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Higher Heart Supermoon Activation Guided Meditation: Day 31 - 33 Days Me...

In today's video, Day 31 of this 33 Day Metamorphosis series, I guide you in a meditation to bring in the frequencies of the Blood Blue Supermoon Lunar Eclipse of January 31, 2018 - the first one in 150 years. I guide you through in the moment integration of these codes into your chakras and especially your higher heart. The higher heart chakra is an important one connected to Unity Consciousness and ascension to fifth dimensional consciousness.

I speak light language that feels to be from my Lemurian Metasoul aspect named Rae-Na. I linger in the higher heart to guide you in feeling your higher heart; how open it is or closed; what its pains are; what is aches/desires are. The higher heart activation leads to unification with all aspects of yourself connecting in love, compassion, curiosity, ambassadorship.

I also offer about the shifting from primarily processing energy through your third chakra (personal will) and to processing from your Higher Heart (service of love self). Archangel Metatron comes in to represent the Divine Masculine (the sun). Goddess Sophia and Mother Gaia come in to represent the Divine Feminine (the moon and the earth.)

Thank you for joining us on this thirty-first day of we move into Metamorphosis energies beloved part of us at a time!

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Total Lunar Eclipse In Leo: Nurturing Our Heart’s Desires

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We are having a Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo on January 31st. These eclipses are also referred to as ‘Blood Moons’ due to the reddish color that occurs, and interestingly this is also a ‘Blue Moon’ as it will be the second Full Moon of the calendar month of January. And last but not least, this Full Moon eclipse will also be a ‘Supermoon’ which occurs when Full Moon’s are closer to the Earth causing them to appear bigger. This combination of all 3 things hasn’t occurred in North America in over 150 years. However, it did occur in Eastern parts of the world on the lunar eclipse on December 30th 1982 which was a Blue Moon outside of North America.
Unlike a Total Solar Eclipse, like the one we had on August 21st, Total Lunar Eclipses are visible over a larger geographical region wherever the Moon is above the horizon. This is because it is created by the shadow of the Earth as opposed to the shadow of the Moon which is much smaller. The entire Total Lunar Eclipse process lasts over 5 hours, however, the Full Eclipse lasts for an hour and sixteen minutes. Click here to if it will be visible in your location.
Note: We’re having a global synchronized meditation at 8:30AM EST. Join us here.
Eclipses occur every 6 months, usually in a series of 2 with a Lunar and Solar eclipse happening back to back, but in some cases we can also have 3 occur in a series. They happen when we have a New Moon or Full Moon near where the path of the Moon meets the ecliptic, which is the apparent path of the Sun from our Earth based perspective. These points are known as the Lunar Nodes. The closer to the nodes they occur, then the more totality the eclipse will have. We will also be having a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on February 15th, which will be a partial eclipse as this New Moon will be further away from the nodes from this lunar eclipse.
Astrologically, eclipses reflect changes and shifts in our lives which could start in the weeks or month prior, but they can also play out over the six months following until the next series of eclipses. Symbolically, eclipse season can be seen as starting and ending a chapter in our lives, with some eclipse periods reflecting that much more profoundly than others.

Lunar Eclipse In Leo Conjunct Ceres

Eclipses in the Leo-Aquarius polarity began almost a year ago, but this energy started to increase even more so when the Lunar Nodes moved into these signs in May, which was followed by the Summer eclipses in those signs as well. The North Node, which is in Leo, points towards an energy in which we need to learn to express in new ways. The South Node, which is in Aquarius, reflects aspects of that sign that is not serving us and we need to move beyond.
Leo is about tapping into what brings us joy, being in our heart, our creative self-expression, leading, and tapping into what makes us great and unique. This sign is also associated with children, hobbies, romance, sports, performing arts, and what we do for fun. It is possible that for some people that things which started in the summer related to these energies may be culminating at this time.
This eclipse is aligned with Ceres, which is part of the asteroid belt and is classified as a minor planet. It brings its themes into this current eclipse period and over the coming months.  Ceres is a feminine and motherly energy associated with the way we nurture ourselves and others. It is also connected to our inner needs, self-care, and doing what is good for us and our loved ones which sometimes could involve some sort of sacrifice. Ceres also rules over food, nutrition, fertility, and agriculture, and could even be connected to eating disorders and overcoming them.

