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Our Divine Self – The Summit Lighthouse


I Am Presence Summit Lighthouse


Our Divine Self

The Chart of Our Divine Self illustrates cosmic truths that have been taught by the great mystics of East and West.
The Chart has three parts representing the trinity of our identity.
The upper figure, the sphere of light called the I AM Presence, is the spirit of God individualized for each of us.
Our I AM Presence is surrounded by seven concentric spheres which comprise the causal body. This pulsating spiritual energy contains the record of all our good works, we can think of it as our cosmic bank account.
Our causal body has seven spheres corresponding to the seven color rays of God’s consciousness. The only cause of our separation from the I AM THAT I AM is our human consciousness, the accumulation of vibrations from this and previous lifetimes that have been less than the qualities of our Real Self.
Between the upper sphere of light and the soul evolving represented by the lower figure of the heart is the Higher Self, also known as the Higher Mental Body, and the Real Self.
It is the Self that we are in a state of becoming through our soul’s evolution. Our souls are mortal but can become immortal as the soul bonds to the Higher Self.
Depending on our spiritual tradition, we can think of the Higher Self as our guardian angel, our inner guru, the voice of conscience—our dear friend.
The violet flame is depicted in the Chart of the Presence around the lower figure. The violet flame is a high-frequency energy of transmutation.
Around the violet flame is the protective white light of God known as the tube of light. When we apply the science of the spoken Word, we can call forth the tube of light for the sealing of our aura from negative energies.
The thread of white light descending from the I AM Presence through the Higher Self to the lower figure in the Chart is the crystal cord which ties us to Spirit.
The crystal cord nourishes the threefold flame of the heart with God’s light. Each plume represents an attribute of God’s consciousness-God’s power, God’s wisdom and God’s love. The threefold flame is about 1/16  of an inch high and is within the secret chamber of the heart chakra. God has given us a spark of Himself.
Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Thursday, July 19, 2018


By Jelelle Awen

Your Inner Child is not the woundedness, shyness, hurt and shame that they feel. That is the emotional energies they have experienced in 3D life from traumatic experiences that didn’t get digested when they needed to be….in the moment that the trauma occurred. If there had been an open-hearted/open-souled caregiver to digest the trauma, your Inner Child would remain wholy and holy in much higher frequencies of love and soul essence and innocence.

Instead, it is so often our caregivers who CAUSE the trauma and who repeat the abuse that they experienced too with their caregivers. They are innocent in this in a way as they don’t know any other way to BE yet (esp. if they have not awakened their soul frequencies to realize the patterns and choices here.) It is a cycle of undigested trauma passed down like a legacy of woundedness through birth families that often has very little consciousness about the harm that is occurring.

Your Inner Child absorbed these wounded frequencies like a sponge. In their heart and soul porosity, they could only BEcome, to some degree, these pains and aches. Yet, there IS an essence there of love and light that is preserved and stored of your Inner Child due to the dutiful work of your Inner Protector and other parts that form to guard/protect and serve through the 3D journey (and into 4D as you awaken.)

I was reminded yesterday during a beautiful bridging session of the actual essence of the Inner Child. Instead of finding a hurt and wounded energy, my client/facilitant and I discovered her Inner Child as a magical BEing of alchemy able to transmute the ‘dark corners’ of her essence into love again. This Inner Child had experienced some healing of traumas through previous emotional work and was ready to reveal herself as the magic that she IS. She just needed a bridge to her energy in order to show her true colors again.

Also, we were connecting consciously with her Protector in the session, who came along with us on this journey to connect with the Inner Child. This allowed the Protector to be negotiated with and not block the love from coming through, which can often happen if it is not consciously acknowledged. The Protector’s filter of the inner child is that they need fierce guarding, that they are helpless, and they see YOU as your Inner Child (not as a powerful, creator BEing adult.) Much of the suffering loops that occur of inner punishment/judgement and the corresponding shame reaction are unhealed frequencies between the Protector and Inner Child.

