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Find out your Wind Mother Goddess & how she may Guide You to a better Life.

The popular English nanny, Mary Poppins, arrived on Cherry Tree Lane on an east wind.

She was flung through the gate and landed with a thump at the front door. Her arrival shook the house, and joy was restored to the sorrowful family.
In literature, scripture, and mythology dating back to the tablets of Mesopotamia, the east wind brings change. A destructive force of nature often leaves in its wake an opportunity for new ideas and growth.
Sherlock Holmes warned Watson of the cold, bitter east wind that was brewing during World War II, and advised him that, “A cleaner, better, stronger land will lie in the sunshine when the storm has cleared.”
Has the east wind interrupted your life? Are you like Watson, “the fixed point” in a changing age, or are you accepting that nature provides helpful clues? When you turn your attention toward nature, navigating change becomes effortless no matter what wind is blowing.
Maneuvering the Earth’s windswept landscape has preoccupied humankind throughout history. Research for the book, Winds of Spirit led to the discovery of cross-cultural wind deities. Since time immemorial, cardinal winds have provided the structure for ordering reality: east represents mind and beliefs; south represents emotions and feelings; west represents physicality and endings; north represents community and spirituality.
Before religion divided us, people were wind believers. Wind is synonymous with the divine: Christianity speaks of the Holy Spirit; Hebrew refers to Ruach; and in Buddhism, nirvana is a “place of no wind.”
The winds of spirit are always available to help us navigate change. Hundreds of millions of years ago, long before human beings stirred, the wind participated in the formation of our Earth. Imagine how these powerful forces can help us navigate life today.
In Winds of Spirit, 32 wind deities are described in detail who continuously help navigate my life. Each week, I pull a “Weekly Wind” to receive information on the week ahead. Each wind expresses different attributes and attitudes, strengths, and messages which our ancestors understood, but we have since forgotten.
This week I pulled a Winds of Spirit card asking for guidance for the best place to focus our energy as we move into the new month. The goddess that I pulled was the Latvian Wind Mother, Vēja Māte. She is a Wind Mother who offers us nourishment.
Invoke the Wind Mother when you need comfort and divine intervention.
Up until the late 14th century, the Mother God religion flourished in the swampy forests east of the Baltic Sea. The triad of Dievs (goddesses) were comprised of Saule (Dual-Sun), Māra (Earth), and Laime (Fortune). The Sun Goddess was responsible for two suns—one that rose daily, and one in the netherworld.
Māra, the Great Earth Mother, had dominion over matter; she was the giver, preserver, and taker of life. The goddess Laime was Lady Luck and Fortune. One of the nutritive Dievs is Vēja Māte, the Mother Wind. Wind brings rain which nourishes the rye crops required to make bread. Agricultural celebrations marked significant events in time as the sun moved across the heavens. Rituals included the vasaras saulgrieži(Summer Solstice), ziemas festivals (Winter Solstice), lielā diena (Easter/Spring Equinox), and the several autumn harvest festivals (Fall Equinox). Ritual reminds us to respect what we already have.
Tips to Nourish Yourself when the Winds of Change are Blowing.
Connect to your Community.
No matter where you live, you can connect with other people. During this past mid-winter wind, I hosted an online ziemas festival. Members of an online group gathered to hold space for perfect strangers. The power in the Facebook group strengthened as members kept their lights shining from worldwide altars for 17 days.
Inside the cyber walls, a comfortable central hearth was created by kind, sharing individuals as they tended space for an online gathering of over 2,000 people. The wind taught the Fire Tenders in the group how to care for themselves and each other. They found a common thread in the heart flame shared by the nourishing Wind Mother. People felt genuinely connected through this community, and, energetically, through her breath.
Find the Similarities.
After the recent tumultuous weather and storms, it is important to find our familiar ground. It is essential to find a common sweet spot between yourself and your neighbors, no matter your differences or what wind may be blowing. During the fires, earthquakes, mudslides, and storms, people did not ask others what their affiliations were before lending a helping hand. Tempest winds will continue to blow, and, with arms linked together, we are a strong united force for change.
Stay Focused on the Present.
The occupants of the remote lands east of the Baltic Sea were not easily distracted by the affairs of the outside world. They paid homage to their earth traditions, which they kept alive in their underground wind caves for generations. This ancient wisdom has found its usefulness once again.
This does not mean you turn your back to the windy distractions; you can adjust your sails. Cut down your outside interface by 20 percent or more. Turn off the television, the internet, and lower your news intake. Begin to reconnect to your essential self through nature. As you align to your authentic magnetic north, the magical spot of presence and joy, you will naturally turn inward for truth and guidance. Reminder: it is wise to keep a few trusted advisors in your life for reassurance.