Lunar Eclipse Quincunx Neptune and Opposing Venus and Sun In Aquarius

This eclipse is in a quincunx aspect with Neptune which is in a semi-sextile aspect with the Sun conjunct Venus in Aquarius. Neptune here can amplify the sacrifice theme of Ceres, however, we need to be cautious of self sacrificing at the expense of our inner needs and self nurturing.  Circumstances around our relationships, friends, groups, colleagues, and social network is where this has the potential to play out.
We may need to decide what needs to be sacrificed in order to help us find more joy and to better take care of ourselves or those in our personal lives. Neptune here can also bring challenges related to confusion, deception, illness, escapism, or being too caught up in an illusion instead of what is real. Externally in our relationships, delusional or flaky behaviour could also be a source of challenges and need for adjustments.

Saturn In Capricorn Combined With Leo and Ceres

Saturn is still fresh in its sign of Capricorn which started near the winter solstice. This can ultimately be a time of restructuring, redefining, as well as laying foundations connecting to our careers, ambitions, and long term goals. However, considering the Leo emphasis at this time, a big part of this is to fulfill our ambitions in a way that brings us joy and is heart centred. It is about being in alignment with what it is that we truly want instead of being in our heads and just blindly going for the hustle.
Going back to the Ceres themes mentioned above, this heavenly body is very similar to the sign of Cancer which is the opposite of Capricorn. Nurturing our inner needs, our personal lives, and our heart’s desires is an important factor to consider as we build structures and lay foundations in our lives over the next few years.

Things To Consider At This Time

What is your heart’s desire, what is it that you want to create? How can you better take care of yourself and the challenges in your personal life? How can you apply and shine in your gifts and talents in a way that is a true reflection of who you are? What changes should you make to your nutritional intake in order to feel more sustained, healthy, and to help you to be a much more effective conduit of your creative expression and higher self?
These are just some examples of what could be coming up, but not limited to them either. If you decide to use this energy to intentionally release something from your life, it is best to start that after the Moon starts to wane prior to the peak of the Eclipse, or even over the following two weeks. The exact moment of the peak will be at 1:27pm Universal Time on January 31st. You can click here to see what that is for your time zone. For the exact timeline of the eclipse, click here.
Have you listened to my recent interview on the all new Collective Evolution Podcast? We spoke about astrology in general as well as some of the stuff going on in 2018 and beyond.  Check it out here.
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Vlog 47 - Ascending off of the Wheel of Karma

Ascending At The Pace Of Your Growing Self-Love

by Kalayna Colibri
Sometimes it's the baby steps that bring you the most into yourself and into healing, not to mention into an opening-out consciousness that expands and expands. There can be so much pressure coming from inside, especially perhaps from Inner Punisher parts of you, who like to sometimes make things seem as if they 'should have' been done yesterday, which is so based on deep conditioning taken in from being raised in a capitalist culture, where the wounded masculine rules and the RULES are what matter, not the heart, not the motive, not the roots of anything or anybody...
I feel to talk about taking smaller steps into our Ascension today, because even though in a way everything is being accelerated, it can feel at times like you are moving at a snail's pace or barely moving at all. In fact, this judgment is one that comes from inside of you... from parts of you that are actually quite afraid of the natural momentum of it all and are having a push-pull experience, with some parts of you wanting Ascension and others not, and all for very good reasons too. If we feel a need to move faster, expand bigger, reach higher, and all in a way that goes beyond our current limits (self-imposed or not) we aren't being self-loving and the boomerang effect of then needing to go back and redo or reinhabit different life phases along the way that parts of us have tried to skip is often in order as result. Ascension invites us to love ourselves into deep change that starts WITHIN and moves from the inside, out... not the outside, in. It invites us to let in the ways in which love has NOT been on the inner agenda and other energies have been settled for instead, especially in our relationships to each other and our relationship to ourselves and our parts.
There is no ideal pace in this ongoing process and in fact it feels like it is quite different for everyone. As you continue your inner healing, the anchors to 3D let go one by one in self-loving ways... the inner walls are dismantled brick by brick, while being held and honoured for all they have been needed to protect and keep sacred inside. As this all heals and lets go, the hot air balloon begins to more powerfully move us upward into organically arising moments of expansion in our consciousness and awareness of our multi-dimensionality!
There are so many ways and opportunities we are given to 'pop' into a new awareness or awakening experience. Some experience this in tremendous moments of momentum and others' souls opt for the 'drip line' experience, where awakenings occur in some doses and in a way that is easy to digest. Some will have a mixed-bag in their ongoing process, as has been the case for me. Yet it all needs to be self-lovingly integrated or parts of you will go off the rails quite literally, which in some cases is actually what's needed, yet the more self-loving we can be with this integration and the more tenderly we can hold our precious parts in the process, the better.
In a way, we actually owe it to parts of us, whose worlds we have dismantled and reassembled in many ways as we experience Ascension and deep healing processes, to really BE with them in all of this and give them the space to breathe around what they have experienced and what is being shaken up for them. Parts of you are what have made you, YOU... they have given you the gifts of personality and their increased sense of rest is what helps bring them back in, into integration with your heart and soul, which is ultimately not a part but an arising BEingness that can continue ascending in an authentic and ever-expanding way.
No matter if we choose the baby steps or the giant leaps, we are invited to feel ourselves, to be as self-loving as we can be in every moment, and to feel what that even means through a process of being with what HASN'T been the most self-loving response to life (or love!) inside of us. No matter what we choose, we are on a trajectory of healing and returning to the love that we are, so why not find ways to embrace every step, every part we encounter along the way, and find the fountain of self-love, reverence and appreciation that we are being pointed to on our very individual and powerful journeys?
Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

