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Is Spirituality Our Natural Inclination or Is It Learned?

November 14, 2017 by PHILIP PERRY

There’s a trend in sociology within the last century or so, arguing for or against what’s known as the Intuitive Belief Hypothesis. While psychology has been contributing to the debate only for the last two decades. The thinking is that religious thought is intuitive, non-analytical, and so our natural thought pattern. As we get more analytical we get less religious, the hypothesis states.

This recent Oxford and Coventry University study however denies the hypothesis, saying that we’re not naturally inclined to spirituality. Instead, religious believe they contend, is attached neither to analytical nor intuitive thinking. Instead, it originates from the nurture side of human experience, through upbringing and socio-societal connections. Researchers conducted three separate studies to reach these conclusions. Their findings were published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Previous research has found that those who hold strong religious beliefs are more intuitive. But once they acquire more analytical thinking patterns, their ferventness lessens or drops off. Two of the three were pilgrimage field studies.

Researchers evaluated those walking the Camino de Santiago, or the “Way of St. James.” This journey entails traversing a system of medieval walking paths starting at the French Pyrenees Mountains and terminating in northwest Spain at the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. This is thought to be the final resting place of St. James. The trek takes 30 days to complete. The third study was a neurostimulation experiment, performed by scientists at Oxford.

A pilgrim rests in front of the Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain. Credit: Getty Images.

Previous studies focused on analytical thinking, researchers point out. Here, they decided to evaluate what role intuition plays in spirituality. Previous work also used a “culturally limited sample,” mostly US and Canadian college students. This one drew from a diverse population.

Other work also assumed that “intuitive-analytical systems work together in a hydraulic-like way,” as this study's authors wrote. “This might explain the evidence suggesting that supernatural beliefs might coexist with logical, scientific knowledge, or why studies of tribal societies have depicted the existence of rational, instrumental thinking alongside supernatural ideas and rituals.”

There have been some studies too showing that some religious people can hold spiritual and analytical thoughts in their mind simultaneously. So rather than polar opposites, these researchers found that intuition and analytical thinking may operate as “two minds in one brain.” Supporting this, brain imaging studies have discovered that while logical reasoning emanates from the right prefrontal cortex, religious belief stems from another region, the ventral medial prefrontal cortex.

In the first study, lead author Miguel Farias and colleagues employed a probability bead game to evaluate 89 pilgrims of varying ages (16-67), nationality, and religious belief. The game forces one to select either a logical or intuitive choice. Afterward, participants were evaluated on religiousness by asking, “How religious/spiritual do you consider yourself to be?” They also reported how long they were on the pilgrimage for. Researchers took the results of the game and participants stated religiosity and looked to see if higher levels of intuitive thinking lined up with religious or spiritual belief.

Researchers selected pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago as subjects to test whether there’s a link between intuitive thinking and religious belief. Credit: Getty Images. 

The second study used the same model, only instead of a bead game, they gave participants mathematical puzzles where intuition would allow them to quickly find the answer. Again, no link between spiritual belief and intuitive cognition. In the third and final part, transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) was used. This is using low-level electrical current used to stimulate the brain in a certain way.

A painless procedure, electrodes are placed on the scalp and deliver current in a way that either improves communication between brain regions, or suppresses particular regions for certain desired effects. Here, tDCS was used to increase cognitive inhibition—the ability to inhibit unwanted thoughts or behavior. Doing so also suppresses analytical thinking.

Neuroscientists in addition activated the right inferior frontal gyrus, the brain region which controls inhibition. The idea was that, shutting down logical, analytical parts of the brain might stimulate intuition. A previous study found that this latter region was employed by atheists to block out spiritual feelings.

In the third study, researchers wanted to know if suppressing analytical thinking through tDCS would increase religious beliefs. Credit: Getty Images.

Nine volunteers, recruited from the general public, took part. They were all between the ages of 18 and 64. A little over 58% were women. No participant had any change in their religious or spiritual views as a result of neurostimulation.

