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Yoga and the Art of Peace Making via Paul Keoni Chun

This month, my partner, Ed, and I visited the Holy Land. What started out as a pilgrimage for him to visit the Christian sites became one for me too, as we visited places that both of us had heard about growing up as Catholics. I was able to connect the biblical stories I learned as a child to the actual places where these events took place, and walk amidst some the paths that Jesus walked. It was a transformative experience.
I remembering hearing the Dalai Lama say something like: “start with what you know.” My roots are in Christianity, and that is what I knew first, before I began learning about other belief systems like Buddhism, Hinduism, and Yoga. So, it was nice to revisit what I am familiar with already and to discover that at the core of Christianity, Buddhism and yoga is a fundamental call to cultivate peace in one’s own heart and minds.
In the Bible, it is written:
For unto us a child is born, … and his name shall be called … The Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9:6
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God.
Matthew 5:9
Jesus, the Prince of Peace, taught us to try to have peace in our own hearts and minds, even though the outer world might be anything but peaceful. Though I don’t go to church on a regular basis anymore, I recall from the Christian services the part where we are asked to turn to those nearest around us and offer a sign of peace with the words “Peace be with you.” And I recall at the end of mass the call to action: Go forth in Peace to love and serve the Lord. Now this is all making more sense to me.
While visiting Israel – and particularly Jerusalem – the one thing I heard repeatedly about the situation there was “It’s complicated.” Israelis and Palestinians living side by side, trying to work out their differences. Three great monotheistic faiths – Judaism, Islam, and Christianity – have some of their holiest of sites in close proximity to each other in the Old City. In the case of Judaism and Islam, some believe they are existing one on top of the other.  Yet, with all their differences in beliefs, they somehow seem able to co-exist, however tenuous it may seem at times. 
While Ed and I enjoyed doing various tours and seeing some amazing places – Masada, Jericho, the Dead Sea – what was most stimulating to us was the conversations we had with local people. One in particular stood out to me. It was with a Palestinian Israeli who shared that that while the situation at the moment may seem dire, he is hopeful for the future. He works 6 days a week to be able to provide an education for his children that he hopes will help them to see the larger perspective, from many points of view. He said that in his smaller circle, he has many Israeli and Palestinian friends and that they all get along. In a sense, his basic message to us was “all peace is local.” Perhaps many in Israel – like in the U.S. – live in their own silos, but at least the silos are very close to each other. In the U.S., they seem geographically so far apart.
Here are four quotes that I shared in my yoga classes this past month that perhaps can illuminate for us that we are not powerless when it comes to helping to create more peace in the world, and that we can do something in our own daily lives to help the larger cause:
If there is to be Peace in the world,
There must be Peace in the nations.

If there is to be Peace in the nations,
There must be Peace in the cities.

If there is to be Peace in the cities,
There must be Peace between neighbors.

If there is to be Peace between neighbors,
There must be Peace in the home.
If there is to be Peace in the home,
There must be Peace in the Heart.

—Lao Tzu, 6th Century Chinese Philosopher
The only true guardian of peace lies within: a sense of concern and responsibility for your own future and an altruistic concern for the well-being of others.
– His Holiness, The Dalai Lama
Peace is a daily, weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures. 
– John F. Kennedy
Peace can be made only by those who are peaceful, and love can be shown only by those who love. No work of love will flourish out of guilt, fear, or hollowness of heart, just as no valid plans for the future can be made by those who have no capacity for living now.
– Alan Watts, Alan Wilson Watts was a British philosopher who interpreted and popularized Eastern philosophy for a Western audience.
So, as you continue to practice yoga and meditation, do so knowing that whatever peace you are able to cultivate within – amidst the chaos that is undoubtedly brewing within your very own heart and mind – that it is having a ripple effect for the better out in the larger world.  Have faith in the slow, long, and gradual process of making peace both within you and outside of you. Take responsibility for your own future as you take time to care for others too. Create silos of hope and peace in your own little part of this big world.
May your heart and mind know Peace, …
May you go forth and be a Peacemaker, …
May you cultivate world peace, locally, … 
… for the benefit of all Beings.
Aloha with Metta,
Paul Keoni
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The Power of Standing Together

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Responsibility: Your Gateway to Ascension by Saint Germain – Natalie Glasson