Our Inner Child transmutes from 3D wounded sad/shame/hurt frequencies into 4D magical joy/achelmy and eventually into 5D Crystal Child frequencies as we love and hold space for them. It is this Crystal Child frequencies that actually power our Merkabahs or light body vehicles for multidimensional travel. The Crystal Child frequencies in us allow for the necessary fuels of curiosity and reverence to power our Merkabahs.

So, connecting with your Inner Child links very directly with your Ascension and Awakening process. It is a KEY aspect of the process. Trying to avoid or divert or bypass from healing the Inner Child doesn’t seem to work very well and shows up in other ways such as abuse patterns in relationships, ongoing suffering, body disease/illness, cap/blocks in ascension, etc.

The Inner Child is a crucial energy to ‘come along’ with you on your journey! Invite them into your heart space and discover the rich and vast rewards of this INtegration! There are so many gifts freed up as you integrate these energies back into your BEing again and realize that ALL of what you experienced as a child (no matter how painful or traumatic) can actually be transmuted back into love AGAIN if you respond to it with love.

We offer very direct, effective, and powerful ways to connect with your Inner Child and all parts that need you (including those soul fragments (metasoul aspects) in other timelines. 1:1 bridging sessions with me and SoulFullHeart Faciltators Raphael Awen, Gabriel Heartman, and Kalayna Colibri are available for only $55 USD min. donation! Visit for more information.

More about parts and Metasoul aspects here:


Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of four books about Ascension, awakening, and emotional body healing. Visit for more information about sessions, events, videos, etc. Visit our donations page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings.

