Saturday, March 31, 2018

Needs vs Wants - The Eternal Human Struggle!


Liberation Day arrived for me this past Wednesday, 3/28! The exterminator came and did another inspection and said I should be fine now. Yay, I can finally start to take my personals belongings out of the 50 or so plastic bags strewn around my apartment!

For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, please see my blog from last month.

While the last 12 weeks have been a huge challenge, now comes an even bigger challenge. As I start to undertake my biggest spring cleaning to-date, now is the time for me to truly engage in practicing Aparigraha. It's time to let go of stuff I've been holding on to. Now is the time for me to determine what is a need and what is a want. I have a feeling the process ain't going to be easy for me. Does my unease sound familiar to you?

For those of you unfamiliar with Yoga philosophy, Aparigraha is one of the Yamas. The Yamas and the Niyamas are the ethical guidelines for practicing yoga -- the Ten Commandments of Yoga, so to speak. The Yamas are the things we should try not to do, for e.g., don't harm, don't steal. In the case of aparigraha, we should try not to be overly possessive, not to hoard, not to grasp or hold on too tightly, not to be greedy.

Yoga teacher Molly Lannon Kenny offers us some key insights on what we might experience in the absence of practicing aparigraha. She writes:

Our tendency to hold on tightly is something intrinsically human, and provides us with a false sense of control. … [which] leads us to feelings of constriction and scarcity. We end up having less space, less spaciousness, and we cling to superficial beliefs that cloud our ability to reach for something much deeper to believe in.

Does this sound familiar to you? I know that when I try to fit too much on my plate, and add too many to-dos into my day, I end up feeling less spacious in my mind and body. I ask myself at times, why am I accumulating so much? Does it come from a place of scarcity within, a feeling that I never have enough and that there's always something more I should be doing? Does it come from a feeling that I need to control everything around me or else my life won't make sense, and I'll experience that uneasy feeling of groundlessness, where things are spinning out of control in and around my life and I feel like there's nothing I can do about it? I don't know the answers to these questions, but I think they are important questions for me to ask myself. (Something of an aside -- I also think that practicing meditation is a great way to find the answers to these questions.)

Many years ago, in the late 90's, there was a wonderful yoga teacher at the YMCA whose class I used to enjoy taking. I learned a lot from her, and one thing I'll never forget she said as we were practicing yoga is this:

"Let go of what is stale, old, and no longer useful."

The beauty of yoga asanas is that when done correctly and regularly, they can help us to let go of some of the old hurts that have lodged themselves in our bodies, minds, and hearts that are no longer serving us well. And this statement is also a reminder to me that one day even this body will no longer be useful for my spirit to hold on to. Yoga and meditation are preparing me for that moment. So is this "spring-cleaning" project I'm about to undertake.

Paul Dalligan writes that "Aparigraha is the art of what is needed. Truly applied it is a great freedom for the practitioner and distills all our material and psychological possessions down to what we need." So as I undertake putting my apartment back in order, it will be a great opportunity for me to assess what do I really need to hold on to and what can I let go of now at this stage in my life. What things are no longer useful and are creating a burden not only in my physical space but also my mental spaces. It will be about balancing my needs versus my wants, and again I know it won't be easy because my mind likes to cling on to things. Maybe yours too?

When we practice generosity and give our possessions away it is not only the receiver that is blessed, but also the giver. In my case, I don't yet know what things I will be trashing and what things are still useful for someone else to use, but I do know that whatever I give or throw away, I will truly be blessed by a sense of lightness. On this point, Paul Dallaghan says:

The essence of it is a lack of, or at least a reduction in, selfish behavior. The mental attitude is not one of "what am I going to get, what can I get or I really want that", but rather no interest to acquire and keep. There is a stronger urge to give and share, use things as needed and be willing to let them go when done.

As translated by SwamiJ, Sutra 2.39 of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali says:

Aparigraha brings the past and future: When one is steadfast in non-possessiveness or non-grasping with the senses (aparigraha), there arises knowledge of the why and wherefore of past and future incarnations.