Turning into the Wind for Guidance—an Exercise.

Face each Cardinal Wind direction, and ask for guidance.
Ask Vēja Māte for help. Ground yourself upon her sister Mara, then face east toward her sister Saule (Dual-Sun), and ask her to show you what thoughts need nourishment. If allowed, the dievs can help you focus on what you need next. As you turn to face south, ask Veja Mate to teach you how to achieve emotional balance and stability whenever blustery winds are blowing.
As you move clockwise in a westerly direction, ask the sisters how to best nurture and sustain your harvest. As you complete the cycle for the year, you will be instinctively guided north, which is the true home of your “god self.” This is a very tender spot. In this place, you are of service to the community and your life. Every day you wake up to a new version of a better world that you are actively creating by your intentions and actions.
Veja Mate reminds us, “These shifting winds I speak of are the very same winds that are causing a brouhaha for people all over the world.” Now you get to choose what you stand for. If enough people stand up for what they hold dear in their hearts, we can elevate our world vision. If you know exactly what you stand for, you are exactly where you need to be. Keep all your senses tuned-in to the wind for wisdom and guidance.

Ancient Wisdom from Veja Mate as we head back toward the light of spring.

Optimism lies at the core of Latvian nature worship. The Wind Mother offers an endless supply of goodness which is available to those who pay homage to nature. Take “wind walks” often. With each walk, you will receive the guidance needed to move forward. This happens when you pay attention. Everything is possible when you take responsibility for your actions. As you walk, sing a song of gratitude to the Mother for her cherished gifts.
Are you prone to telling disruptive stories or songs? Do you gossip and not take self-action? Vēja Māte encourages you to refocus your attention on your abundant worth in nature. Ask, “How can I nourish myself by giving back?” Every day when you wake up, remember to express your gratitude by saying, “Thank you for this morning wind.”
If you take a right turn and luck continues to pass you by, Vēja Māte reminds you to forge ahead confidently, because fortune will eventually find you. Beware of envy, mistrust, and jealousy, as you will be swiftly led astray in a sand storm. These are opposite states of nurture, so steer clear of pettiness this year. You are needed elsewhere. Find what nourishes your soul and heart. As you do, you will become a radiant wind-spreader, sharing your noble intentions throughout the world.
The Wind Work® system is a powerful wayfinding tool that will transport you to your best self. You will have fun discovering how wonderful your life will feel by simply opening yourself up to the embrace of the healing winds. Wind is the constant in life from your first breath to your last. By focusing your awareness on these robust and formidable forces of nature, you will have the tools you need for reaching your goals and creating more harmony in the world.
Author: Renee Baribeau 
Image: Max Pixel
Editor: Travis May

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"A New Breed of Humans; What to Expect From the Children Incarnating Now"