Monday, July 16, 2018


by Kalayna Colibri

I just realized that I write a lot about the integration of your spirituality. It does feel like there are pulses of energy waves that remind us to do this, that invite us deeper into this, that support us to look bravely into the mirror of life and relationships to truly SEE where we haven’t integrated or let our spirituality live in us on a daily basis. This is something that I have had to really look at many times in my own process and I suspect that process is not over, nor could it ever be over!
It really feels like we’re so used to being our Galactic selves, our soul selves, that it’s so hard to really BE human and to subscribe to what that even means for us/with us. This is why feeling the Ascension of humanity as an arising into a SACRED humanity evokes a strong sense of an integrated soul. A sense of a 5D/Higher Self that is willing and able to walk powerfully and heartfully around in a non-compartmentalized life while feeling a strong sense of love and compassion for others and self and a sense of healthy boundaries too. Continuing to choose a compartmentalized life or a life where parts of you don’t feel like they can let you (or themselves) bring all of who you or they are into your life and spirituality, makes this process of becoming your Sacred Human Self much more challenging.
You can choose instead to feel the resistance with parts of you and ask them “why”… keep diving deeper, feeling every layer.
It feels like it can be challenging for parts of us to let in our sacredness because of the rough road of awakening into 4D consciousness, which fuels you with knowledge about the possibilities of the history of humanity on this planet, how we could be here as some sort of ‘slave race’ perhaps, how we’ve co-created disaster on Gaia and are depleting Her resources. It feels like there is a necessary phase of awakening of feeling the outrage at others and at yourself too, wanting to tear down the old confines of the ‘Matrix’, wanting to rip apart the ‘ego’, and ultimately, for some parts of you, longing for death in some form. It’s a phase too of feeling on the ‘defense’ and on the ‘offense’ too, sometimes in high extremes, not really letting in the love that Ascension actually wants to offer you, supporting you to move towards a higher, bigger picture of it all that doesn’t stop feeling the cries of the world, but can instead hold it in a bigger container.
The Ascension into 5D consciousness is integration of the dis-integration experienced in 4D birth canals and dark corridors. It IS the Heaven-on-Earth experience your soul remembers that it is here to experience and be part of birthing into this world. And, it is a consciousness that wants and loves everything that has made you and others ‘human’ and that trusts that you WILL remember your sacredness, one step at a time.
If you feel drawn to what I’m offering here, SoulFullHeart Bridging Sessions are an AWEsome way to begin to feel how this applies to you and your life as you take courage and look into a lovingly yet directly held mirror: — 90min, 1:1 sessions with myself or one of my beloveds for a min. donation of $55 usd.
Much love to you, arising Sacred Human! ❤
Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart Facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 35, emoto-spiritual teacher, WayShower, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano
Changing Your Life
From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as you are moving through various aspects of your life. Many of you are moving though the ups and downs, the peaks and valleys of life. Many are moving through either/or periods. Meaning, my life is this or it is that, I am this or I am that.    
We come to speak to you about neutrality. Moving into observing your life from the middle, from a place of acceptance and compassion in your heart space for this is where neutrality lies.  
Many are looking to move from the life you are living now. Some are fulfilled with their life and some aren’t. Many are looking to shift and change aspects of your life and aspects of you in your life.  If this is where you are, it is important at this time to observe where you are from a place of neutrality if that is possible for you. 
Many look at their life and where they are within it, through the eyes of judgment and shame.  Judgment and shame is a learned condition in the mental body, learned most likely from mom and dad.  You may be thinking that your life isn’t fulfilled or you are not fulfilling a specific purpose in your life and your behavior is to judge and shame yourself for that. If you are in this place and you feel unfulfilled or not fulfilling a specific purpose, a healthy choice you can make is to look for your greatness and powerfulness.    
The judgment and shame is shaming and judging where you think you should be in relation to where you are now and what you think you are not doing.  It is important to know that judgment and shame is wasted energy.  You can shift from this by asking the question, How can I shift and change myself? This is where you can begin to place your energy. The way in which you can begin to shift and change yourself is by observing your life and asking these questions:
Am I living the Life I say I want?
Am I Living the life that is most important for me to live at this time?
You can look at your life and ask, What in my life resonates for me and what doesn’t at this very moment in time? What in my life raises my resonance and vibration and what doesn’t? Doing this from a place of neutrality. 
Many are looking to shift and change their life, some dramatically, some subtly. So it is important to look at your life at this very moment in time and allow yourself to be where you are right now. 
Observe your life through neutrality, from your heart and see what resonates and what no longer does. Quite possibly you will look at relationships, because many of you are shifting the relationship you are having with you. Thus, relationships you are having are shifting and changing. You can ask; what relationships serve my highest good, champion my highest good, raise my resonance and vibration, and what relationship do not do this?   
In various ways, each and every one of you is looking to change the life you are living right now and move to a new level of your life where you are giving of yourself. Yet there must be a balance of giving and receiving. So another way to look at your life is through the balance of giving and receiving. Look to see what you are giving to life and what you are receiving in life. This will be an indication of how open your heart is. It is most important to open your heart to yourself.  How open is your heart space to receive what is in life?    
Where is your focus of attention? Is it on all the aspects that do not resonate for you, those that you would label as negative? Or are you focusing on those aspects of your life that raise your resonance and vibration? Are you focusing on the relationships that raise your resonance and vibration? If you see and understand where your focus is, you will then see where your life is at this very moment in time.  
Do I focus on what I label as negative, what isn’t in my life? 
There are definitely aspects of your life that you want more of and would like to fulfill. But it is important to see if you are focusing on what isn’t in your life.
So We ask you to look at what is in your life right now.  
What are the aspects of your life that raise your resonance and vibration? 
Then look at what no longer resonates for you in your life and observe this and move into neutrality with it.   
The most important part in all of this is how deeply you love, honor and value you to have the life you say you want.  Each of you has a life you say you want, yet are living the life you are right now. Many are living the life you say you want right now, and want more out of life. Many of you are living a life right now that doesn’t satisfy you and you are looking to shift out of that life into a new life. You are seeking a new life, a life for yourself.   
Based upon how deeply you love, honor and value you, what do you want?
14 Days of Praise
For the next 14 days begin to praise yourself. Create a list, and each day write down praise for yourself, praise where you are, praise who you are. Instead of looking at what you might not be doing, see what you are doing. If you are seeking change in your life begin this change by praising yourself.  