Upon first reading it seemed odd to me that Patanjali was tying in not being greedy with awareness of incarnations. To this point, Paul Dallaghan also writes:

The lack of material bondage allows the spirit to reveal itself.

Aaaahhh, so now I see how it works. When I can be less burdened by physical and mental possessions, I will have more space in my mind and heart for my true essence -- the Who-Am-I-Anyway or That-Who-I-really-Am -- to reveal itself.

While on one hand I know i have lot to let go of, if I've learned anything from the last three months it is that I now realize I am actually quite capable of surviving with very little. I've spent the last 3 months wearing pretty much the same set of clothes day-in-and-day-out, week-by-week. so I now know that I can at least practically exist with very little to cover my body with.

I hope this little lesson in Aparigraha can be useful to you.

Happy Spring Cleaning to me ... to you ... to us!

May you ...

not be greedy, ...

not grasp too hard, ...

let go of what is stale, old, and no longer useful, ...

practice the Art of What is Needed, ...

... for the benefit of all beings everywhere.

Aloha, with Metta,

Paul Keoni

Friday, March 30, 2018

Prayer for the Inner Child by Master Kuthumi – Natalie Glasson


Master Kuthumi @ Ascended Master Portraits


Prayer for the Inner Child by Master Kuthumi

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 30th March 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa
The deepest of love extends from my soul, Master Kuthumi, to all existing upon the Earth and experiencing ascension consciously or unconsciously. For those conscious of their ascension their responsibility to anchor, embody and deliver the high frequency vibrations of the Creator is greater. Not only are you responsible for your personal ascension, you play a key role in the ascension of the planet. Your awareness of the presence of the Creator within and around you as well as within all assists in encouraging unconscious souls to remember the Creator. The more light you can anchor through your being, embody and radiate into the world not only will your life enhance you will be creating the perfect environment for the transitions and shifts of others. The ascension of others is not your responsibility, the expression of your truth is.
It is my purpose to highlight to you the power you hold within your being and the positive influence you have upon the world especially when you focus upon your own spiritual evolution. Resolving energies within, healing your being and recognising your truth is akin to showering the world with blessings. This is a beautiful concept to remind yourself of as if you wish to be of service to the Earth and her humanity, first be of service to yourself, then the blessings you shower upon the Earth and her humanity will be far greater. When you recognise the connection between your spiritual evolution and the positive impact this has upon the world around you without you even communicating with the world, you recognise a key which will always encourage you to delve deeper within your being.
The suffering you may recognise within others, humanity and the world also exists in some form or consciousness within your own being; this is the case especially if you experience a reaction of any form to the suffering of others. The more you heal the suffering within your being the less likely you are to even see or sense suffering in your surrounding world, this I know seems impossible. When a complete healing of suffering takes place within your being it will only be your connection with the collective consciousness of humanity which is where you would be able to access the energy of suffering from. Being alerted to the suffering within the collective consciousness of humanity would be a signal to you that your healing skills are required to bring forth transformation to the consciousness of humanity and therefore all souls who have existed upon the Earth.
It is the inner child who often absorbs energies of suffering. Your inner child is a reflection of your childhood, of wounds carried forth from past lifetimes and represents the essence/ innocence of your soul. It is within the inner child that the truth of the Creator can be seen plainly while limitations and suffering of any form are evident as well. The inner child feels and experiences energies deeply and profoundly which means that spiritual experience can be intense while suffering can feel crippling. If negative or limiting experiences occurred in your childhood, then it is often that the inner child reacts from the age, awareness and consciousness of those limiting points even when the body is fully grown to an adult. Issues from childhood or even past lifetimes continue to impact your reality and stunt the growth of your inner child. This can cause deeply painful experience s, inability to think clearly and being unable to regulate limiting reactions. The purpose of the inner child is to be fully grown exuding the peace, balance and innocence of the Creator. When the inner child is healed and balanced any age of the inner child can be accessed and merged with the current adult reality to create a positive impact.
The War of the Inner Child