Dr. Farias said of the findings, "We don't think people are 'born believers' in the same way we inevitably learn a language at an early age.” Instead, “what we believe in is mainly based on social and educational factors, and not on cognitive styles, such as intuitive/analytical thinking.” As a result, “Religious belief is most likely rooted in culture rather than in some primitive gut intuition."

So if it’s not a natural inclination, why have we humans created spirituality and religion? This video may lend some answers:

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Life is Changing

by Dreama Vance
Life is changing. Can you feel it? Look around you and observe.
I have often said that food would be one of the great dividers during this time. Have you looked at a label on food recently? Low-fat, sugar-free, low salt, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, NON-GMO, soy-free, nut-free… the list goes on and on. Why is this?
People are waking up to truth. People are becoming aware. Yes, people ARE becoming conscious. One of the easiest places to see this is in our food choices. People are no longer sleep-walking through the grocery aisles. Well, some still are. But there are many, many people now making conscious choices concerning their food options.
This is the most obvious place I see real change and it is because food is such a major player in our lives. We all eat. Most of us eat an average of three times a day or more. This is an obvious place for the processed food makers to respond to consumer demand, and so they do.
The second place I see change is in health care. This is not as obvious because not as many are awake to this degree of consciousness yet. Some are, however, and you can see the movement starting. When a group of mothers in New York refuse to have their children vaccinated, you know this awakening is starting. People are beginning to turn away from the mainstream answers of pharmaceutical drugs and look for other choices.
These are changes you can actually see in society, if you look for them. Did you know it is predicted that next year in 2018, veganism will go mainstream? They are predicting vegan “cheese” will no longer be in quotes and that vegan options will be available in fast-food restaurants.
You can see these changes. You can observe the controversies that ALWAYS surround change of any magnitude.
My question to you is: ARE YOU FEELING CHANGE? Are you sensing change in your own being?
As carriers of the Light, most of us have always been ahead of our time. Even if we weren’t consciously aware at the time, we were drawn to choices that were actually steps leading to our own awakening and in our own choices we were opening the path for others to follow.
In 1976, I discovered a yoga class. In 1977, I became a “vegetarian.” At that time when I moved to a different state, I was hard-pressed to find oneyoga class. In an entire tri-city area there was only one tiny natural food store. Today there is a yoga studio almost on every street corner. Natural health food stores are easily available in large cities and even many small towns have one.
Look back and see how your own choices have made a difference. I want you to reflect on your own life and see that choices you have made have been a lamp for others.
Now I ask you again. Are you feeling change? Somewhere along the line youawakened to consciousness and actually began seeking higher consciousness. Your journey in life has led you to actually realizing the importance of spiritual growth. You are in tune with Spirit. You turn more and more to your inner guidance. So I ask you, “Are you FEELING change?” Is Spirit calling to you? Are you feeling that urge moving through you?
I call it “the Breath of Spirit.” It is as if Spirit breathes through you. You feel as if a gentle breeze is blowing through an open door. When this happens, you begin to do something different from what is “normal” for you. You may start to eat differently, you may take up yoga, you may start to write, you may begin giving money away. I don’t know what will be different for you. But I do know when this change blows through you, it urges you to move. It is almost unstoppable.
You ARE important. Each light carrier has a spiritual mission. The Great Awakening IS happening. Be aware. Pay attention to what Spirit is telling you. Tune into the Presence. Let Spirit guide you with an open heart and a willingness to be of service, to fulfill your mission during this incredible life-changing time on this planet!

A Soul Group of Volunteers, Waves of Light and Truth about the many side... There is a group of Souls who incarnated to remember that we Are Source Creator God.Our remembering this unique role we play is activating, restorative and helps us be clearer, to avoid distractions, nonsense and false teachings. I found this message from the team very soothing and uplifting.