St. Germain by Toni Carmine Salerno


Responsibility: Your Gateway to Ascension
by Saint Germain

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 27th July 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Those ready can step up and embody the new wave of energy which symbolises embodying responsibility of your ascension process. For some, the thoughts of taking responsibility for their own spiritual evolution can be a daunting process that causes greater insecurity and confusion. This is due to a lack of trust in themselves and the presence of the Creator within and around them. To take responsibility, doesn’t mean that you have to guide your own spiritual pathway or achieve your ascension on your own, these understandings are born from the ego’s belief in separation with the Creator. Taking responsibility for your ascension is to open and surrender yourself to the Universe of the Creator and allowing yourself to be guided, trusting that all will be well and fulfilling. Opening yourself to the Universe of the Creator allows you to be steered in the most beautiful way to experience magnificent spiritual and soul learning, growth and understanding. When you do not take responsibility for your spiritual growth and evolution you lack direction, connection with yourself, understanding of your needs, blame others and wait for others to do your spiritual work, growth and evolution for you. Other people are always present in your reality to assist, inspire, direct and reflect the truth of the Creator to you. However, to grow spiritually with acceleration there is a need to be centred in your core by surrendering to the guidance of the Creator, and from the intention of co-creating in harmony with the Creator; this is to take responsibility for your own growth.
The Question that Promotes Your Acceptance of Yourself
The question you can ask yourself is, ‘How can I co-create fulfilment and spiritual growth with the Creator and those around me?’ This question allows you to realise you are the core creator andmanifestor of your reality and existence upon the Earth. However, you cannot do it alone, therefore co-creation is always essential. It is also essential to recognise all creations first as an energy within you which takes form in wonderful and often unexplainable ways in your reality. When you recognise yourself, your creations, those around you and the Creator as energy you perceive your reality differently and realise that all energy is born from the Creator and wishes to experience connection in order to transform and create new energy.
When you surrender to the Creator and are willing to receive guidance, assistance and support from the Creator while realising that your purpose is to receive the guidance and act on it in ways that inspire and fulfil you, you are stepping up to receive the new energy waves anchoring into the Earth to aid ascension, and are taking responsibility of your spiritual evolution.
Accessing Your Purpose in Ascension
When asking for guidance concerning the purpose, journey and experience of your ascension, you realise that moments of awakening and realisations of yourself and innerself offer to you the choice of diving into the light to allow miraculous experiences to occur or to remain within limitations of preconceptions. When you choose to accept the light within your being and around you, you create a bridge between your physical reality and your spiritual being; this launches a transition process. Every moment of your existence as a human you are a spiritual Creator connected light being and consciousness inhabiting a physical body but often the physical body takes prime focus until a bridge between the physical and spiritual energy of your being is reformed and continues to be reinforced. Awakened consciousness and inspired understanding of yourself seeps into your mind and awareness as a gradual integration. You will notice that awakening repeats itself in numerous diverse forms becoming more advanced throughout your entire life.
To dive into the light and to focus on creating a bridge of light between your physical and spiritual self takes place when you surrender to the Creator, opening yourself to receive the expanse of the Creator. When you choose to surrender and download or recognise the light of the Creator within your being, especially in moments of confusion, trouble or chaos, you are taking responsibility for your spiritual growth, co-creating and achieving your purpose, allowing yourself to progress along your spiritual pathway with ease and perfection.
An Experience and Reminder of Your Ascension Purpose
Allow yourself to sit peacefully content in experiencing your solid material reality, enjoy the experience of your body and surroundings, honouring energy in physical form.
When you are ready imagine a violet beacon of light manifesting at your third eye chakra, it captures your imagination. Explore the violet energy as much as you wish.
Imagine, sense or acknowledge that you dive head first into glistening violet light, enthralled by the freedom that has been given to you as your bathe in the violet light. Your body feels weightless, your emotions light enhanced, and your mind clear. You can swim effortlessly following your intuition and inner sense of direction through the light.
Turquoise light seeps into your expansive violet pool of light, enjoy the light and notice as red, blue and green light also integrates. Imagine, sense, acknowledge you wrap yourself in each manifestation of colour, there is so much to explore and discover. You find yourself diving into each colour, vitality, freedom, energy and expansion are experienced, let your senses open to the light.
White peaceful light enters into your awareness with strength and holiness. You swim upwards and bathe yourself in the purity of the white light.
With your permission, a golden beam penetrates your central axis flowing down to the base of your being.
You are one with all that is the Creator, this is your destiny, your truth and your eternal existence. It is what you seek in every moment and now you are consciously experiencing it. Your mission is to realise that you seek oneness with the Creator in your daily reality and understand that each experience on the Earth offers you the opportunity to experience oneness.
Feel yourself shift back to your physical body, all that you have experienced drifts into your body creating a rose shaped energy at your heart centre. You have achieved your greatest desire in the entire world and universe, to be one with all that is the Creator and the universe. You embody this eternally and can access it always.
In sharing this meditation experience with you I, Saint Germain, wished to offer you the idea that ascension is ever flowing, continues, repetitive in advancing extraordinary ways, fluid, ever evolving and ever inspirational. A feeling of being guided by a driving force that is beyond your comprehension will be coupled with an emerging wise certainty within your being. In many ways, there are no stops and no time to step away from your pathway, yet a feeling of travelling nowhere fast will occur simultaneously. In truth, you are at every moment of your golden pathway achieving a greater connection and bridge between your physical and spiritual energies with an understanding of your purpose in your ascension process. Remember that your physical reality is extremely important in your ascension process as it is your canvas for expression, experience and creation. It is a series of numerous expeditions of exploration within and around your being, accompanied with embodiments of consciousness and understanding that describe your ascension process and purpose. When you create the intention to take responsibility for your spiritual growth you will allow the world of the Creator to unfold to you, experiencing with divine perfection and timing the magic, bliss, love and truth of the Creator within your being. Realising your purpose is easy, it is simply to express the Creator in beautiful, fulfilling and creative ways to support yourself and all.
I Am a light constantly guiding you,
Saint Germain