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Why Can't I Let Go and Forgive?

Hello all!
I hope that you are doing well in this time of continued change and move into the unknown. So many things are shifting in our world, and it is more important than ever that we all learn how to connect to our most authentic selves. 
In order to not only navigate our way through these shifts into the unknown, but to also learn how to THRIVE in this time, we all need to establish a very clear relationship with ourselves. We need to know how to recognize what each of these shifts is revealing about our own journey... so that we can use the shake-up as a powerful opportunity to decide WHO we CHOOSE to become.
One of the main challenges that keeps us from doing just that is holding onto negative, wounded situations from our past. How clear do you feel about truly resolving the challenging situations in your life? How effectively do you actually know how to RESOLVE the challenging feelings that were triggered in those situations.
All too often, people say, “Oh, just let that go”... only to find that “letting it go” merely boils down to trying to forget what happened and how it impacted you on the inside. Distracting from a situation is a partial solution at best, and more typically ends up with us burying our feelings and hoping the situation won't occur again. That is magical thinking and it is only as effective until the next time that a similar situation arises.
This week's episode is to help make a new solution clearer for many people. It is so important that we learn how to face, nurture and resolve the situations that come up in our lives. They are all there to serve us... but they can only serve us when we have tools for resolution. 
This episode provides really important clues about how you can become much freer, more peaceful and fulfilled.

SHOUT OUT for the Week:
My shout out this week goes out to the citizens of Woodstock who are standing together for what is fair and serves the good of the community.
In the world we live in, it is important that we pay attention to the changes that are taking place around us. It is important that we come together with others who share similar values and goals. It is important that we initiate conversation, and that we make sure to listen while we are communicating what is important to us.
I believe that these are vital skills if we are going to create the world that we would like to live in... that we impact our homes and our communities by practicing the qualities that we want others to demonstrate.
The people in Woodstock are doing just that at the moment... open to what is fair, but standing up to interrupt that which has not been communicated honestly or fairly, that which does not serve the good of the whole. 
We are all wounded in some ways, and until we heal those wounds, we will continue to operate out of fear, worrying that our needs aren't important. Getting involved with others to support what serves the good of the home and the community is a great way to become proactive, to create solutions and to make sure that the needs of all are considered. Show up, stand up and make a difference!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Most of Us Are or Have Been Angels – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia



Most of Us Are or Have Been Angels – Part 1/2

I’m reproducing a two-part series from 2014 on our angelic background because … it feels like it’s time to be discussing these matters.
The best time seems to be before Disclosure, after which we’ll  find ourselves front and center without knowing why or what to do.
The first point to be made, as this series does is: Most lightworkers on the planet at the present time have some connection with the angelic kingdom.
Why make that point? Because we don’t know who we are, collectively, and so we lack cohesion and confidence in ourselves. But we are angels.