I also share insights on the many layers to our being human and what do we do when we identify a layer of someone else that we don't like... Do we discount all of them? What about the layers of them are wildly talented or quite wonderful? It isn't as straightforward as we would like. Being human is not straightforward so neither are our relationships with our fellow humans. Discernment, knowing Your boundaries is so helpful in this world.

Ascension Code materials can be considered at

Always discern for yourself. We are very opinionated and I respect that you and I may not always agree. But I see what works well in this reality and what doesn't and I feel irresponsible not telling you the truth from our perspective. I love you enough to tell you what you may not want to hear. You decide.

With love, gratitude and blessings,

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We have been experiencing massive upgrades and activations since 10/10 when we entered a New Dimension and New Timeline as I have been reporting. The old timeline has collapsed and we can no longer return to this timeline. You may now find that people you knew in the past are still on this timeline. These are the souls still stuck in the 3D matrix and unable to make any progress and move out of the old timeline.
I advise if this is someone you have not contacted for a long time to be ready to be shocked when you talk to them again The difference in timelines in now staggering. You will now see them hanging onto the past timeline not realizing things have changed. They will also expect you to be exactly the same and in the same timeline they are in.
Since we are not able to move to a lower reality once we have raised ourselves up to a higher new timeline, the only way out of the old timelines is for them is to evolve themselves. I am finding they don’t even know they are stuck where they are at this time. It can be very emotional and emotionally draining to deal with anyone in the lower energy. It takes a lot of energy to be able to go, even for a few minutes, to where they are.
You will find it very difficult to talk to them, so be prepared. They will not have any concept of who you are or what you are talking about when you talk with them. It will make it very difficult, if not impossible to talk with them with any clarity.
As we morph into these higher timelines, some of the ways in which our advancements into the light body are manifesting is through our extreme healing of all our past timelines. We are only responsible for our  own timelines, not of others timelines that have lived through that time period  with us. If they do not heal their old timelines of the past, they will be still be stuck in the 3D matrix.
Many of us are now in our own bubble with the many others who have or are actively working to evolve themselves into their light body. We have formed our own very large tribe. There are tribes within this tribe. Even family members we may be around daily will get the energy we are transmitting through our healing work and they may be more aware and open to wanting to heal themselves. As they heal themselves, they also heal their past. As they heal their past their heal all past timelines for themselves.
This healing has occurred through being shown our past over and over again in order to be able to heal it. It has happened over a number of years beginning in 2012. Once we heal one aspect and have cleared this energy out of our body, we move onto the next episode of our lives that need healing. Just when we think we have completed it all, more healing will show up for us, now pointing out all the small details that we still need to work on to be able to  transform into the new light body.
These healing episodes come without warning from the Universe. We will be busy doing something in our everyday lives and we will become aware of an issue from the past that was painful and not worked through. We are now being able to see beyond what the issue was and into the depths of what was really taking place. At the time it happened we did not have access to that information, but as we move timelines we can see clearly what happened.
All healing of past issues must be healed before the light body formation can continue. This is why we are experiencing starts and stops in our transformation. There is far too much healing to be done at one time so this must be spread out over weeks, months and years.
Along with this healing comes the body pain that will come along with these transformations. Some of the recent body symptoms have been:
  • Cold rushes coming up and down the body
  • Deep sadness and spontaneous crying. We might hear of someone from our past and cry to release the unhealed pain from the relationship that existed.
  • Anxiety is also high on the light body symptoms
  • Pain through the back and shoulder blades
  • Bouts of dizziness
  • Feeling energized for no reason
  • Feeling overly tired 
We must embrace all of these aspects of healing and transformation when they show up for us. We need to transmute them by finding our happy place and releasing these energies.
We should not be afraid of showing emotion when it comes in. If there is crying, the crying needs to be released and not held back. There is no better time to release than when something occurs and is in the moment. This moment is always perfect for the release of what may be holding us back.
The light body forms during the same time the healing and releasing occurs. This goes hand in hand. We must feel the pain of our past and them release and move forward to really be able to transform into the light body formation, which will be our new body going forward. This new body takes us into the New Earth. This is also the same light body the Galactics can morph in and out of as they go about their inter dimensional work.
As more move into the higher timelines and higher dimensions they will be able to embody more love, compassion, wisdom and knowledge of the higher dimensions and the connections that take place. They will be able to see the energy that takes place between all consciousness that exists. This is our future on the New Earth. Some of us are already there.