St. Germain by Toni Carmine Salerno
Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Ashtar: Ascended Masters Come from All Dimensions – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


African American Painting – Angel Of Joy by Raymond Walker


Ashtar: Ascended Masters Come from All Dimensions

I used to think of an “ascended master” as a Fifth-Dimensional being.  Here is the conversation with Ashtar from Hour with an Angel, April 2012 when I realized that I was wrong and had my horizon expanded.
It also illustrates how matters we think are firm knowledge (that ascended masters come from the Fifth) are being challenged every day by new information (that they can come from beyond the Twelfth).  Change, change, change. Let go, let go, let go.
It was Ashtar acknowledging that he comes from the Transcendental that gave me my first clear indication that an “ascended master” could come from beyond the Fifth. Knowing that is important for me as a student of cross-cultural spirituality.
Here’s that exchange:
Ashtar: What we have done is we have brought our vibrations to the Fifth Dimension in order to be at a place where we can meet you. If you are to think of the human realm and what is available currently to you, if you were looking for me, I would be out of the realm of human experience. So, let us make that clear as well.
Steve Beckow: That means above the twelfth dimension, is that correct?
A: That is correct. (1)
Ashtar acknowledged that he personally will go down as low as the Fifth and that’s it. We have to meet him there, which says something about Linda, by the way.
He said:
“It is difficult enough to step down our vibrations and hold them in the Fifth Dimension. We certainly do not want to go really much lower than that.” (2)
There then followed a really candid discussion of ascended masters and dimensionality, in which he described what a meeting with an 11th-Dimensional “ascended master” was like. This is a conversation worth really chewing well, especially by anyone who wants to work with the galactics.