I’d like to turn our attention to the rich vein of knowledge we’ve been given in the last three years about the angelic kingdom. Why is it relevant? Because apparently most of us reading these articles are angels.
Either we descended from the angelic kingdom long ago to participate in the experiment of form or else we’ve incarnated specifically to assist with this Ascension.
The angels through Tazjima tell us that “many of you are angelic beings, sweet, gentle and kind.” (1) The source who calls herself “Mary,” through Pamela Kribbe, tells us that “you have been angels yourself at one time and, deep down, you still are. From the core of your being runs a channel to the angelic realm.” (2)
Let’s look at these two cases.
(1) Those who Descended from the Angelic Kingdom Long Ago
Archangel Michael explains that the greatest number of us descended from the angelic kingdom long ago.
“When you emanated as love or light from the heart of One into that light form, for the greatest percentage of you – there would be such a small fraction that it is really not worth speaking of in this discussion — the first form you assumed was angelic.
“Now, some of you emerged, can we say, as the first wave. Some of you emerged as seraphim. Some of you emerged as archangels. Some of you emerged as angels.” (3)
On another occasion he says:
“Each of you, my beloved brothers and sisters, have begun your journey, not only as a spark of light, not only as an emanation from the heart of One, but as an angel—some of you, a few of you, even as archangels, or one of the keepers of the dominions or the principalities or the virtues.” (4)
We’ve already travelled through all the angelic kingdoms, he explains.
“As you have left the heart of One, you have traveled through, think of it, all the angelic kingdoms or spheres. Now, most of you, of course, did not become or stop or remain as a seraphim or an archangel or a dominion. But many of you, most of you, have certainly spent time, if I can put it that way, in the angelic realm.” (5)
Following that, we formless beings agreed to participate in the experiment of form, he tells us:
“And then, yes, you have incarnated. You have been the adventurous ones, you have been the explorers, and you believed in yourself strongly enough to say to the Mother/Father/One, ‘I am going to go. I will assume form. I will know the joy of being in form and physicality, and then I will come home and resume my form.’
“Well, some of you have not resumed in eons. But that matters not. Whether you are starseed or hybrid or Earth-keeper, you still are angelic. And this is something we want you to remember, to spend time during this process of Ascension incorporating, inviting in, all of your glorious aspects.” (6)
Why we did that, Archangel Michael reminds us, was out of love.
“You have, again, in service to the One, gone and assumed human forms, or other forms in other planetary systems, always because of love. This is the primary motivator. It isn’t about punishment. … It isn’t about doing service as you think of, in terms of military terms. It is about love.” (7)
“Mary” tells us, “you have come to the adventure of life on Earth of your own free will.” (8) Why we came here was, she says, was “to learn, to have adventure, and to experience all manner of things. It is meant to be a joyful adventure.” (9)
These then are the angels that have been on Earth for a very long time – in fact, since Earth’s earliest days. They’ve been called the Creator Race. (10) Jesus explained to us how and why Gaia was created:
“Often we have talked to you, and particularly my beloved Mother has talked to you, about the creation of this wonderful planet of Gaia and how it was created as a planet of Love and a planet of peace, my friends. …
“In the very creation and the essence of this mighty being called Gaia was the formation of a place, a physical experience of such diversity and incredible beauty that the angels would come and play here and know what it was to have a physical experience of Love.” (11)
Commander Ashira describes this original group that came to furnish the setting that Gaia was.
“There was an original group called the Creator Race on Earth – and it wasn’t as small as many of you are thinking. Was it billions? No. But it was significant. … This was not simply one generation – it was many generations.
“So there were many generations of the Creator Race coming into form – either as Starseed or Angelics – into form to create what would be the experience of Love, of joy, of community, of temperance, on Earth. Now if you think of it as the various stages that you are aware of – industrial, agro, even your information age, your electronic age – well, you are much much older than you think.” (12)
This then is the first group of angelic beings who came to Earth or Gaia in the far distant past and are here again today.
Tomorrow we’ll look at those who came from the angelic kingdom directly and specifically in this lifetime to assist with this ground-breaking Ascension.
(Concluded in Part 2.)
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Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Friday, July 13, 2018

Everything in the past is memory...

How To Embrace Being A Lone Wolf And Walk Your OWN Path

By Aletheia Luna, Loner Wolf
If there is any advice I would universally give to every person, regardless of who they are, it is this: walk your own path.
Walk your own damn path.
Don’t walk someone else’s path. Don’t walk the path your parents predestined for you just because you feel emotionally indebted to them. Don’t walk a path that appears to be yours, but is actually society’s fabricated ideal of who you ‘should’ be. Don’t walk a path just because you fell into it and it’s “good enough.” Don’t walk a path that you feel a sense of enslaved duty towards because it’s what you “need to be” doing according to dominant sociocultural standards.
Walk your own path. That means CHOOSING your own path in a very conscious way.