In Service and Love

Diane Canfield 

About the Author: Diane Canfield is a Gifted Psychic, Ascension Expert, Energy Expert and ET Contactee, having had many in person visitations from many different races of our Star Family. She works to elevate the consciousness of the Human Race to evolve into the Galactic Race. Her psychic gifts started in childhood and were reactivated in 2000 when visited by a Pleiadian Mother Ship which encoded her for her role as a Galactic Ascension Teacher. Since this time she has been in constant contact with the Galactics and the Interplanetary Advanced Council Of Light. 

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Your Definition of Love is Wrong - Teal Swan -

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Yep, early day today. I am up and have to place this energy in something so it can flow. Complete the circuit in order to boost consciousness in my being present. Then by being present I can share what I feel. WOW, HU+MANITY IS SURELY BLESSED BY THE LOVE WITHIN ME, as simple, write.
As I was on my journey, whenever my Life was about to change, a gift of a book would come and I would read it. It was always a book which gave me insights into myself so I could embrace the change Life was placing before me so I could grow and learn. The lessons always seemed to be so difficult. The struggle was so intense as I was battling with the past to learn how to be here, now.
Sometimes I still struggle, for it keeps me real and focused on the "present moment". What happened through my struggles to be present is I stopped living in the past while attempting to make a brighter future for myself and those around me. Can you see the struggle in that? I did, and NOW I comprehend what "BEING PRESENT" means.
I kinda learned this from those who were there along my journey, and from the books someone wrote to share some insight of their Life experience with me so I could learn more about myself. I must admit, there is something really amazing about BEING HU+MAN. It's like the "if only?" EACH AND EVERY HU+MAN BEING ON PLANET EARTH += HEART EXPERIENCES THE REAL AMAZING BEING THEY ARE AND THEN REALIZE THEY ARE LOVE AND ALL LOVE EVER CHOOSES IS TO BE SHARED, THEN SHARE. PLANETARY PEACE CAN HAPPEN NOW. THAT'S A "HIGH FIVE" from 5D. You can quote me on that one, lol.
It seems my point is, when I get to it, will be so much fun to share. The LOVE within me IS WHERE my BEING AND THE LIVING UNIVERSE MEET. IN REALITY MY "HIGHER SELF" IS THE UNIVERSE, AMAZINGLY SO. The funny thing is ALL HU+MANITY IS UNIQUE, YET JUST LIKE ME WHERE THEY LIVE IN THE UNIVERSE. Same connection with LOVE when they choose to experience it. "FLAME ON" EXPERIENCE.
I LOVE TO SHARE THOUGHTS, for some of the thoughts others shared with me helped learn more about me and the LOVE I AM. The I = CONSCIOUSNESS, the AM = AWARENESS, simple, write.
Within this moment the universes are dancing, singing, laughing, experiencing and sharing LOVE, all the while creation is learning how to be even more than it is now; ETERNALLY ONE, REFLECTING ONENESS EVERYWHERE. Even into the HU = + MAN "BEING."
ignorance has always confused me to my own self. I just didn't ever "fit in", lol. How am I NOW? JUST BEING, me, sharing these thoughts. I send these thoughts out with LOVE so IN LOVE THEY CAN BE FOUND.
I can now even appreciate those one who came into my Life, reached into my chest, yanked out my heart, threw it on the ground, stomped on it until it was smashed, and then told me to clean up my mess. lol. I can now let all of that go. WHEW!