Ascended Masters Come from all Dimensions

Steve Beckow: With the fleet, with people coming from the higher dimensions and living on the Fifth, how does it work? Do you, too, lose your remembrance? Can you see each other? How does it work to have people of higher dimension working side-by-side with people of another, perhaps lower dimension?
Ashtar: We don’t lose a single thing. That is part of the deal. (3) It is really only in your density…. We would not even call the Third Dimension that you are experiencing [in April 2012] the real Third-Dimensional experience.
You are in the density of a construct, an illusion, that you think is the Third Dimension. So, you are not even fully in the Third Dimension. You are gaining ground, yes, and you are experiencing moments when you are in the Fourth or the Fifth.
But no, once you have gained access to the higher dimensions, you are not stuck there. It is not like a brick wall or a veil has dropped in between dimensions. Because, for us, that would be unbearable. You, of Earth, who are breaking free of the old Third, have the toughest job. You have the hardest line to toe, and yes, of course, the greatest opportunity of service.
For example many who are serving with the fleet are from the Ninth. But that does not mean that they cannot travel to the Eleventh and be with the ascended masters, or the ascended masters travel into the Fifth so that the vibration can be filtered down in an acceptable way to the human race, or to us. So, no.
Think of it as molecules of water in a bucket. And these are free-flowing [molecules].
You can flow with all your qualities intact from the Twelfth to the Seventh to the Fifth. And even to the Third. But that has been what we would refer to almost as a no-fly zone, as you are well aware of.
S:I think it’s interesting what you just said, … to be with the ascended masters on the Eleventh Dimension. I think many of our listeners may think that the ascended masters are on the Fifth, helping us to join them there. But in fact many of them are – exist – on a much higher plane than that. I don’t think that’s generally known.
A: No, it is not generally known. And what happens — think of it this way — is that we can take your hands from the Fifth — because that is where you learn to manipulate change, to be able to begin to create in different ways — and we can take your hands, gladly, joyously, and show you the way to the higher realms. (4)
He then goes on to describe his meetings with the ascended masters from the Eleventh Dimension.
Many of the ascended ones come, and they will be with us on board ship, and they will talk with us. We will plan, we will guide, we will formulate. Even within the unfoldment of the Plan – the restoration of the Earth – there are plans within plans within plans.
And one of the things that you may have already learned about us is that we do love to communicate. Now, our communication is seldom verbal the way that I am speaking to you this day.
But let us say the advantage of that [non-verbal language] is that volumes can be spoken in an instant. And very often, when the ascended ones are with us, we are maintaining — can we say? — our Fifth-Dimensional vibration, and, when they arrive, it is like a blast of sun [for them], until they adjust.
No, we do not put them into adjustment chambers or anything like that, because they are welcome to come however. The modification, the modulation that takes place [in us] is so that we can be with you!
And once we are on this what you can think of as a similar playing field — and there are many delightful qualities of the Fifth Dimension; do not get us wrong! – it opens the doors to new possibilities, new realms. (5)
(1) “Transcript of Ashtar on An Hour with an Angel, April 23, 2012,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2012/04/25/transcript-of-ashtar-on-an-hour-with-an-angel-april-23-2012/.
(2) Loc. cit.
(3) That if they come down and participate, they would not lose any of their abilities, save the ones they knowingly and willingly give up to simply exist in that vibrational frequency. We lost our memory of who we are and where we’ve come from. We’re walking around with amnesia.
(4) But he doesn’t want to come down to the Third.
(5) “Transcript of Ashtar,” ibid.


African American Painting – Angel Of Joy by Raymond Walker
Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Staying in Divine Flow | Two things you can do today!