Imagine a world where adults are interacting and reacting with themselves and each other from the core of their suffering inner child. The inner child wants to feel loved, supported, nurtured and fulfilled, if this is not satisfied then the inner child becomes needy, demands attention, blames, hurts others and thinks in forms of separation and self-importance. Again, I invite you to return to imagining a world where all adults are acting and reacting from this aspect of their inner child, the world created is one of suffering for all. Not only are adults suffering and causing suffering to others they are impacting the consciousness and energy of souls born as babies upon the Earth. The suffering is projected into the collective consciousness of humanity, so a person of any age can be influenced by the energy. When a person as an adult or a child embodied the wounds of their inner ch ild they can cause suffering to themselves, adults, children and animals and may not be conscious of their actions. Children who radiate the innocence of the Creator can become victims of the wounds of the inner children of others.
It is important to realise that the wounds of your inner child and that of others impact the way you act and react towards others, whether adult, child, animal or even plant. It is the wounds of the inner child that explains why so many adults, children, animals and plants suffer upon the Earth. When, I, Master Kuthumi, am speaking of suffering, I am referring to the abuse or mistreatment of others. The person causing the abuse or mistreatment may hold many inner child wounds.
The Roles Souls Play
When we are speaking of suffering, abuse and mistreatment of any kind there is a need to realise that victims and perpetrators have often unconsciously created an energetic contract of learning together.  This I know seems impossible, who would consent to such a thing? The old consciousness and energetic patterning of learning and growing spiritually through pain and suffering still remains upon the Earth; many are releasing this patterning in favour of growth through love. However, it is still present within the lives of many. It was previously used as a way of jolting the soul into remembrance of the Creator; now this is no longer needed as a process of inner awakening.
Prayer for the Inner Child
When observing the suffering of yourself, inner child or others there is always a need to anchor light and love of the purest vibration; this erases any contracts, brings wounds forth to be healed and awakens inner remembrance of the Creator. This is also why we encourage you to anchor your light as a lightworker into the Earth because you assist in the healing of others automatically and without your awareness when you do so.
I, Master Kuthumi believe there is a link between the suffering that some children experience on the Earth and the suffering of the inner child within many adults, even if their pathways do not cross. When adults heal their inner child so the suffering of children on the Earth will transform and become non-existent.  I, Master Kuthumi wish to share with you an invocation which will support the healing of your own inner child, the inner children of all upon the Earth, the collective consciousness of humanity and the physical children of the Earth.
‘I invite Master Kuthumi and his healing team to come forth to me, sharing your energy, love, healing and truth. I open myself fully to receive the sacred vibrations being directed to me now. I invite my entire being to embody and radiate the light and love being shared with me, so that it may touch my being deeply as well as the Earth.
I invite my inner child to be receptive and absorb the light, love and healing flowing through me. Now is your time to heal and receive all you require to fulfil yourself. My beloved inner child please know you are deserving, absorb what you need and bring to my conscious awareness anything you wish to release. With Master Kuthumi, his healing team and the Creator, I am present to support you now.
(You may wish to take time to experience with your inner child, or you can read this as a prayer and allow the transition to occur afterwards.)
I am a beacon of light, radiating healing vibrations across the entire Earth. May the light I share penetrate each being touching and bringing light to their inner child. May the inner child of every person heal and receive all they require to fulfil themselves. Please know you are deserving, absorb what you need and release what is no longer needed. With Master Kuthumi, his healing team and the Creator, I am present to support you now.
I am a beacon of light, radiating healing vibrations across the entire Earth. May the light I share penetrate each child that is experiencing or has experienced suffering, abuse or mistreatment of any kind. Dear children open to receive the light we share with you now, let it surround you and safeguard you. May the inner child of every child be healed and receive all they require to be fulfilled. Please know you are deserving, absorb what you need and release what is no longer needed. With Master Kuthumi, his healing team and the Creator, I am present to support you now.
My light is always present to support the inner children of the world; however, I invite Master Kuthumi and his healing team to deliver your healing energy for the inner children of the world as a constant, continuing to magnify and touch all deeply, creating beautiful transformations and liberations.
(See, sense or acknowledge every child upon the Earth embraced in supreme light, encouraging them to be the light that they are in the world.)
In love always,
Master Kuthumi
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Master Kuthumi @ Ascended Master Portraits


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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: Must You Have Negative Experiences In Order To Grow?