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The New Rays Amplifying Order and Bliss – Sandra Walter @ Creative Evolution

The New Rays Amplifying Order and Bliss

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
These Gateways continue to open us up to more, more, more. Cosmic Triggers are synchronized events, when Galactic, Solar, and Planetary factors align and create an opportunity to accelerate the Ascension. Thursday’s Cosmic Trigger was strong; I felt I would disappear into the bliss-realm. Fortunately the activity of snowshoeing up to a Gate spot grounded me a bit (cardio can be effective breathwork.) This initiation into our seven-week transitional phase has intensified the Higher Light again. Gaia (and our ears) are ringing in the cosmic alignment.
The Trinity Stargates, which aligned during the August eclipse, look like massive crystalline templates. The inter-universal opening they provide grew wider yesterday, like an iris on a camera, which increases the flow of pure Christ consciousness activations. This amplifies our Christed bliss, crystalline DNA activation, and deepens our experience of transcendence. We are aware of the timeline-splitting, dimensional-shifting, consciousness-shifting events in progress. Now we enter into the mystery; the unknown – yet deeply felt – function of the December passage.
We cannot effectively describe this experience in linear terms. The ecstatic, merging-with-Source aspect of this Divine return is comprehended thanks to millennia of creative expression. When we combine it with (uncomfortable) cellular transformation, lightbody and heart center expansion, time collapse, collective veil-lifting revelation and a planetary dimensional shift, our experience escapes the realm of accurate description. And yet we persist, providing as much balance as possible during this mentally, emotionally and physically challenging phase of our Ascension. Underlying the whole experience is the awareness; We are really doing this, what a marvel to witness it in the physical.
Gatekeeper Notes: Currently in our Vision
Gateways have similar light ray attributes this year, the culmination of years of New Earth Grid activation. Many are seeing these rays due to collective pineal and DNA activations, and asking about their purpose.
Note the changing, higher quality of Light stepping forth as the classic 12-Ray systems shift to accommodate the New Earth. These light frequencies are bridging levels of consciousness, assisting us with embodiment and merging our awareness with our multidimensional Self. You might see them, hear them or feel them; whatever is in alignment with your journey.
aurora sandra
New pink-green auroras over Norway this week – a reflection of the new balancing light? Photo by Marianne Bergli.
The New Emerald Ray: This is the 5D Divine Mother/Divine Feminine frequency, the background energy for creation. In our experience, we see it as a bright emerald-green, almost green-gold at times. This new level of the pure emerald ray frequencies is present in most activations now. For two years, we have been placing and using raw emeralds along the New Earth grid systems to receive this influx of pure balancing light. Its purity and strength provides a strong photonic reordering effect as it floods the gateways and grid systems. Raw emerald pieces are inexpensive, use them with the intention to assist Divine Mother.
The Magenta Ray: The Gateway to 5D. It has a Divine Masculine balancing function (the action of creation) and appears as swirling, dancing light. It is the
harmonious compliment to the emerald ray. You may remember my sketches of this from a few years back.