What is a Lone Wolf?

A lone wolf is typically defined as a person (or animal) who prefers to spend time alone rather than being in a group. However, here lone wolf refers to a person who has listened to their calling and has left behind their old life, thus rendering them alone or alienated from others. We all possess an inner wolf that thirsts for freedom, truth, and authenticity. If we seek to live a meaningful life, if we want to fulfill our destiny, it’s our job to listen to that inner wolf and embrace our sacred wild nature.

Why Most People Are Terrified of Walking Their Own Path

Although choosing your own path may initially sound very empowering, there’s a reason why most people prefer to follow the herd.
Firstly, walking your own path means that you might be REJECTED by others. You might be gossiped about, thought of in disparaging ways (e.g. as a “kook,” “oddball,” “idiot”), and outright alienated or estranged from other people. Sometimes those people who reject you are those closest to you. And what could be more painful than losing a family member, friend or even partner?
As a species, we are biologically programmed to seek approval because acceptance equals survival. Inevitably, doing anything that may cause us to be rejected sets off those deep, primal alarm bells and raises the hairs on the back of our necks. I would go so far as saying that walking your own path guarantees that at some point someone will look down on you and say, “what on earth are you doing, you imbecile?”
The second reason why most people avoid walking their own paths is that it’s a hell of a lotta work. No one is out there giving you a map, a set of rules, or instructions that tell you what to do. YOU have to be responsible for figuring it all out from scratch. It kind of feels like stumbling through the dark in a room full of sharp objects. You will make mistakes. You will fall flat and land smack bang on your face. You will feel embarrassed, overwhelmed, and a lot of other uncomfortable emotions that come with doing something completely radical. And on a mental and emotional level, most people see that. Most people understand, on some superficial level, the consequences and therefore prefer the cozy, comfortable, and bland mediocrity of society-prescribed living.
The third reason why most people avoid walking their own paths is that it’s “too much” RESPONSIBILITY. When you take your path into your own hands, YOU are responsible. There’s no one to blame, point the finger at, whine about or feel victimized by. You are the worker, boss, innovator, and creator all-in-one. Instead of someone else holding all the cards, you hold all the cards, and it is ultimately your problem if you wind up feeling shitty with what you do. Most people can’t handle that. Most people like the comfy confines of their cages because it makes them feel justified about feeling like a “poor little” victim of life. Instead of taking self-responsibility, it’s much easier to dump the burden onto someone else’s shoulders and feel self-righteously empowered through blame.
And last, but not least, the fourth reason why most people avoid walking their own paths is that they don’t know where to start. Some don’t even know that there is another path, to begin with. We seem to be raised in cultures that tell us that there are a limited number of paths, aka. the paths that are taught by the big money-making University and College industries. In school, we are conditioned to believe that going to University is the only path towards developing a legitimately “fulfilling” career path … and that getting a properly certified career path somehow equals happiness. Very few of us are even taught about other equally, if not fulfilling paths. Spirituality isn’t even touched on in most cases. So when we do stumble upon the possibility of taking a new path that goes against the grain, we are not only intimidated but also invalidated by our social conditioning. Many people believe that the only way to know you’re walking a “proper” or valuable is if you get the approval of social institutions (or shall I say social marketplaces) in the form of degrees and PhDs. The deep distrust we are conditioned to develop in ourselves paralyzes our ability to act. So many of us never make anything of our dreams – they just fester in the back-corners of our minds.