For those of you who are finding it harder to trust that your dreams really will manifest, you are not alone. Today we would like to focus your attention upon trusting the process of your desired manifested goals.
As many of you become aware of the tremendous power you each hold in your role as the creator of your reality, you find yourself wondering, “Why would I have manifested this experience, this challenge, this problem, for myself? Why would I choose to experience something negative?” Allow us to further expand upon this to help you better understand this process.
We often offer you analogies to help you to better understand our messages, so allow us to offer you the analogy of the bow and arrow. If you were to pull a bow-string back as far as you possibly could and then let the arrow fly; the propulsion forward would be immense. However if you were to take that very same bow and arrow, only this time you did not pull the bow-string back at all, how far would the arrow soar? Not very far at all, right?
You see, the negative experiences that manifest in your life are a result of the vibration you have pulsed out most dominantly however they can benefit you greatly. The negative experiences give you such propulsion forward in the opposite direction because you naturally want to move away from what pains you and into what feels better to you. Every single one of you want to feel good without exception.
Just as the arrow was able to soar far from you when you have pulled the string back as far as you could, so too can you, use the experiences that have pained you to create something far different.
So the question becomes, must you experience negativity, challenges and problems in order to grow? Our answer is no, not necessarily. You can grow in any situation, you can grow from wonderful experiences too. You can feel, see and know so very clearly what feels wonderful to you, and this is a wonderful benefit to you as well.
However, nothing gets your attention like that which makes you feel, sad, angry, frustration, or in pain. You do not have to manifest negative experiences to ensure that you will grow.
The word “grow” in the spiritual context has become something that most equate with pain of some kind. But, know that you will grow from absolutely every single experience that you have. You cannot stop growing, evolving and progressing. You are eternal creator beings.
Though you may find yourselves in challenging situations, some of which may seem as though they are completely out of your control. We want to remind you that you always have control over your focus, your thoughts, and your vibration.
In duality there will always be light and dark, positive and negative, good and bad, it’s the variety that delighted you when you decided to come here. Why? Because you knew how endlessly inspired you would be to continue to create and innovate upon what has already been physically created.
Continue to create, explore, and evolve as the eternal creator beings that you are. Try not to berate yourself for having a negative feeling, a challenging situation or a difficult problem you are facing, rather we encourage you to shift your focus and now look for the solution to present itself to you with ease.
We hope that we have served you in some way,
In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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– Dr. Taryn Crimi
Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.
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Article Source: Must you have negative experiences in order to grow

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Harmony ~ Non-Attachment ~ Completion – L’Aura Pleiadian