Today we would like to focus your attention on the children who are now incarnating into your reality. With each new generation progress is made; however these children are more advanced than ever before. They are not only more advanced in their capabilities, they also are chemically and innately different on a cellular level as well. It is our intention to give you our perspective on the changes which you can expect to see in the children coming into your reality and what they will be capable of.
New parents at this time are faced with raising very different children than ever before. What has worked for previous generations will no longer be sufficient or advisable for this “new breed” of humans. You are collectively on a path of rapid development and evolution and these children will be primed and ready for this advancement. For many generations the milestones which have become markers of a child’s development have remained the same; however within the last 5-7 years there have been large changes to the children’s development that cannot always be measured on a statistical graph.
Babies are born much more alert than ever before; from the instant these “old souls” enter this reality they are ready to make their mark, they are eager to take everything in. Children have always held very high vibrations. They do not have any limiting beliefs in place which would serve to lower their vibration. They are fascinated by the simple joys in life, and are capable of living in the now moment. A baby does not worry about tomorrow, nor do they dwell on past events; they simply are present in the now moment and experience each moment to the fullest.
These children who are incarnating into this reality have very large roles to fill. Their capabilities reflect what is possible in the higher dimensions through the evolution of your species. Previously, you had all come into this world in order to experience duality, to gain valuable experiences from the huge variety which is available to you.
These children will not come in with as much to regain or remember as past generations have. They are here to show you how to live in the higher dimensions right from the very start. As you are evolving, as you are growing and elevating in consciousness, you are making great strides in regaining your true power. These young children are here to offer you a new perspective, a new way of living together. Children have always been known to offer very candid advice, however it was rarely taken seriously.
Scientists eventually will begin to see the changes which can be detected in these children’s brains. Their brains do not function quite like the adults around them. They will have more of their brains activated and therefore you will see new abilities and skills coming from these children; what once seemed impossible will grow to be expected. You will be able to see evidence of this on CAT scans which will show a much higher degree of activity at any one time. As a child learns and develops pathways are created in the brain that will allow for that skill or information to be accessed. These new children will have far more pathways then ever has been previously recorded. This will allow for the optimal use of each section of the brain to allow for the greatest potential to be accessed.
It is said that the average human uses only about 10% of their brain. We would say that this isn't entirely accurate. You are using your entire brain, however most humans are only using around 10% of their brain's potential capabilities. A common misconception about this notion is the assumption that this percentage refers to intelligence. However by using more of your brain as it was originally designed to be used will allow for a higher degree of connection between your higher self and your physical mind. Knowledge can be easily acquired by the proper use of your brain anytime new information is needed; not because you will have a greater ability to comprehend but more so because you will be once again universally reconnected and all information is readily available for you to “download” at any moment. What has taken previous generations years of intense training and memorization can be easily downloaded into your mind whenever you desire. Utilizing 100% of your brain will allow you to reach abilities which you have only dreamed of acquiring; an increase in overall intelligence is just one of the many uses of your brain. That would be similar to using one of the world’s most powerful computers as a calculator for basic numeric calculations. Well yes, it does have the ability to calculate numbers, however that is just one of the many things it is capable of. And so it is with your brains. And this is what these new children will begin to demonstrate.
These new children will be incredibly receptive and in tune with not just the thoughts and feelings of those around them, but also of the energy of the past, present and future as well. The psychic abilities of these children will far exceed anything you have seen before. Many of these children will be telepathic. They will be able to send and receive the thoughts of others, near or far, distance will not matter. It will be incredibly important for these gifts to be cultivated by their parents and care takers. Although these children will be born with these gifts and abilities, if they are not nurtured and encouraged to develop these skills, these skills will weaken over time.
The chemical and genetic makeup of these children is physically different than any previous human before. You will notice that these children are incredibly sensitive both in their own feelings as well as to others. They will not learn in the same manner as children did before them. The old ways of learning will seem quite boring to them and they will regularly lose interest. Many new parents are witnessing this in their own children but are unsure of what to do. Mundane memorization of random facts will be of no use to them. Children innately know that they are to follow their passions, their interests and to retain mundane facts is not of interest to them. Your technology has advanced so rapidly that you may now “look up” any question you have and receive answers within seconds on your internet. So what need will these children truly have for memorizing such facts? New skills will be required of these children who will be moving forward in an ever evolving world.