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How to Make Wind Knots

Wind Believers Gathering: Wind Knots are an ancient practice, useful for modern day traveler. They can provide the user with added wind power as needed for movement in life. For written instructions, become a Wind Believer. Join our group:

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, January 31st, 2018 in Leo ~ Living As Divine Light – L’aura Pleidian

Full Moon Mermaid’s Painting by Sue Halstenberg


Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, January 31st, 2018 in Leo ~ Living As Divine Light

A clearing out of emotions, a rebirth, an expanded awareness of both the mental thought patterns that lead to emotional sensitivity and belief systems, that once cleared, restructure your consciousness.
Your consciousness as Divine Light. Entering into the 5th Dimensional aspect of consciousness from 4th dimensional awareness. Is entering the Divine state of unconditional love. Of being your Divine Light.
Old patterns simply dissolve in this love.
This and more. activated as potential levels of expansion for you, during this Full Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo. The Lunar eclipse adds to the emotional intensity of this Full Moon. Which through self observation, leads to your rebirth.
The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in 11 degrees Leo, is at 9:26 am AST on January 31st 2018. This will be a powerful shift in consciousness and expansion into greater identity with ones pure Divinity depending on one’s life plan. Soul plan.
This long-awaited shift to greater knowingness of the Origin of Ones Higher God self Light, has always been what was to BE.
In the Now Moment ones heart purely opens to The Divine Love of self. It is humbleness. It is gratefulness. It is awareness and peace.
This Light has always shined in the Now throughout eternity. The 5th Dimension and all dimensions have always existed.
The Moon itself represents the subconscious self. That which acts from deep within itself the old patterns. When these patterns are cleared, the subconscious and conscious function as one, consciously. The subconscious becomes conscious. No longer hidden. All parts of self loved.
The Lunar eclipse is Quincunx Neptune. This may feel challenging as old memories and reactive responses resurface. Addictions, co-dependencies, rage, power struggles in relationships may show up. If anything left other than self-love shows up. It is to be loved. It is there for your non judgment awareness to love yourself. When you love yourself ~ you see when others are in suffering. Struggling to control outcomes. Struggling with the habitual thoughts, that are suffering in themselves.
The Lunar eclipse will be visible over the Pacific, Asia and Australia, the entire eclipse will last five hours and 17 minutes. During the totality of the Lunar Eclipse the Moon will turn to red. It does not matter where you are in the world as consciousness and Light exist without limitation of distance.
It is what is in your Blueprint and frequency that activates that which is to be activated for you. You Living as your Divine Light. Attuned and Aligned with the Eternal You. Your Higher Self. Your Presence, Your Divine Ascended Being.
Slipping in and out of dimensions as I began to write. I am here and I am there, already, all now. In what appears as leaving here. I enter the now, the expanded Divine Ascended Being. All with All That is, since before Earth Was created. With the Divine Council of Overseers. All in Divine Love and Glory and Now.
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Jan 23 2018 Alaska Earthquake was a White Hat Orchestrated maneuver