The Many Weird and Wonderful Benefits of Walking Your Own Path

So far we’ve focused only on the negative side of walking your own path and being a lone wolf. But what about the breathtaking, exciting, blood-tingly-good benefits? When comparing the negatives and positives side by side, let me tell you, the negatives pale in comparison to what you can expect to experience.
Yes, being different and being a lone wolf walking your own path can be uncomfortable, tiring, confusing, and alienating at times – BUT there are so many rewards to reap from this courageous way of living. Some include:
  • You are free to follow your true soul path
  • You can innovate and create to your heart’s desire
  • You can connect with people who truly support and nourish you (your soul group)
  • You can experience tremendous mental, emotional, and spiritual growth
  • You can become the person you are destined to be
  • You can make a real difference in the life of others
  • You feel more ALIVE
  • Gratitude, excitement, and joy come more easily
  • Many unexpected doors open to you
  • You feel more vibrant and energized
  • You feel a sense of self-respect for courageously pursuing your life purpose
  • You get to experience the thrill of exploring unknown territory
  • You can go to sleep at night feeling happy and content
Does walking your own path always mean that you’ll have to embrace being a lone wolf or social outsider? No, not always. Maybe your life purpose really is to enter statistics into a data file in an office. Maybe it’s simply being an acceptable member of society. If you feel empowered by that or like it’s for a greater purpose, all the more power to you. But I would argue that there’s a difference between defensive complacency (e.g. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’m perfectly happy in this path/job, thank you very much”) and real fulfillment.
I would also argue that spiritually speaking, we are all required to embrace the path of the lone wolf sooner or later. The very way that society is constructed demands that we must forcibly and intentionally take a different route, especially after we’ve experienced a spiritual awakening. At a certain point in our lives, we look around at everything and everyone around us and think, “there’s got to be more.” This thirst for something deeper and greater than material pursuit is what initiates us onto the path of the lone wolf. Why do I call it the path of the lone wolf? The reason why I call it the lone wolf path is that it can initially be a very lonely path. We must be the ones to reconnect with our inner courage, discernment, and wild internal compass to walk the path well. Without embodying the inner strength, resilience, and intelligence represented by the wolf, we can easily fall back into the shallow and mediocre life lived by the billions of sheep out there.

How to Embrace Being a Lone Wolf and Walk Your OWN Path

Walking your own path, on some level, always requires a conscious choice in which you say “YES, this feels true to me and what my soul really craves for.” Even if you accidentally stumble onto that path, walking an authentic path always requires some level of self-reflection.
At some point in your life journey, you will need to embrace being a lone wolf. You’ll have to go at it alone. You’ll have to go against the grain, break free from the herd, ask the difficult questions, and face the confronting truths which may alienate you from others. You will need to be discerning, see through the bullshit, shrug off the haters, and keep moving forward, even if you are tired of fighting. Being a lone wolf means being a warrior. It means standing up for what you believe in and courageously walking into the wild unknown. It’s all worth it. I can assure you of that and I can keep asserting it until I turn black and blue, but ultimately you must discover this for yourself. Don’t take anything I say as truth unless you have experienced it directly.
If you’re drawn towards embracing your inner wolf and courageously walking your own path, here are some helpful pointers:

1. Understand and accept that there will be some backlash

Whether from your friends, family members, or society at large, you will inevitably encounter naysayers. At some point, you will be met with cynics, killjoys, and sourpusses who seek to bring you down to their level. The reason why they fight against you is that in their minds you invalidate their way of existence. By courageously forging your own path you are causing them to reflect on their own lives and decisions. If on some level, they’ve realized that they’ve followed the crowd and made no unique decisions of their own, they will feel a sense of resentment which they’ll project onto you. Although it’s not nice to be on the receiving end of this, understand that the issue lies with them, not you. Everyone walking a path with a heart will experience social unease at some point – you’re certainly not alone in facing this problem. Just keep moving forward and remind yourself that it’s no one’s place to dictate what your life should be like except you.