The Diamond, Platinum or Crystalline Rays: Pure Ascension frequencies for Unity/Crystalline/Christ consciousness. Platinum has an effective clearing and protective function. Diamond and Crystalline Light stimulate the torus fields, DNA, and assist in opening the Ascension column for multidimensional awareness. They are consistent in Gatekeeping and Gridwork, and unify us with the Crystalline Grid around the planet. Our Ascending heart center and energy fields look like crystalline-diamond torus fields. Your Higher levels might use them to connect with you during the Unity Meditations or private meditations. They light up the Ascension column with vibrating, flashing light during upgrades.
The Golden Christ Ray: This ever-present Christed DNA activator is amplifying again. It resonates with Divine HUman DNA, and activates it. It is a carrier frequency for the Solar Cosmic Christ aspect. Sometimes it appears as liquid light.
Solar Plasma: This appears like vibrating walls of 5D rainbow colors. Pastel or pale hues of emerald, magenta, aqua, gold, pearlescent, crystalline, coral, and the platinum hue may be seen. While solar plasma can be used for sealing or protection, it is also an excellent delivery system for light codes and intention. It complements the elementals (because it is one). Before the California drought-relieving storms began last year, I saw myself in my seamless garment, standing on a Pacific beach, raising up massive vibrational sheets of Solar Plasma to assist with balancing the elementals. Experiment with it for healing.
Pure Photonic Light: The highly-charged particles of light in this dimensional-shifting, consciousness-shifting area of the Galaxy. They may present as light filaments, thin beams of light, fields of glittering particles or intense pin-points of light. These streams of unique light do not fit in the categories described above. They are not visible (yet) to the linear eye. This light feels different; it has a very unique quality and light signature. When I asked what this new light was, the Team described it as pure photonic light.
All of these flash or vibrate as pure living light during Gatework, Gridwork and meditation. They are not the only rays or colors in use right now, this list is intended to answer questions about recent visions and changes in the incoming light.
Unity Consciousness Now
When the Unity Meditations began in 2016, we were told it would teach us how to connect without the need for internet or devices. Now we can feel each other on SUNdays and share visions, sensations and intentions. As concerns about artificial intelligence and digital addictions arise, we collectively unplug and amplify the inner organic screen, sending healing, support, and light codes through pure intent.
Join us in the pure organic Ascension as we call forth spiritual disclosure, revealing our Divine HUman skills. Meditate with us on SUNday at 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm Pacific Time. We unify for 33 minutes of peaceful intent to assist the Ascension. All are valued and welcome. We Love You, We Bless You, We Thank You.
Revelation Reminder
We are in our Sacred passage in this Now. It is our Divine right to utilize this opportunity for a brand new experience. To become the New. Remember to demonstrate non-judgment, forgiveness, neutrality and gratitude as revelations come to light, even within the Lightworker collective. Show the way, Wayshowers; sometimes silence is the best teacher. The vibration of LoveLight dissolves all distortion, and deserves your complete focus. We are all one BEing; the wayward parts of us – global and personal – are best healed with patience, compassion and understanding.
In Love, Light and Service,Sandra

Kryon Explains Why Your Ascension is Guaranteed Once You Give Intent to ...

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From Little Free Libraries to buy-nothing projects, these tiny grassroots movements are making a big bang.
When my young daughter and I were in Washington D.C. last year, we stumbled upon a beautiful Little Free Library during our daily meandering through the city. We were thrilled to find this wonderful treasure in such a surprising location — outside an unassuming apartment building on a tree-lined street. We selected a book (Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia by Samuel Johnson) with the promise that we would not only return the book we borrowed, but also leave one of our favorites for someone else to discover.
While I’ve been aware of this grassroots movement for quite some time, it wasn’t until I began digging a little deeper that I realized how widespread it has become in communities across the nation. What’s more, I learned it’s not just little libraries mushrooming throughout the U.S. — little free seed libraries, food pantries, buy-nothing projects and tool libraries are also taking hold, bringing communities together and challenging the idea of consumerism in America.