Angelic Melancholy by Kurtzan @ DeviantArt


Harmony ~ Non-Attachment ~ Completion

Non attachment to end results, mental concepts, outcomes of relationships and overall purposes… to ANYTHING…Money? The shift?
The never-ending questions that always wonder ~ WHEN. How?
We LIVE as our Divine  BEING through being in a state of Being ~ that is Harmony.
Harmony exists through Freedom from Attachments.
This is a process.
We become aware of when we are suffering, we then choose to be free from suffering WITHIN ~ when. we are ready. This is a process.
The MIND feeds on adrenaline rushes. With thoughts of the past and future….racing…which consists of everything NOT present now and it does so from lack consciousness.
It needs to get, to have, to control, more.
Having to have. Having to Know. Tightly wound up…..unable to let go and BE.
Do YOU recognize this pattern of thought?
When we place our awareness on our HEART, when we observe OURSELVES…..we become the observer.
When we notice when we hurt, when we are in fear or worry, or sadness. We pay attention. We observe. We turn our attention to ourselves, to what is going on within us. WE do not deny what we are going through.
This ATTENTION, is the energy of love. Of caring, of listening to ourselves. We then, comfort ourselves. we become gentle and compassionate with ourselves. WE Love ourselves for the first time.
ONLY then can we be ready and be gentle and loving with others.
Everything you desire takes place THROUGH your Divine Presence. It is all here for you ~ WITHIN.
When we relinquish the need to attach, to control, we become free. This takes trust and courage. Because there are no guarantees with trust. That is what trust is and faith. We trust, we have faith, we love.
This is when life, then loves us back. Comforts us. Yet it all starts with ourselves, FIRST.
In Love, loving our lives, trusting the PRESENCE that is our Divine Self. Letting go of attachments, observing, having compassion.
Living in Harmony we are then FREE.
NOT knowing what is next..ONLY knowing what is now and that NOW we trust is always perfect. What is perfectly needed. Even if we don’t like it. IF we don’t like it, we love ourselves more. We observe more. We don’t go back to those patterns and attempt to control outcomes, or get caught up in attachments.
This takes courage. It takes being brave, to step out into the unseen and trust your Soul.
Enter your heart now.
Feel Your DIVINE Presence.
Be gentle and compassionate. And so the process continues.
Receive now. In love and glory, always.

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Monday, March 26, 2018


A wave of some really deep tears moved through for me yesterday.
The feelings began with some initial feelings of missing people and places from my past, but didn’t linger long there, as it seems I’ve felt so much of what needed to be felt in those domains. It was like passing through a small town, and before I knew it. I was coming out the other side.
What was on the other side was deeper feelings of a deeper missing. I could feel that I came from a Star family, and that it was connection and exchange with this family that I was missing on a deeper level.
My life here on Gaia was and is a chosen journey intended for certain benefits. The requirement however to be able to be here to complete the journey was and is however a necessary forgetting. Like an anesthetic or a freezing procedure when going to the dentist, we needed to forget our deeper identity in order to inhabit a lesser identity. We call this forgetting the veil.
Through waves of tears, I felt an ache to see and live beyond this veil. The ache felt intense, yet I could feel I was being asked to let in as much of the ache as I could comfortably bear. As I opened my third eye for a moment, I felt an entire surround of ‘alien’ beings, looking at me, curious about what I was feeling, with me likewise, curious about them. This necessary forgetfulness veil I could sense had a lot to do with us coming up with the conviction that we are the only ones out here, as well as our selection and use of the word ‘alien’, denoting others who don’t belong.
The tears filled a couple of hours and I was wanting to find the outbreath of comfort for what I was feeling. I asked for help from the middle of this cloud of ache, and the fear of not ever finding my way back home.
A deeper awareness filled me then. I was made aware that this ache to remember is what is at root of all of our differences and animosities with each other, even all war and conflict, with self and with other. This ache to remember also has to do with all of our so called ‘attachments’. It all comes back to a cellular kind of memory of a feeling of having deeply lost an even deeper family than our Star family, stemming back all the way to the loss of our original estate. (More on this below, it’s a bit hard to be linear in the moment)
We attach to lesser states for fear of recapitulating (triggering) this loss. We feel that to feel this loss would surely be the loss of us, so we busy ourselves with protecting and building a lesser estate, to keep the roof patched from the rain of remembrance from dripping through,…this lesser estate hopefully assuaging the pain of the loss of our original estate, that we aren’t ready to feel.
Then, I was given an awareness that this source of all our conflict also happens to be our deepest common denominator. We conflict in order to avoid further loss and to avoid feeling where we actually came from.
What we are as beings is an alteration of a higher reality. We are real as real can be, but we are an alteration of a parent reality. We long to know and feel that parent reality intimately. This is the truth of every one of us Gaians, with all of our differences. It’s also true of everyone of the multitude of other Star families, with all of their differences. We are all alterations of a parent reality, and therein lies our suffering.
These were the deeper tears, the great collective tears I was invited into the aching room somewhere near the heart of the universe to feel.
When we feel this profound commonality that we share with all being, and the veil of forgetfulness that necessitated our inhabitation of this alteration and seeming departure from our parent reality, we see our oneness with all being.
We even see that the bullies on the playground are actually seeking the very same things we are, just going about it differently.
Then I was given a great sense that we are all, every last one of us, from every last domain, all finding our way back home simultaneously. No one gets ‘left behind’. This came as a great comfort to the parts of me and my Metasoul who still hold the fear of just that: not finding my (and their) fullest return to Source.
Somehow, some way, for specific beneficial reasons, we choose this, and we are all suffering from the same loss, and enduring the same awakening.
After a nights sleep to digest, I feel about as born again as I ever have, being invited into a vulnerable and brave new world.
It’s not that there still isn’t lots to be remembered. It’s that I get to savor each morsel of remembering with less fear of having to rush through the meal.
I never actually lost an ounce of the sacredness of my being, it has only felt that way. There are no ‘aliens’, but only others who at core, share the same core identical fears and desires as I. Wow!
Thank you for reading. Thank you for feeling.
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Friday, March 23, 2018