2. Ask yourself, “What do I truly and deeply want?”

This is not a question you ask just once, this is a question you continuously ask on your path, thousands of times over. Keep bringing back your focus on what you desire on the deepest level – not what others want to project or dump onto you. What do you feel called to do? What do you wish to accomplish in your life? What wild paths are you afraid to take because they are so alien but that you feel secretly drawn towards? Our paths are not static: they are constantly shifting, evolving, and changing. By repeatedly asking yourself this question, you will be able to reinvent yourself over and over again. Instead of getting stuck in an old and stagnant way of living, you will be in tune with your soul.

3. Question everything

Being a lone wolf and walking your own path go hand-in-hand with a sharp mind. How are we to discover what is our “stuff” vs other’s “stuff” if we can’t be discerning? How can we learn what is true and what is deceptive without the ability to analyze? Your mind is a tool that needs to be sharpened. Without having a sharp mind, it’s easy to fall into delusion, naivety, and stumble into rabbit holes which lead to great confusion. Without the ability to use critical thought (and balance that with an open heart), you can easily fall prey to emotional and spiritual predators out there. Your ability to be discerning is your protective sword on your path. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to be discerning! Don’t let anyone convince you of anything until you have experienced it yourself.

4. Love yourself and be your own best friend

Embracing the path of the wolf and taking responsibility for your life can be lonely. If you are your own worst enemy, your path will be a million times harder. But if you can focus some of that energy on learning to love and accept yourself exactly the way you are (warts and all), your path will be a million times easier. You are with yourself 24/7, you are the only person who has been there by your side through everything … doesn’t it make sense to like who you are? Doesn’t it make sense to enjoy spending time with yourself? In my experience it absolutely does. Practicing self-compassion is one of the most powerful tools and strengths you can possess. Ever.

5. Know thyself

Strive to learn a little bit more about yourself, your strengths, and your weaknesses each and every day. Self-discovery and self-understanding are tremendously important facets of walking your own path. As the wise master Lao Tzu once wrote, “He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.” Only when you can come to deeply know yourself can you truly embrace who you are and walk your path with confidence.

6. Feel the fear, but act anyway

Walking the path of the wolf will inevitably confront you with some scary and intimidating situations. Even simply starting the path into those mysterious woods is terrifying. Following your heart and listening to your calling is not as sunshine-and-roses as many people make it out to be. Often it requires tremendous sacrifice and the ability to look fear straight in the face without turning away. While I am not a perfect example, I have learned as a rule that feeling the fear but acting anyway is a good choice (in most cases). Obviously, if you’re facing a life-threatening situation it would be better to pause and probably face the opposite way, but if the fear you’re feeling is emotional or psychological be gentle with yourself and keep pushing forward. Hold your goal in mind, reaffirm your worthiness and inner strength, and keep going. Don’t let anything or anyone try to bring you down. And if you do fall down, keep picking yourself up, over and over again. Remember, you can do anything, just do it afraid. Have the courage to be vulnerable.

7. Let your wild nature guide you

You are both human and divine – accept this. Embrace the wild and non-rational part of you that serves as your inner compass. Listen to your gut feelings and let your animal self be filled with passion. You don’t have to be tame or repressed any longer. Walking your own path and embracing the lone wolf side of you means that you finally have freedom. You have the freedom to feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and the earth beneath your feet. Your life is your making. Your destiny is in your hands. Make sure that you get out of your mind and into your body; into your heart, blood, and bones … what are they telling you? Honor the wisdom in your instinctual nature. Honor the wild and raw passion pulsating deep within. Harness this passion and let it guide and motivate you. There is no point walking a path that you do not feel passionate about. Let the wolf within you howl loudly and freely. Remember that YOU are both the traveler and the path all-in-one. The compass you need for your path is always within. Be careful of looking for it outside of yourself. While others may be able to shine a light on your path, ultimately the greatest guiding light is your own Soul.
What is your experience with walking the path of the lone wolf? What struggles have you faced and how have you overcome them (if at all)? What did it feel like when you broke away from the herd and followed your own path? I’d love to read your response below.