These children will not respond well to stresses placed on them by outdated traditions; what we mean by this is that they will not prosper in an environment that expects them to follow orders which are given to them simply because “that’s the way it’s always been”. Many traditions continue without the necessity which once created the tradition in the first place. Many continue to pass them down simply because that’s what they were taught and they simply see no reason to change. These children will help to replace the old way of doing things, with new ways that are beneficial for all. Many industries such as your medical profession, school systems, financial industry, and politics are in need of drastic changes. These children will question everything, as they are here to break the mold and introduce a new way of thinking.
You have started to see the very beginning stages of the changes in how these children learn with the children who have been labeled as ADD or ADHD. The medical profession says that these children have a defect that does not allow them to focus, however we have a different perspective. These children do not have a defect but rather they simply are unable to properly express the unique gifts and abilities that lie within them in a system that is unwilling to evolve. It’s not that they cannot focus; they simply choose not to focus their attention on old and outdated methods of learning. We recommend that you find what these children are passionate about and ask them to expand upon this topic and many would be amazed at their uncanny ability to absorb a tremendous amount of information on the topic.
Their minds are much more capable than they are given credit for; however they are not being stimulated or encouraged to use their minds in a suitable manner. Their minds work in a different way than what is considered to be “normal”. Many parents have been taught to fear any deviation their child displays from the normal progression of development of other children, however it is our wish to assure you that this is nothing to fear but rather we ask that you embrace the uniqueness of each child. The new standard will simply be, there is no “norm”.
These new children require a more individualized education rather than one that is fashioned for all to fit into its mold. You will see more and more of these new children who will not resonate with the old systems and as their numbers grow, they will force the education systems to grow and evolve. More and more the medical field will search for a label to give to these children who do not fit the “norm”, however it will not be long before the education system takes notice that there is nothing “wrong” with these very bright students, they simply do not learn the way children used to. All children are hungry for knowledge, however not all children are hungry for the same knowledge. Many of the current education systems are focused on merging a diverse group of children into very similar molds, however these new children will prosper in environments which they are encouraged to develop their unique gifts and in doing so, they will flourish amongst diversity.
Not all children will share the same skill set, nor will they all experience the exact same development. Just as all of you have your own unique gifts and abilities, so too will they. In fact more and more you will notice that the “normal range” of development for a child will widen considerably, as each child will flourish in their own way at their own pace. However, we do want to touch on just some of the abilities that you will start to see develop within these children. Some children will possess strong psychic abilities, recalling past lives and sensing the unseen, while some will possess tremendous healing abilities; others will use their incredible creativity to shape and mold the world around them in ways that will astound you. Some will amaze you with their natural talent to draw such vivid pictures at very young ages. Some will possess a “super-natural” ability to manipulate numbers in their minds in just a matter of seconds, while others will be able to “see” the energy that exists all around you. We are not saying that any one child will possess all of these talents….yet. However, know that all of these abilities have lied dormant within your own physical bodies; although, these children will be born with these abilities already activated. In many ways they will show those around them what is possible, they will help many to see what has always been right in front of them. There will come a time when all of these skills are no longer seen as extraordinary, but rather they will become ordinary.
Children of future generations will still require parenting, they will require your guidance, your encouragement and your love, however much of the mundane information which requires so much time will be by passed. Parents will be able to focus their attention on other more important experiences; such as cultivating the child’s individual interests from a very early age.
Your young children hold the template for what lies innately in every human as they have not yet been conditioned by your societies. You will notice that these children will all be unique in their own right; however their development will be similar in that they do not learn in the same way that other children before them have learned. These children, at a very young age will seek to introduce views which will embrace difference rather than fear it; perspectives that will consider what is best for the community rather than any one individual. As these children grow into mature adults they will inherit this world in which you live, and they will continue to make changes to ensure that with each new generation, humans continue to evolve back into a higher state of consciousness. These children are just the beginning of the dawning of a brand new civilization.
We hope that this message has in some way served to enlighten you as it is always our wish to simply share our perspective on the reality in which you call “home”
In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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Much Love,
Dr. Taryn Crimi