Reconciling Accountability and Forgiveness

Credit: Three Great Things

How does one hold accountability and forgiveness in the same heart without going mad? (1)
They seem poles apart.
But they’re not.
Truth and reconciliation (forgiveness) are both phases of Accountability. Both are necessary if peace is to be established without a festering residue.
To assist the victims of human-rights abuses, war crimes, rape, etc., to achieve closure, the victims must be heard first, before reconciliation is likely to take place or what reconciliation is achieved may not be deep or lasting.
I know how much people want to be heard as a result of an experience I had as a Sociology grad student.
I wanted to be a counsellor and so, to test the waters, I offered to do voluntary counseling for my friends.
I followed Jay Haley’s Problem-Solving Therapy. I was offering people my grand solutions … but no one was buying them.
When I suggested a solution, people would look at me as if I was daft and then continue telling their stories. Didn’t I see they wanted me to listen?
Finally, seeing that I was selling nothing they wanted, I stopped hawking my wares (solutions) and began to listen.
And I listened and I listened. When people had either completely told their story or hit on the missing piece, the issue or upset usually disappeared. I had achieved the result I wanted, not by offering solutions, but by listening.
And I discovered that what many if not most people in circumstances of conflict or trauma want above everything else (but love) is to be heard, to be understood, to have their version of events accepted and validated.
I expect it’ll prove to be the same in regard to healing the world’s trauma. Before anyone is willing to consider reconciliation, they’ll need to feel heard.
That doesn’t mean that everything is on standby until everyone is heard. Some actors on the world stage may already be complete with the communication phase and ready for the reconciliation phase.
Some sectors, some organizations, some communities may also be ready. Everything will go on simultaneously, some people being heard while others are reconciling.
Nonetheless it is challenging to contemplate forgiving everything when you’re following accountability events.
I still have not reconciled the two paradigms completely. There’s still a tad of dissonance which I’ll continue to look at and process.
(1) I’m reminded of past discussions of justice and mercy.

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Embodying Inner Feminine; Divine Mother Connection: Day 27: 33 Days W/Je...

n today's video, Day 27 of this 33 Days of Metamorphosis, SoulFullHeart Facilitator (for women under 30) Kalayna Colibri joins me to talk about healing the inner feminine through feeling masculine aspects such as the Protector and the Punisher. As these masculine parts of us rest, then the feminine can arise. It is usually embodied in our Inner Teenager, who is guarded over by the masculine. Our Inner Teenager holds our waiting to be initiated healthy sexuality; latent emotional maturity; soul gift expression capacity, etc. Kalayna shares about her process with her Inner Teenager and the Protector.

We also talk about the layers of wounded masculine that we've been conditioned to in 3D culture and receive as templating from our birth mothers. To heal these layers is about connection with the Divine Mother and receiving new templating of authentic femininity.

To read more about the Inner Teenager and Punisher and other parts go here:
To read more about sessions, including a free intro, go here:

Thank you for joining us on this twenty seventh day of we move into Metamorphosis energies beloved part of us at a time!

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The Meaning of Life by Saint Germain