The Twelve Codes of Consciousness by Anna Abraham

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


What Total Commitment Looks Like

Total CommitmentBy Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I have this notion in my head – I don’t know where it originally came from – that only when we’re totally committed does Heaven and Earth move in favor of whatever it is we intend. I have written about it before. (1)
If we’re ambivalent, neither Heaven nor Earth moves in our favor. By Earth, I largely mean people.
And this, by the way, is not a complex, not a complicated idea.
Here’s a cup of coffee in front of me. I take a drink from it. I was totally committed.
You know how we all know that I was totally committed? Because I took the drink. I drank; therefore I was.
Can I take the matter further? I see this as very basic to … what? An understanding of human behavior, what it means to be human, and human evolution or unfoldment.
What was our intention? To find out, we need to look at what we did. Action and intention are like the front and back of our hand.
If what we’re doing is not succeeding, we might want to check out the strength of our commitment, If it’s weak, we’d want to look for a hidden agenda, resistance, desire for space, fear for survival, etc., – some thought – that is watering down the strength of  our commitment, below the point that moves Heaven and Earth.
A friend showed me what total commitment looked like a few days ago. In a serious medical situation, hospital staff was ambivalent. What was lacking was someone with total commitment.
This friend took a totally-committed stand and immediately everyone fell in line behind it.  She was totally committed to getting the job done. All proceeded as she had laid out for them.
Moreover, had she not acted, they’d have fallen into the default – to do as the patient wishes. (2) With her totally-committed intervention, she sent matters in an entirely-different and lasting direction. I.e., that settled the matter. For everyone’s betterment.
I wish I could fish that one out of the Akashic Records.
This “living proof” that “totally committed” organized the space meant a lot to me. Experiments are hard to devise in the field of consciousness/awareness.
So any circumstance becomes a potential laboratory.
Here’s another example from memory. In the warrior game in the est Six-Day Course in 1979, we had to choose a leader and we couldn’t do it democratically.
After much thought about why I’d want to be leader, (3) I raced around to the front of the group and said to them all in a loud voice, “I am your leader. Sit down!” In the face of my total commitment, people sank to the ground. From that moment on I was leader.
I’m willing to make a hypothesis now: That total commitment stands a better than average chance of organizing a space.
If we’re looking for leadership skills, this seems to me definitely one of them.
I’m willing to speculate further that the rising energies contribute to total commitment organizing the space, as does even the prospect (if not the reality) of abundance and the promise (if not the actuality) of the cabal being removed from power.
If we wonder why we don’t succeed, check the strength of our commitment.
Totally-committed can be kind and patient.  It doesn’t have to be loud.  Total commitment can be gentle and compassionate. Only in the beginning is it often loud and abrasive.
Eastern masters are often painted as being equanimous with material circumstances but totally committed to the spiritual truth.   They epitomize total commitment to disengage from the material and total commitment to engage with the spiritual.
(1) “The Power of Total Commitment,” 
(2) The patient was confused and wanted to leave. But that would have disallowed the tests that would then take months to have by working from outside the hospital.
(3) My moment of decision came when I saw that being a leader gave people someone to bump up against and get themselves.

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Stanislav Grof The Healing Potential of Non-Ordinary States of Conscious...

5D Shift: 7 Ways for Dealing with Depressive “Grey” Energy in Your Field

A lot of people in The Shift are reporting a good deal of depressive “grey” energy around them in the field at this time. It’s heavy, dense and demotivating. It makes people feel stuck, depressed, and somehow the usual creative flow of divine manifestation is retarded.
It means that things we might reasonably expect to come to fruition, don’t.
What might be the cause of this and how can we deal with it?

Like a grey mist, with no apparent explanation…

Increasingly awakening people are discovering that there’s an intervening energy in the field which seems to block them at times, and divert them from what they feel as their natural evolutionary path — the one of expansion into interconnectivity and lightness with the Universe.
You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s only your own karmic density, but somehow this denser “grey” energy just seems to swamp you at times, like a grey mist, with no apparent explanation. Everything seems to bog you down. Suddenly you feel disconnected and demotivated.
It’s no secret any longer that there is an intervening “Opposing Consciousness” in the field, which is at large across the earth, and is influencing life here — preventing it from following its natural evolutionary path, clinging to the old, unconscious paradigm. It’s come from different constellations within the cosmos, and this particular one, from the constellation Orion. 
(Please note: I accept that some reading might still be skeptical at the presence of ET entities influencing the field around us. If that’s the case, then it can help simply to view it as an energy or consciousness.)

Fingerprints of Early Civilisations

In Openhand’s new documentary PARADIGM SHIFT, we’ll be exploring the sources of this energy, why it’s here and the copious evidence for it. Like for example, that the Great Pyramids of Giza are perfectly aligned with Orion’s belt, but not just that, exactly as it was in the night sky at its lowest point in what’s termed “the Precession of the Equinoxes” in 10450 BC, when the pyramids were most likely built. It’s now abundantly clear, that a highly sophisticated Extra Terrestrial consciousness helped build the pyramids and shape early civilisations, with very advanced technology (check out Graham Hancock’s book Fingerprints of the Gods).
As impressive as many of these megaliths are, when you truly explore the impact of them on your consciousness, so often I find it is limiting and debilitating — enslaving. Yes, some of them might heal the physical body, but then Homo Sapiens is clearly a hybrid that has been adapted — downgraded — from Original Humans. I’ve talked about the evidence for this in the Openhand book DIVINICUS (Check out a free 7-part serialisation of DIVINICUS here).
In fact you see the finger prints of this ET consciousness everywhere in society these days, from mobile phones to wifi, from GMO to geoengineering “chemtrails”. They’re all energetic frequencies that have the effect of lowering one’s vibration, which causes a disconnect from the divine flow.