Experience: George the Self Esteem Cat

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The Power of Apologizing

Are you afraid to apologize? Many people are. So many people misunderstand this important tool… fearing that apologizing will make them seem wrong and bad, put them in a position where they are no longer equal or deserving, or even worse. All the while, this tool holds the power to build respect and value in your core relationships. Come and explore with me how to use this tool to enhance the quality of your life.

We are the Arcturian Group 2/25/18

FEBRUARY 25, 2018
We of the Arcturian Group honor you who have chosen to assist Gaia and her people during these times of change and awakening. Thanks to you, many are beginning to see for he first time which is adding more light to world consciousness.
Many young ones on earth at this time have incarnated for the sole purpose of assisting the ascension process through their Light and awareness. They carry with them no karma to balance, no lessons to learn, and no energy to awaken, but rather chose to incarnate out of love, for the sole purpose of assisting in the awakening of a world still held in, but ready to graduate beyond the third dimension.
Many of these evolved children and teens have been categorized as "problems" simply because they do not fit into the accepted third dimensional "belief box". They are out of sync with many concepts and beliefs regarding body and mind simply because they do not resonate with that energy.
The commonly accepted use of prescription drugs to "cure" them has caused many of them to lose sight of why they came and who they are. Drugs must be used with great discretion and with the awareness that they effect the energy of an individual.
Many in today's world are expressing anger, fear, frustration and other negative emotions because the false sense of security that comes with many universal beliefs is dissolving. Try not to become too involved in the nitty-gritty of world appearances. Be aware of them, do what you are guided to do, but continue to understand them for what they are, expressions of duality and separation. This does not make them any less painful for those experiencing as well as those observing, but when you hold fast to the higher truths, it helps dissolve the impersonal beliefs manifesting as these things.
There is an element working very hard to prevent mankind from awakening because if the majority was to awaken they would lose the "power over" and control they feed on. These dear ones function from a consciousness of fear and separation, and so fear mongering is their favorite tool for controlling the masses and blocking Light.
BE ALERT to anything you find yourself fearing and you will soon recognize the particular concept or belief you hold as power. Then you can take back that power and say to your mind--NO MORE.
The earth still carries energies created over eons of time by people fully programmed into a third dimensional belief system. The human mind is a powerful instrument of awareness but when conditioned by these beliefs can only access what is floating about in an impersonal world consciousness--that which is already known.
Every thought ever thought and every belief ever believed makes up the consensus consciousness accessible to everyone. The contents of this consensus consciousness are impersonal and never become yours until you claim them as yours. When the energy of a person's consciousness is in alignment with the energy of certain concepts and beliefs, they unknowingly attract them.
For example; a person who has experienced many lifetimes of disease and ill health is often wide open and receptive to thoughts, beliefs, current ideas etc. regarding physical health simply because he is still carrying energy that aligns with them. Individuals living fully from a third dimensional state of consciousness will often accept whatever floats into their head, allowing the suggestion to become theirs, and then declare themselves "victims".
Stay alert to what comes into your mind knowing that now matter how obnoxious a thought, it is not yours until you accept it as personally yours. Everyone has experienced some negative thought and wondered; "Where did that come from?" Whether it is old cellular programming surfacing or something from the un-awakened consensus consciousness, it is never real, permanent, or yours unless you allow it to be. The only real qualities you have or can ever have, are God qualities.
That which flows from Divine Mind is power. That which flows from the human, conditioned, un-awakened mind is not.
Nothing new can flow from a strictly "human" mind simply because the human mind has no way to access anything other than what is already known. When an individual begins to spiritually awaken, heretofore closed energetic doors begin to open, allowing the Source of creativity to express. Example--Music created around some cliche or from concepts already known, can never be powerful and inspiring because the substance from which it was formed is already "old".
New ideas regarding every facet of life on earth can only flow from the Source of creativity which lies within. The world often terms new ideas as breakthroughs--deeper, higher, better, advanced ideas of science, art, music etc. but many of these so called breakthroughs were actually "whispered" into the ears of a spiritually and technologically prepared scientist, musician, artist, healer, etc. by those on the other side seeking to advance the consciousness of mankind.
There are some very creative people able to access their inner creativity without spiritual awareness. They usually believe that they personally are the creative source and that it is coming from their mind which can lead to the development of a large personal ego. They have opened their creativity in other lifetimes through either spiritual work or through actual practice and have carried it with them into this life. There are no child prodigies, only souls who over lifetimes have perfected some ability.
You can talk to your mind just as you can talk to your cells and tell certain thoughts and beliefs; "No, mind, we are not doing it that way any more". This practice is not done with resistance, judgement of self, or fear, as this only gives these things a power they do not have. Do this exercise simply as an acknowledgment of habits and concepts still clearing or broadcasts from an impersonal universal human mind.
See the world you want and feel the emotions that come with it. Let your creativity flow in the directions of peace and enlightenment for Gaia and all forms of life upon her.
There is a war going on--a battle raging between the old and the new, the false versus the real. However, since nothing real can ever become unreal, you need not battle. Everything real already is and forever will be. What do you accept as real? This "war" can only be fought through the consciousness of its unreality and non-power thus starving appearances of their substance.
Many traditions taught and still teach ceremonies, symbols, words, and actions for protection. The need for protection was and still is based in the belief of two powers, good and evil. This continues to be promoted through film, TV, books, etc. Long ago, knowledge attained in the mystery schools and even before they came into being, was misused by those not spiritually evolved enough for the information. They saw it as an opportunity for self gain and a way to control and manipulate others. These activities are now termed the "black arts", still practiced by some for self gain and "power over".
You need not fear these things. With evolution comes the realization that you need no protection--protection from whom or what, if God is all that is? Lower resonating frequencies cannot enter into the higher unless you align yourself with denser energies through fear and the belief that they have power. Protection simply is--a facet of the conscious realization of ONE POWER-- your consciousness when imbued with Light and truth.
Yes, but, you say; "Look at all the people being harmed by others at this time." Know that these types of situations are usually not random. More often than not, especially in these times, they involve souls who have agreed either as a group or individually to experience something for the purpose of; 1.-clearing some personal or group karma, or 2.- providing some unselfish service to mankind's ascension process through an event or experience that will impact a lethargic world into awakening in some necessary way.
There are no "good" people, only enlightened ones. There are no "bad" people, only hypnotized ones. God is the only person there is.
God does not love or seek pain and suffering. Suffering is not and never has been a facet of Divine Consciousness. If it was, pain and suffering would be eternal realities held in place by Divine Law. The days of hairshirts, flagellation, and "offering it up" in the misguided belief that pain and suffering pleases God and makes a person more "holy" are finished. The past must be let go of.
Ascension means evolving into a higher dimensional energy. In spite of what so many believe, the third dimension is the bottom wrung of a very high ladder. You have all worked hard to get to where you are now and Gaia is ready as well. You were fully aware of these times as being times of change before choosing to incarnate. know that you are are Light workers and no longer victims regardless of any past experiences.
Everything surfacing at this time is doing so because of the expansion of consciousness taking place as so many begin to awaken. These energies of enlightenment are serving to expose everything hidden and dense both within and without. The temptation for everyone at this time is to slip back into the past, where things were familiar and comfortable, and where the "bad things" were hidden from view. Nostalgia has become very popular.
Try to stay present in each now moment, for when a person continually looks to the future, they are actually in the past, seeing and pondering things from what is finished. Stay present doing the best you can in each moment while living from your highest state of awareness. This is the work.
Many are hurting and suffering at this time, love them in the ways you are able to. Love yourselves, for you block the flow unconditional love if you eliminate yourself from the wholeness of ONE (belief in separation). Love as well, the troublemakers through your realization that they also are expressions of Source, in spite of their ignorance.
Love, pure unconditional love is the answer to everything because it is the only Reality.
It is the realization of a consciousness of ONEness.