Channeled through Natalie Glasson –  26th January 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa
I, Saint Germain, send forth my energy and light of a violet and golden clarity and purification to penetrate each of your chakras. Please receive my light into your being allowing each chakra to harmonise and unify creating a beautiful surge and upgrade of light within your being. As clarity and purification fill your being, emanating in all directions, allow your own inner clarity to awaken and rise into your conscious awareness. You are a being of divine clarity. I, Saint Germain, invite you to recite this to yourself as you experience the light surging throughout your being, ‘I am divine clarity in manifestation.’ When you feel as if you are embodying the statement, feeling and acknowledging its meaning, then simply sit peacefully observing all that you are; the divine presence of clarity. Enjoy the sensation even if you cannot understand or explain the experience.</ span>
As we begin our communication together today, with the awakened and acknowledged presence of your inner clarity, we discuss a profound subject matter; the meaning of life. It is only with the presence of inner clarity that this subject can begin to be comprehended. It is important for me to state that I am speaking of the meaning of earthly life and soul missions.
The meaning of life is personal to every being upon the Earth.
We cannot dictate to another being what the meaning, purpose or value of their life is. Even with the deepest connection to the Creator, acceptance of the Earth’s consciousness and exploration of the divine plan of the Creator, we still are unable to fully comprehend the purpose of their soul. It is also not for you to even try to do so. With a connection to the Creator, acceptance of the Earth’s consciousness and exploration of the divine plan of the Creator you have the ability to recognise the meaning of your own existence upon the Earth. Therefore, we can recognise that it is within your being that your exploration can delve deep, while it is your compassion, acceptance and forgiveness that is required by others.
To discover the meaning of your life is to sense your inner truth.
Depending on how you comprehend yourself and existence upon the Earth, this will influence the level of the meaning of your life you connect with. There is a version of your meaning of life within your emotional body, mental body, physical body, spiritual body and soul. Each version will be slightly different and will bring forth fulfilment to the aspect of your being it is held within. When one aspect of your being is not fulfilling its meaning or purpose in your current existence, this is when disharmony and unbalance can manifest within your being and experiences. Each version of your meaning of life is akin to a puzzle piece when all are engaged, activated and energised, you feel complete upon the Earth in your existence, feeling whole and balanced at a spiritual and physical level.
To discover the meaning of your life, you can begin by asking, in turn, your emotional body, mental body, physical body, spiritual body and soul, ‘What is your greatest goal in this current existence? What do you wish to overcome or heal and what do you wish to embody fully?’ Taking time to connect with these five aspects of your being will allow you to build and form a picture of clarity, direction and encouragement within your conscious awareness that will allow you to flow deeper into your truth. As a larger picture, vision, understanding or knowingness awakens within your being, so you understand the divine plan for your existence. This will ignite greater comprehension of how you can be of service, how you can heal yourself, how you can experience fulfilment and so much more.
Letting go of your ego’s demand for separation, fear and drama, brings you to a space of peace within your being.
When you experience a greater presence of peace within your being especially your ego, then it is far easier to recognise the presence of the Creator in every moment of your existence. Peace within the ego is when the ego is no longer focused on survival and instead focused upon the presence of contentment and happiness. When your ego is focused on survival, this influences your entire being and reality in powerful ways promoting experiences of challenge, pain and suffering. As well as negative and destructive thinking and feelings of being unworthy, unloved and undeserving. When you are experiencing the ego’s perception and focus on survival each day you are distracting yourself from the true meaning of your life. Therefore, the focus of the ego of survival becomes your meaning of your life.
You can call upon my energies and presence, Saint Germain, to heal and dissolve the energies of fear, separation and drama you may be holding onto and embodying as well as inviting me to realign your ego to its original purpose of supporting you in experiencing fully the meaning of your life.
‘Saint Germain, I call you forth to work with me during my sleep state from now on until your presence and service is no longer required. Please share the most appropriate healing with me to support me in the release of any energies of fear, separation and drama. With ease and perfection support me in making this energetic shift within my being. Saint Germain, I additionally invite you to dissolve the alignment of my ego to any negative aspects of survival and realign my ego to contentment, happiness and supporting me in knowing, experiencing and embodying the meaning of my life. I thank you in advance for the work you achieve with me.’
This request only needs to be made once to me, and I will begin the process during your sleep state, continuing until a greater sense of your meaning of your life manifests in your conscious awareness.
Inspiration expands your energy and allows you to access the wholeness of your being and the Creator.
When, I, Saint Germain, was in existence upon the Earth, I realised that if I encouraged myself to be continually inspired and sort out experiences, people and places that inspired me then I was constantly in a state of expanded energy able to connect with the Creator at a deeper level. This served me and encouraged me to realise that my inspiration and expanded energy/ consciousness was being projected from within my being. I then realised that the feelings and awakening of inspiration were the Creator speaking to me and through me, an activation of Creator energy from within me. I began to seek inspiration from within my being, I found every aspect of my being, thoughts, emotions and manifestations, inspirational, exploring them with great depth. The constant stirring of light, love and connection within my being created a profound oneness and unity with the Creator which was born within me. The birth of the Creator within me was far greater than any experience of connection with the Creator I had previously experienced. I discovered my self as a true expression of the Creator, feeling myself adopting the power to inspire the awakening of the Creator within others. My journey continued to deepen into the depths of the Creator within me, and so my pathways before me became an expression of the Creator, filled with clarity, direction, peace and meaning.
Invite me forth to walk beside you and direct your attention to what inspires you within and around your being.
With loving clarity,
Saint Germain