Activation Of Your Ascension Chakra Vortexes Guided Meditation W/Raphael...

The Future of the Earth and Your Role by Archangel Michael – Natalie Glasson


Artist appreciation


The Future of the Earth and Your Role
by Archangel Michael 
Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 23rd March 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa
The Role of Humanity
The future of the Earth is determined by those existing on the Earth at any given moment. The thoughts, emotions, frequencies they align to, energies they exude, actions they make and their reactions to the world within and around them impact the reality, everyone experiences. Every soul is creating the evolution of the Earth. The energies the majority of humanity focus upon come into fruition. As an individual, your focus impacts the energy of the Earth, if many focus upon a similar energy this brings it into manifestation at a quick rate. It is due to this that there are many pathways that the Earth and her ascension can take. In any given moment humanity as a collective consciousness is creating numerous opportunities, moving from one pathway to another as humanity evolves and more souls awaken. The future of humanity and Mother Earth is indefinite because it is determined by the collective consciousness of humanity.
As a soul upon the Earth, you have the power to influence the collective consciousness of humanity through the way you choose to exist upon the Earth. Focusing upon harmony, love, peace, truth, healing and taking loving actions brings immense healing to the consciousness of humanity, returning alignment with the Creator. When you hold a focus on asking the divine to channel high vibrational awakening, healing and loving energy through your being to the collective consciousness of humanity during meditation or quiet time this begins a powerful transformation. As you work energetically healing, releasing negativity and realigning the consciousness of humanity to the Creator so humanity will automatically awaken their hearts, minds and entire beings to greater light from the Creator. When the light of the Creator flows through most of humanity with their conscious awareness then the he aven that many desire will manifest upon the Earth.
You have the power to accelerate the transformation and realignment of all of humanity by working with the collective consciousness of humanity, focusing upon light flowing through every being upon the Earth. Thus, all souls will remember the bliss of existing in harmony with each other and the Earth. This will instigate a beauty of all forms being nurtured and created upon the Earth.
The Role of the Inner Plane Beings
The Creator shares frequencies which can be deciphered and put into positive action upon the inner planes and the Earth to positively impact all creating harmony, peace, love and the exploration of truth. Beings such as Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels and so forth decipher and deliver the light and consciousness of the Creator throughout the entire Universe of the Creator and to the Earth. Through communing and connecting with the Creator, they have an insight into a pathway for the Earth and humanity which will bring the greatest fulfilment for all. This pathway is akin to a vibrational journey that they perceive will serve all in their unification with the Creator. It may not be that they have an understanding of specific scenarios which are required to take place upon the Earth. Instead, there may be some opportunities or experiences which can create the same vibrational jou rney and outcome.
The beings of the inner planes, hold focus upon the frequency outcome of fulfilment for humanity and the Earth, constantly delivering this to the Earth and humanity. The more that humanity opens to receive the light of the Creator being delivered through the inner plane beings, humanity and the inner plane beings begin to work together. It is this sacred union which will transform the Earth and create the peace, love and harmony that all wish to experience, a co-existence with Mother Earth. The pure focus of the inner plane beings will download into humanity and merge with the focus of the collective consciousness of humanity. This will create the most appropriate pathway forward of experience for all of humanity. It represents the unification of Earth and Heaven, the synchronising of the wishes of souls upon the Earth and the inner planes.