It is your essence.

It is your soul.

It is God.
We are the Arcturian Group 2/25/18

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Quantum Conversation with Lauren Galey & Sandra Walter: Ascension, New E...

The Continents of Mu and Atlantis – One Lost, the Other, Hidden.

by Sina Rasoul-Zadegan

Ahhh, the Atlantis “myths”.
Ahhh, the Mu “myths”.
I’ve had agents provocateurs make comments on some of my Mu related posts, calling it a “mythical continent”.
They hope that passerby’s, other readers, are ignorant of things like Colonel James Churchward’s book, The Lost Continent of Mu.
They hope you are ignorant of the ancient tablets, in India, that make mention of the “creation of man” in the land of Mu, the “mother country of Humanity”.
They hope you are ignorant of Plato’s mentions of not only the Atlantean continent but also the land of Mu.
They hope you remain ignorant of the Troano Manuscript, the Codex Cortesianus, the Lhasa records…
And of the other records of the continent of Mu, the continent on which walked my ancestors…
The Pan people…
Roughly 326,000 years, ago.
These were the very first Humans of Earth, whom spoke Farsi, and are the ancestors of the current, “modern” Iranians, Indians, Irish, Yemenese, Pakistani, and a handful of others.
The original language of these peoples are the same.
Mu – the Great Continent
Stretched for thousands of miles from the north of Hawaii down to a southern border that can be visualized with a line connecting Easter Island and the Fiji Islands.
~5000 miles from east to west.
~3000 miles from north to south.
So, that’s an approximately 15,000,000 square mile island.
The Pan PeopleThe Secret to Immortality by Sina Rasoul Zadegan CamelLot Blog Kindled Spark Services
64,000,000 of them came, according to the ancient records. (In actuality, around 100 million.)
Their home-world was Neptune. (Yes, the Neptune of this solar system.)
They are the “Builder Race” of planet Earth.
Their civilization was called the “Empire of the Sun”…
Because of their veneration of the celestial giver of Life, the physical manifestation of the Giver of Life; God.
The metallic representation of the Sun is gold; an inert metal.
It represents strength, power, neutrality.
It represents Life.
And so, the Pan also enjoyed the aesthetics of gold and this is why many modern Iranians and Indians looooooooove gold!
That penchant for the lustrous, yellow metal has been passed down, throughout the ages.
And wearing gold also has health benefits, particularly this specific design; a pendant of mine, modeled on one of my Pan ancestor’s designs, which you are welcome to make, for yourself.The Argento Cross Sina Rasoul Zadegan
Before you laugh at the concept of wearing gold and that having health benefits…
It would benefit you to know that your blood-stream contains gold, albeit in trace amounts.
Health benefits.
Demise of Mu
The Pan settlers were peaceful and they were the first Humans to colonize Earth.
But, they were not the only ones to occupy Earth, at the time or later on.
Also came other spacefaring civilizations, about 1000 years after the Pan first settled, on Earth.
And these newcomers colonized other continents.
We are, now, at a point in time, ~322,982 BC.
And so an intermingling of species, began.
Growing Discord Amongst Neighbors
Not all of the new-coming civilizations were entirely peaceful.
They hailed from various constellations including the Draco constellation and the Leo constellation.
A minority of white-skinned men and women of Earth are of Pan ancestry, Aryan ancestry. But most are of Atlantean ancestry, not Aryan.
This is not the same Aryan ancestry as claimed by the perpetrators of the atrocities of Europe’s recent past – you will learn more about Atlantean imitation, below.
The Atlanteans joined the Pan, earlier on: They were one of the first civilizations to “greet” the Pan, 1000 or so years after the Pan settled, on Earth.
The Atlanteans hailed from the Leo constellation.
They settled on an island in the Atlantic Ocean.
Other civilizations, arriving, in time, settled on other continents.
Why the Departure From Their Homelands?
The Pan – the more improved and physically enlightened members wished for seclusion from the rest of their home world, blind and deaf to their teachings. Other factors, Divine Directive, were also pertinent.
For the Atlanteans – troubles with the bee species (pollination), on their home-worlds, and other domestic issues.
Other civilizations faced similar problems, at home, including: Sterility, war, taxation, strife, and so on.
WarsConstellation Leo
As it turns out, when you leave war-ravaged homes, without resolving the weaknesses, you bring your baggage, with you.
The unstable Atlanteans, and other civilizations, after generations of skirmishes against the Pan, concentrated their efforts on the Pan, about 310,522 BC.
About 17,340 years after that, the Atlanteans created the AI.
After thousands of years of smiling at angry neighbors,
The Pan decided to leave the planet and leave the remaining civilizations, to their own devices.
Some of the Pan decided to stay, to keep a light that fire of illumination (that “fire of Prometheus“), into the future…
And from one particular Pan family sprung forth the likes of Zarathustra, Maryam, and Issa (The Jesus You Don’t Know – Who He Really Is).
