite the reverse of what it should be. 

There is no reason why the body has to age and fall apart. The only reason it does is because as you grow older, because of the defenses, because of your survival system as you develop inside, you shut off to more and more of life. And you create a smaller and smaller frame of reference for living, for embracing the pleasure and excitement of life. So you shut out more and more of it and you limit your experience and confine it to a tiny framework. Then your defense says: “This is all that I am capable of experiencing. And I have to fight everything that opposes that. I have to fight change, fight development, and fight growth because it doesn’t fit within the confines of the limited perspective I have given myself, that I have conditioned myself to accept.” 

You see, human beings very easily accept limitation rather than growth, expansion, and development because change is threatening to them. But the process of living is the process of changing. The process of living, from the soul perspective, is the process of growth and development. That’s all the soul is interested in. The ego is interested in confining, limiting, keeping things within a safe perspective, a comfort zone that it can understand and control. Being open to change frees you to be available to the areas of life where what you seek is available. Holding onto the past keeps you trapped there until you can let go and make space for something you cannot see or experience or be accessible to where it is available. Since the beginning of the Harmonic Convergence, you have entered a cycle that is the revelation and healing of duality for the revelation of the soul. 

- Joel D. Anastasi, spiritual Journalist and Trance Channel Robert Baker 

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