How to Instigate the Fulfilling Evolution of the Earth
The energy that the inner plane beings are delivering with the focus of the pure evolution of humanity and Mother Earth is a deeply healing, uplifting and joyous vibration. When received it is akin to liquid gold filling all of your senses and soothing every aspect of your being. It has the power to realign your full remembrance of all that is the Creator, as well as, encouraging you to act and react from your intuition creating the Creator upon the Earth.
‘With the support, love and guidance of my community of guides, I invite my entire being to appropriately open to receive the frequency, vibration and focus from the beings on the inner planes which has been gifted from the Creator. As I receive the energetic journey and outcome of the pure evolution of the Earth, my entire being receives healing, upliftment of my energy vibration, and a deeper connection to my inner bliss. My soul’s true and pure wishes for the ascension of the Earth and humanity merge and integrate with the pure frequency focus for the Earth from the Creator through the inner planes beings. This creates a beautiful transformation and awakening within my being which further expands my energy and conscious awareness. I become more and more aware of the Creator upon the Earth within and around me.
The new integration of my soul’s wishes and the divine focus for the Earth continues to grow and intensify within me, positively and lovingly influencing my actions and reactions upon the Earth. Thus, allowing me to play a divine role in the creation of peace, love and truth upon the Earth.
I know that the energy from the inner planes does not necessarily dictate situations that need to occur upon the Earth to aid ascension. Instead, the energy merged with my own will inspire me to create actions which support the creation of the desired energetic frequency outcome for all. Thank you, I am open to receive now.’
What is your soul’s vision and frequency of fulfilment and evolution of the Earth?
Many lightworkers become preoccupied with the physical situations, experiences and circumstances that require to happen to secure a loving future for all upon the Earth. They also become preoccupied with wishing to understand how the physical future would appear as what it would look like and what people would be experiencing. They may concern themselves with whether the Earth will remain 3D, transform into light or move to another dimension.
Ascension, even the Ascension of the Earth and the world you experience is born from within your being. The transformation within your sacred internal chamber where you commune with the Creator is of most importance. The Earth will transform as a reflection of your inner truth. This could be interpreted as there being no need to take actions on the Earth to help others; this is not the case, actions must always begin within and be extended out into your outer world. Again, a synchronicity with your inner and outer world is always required as they are the same; one.
The greatest question is not what will the Earth appear as instead, it is what will the Earth feel like when the pure evolution of the Earth takes place? Ask yourself in quiet time or meditation, ‘What will the Earth feel like to me when the pure evolution of the Earth takes place?’ Allow your soul to demonstrate to you the vibration and frequency because it is already present within your being and has already been created. It is your guiding light, your constant companion from this moment forth.  It will inspire you in the most appropriate way to take the most sacred and creative actions to transform the collective consciousness of humanity and bring forth the truth of the Creator upon the Earth. The more you connect with this vibration, the more understanding will be gained and the more you will create the most appropriate pathway for humanity upon the Earth.
Your vision of the Earth is not as important as your feeling of the pure Earth that has the opportunity to manifest. The feeling and frequency will create actions and opportunities of the most divine nature.
With love and blessings,
Archangel Michael
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