Evolved Living Being’s Innate Ability to Alter Environmental Conditions
Upon the departure of the majority of the Pan, the remaining Pan families relocated to what is now considered the “Middle East” (Why Is There So Much Conflict in the Middle East?).
And as tensions rose amongst other civilizations, calamities occurred.
Humans and other life-forms, higher intelligence, are not separate from their surroundings.
Their disposition alters the rate of vibration of their bodies and the rate of vibration of their bodies affects their disposition.
That rate of vibration, the entropy of the body, also creates ripples in “space-time”, in the environment, like a buoy in water.
Those ripples affect other lifeforms.
They are sent out, to the Universe, encompass it, and return with like frequencies.Life is Vibration
Frequencies of war, deceit, and manipulation bring back similar misfortunes as current-moment experiences.
This has very real effects on the likelihood of environmental catastrophes.
All of life is vibration.
An entire civilization, emanating frequencies of destruction, will draw to itself conditions of destruction – it will also negatively affect the planet’s own entropy.
The meteorite that destroyed the dinosaur species, prior to Pan arrival, is an example of that.
What evolved from those dinosaurs went underground, because the surface of Earth was uninhabitable, to them.
When the Pan arrived, a lot of “terraforming” had to be done – but not in the manner that people will think.
The strife amongst the Atlanteans, Draco, and other civilizations lead to earthquakes, floods.
Which ended up destroying much of, but not all of, the continent of Mu.
In line with this…this is why the 2002 NT7 asteroid is a real problem:
And it’s solution is more practical than people think.
The Destruction of Atlantis
The warring Atlanteans brought to themselves the destruction of their own island-home – tsunami’s and floods.
Their egregious experiments, including genetic modification of their own people, and other races, led to the hybridization of the species, many of whom were sterile. Some experiments resulted in very large individuals, the basis for the “legends” about giants, cyclopes – “nephilim”.
Keep in mind that the Atlanteans were/are technologically advanced and were/are capable of altering environmental conditions. That can back-fire, when used maliciously. (There Is No Karma! Only Cause and Effect.)
The near total destruction of Atlantis forced most of the Atlanteans to relocate to “mainland” continents: Along the eastern coasts, for the Americas, and the western coasts, for Europe and Africa. And they further mixed and mingled.
Some of the Atlanteans migrated to what remains of the continent of Mu – a currently existing island, albeit smaller.
And they have remained, on Earth, ever since…
In the Pacific Ocean.
Others remain in the Atlantic, still.The Destruction of Atlantis
Planet Earth is still home to at least 12 different races/species of higher intelligences.
You Might Be Wondering…
How do you keep something like that secret for so long?
Well – you don’t.
Although records do get destroyed with the rise and fall of civilizations… and much of them do get retrieved and are kept, hidden.
But not all of it – as you’ve read references to, in the introduction.
Some information does come out, one way or another.
You will have to look where few others, do. You may have to read, a little.
You may have to use insight, a lot.
You will also have to pay attention to the people whom cry for help, when they have reported experiences with these higher intelligences, instead of ignoring them under the umbrella of “absurdity”. To a delusional species, in denial, Truth can seem stranger than fiction.
Past United States presidents have spoken of experiences pertaining to non-human, non-terrestrials. President Reagan wrote about these things in his personal diaries.
Since the people of Earth have become experiments for many of these interacting, higher-intelligence species, they, too, have vested interests in remaining, hidden.
Read this blog-post:
Much of these records, records of history, have been gathered and kept secret from you.
The evidence, hidden.
All the while, the people are programmed and kept busy, not knowing what’s going on, right under their noses.
Is it a difficult task to fool people whom still think the Earth is flat?
Have a look at this:
Francis Bacon – Father of the Scientific Method
Francis Bacon, a notable illuminist and member of the “Invisible College“, the Hidden Order, wrote a book entitled,
The New Atlantis.
People think it’s a work of fiction, but he had traveled there and had seen what the “New Atlantis” looks like.
And how it’s people, live.
These are the very Illuminati of planet Earth.
They erect monuments to the greatest scientists of their and our time.
They worship the mind – the body’s saboteur.
And their technology is highly advanced. In fact, they, through their associates on the mainland, are those whom release to our societies many of the more advanced technologies, based on their time of choosing, in accordance with their plans. Technologies like the micro-chip and nuclear reactors. Jet propulsion.