Big Benefit by Starting Small

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can change the world. ~ Howard Zinn
Darla Bradish, a property manager in Washington state, was so inspired by little free libraries that she decided to expand on the idea, only this time with food.
“I see the need for little free food pantries in my community,” says Darla. “It’s hard for some people, like senior citizens and people without cars, to get to the local food bank, so I thought why not place little food pantries in the neighborhoods.”
After securing approval from the county public health department, she launched her first two food pantries. But it didn’t stop there. Darla set-up a GoFundMe account and Facebook page to raise more funds and connect with people interested in volunteering for the project. Even the local corrections department is onboard, offering to build more pantry boxes.
“One guy got his paycheck, but couldn’t cash it until the next day,” Darla told Yes! Magazine. “So, he came to one of the pantries to find out what he was going to eat for dinner.”
Likewise, the Little Free Pantry project was started by Jessica McClard in Fayetteville, Arkansas over a year and a half ago, with the vision of addressing “hyperlocal food insecurity.”
Jessica saw the Little Free Libraries while jogging around her hometown, which sparked the idea for little free pantries.
“My feeling is little free structures both create space for neighborliness and address social problems,” Jessica explained to the Huffington Post. “Books nourish. Food nourishes.”
Individuals or groups who would like to participate in the project provide a small, watertight structure to be placed at a site of their choosing and coordinate the stocking however works best. It’s not just food — personal care products, school supplies and other necessities also find their way into the pantries.
“How I’d love to have it function is that it would not necessarily be a place for people who are really in need, but just for anyone,” Jessica told Shareable. “On the last day of school, I put some bubbles and jump ropes, and sidewalk chalk, and balloons in the pantry. I had to encourage the parents to send their kids there because they didn’t think it was for them.”
She adds,
“I feel that the Pantry could potentially be for everyone. I took something out of it and took it home because I wanted to know what that felt like. It felt really good. It felt like community.”
Multiple spin-off organizations have since popped up, like the Blessing Box, which is run and maintained by a Christian group in Ohio.
Little free seed libraries are also sprouting up. Audrey Barbakoff, a librarian on Bainbridge Island, Washington, came together with other members of her community to create a place where people could share and donate a variety of vegetable, flower and herb seeds. As it turns out, the public library was the perfect location for the venture. Established in 2014, the group, along with library staff, created a seed shed behind the Bainbridge library branch. Anyone interested in participating brings their seeds to the library where the staff will organize, label and store them in the shed. People are then free to take as they please.
“The seed library is sustainable in all ways,” Barbakoff says. “It’s environmentally sustainable because it encourages people to grow locally and connect with what they eat. It’s socially sustainable because people are coming together to pool resources. And borrowing something is always economically sustainable.”
We’re seeing tool lending libraries as well. Berkeley, California is known for its well-established tool library that is used by hundreds of people in the community. Another is found in Seattle. Liz Mathews came upon the idea that sharing tools not only makes economic sense, but also helps build community. She established a Facebook group where almost 400 people borrow and exchange tools. Liz says that she’s found every tool she has ever needed through the group. As an added bonus, she’s also connected with fellow do-it-yourselfers and neighbors, some of whom have turned into lifelong friends.
While not a free lending library or little food pantry, another community-building, anti-consumerism movement has been gaining ground: the Buy Nothing project. Created by Liesl Clark and Rebecca Rockefeller of Bainbridge Island, Buy Nothing was inspired by a village in the Upper Mustang region of Nepal that operated a “gift economy” — currency simply wasn’t used. Instead, if someone needed something, they asked. “Residents kept communal goats and sheep and took turns watching each other’s fields,” reports the Seattle Times.
Liesl and Rebecca were curious if a high-tech version could work in their own community. They decided to create a Facebook page in July 2013 where people could locally gift and receive. The idea spread like wildfire.
“By the end of 2013, 57 groups totaled 10,000 members across the U.S. Then, Buy Nothing spread to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K.
“Washington remains the U.S. state with by far the strongest following: 187,719 members in 293 groups, according to Buy Nothing volunteers.” [source]
If you would like to start your own Buy Nothing group — or a Little Free Library, pantry, seed or tool sharing project — see here and here for inspiration and resources.
Article sources:
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About the author:
Carolanne enthusiastically believes if we want to see change in the world, we need to be the change. As a nutritionist, natural foods chef and wellness coach, Carolanne has encouraged others to embrace a healthy lifestyle of organic living, gratefulness and joyful orientation for over 13 years
Through her website she looks forward to connecting with other like-minded people from around the world who share a similar vision. Follow Carolanne on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.