Like Lost Children

Many awakening people are becoming aware of this Intervention now and how it affects them, and so they’re minimising their exposure to such technology and non organic food for example. But even so, many report that plenty of times, an inexplicable grey energy will sweep upon them for no apparent reason. It stops their flow, makes them feel blocked, depressed, demotivated and even at times having suicidal thoughts and feelings. Why so extreme?
These feelings definitely characterise the presence of the greys from Orion. In my direct knowing, having had countless interactions with these entities in the field, they’ve been an enslaved species themselves — sadly harvested souls — extracted from their original civilisation by an Interdimensional ET group called the “Annunaki” from the planet Nibiru (this also agrees with the great work Zecharia Sitchin did). Together with the reptilian or ‘raptor’ energy on earth, an alliance was formed here to exploit the environment, it’s resources and the people.
Many today speculate that it could only have been an advanced species that created early civilisation, but then wonder where did they go to? The answer is simple: open your interdimensional sensitivity — you’ll ‘see’ them all around!
To me, when I feel the Greys, I feel their sad disconnect from the divine, their “pain of existence” that they labour with, like lost children, who’ve accepted their paternal controllers as a shadowy substitute for their original divinity. When this consciousness comes into your field, you’ll often feel a sense of lostness, pointlessness, listlessness, a loss of hope, the sense of “why am I here?” I feel this energy strongly prevalent within the field at this time — I do believe it’s why people sometimes feel suicidal.
I feel a great deal of compassion for these lost souls, and a calling to support their realignment with the divine source and reconnection with the natural cycle of reincarnation. There are many energy workers in the world with similar motivations.

Dealing with Grey Consciousness when it comes calling

alien-5d-shift-grey-energy-field-2-350x263The crucial thing is to understand these feelings might have an external source, and although the consciousness might be attaching to you, if you explore and increase your awareness of it, then you can eject it from your being or realign it through your field — reconnect it to the divine flow, thereby also performing a selfless wider service to the divine.
When this energy comes calling, it is essential not to simply try to ditch or suppress it — not to distance in denial, because that only creates an identity, which has the effect of separating you from The One. The key is to penetrate right into it, with acceptance, knowing your inviolable presence and connection to the divine. I find that tends to punch holes in the energy itself and begins to reinstigate the flow.
Here are 7 ways to deal with the depressive grey energy when it comes calling…
  1. Accept that it is happening, and that there might be an external cause for it.
  2. Become increasingly intimate with the feelings, honouring them through expression.
  3. In the height of the feelings, soften right through, with complete acceptance, into the presence of The One.
  4. In this state of complete acceptance, know that this energy is not you, and it does not define who you are.
  5. Now begin to feel the Universal Toriodal flow spiralling clockwise upwards through your being, which begins to reconnect the grey energy back with the source.
  6. Ditch any resistant denser energy by feeling a counter clockwise flow, down into the earth and all the way to the galactic core (the sense of deep foundationary denseness).
  7. Begin to feel again the sense of creative flow returning to your life. Turn your attention to deep consciousness bodywork such as yoga, dance and brisk walking in nature.
Points 5 and 6 above are quite advanced energy work.
Here below is a guided meditation, which explores and explains how to get the Universal Toroidal flow moving through you, and how to relocate entities and implants that might be in your field: Removing Implants and Entities Guided Meditation

Awareness is the Key

I feel it is essential now to bring this awareness into the group consciousness. Even if some might still be skeptical about the negative interdimensional intervention of some ETs, nevertheless, if we bring increasing awareness to what has happened here on Earth, then we can explode some of the myths, we can equalise and normalise in the situation. Which means we become abundantly equipped to deal with it.
If we don’t glamourise and sensationalise, but at the same time, be quite down-to-earth about this intervention, then we’ll find we have ample energetic power to dispatch it from our being, and to relocate it back with the usual cycle of reincarnation — to reconnect it back with the source.
Many sentients amongst us are feeling a lot of this energy around in the field at the moment. I believe it’s because the Grey consciousness is looking for a way of reconnecting back with the divine. I feel it surrendering, which is tremendous news for humanity and the planet. So if you feel the sense of this kind of depressiveness in your field and lack of motivation, grey energy might well be the cause. By bringing awareness to that however, you can readily dispatch it and reinstigate empowering flows of divine 5D energy through your life.
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