Their associates profit by being the ones to produce and sell the products.
And they benefit from guiding the evolution of the species, based on their own agendas.
Francis Bacon
Other species also do the same, in competition with the Atlanteans, in regards to the “mainland” humans. This results in certain international disputes, at times; some of which may be rooted in various alliances and their conflicts of interest.
Competing factions, civilizations, often engage in battles that our news media have to cover up so no one has a heart-attack.
Some of the battles are underground and lead to the earthquakes we think are “natural”.
Some of the climate anomalies are due to the weaponization of the weather.
Think that’s science fiction?
Listen to what Dr. Michiu Kaku has to say about weather warfare and it’s past use:
Francis Bacon
Mentioned that this “New Atlantis” is in the Pacific Ocean.
And it is.
It is built on what remains of Mu.
Atlantean Imposters
Poseidon Neptune
As it turns out, when you distance yourself from the Universal Will, and you further weaken yourself to God,
You make it more difficult to be inspired – to have greater creativity.
So you tend to imitate, others.
And the Atlanteans have done that, very carefully.
They are extremely envious of the Pan:
They have attempted to genetically modify their appearances, to look like the Pan.
On Atlantis you will find a statue of Poseidon – the Greek god of Neptune.
They have laced their own, and Greek legends, with the representation of Neptune (Pan home-world), to pretend to be Pan – Poseidon and his trident..
The Trident, itself, is a representation of the 3 overarching attributes of God: Omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence…
These attributes are things that the Atlanteans attempt to imitate with their technology – some of these imitations events, incidences, are back of the stories that have made it into the religions of the world, namely, the parting of the Red Sea during Moses’ time, and, as another later example, the “miraculous” successes of the Muslim conquests under the leadership of Muhammad and his first of many wives… and she so happened to have been a well-funded, Catholic agent of the Vatican.
Persian Flag Leo
Other ways that the Atlanteans have attempted to imitate the Pan and is with the placement of the lion on the Persian flag, the flag used prior to the Islamic Revolution.
The Persians being the descendants of the Pan.
The lion is representative of the constellation Leo, from which the Atlanteans hail.
Certain high-level initiates of the Hidden Order are granted admission, visitation, to Atlantis – as Bacon experienced.
As others, currently, experience.
Where Is the Island of Atlantis, Now?
In the Pacific. Farther south, towards Peru.
How Do You Keep an Island Hidden?
It’s all about the refractive index.
If you can create material that will bend light around it, you can hide whatever the material surrounds.
The technology pertaining to that is currently available.
You can read this article, by the MIT Technology Review:
I’ve experienced assassination attempts, on me, by individuals using this cloaked technology.
The caveat is that it’s not perfect – you do see distortions.
Unfortunately, those individuals didn’t leave calling-cards and mailing-address for me to make public, for you. 😉
If the technology is there, for an individual, you can be certain it is available on a grander scale, too.
And that is exactly what they use.
Do you think domes are science-fiction?
Well, some greenhouses are domes.
If you could alter the refractive index of the panels to bend light around what’s inside, could you make invisible what’s inside?
Domes were even suggested for use for the re-colonization of Mars.
Is Any of This Hinted At, in Popular Culture?
The Simpons has recently gained fame for it’s string of accurate “predictions”.
You can read this blog-post of mine about how they do that:
In one particular episode, in the “Stonecutter’s” guild, which is a pseudonym for Freemasonry, Homer and his new brothers sing a song with this particular lyric:
” Who keeps Atlantis off the maps?
We do, we do!
Now, with the recent accuracy of “predictions” from the Simpsons, it’s worth taking note of such things.
This Is Not to Say That…
The entirety of Freemasonry is in on it: Most of them are clueless. I know, because I used to be a member of these “mystery schools”.
Freemasonry is an onion, in society.
An onion with many layers, with a core.
At the core is a group of men and women – the Hidden Order.
And within the Hidden Order, there are deeper secrets, yet.
And it is this order, whose members collude with the Atlanteans to keep Atlantis…off the maps.
In that same Simpsons song, they also sing the following lyric:
Who robs cavefish of their sight?
We do, we do!...”
Because the Hidden Order considers you cavemen and cavewomen, the “cavefish” reference is used.
“Sight” is a reference to “insight“.
…So they suppress the insight of the general public, those weak to them in that regard; “robbing” the general public of it’s insight…so it can’t confirm, for itself, that which may or may not be in written records…
That is what that particular lyric means.
Improve your body to have mastery.
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